Atchison County, Missouri Family Records and Charts

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  family group sheet form
Benedict, Albert Benjamin family from Greg Benedict
BLEVINS - DNA project
BRICKER FAMILY - Sandra Sheldon : americaancestry@yahoo.come
Bricker, Hiram from Sandra Sheldon : americaancestry@yahoo.come
BUCKINGHAM, John Looney from Charles I. Davis, Eureka, Ca:
Bunn family
Carter, John and Madge
COMBS - John Combs, 1837 Clark co, Ind to Atchison co, Mo
COMBS - Joseph W. Combs, biographical in Taylor co, Iowa History
COMBS FAMILY - Atchison and Nodaway Cos, Missouri
Cooper family from Debbie
Dankoff family
ENDORF - or Donna Londeen
Funk, Jacob from Leah Tourond
Graves, Phil's memories of Fairfax
Gubser family
HALL - John William Hall 1864 Va - 1932 Mo
HARMON- Harmon Family: William Hutchinson and Julia Ann Harmon; Jacob Amick and Martha Harmon; letter from Earl Mumford son of Theodore Mumford and Mary Elizabeth Harmon. Thank you! for sharing this interesting data!
Harris family
HARTMAN, Gentry - data
HAYS, Hamilton, Patrick and Rhoda history - from Jerre Johnson Robertson
Hays, Hamilton and Esther from Curtis Wolbert
Jennings, Helen Kathryn (Stroud) from Brenda Jennings Huddleston
Jennings, James Tillman from Brenda Jennings Huddleston
Jennings, Thomas from Brenda Jennings Huddleston
Johnson, Cyrus from Jerre Johnson Robertson
Johnson, Joseph from Barbara Evans
KRUSE - Christian Kruse Family
Laur, George Clark, article about life history THE FAIRFAX FORUM, Fairfax, Missouri, Nov 22, 2012
LUELLEN - Maria(h) Groves Luellen Gammel Mason


From: "Rik A. Vigeland"And I would like to add a link for the LYTLE family: Lytles of Atchison County are related to one of the main families listed here. It's my own site, and I am descended from Luke Lytle of Atchison County through his daughter Anna who was born near Milton. Her mother and four siblings are buried at Irish Grove, which is REALLY hard to find, but I have been there once. Thanks! Rik Vigeland

MARLIN - Thomas Jefferson Marlin
MARLIN - Ralph Marlin Sr descendants
Martin, Thomas and Jamima
McFarling, Veda's Son identified from remains in World War II; buried Home Cemetery
McNeal letter - page 1, page 2, page 3 from A. Elena Cogdell
MESSMAN - Frederick Messman
MEYERKORTH - or Donna Londeen
NOBLITT -good family history as well as area history/wedding, deaths, clippings
Orphan Train children: Harry Apgar, Daniel Webster Baker, Meta Clausen, Irvin P. Cooley, Martin L. Cooley, Samuel Connett, Franklin Cummings, Lottie Greason, Alfred Gunersen, Fred. Gundersen, Mamie Gundersen, Blanch Kent, Andrew K. Miln, Rose Morgan, Bennie Wilson, Elwood Zelner
Parker, Stephen and Malinda Lucas family group - Lenora Olen Ramey Vasille
Perry, Aaron family - note
PRATER/PRADER - family notes
ROBERTS - Roberts, Hank
Roelofson, Thomas and Hannah West Gilson
Schooler family round-up, 2012
Schooler family, Floyd and Charlotte
SCOTT - Memories of Lillie Barger Scott
Settles, Tillman story
Shields, Marion family
SLATER - Thomas Slater
STONE, Joseph from Nodaway County, Missouri History 188
Thompson, Samuel history from Betty Wennihan (page 1) (page 2) (page 3) (page 4) (page 5) (page 6) (page 7) (page 8)
Turner, William H. and wife Sarah M. Fantz and their son, David, mentioned in Page Co, Ia History as residents of Atchison Co, Mo at one time
Walkinshaw, John H.
WALLBAUM / WALBAUM - family data from Eloise Franks
Weisenberger family
WRIGHT - 50th anniversary of John Wright and Hannah Dozier