1917 Tornado, Washington County MO

Newspaper articles about a tornado that hit Mineral Point, Missouri and other towns in southeast Missouri on May 30, 1917.

In the St. Louis Globe Democrat there is a picture of the home of L.D. BONE of Mineral Point and the Tiff Mill at Mineral Point along with the article. There is also a list of dead and injured:


Thomas LE MASTER, age 60, division superintendent for the Iron Mountain, Missouri Pacific RR, formerly of St. Louis; articles say that he was killed instantly by the depot collapse
Gus BONE, block signal man, articles say he was killed by the depot collapse
Otis GOFF, 4 year old child of Frank GOFF, injured by wreck of his parent's home and died later
Frank LACHANCE, employee of the Point Mining & Milling Company, killed by a beam
William S. WILLIAMS, foreman at the Point Mining & Milling Company, was internally injured and taken to DeSoto, died the next day
Three unidentified men who died on the way to a hospital in DeSoto

Dead at Palmer:

Henry ALLEN, Jr.
One unidentified


Harry AUBUCHON, colored, injured about the face, shoulders, chest, expected to die
Lee AUBUCHON, colored, injured about the head
Sam AUBUCHON, colored, injured about the head
Louis BLOOM, injured about the back and side
Mrs. Gus BONE (Louise Degonia), back injured (in a different article is says "doctors fear her back is broken"), and three of her four children were injured
John BONE, s/o Mrs. Gus Bone, pump superintendent for the RR, head and back injured, expected to die; sent to Missouri Pacific Hospital in St. Louis
G.K. STEWART, RR employee, serious injured, sent to Missouri Pacific Hospital in St. Louis
______ Cheboney, RR telephone lineman, injured and expected to die
Mrs. John GOLDEN, and her 3 sons and 2 daughters of Mineral Point
Walter HARRIS, of DeSoto, leg crushed
Mrs. JOLLY, of Potosi, leg broken
Mrs. Rosie HILL, and her 2 sons and 2 daughters of Mineral Point, injured about the face and head
Clarence LONG, of Festus Missouri, foot crushed and back injured
Father Patrick O'Connor, critical
Father Cornelius Francis O'Leary, serious

Also mentioned in the articles:

"Miss Engledow BOAS" was valuable. She and her sister, Miss Edna BOAS, nursed the injured, who were not taken to DeSoto".

"Relief work was taken up today by Henry C. BALL, John T. SELF, and Judge Hugh L. WHITE, three Potosi business men."

"Two women from the rural district narrowly escaped being beaten by the homeless housewives when the two women were caught pillaging, and were placed under arrest. Two men also were placed under arrest for pillaging. All pleaded guilty and were fined"

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