Lucinda Eggleston Rohrs

Left of the big piece of coal is Charles Henry Sagaser (husband of Susan Amanda Rector).

To the right of the coal is John Anderson Rector, older brother of Susan Amanda Rector.

Can anyone identify the other men in the picture?

My sister found this old coal mining photograph among some family papers.

Their father, Alexander Rector, discovered coal while digging a well west of Bevier which led to the lucrative coal mining industry in Macon County.

Many of John Anderson Rector's descendants still live in Macon County.

Charles Henry Sagaser was the son of John Martin Sagaser and Lavina Jane Posey.

Martin Sagaser's father and mother came to Macon County, Missouri from Butler County, Pennsylvania in 1867 with 13 of their 14 children.

Lavina Jane Posey's father was Green Harrison Posey who was born in Russell County, Kentucky and came to Macon County in the 1840s.

I am the granddaughter of Charles Henry Sagaser and Susan Amanda Rector.

Lucinda Eggleston Rohrs

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