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O'Neal, Helen's teaching contract 1919; page two from Kathy Goodwin - Mar 2017
Foley, John Civil War pension papers - Jan 2017
Refreshed Thomas Martin family file - Jan 2017
Oak Dale School - Jan 2017
Walkup Grove Church and Cemetery - Jan 2017
73 new obituaries 17 Dec 2016
68 new obituaries - 15 Dec 2016
47 new obituaries - 15 Dec 2016
59 new obituaries - 13 Dec 2016
52 new obituaries - 12 Dec 2016
37 new obituaries - 11 Dec 2016
Country school memories by Janice Walker - Nov 2016
Town of Fairfax history - Nov 2016
Graves, Phil's memories of Fairfax - Nov 2016
Carter, John and Madge - Nov 2016
Schooler family, Floyd and Charlotte - Nov 2016
Southard family 5-generations: Lolus Southard, Doyle Southard, Barbara Hess, Janet Hess, Tyler Mitchell - Nov 2016
Retired from Seabees - Captain John E. Jones - THE FAIRFAX FORUM, Jul 13, 1995
John Richards Post #284 Members: THE FAIRFAX FORUM, Nov 11, 2010
Fallen Soldiers of Memorial Field : THE FAIRFAX FORUM, Nov 11, 2010
Fairfax Memorial Field rededicated : THE FAIRFAX FORUM, Nov 11, 2010
Fairfax Avenue of Flags: names veterans : THE FAIRFAX FORUM, Nov 11, 2010
Milton Cemetery : article from THE FAIRFAX FORUM, Fairfax, Missouri, Aug 13, 2009
Mavity, Jessie, 100th birthday
Harrington, family 1907
Oswald, Noah, Letitia Oswald, Leisa Biermann, Winford Wennihann - 4 generation picture
Oswald, Noah, Ryan Oswald, Richard Oswald, James Oswald - 4 generation picture
Oswald, Noah, Letitia Oswald, Leisa Biermann, Doris Wennihann - 4 generation picture
85 new obituaries, Oct 2016
65 new obituaries, Oct 2016
Tribute to James Flanagan, World War II hero
61 new obituaries, Oct 2016
58 new obituaries, Oct 2016
Ed Harrington's house in Fairfax [FAIRFAX FORUM,Apr 21, 2005] Oct 2016
Fairfax graduates of 1955 [FAIRFAX FORUM, Jul 1, 2004] Oct 2016
Harmes family camp wagon - picture & story, [FAIRFAX FORUM, Jul 1, 2004] Oct 2016
40 new obituaries Aug 2016
Tarkio Junior-Senior Banquet from Kathy Goodwin, May 2016
Westboro ME Sunday School class 1915 from Kathy Goodwin
Tarkio Commencement 1917 from Kathy Goodwin
Bartlett School program from Kathy Goodwin
47 new obituaries Nov 2015
39 new obituaries Mar 2016
Southdale school pupils from Kathy Goodwin - Aug 2015
London school pupils from Kathy Goodwin
Eddie Tieman and Henry Pelster from Kathy Goodwin
Henry Pelster from Kathy Goodwin
Cemetery on Decoration Day from Kathy Goodwin
Hall William Warren from Kathy Goodwin
Henry Vette (two) from Kathy Goodwin
Tarkio Welcome Sign from Kathy Goodwin
railroads of 1935
Fairfax Main Street 1917 from Kathy Goodwin, July 2015
Angel Family photo from Kathy Goodwin, Jun 2015
Joseph and Martha O'Neal photo from Kathy Goodwin, Jun 2015
Samuel and Maggie O'Neal photo from Kathy Goodwin, Jun 2015
Samuel O.D. O'Neal photo from Kathy Goodwin, Jun 2015
Ida May Angel photo from Kathy Goodwin, Jun 2015 from Kathy Goodwin, Jun 2015
Sarah Ann Pebley Angel photo from Kathy Goodwin, Jun 2015
GAR group, Ambrose Porter, James Gaffney, George Steck and Joseph O'Neal
Ida May Angel O'Neal memorial card from Kathy Goodwin
South Dale school pupils from Kathy Goodwin, April 2015
74 obituaries added, Feb 2015
Draftee Registrations, 1863 - 1865: A-L and M-Z, Sept 2014
World War I draftee registration for A-names, Aug 2014
World War I draftee registration Ba-names, Bi-names, Br-names Sept 2014
123 deaths added from 1963 deaths now online - Missouri Archives - Feb 2014
obituaries of 2013 deaths added - Jan 2014
New research center - Tarkio History Center
First 47 families of Lincoln Twp on 1900 census
Kim A. Evans has published an interesting book of photos of Atchison County - Atchison County, Images of America. The book is available from Kim or from Love to look at old pictures!
pictures of Tarkio Christian Church, group of boys, Royal School , Royal school pupils from Barbara Mattoon
Book: Emigrants on the Overland Trail: The Wagon Trains of 1848 by Michael E. LaSalle. [Available from]. The is an excellent book and was compiled from diaries, newspaper accounts, letters etc. Thomas Corcoran [Mike's grandfather] of Irish Grove, Atchison Co, Mo was on one of these wagon trains.
burials of 2011 added:
Researching Shepperson family and abandoned cemetery. TaraLee
Need help identifying where this picture was taken - maybe Tarkio?
Oct 2011 - Death/burials for the Bunn family, Weisenberger family, Dankoff family, Gubser family, and Harris family from Margaret Hobbs, 13718 S. Sam Moore Rd., Lone Jack, Mo 64070
July 2011 - I am currently doing a genealogical research project on the Clemmens family for the Friends of Miami historical society in Miami, Saline county, Missouri.    I am wondering if anyone knows a descendant I can get in contact with of a Sarah Elizabeth Clemmens Kemp born in Miami in 1849, she married James William Kemp and they lived in Lincoln Township in the 1880, 1900, and 1910 Census and in Tarkio in 1920.  She died in 1926 and he died in 1920.  Their one living daughter was Bertha Eleanor Kemp who married Jesse Lee Pursell.  She died in 1963 and he died in 1925.  They are all buried in Center Grove Cemetery in Lincoln Twp.  Bertha and Jesse had 2 sons that married: Leon Robert Pursell died in 1951 and is buried in Center Grove.  Russell Harold Pursell died in 1983 and is buried in Home Cemetery in Tarkio.  I am looking for any information I can regarding the life of Sarah Elizabeth Clemmens Kemp, particularly any pictures of she and her family.  I have an extensive amount of information on Sarah’s father’s family, the Clemmens, that I could share with the living family members if they were interested.   Sarah was one year old when her father died, her mother remarried and moved out of Miami.    In addition, my young grandson is a descendant of Sarah’s half-sister, and Sarah was lost to her 5 siblings after she moved with her mother.
June 2011 - Dan Bodenheimer ask about grgrgrandfather Lewis Phillip Kessler aka Squire Kessler and would like info and pictures
Mar 2011 - letters that mention Elisha Hall and brothers at Langdon
Jan 2011 - Samuel Thompson family history from Betty Wennihan
Jan 2011 - Stage Coach house of Samuel Thompson from Betty Wennihan
Jan 2011 - Death Records of Atchison County for 1910
Oct 2010 - Fairfax Snow from Maurice LaFonte
Oct 2010 - Rock Port Band from Maurice LaFonte
Jul 2010 - Carrie Colerick - research - Melanie
Mar 2010 - Westboro Commencement folder of 1918 from Barbara
Feb2010 - tombstone of Merritt & Estella McNeal - High Creek
Feb 2010 - obituaries Evelyn Weisenberger, Eleanor Webster, Mrs Elmer Watts, Orville Wallace, Raymond Wilkinson, Virgil White, Cecil Wooten, David Worl
Feb 2010 - obituaries of Michael Shelton, Clifford Shankel, Donald Schebaum, William Siddens, Ada Gibson Sauceman, Walter F. Sickman, Arthur Sanders,
Feb 2010 - obituaries of Leo Whelan, Edna Tudor Wright, Marvin Sheldon, Virginia Sell, William Scarbrough, Al Schroeder, Helen Yates, Harold Wolf, Mrs Eldon Scalf
Feb 2010 - obituary of Inez Willard Weltmer
Jan 2010 - obituaries Paul Vest, Agnes Scamman, Mrs Johnny Salfrank
Jan 2010 - Hamilton Hays page from Curtis Wolbert
Jan 2010 - Cooper family from Debbie
Dec 2009 - from KR Edwards -
When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington , D.C. 20307-5001. Think of how many cards these wonderful people who have sacrificed so much would get. PLEASE RE-POST
Dec 2009 - 1860 census in alpha order - please help correct names
Dec 2009 - 15 tombstone pictures in Hunter Cem from Maurice LaFonte
Nov 2009 - deaths in Nodaway Co: buried Atchison County - through Z names
Nov 2009 - deaths in Nodaway Co: buried Atchison County - s names
Nov 2009 - deaths in Nodaway Co; buried Atchison County - A through R names
Nov 2009 - Jennings research from Brenda Jennings Huddleston
Oct 2009 - 1890 census veteran's list: part 1 - part 2 need help reading names!
Oct 2009 - obits of John Sauceman and wife Ada May Hughes Sauceman
06 Oct 2006 - first half of Nishnebotna twp, 1880 census
09 Oct 2006 - composite of Buch & Nish twps 1880
14 Oct 2006 - 1880 Clark [north] by page and in composite added
15 Oct 2006 - new resource and researcher page
09 Nov 2006 - 1880 census is now on with alphabetical index
05 Aug 2007 - obituaries of Louady and Henry King
06 Aug 2007 - added data from A - names in death records to burials 1910-1956
14 Aug 2007 - added data from death records 1910-1921
20 Aug 2007 - all death records 1910 - 1956 should be on
2008 - photos of tombstones added by Maurice Maurice LaFonte -
23 Jun 2009 - Rock Port Class of 1925 from Sue Farmer
23 Jun 2009 - Rock Port Senior Class Play cast 1925 from Sue Farmer
23 Jun 2009 - Early History of Rock Port by John Dopf: from Sue Farmer











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