St. Joachim Catholic Church Records

records provided by Christine Lembeck

Various Baptisms 1824-1828 (read across)

Francois Jollin, b. July 28, 1824
s/o Jean Jollin and Pelagie Aime
Witnesses: Joseph Jollin and Agnes Jollin
Baptized: September 12, 1824

Guillaume Edward Scott, b. June 5, 1822
s/o James Scott and Constance Thibeaud
Witnesses: Louis Bolduc and Marie Louise Lamarque
Baptized: September 12, 1824

Pierre Louis Bone, b. November 28, 1823
s/o Francois Bone and Helene Lor
Witnesses: Jean Jollin and Cecile Lor
Baptized: September 13, 1824

Archange Courtois, b. February 9, 1824
s/o Francois Courtois and El ------ Gagnon (?)
Baptized: September 15, 1824

Joseph Bone, b. August 25, 1826
s/o Francois Bone and Helene Lore
Witnesses: Louis Courtois and Eloise Lor
Baptized: October 20, 1826

Louis Raymond, b. July 25, 1826
s/o Louis Raymond and Eulalie Lor
Witnesses: Louis Lor and Cecile Lor
Baptized: October 22, 1826

George Smith, b. September 22, 1825
s/o Pierre Smith and Marie Burns
Witnesses: Denis O'Niel and Marie (unreadable)
Baptized: October 22, 1826

Marie Anne Roubidon, b. January 1, 1826
d/o Jean Baptiste Roubidon and Marie Louise Jollin(?)
Baptized: October 22, 1826

Auguste Francois Xavier Alar, b. May 11, 1828
s/o Pierre Alar and Adel--- Robert
Witnesses: Francois Robert and Marie Anne Robert
Baptized; June 15, 1828

Francois Degagne, b. May 25, 1828
s/o Jean Baptiste Degagne and Aspasie Coleman
Witnesses: Jean Casey (?) and Therese Guibourd
Baptized: June 15, 1828

Alexis Rosemond Robert, b. March 22, 1828
s/o Leandre Robert and Marie Anne Sylvin (?)
Witnesses: Louis Boyer and Aspasie Robert
Baptized: June 15, 1828

Clemence Adelaide Boyer, b. July 11, 1828
d/o Jean Baptiste Boyer and Aurore St. Germain
Baptized: July 12th or 15th, 1828

Various Marriages 1831 (read across)

Owen Doherty s/o Hugh Doherty and Mary Burns
Aurore Sagel, widow, d/o of T---- Ricard and Jennette Hubardeau
Witnesses: John Rice and Napolean Aubuchann
April 4, 1831

Charles Boyer, s/o Charles Boyer and Catherine Portais
Julie Misplay d/o Basile Misplay and Julie Beauvais St. Gemme
Witnesses: Louis Treudeau (?) and Jacques Bone
August 9, 1831

Charles Roussin, s/o Etienne Roussin and Aspasie Robin (?)
Anne Lore, d/o Pierre Lor and Therese Thebauud
Witnesses: John Casey and Napolean Aubuchann
November 22, 1831


Various Marriages 1834 (read across)

Antoine Valle, s/o Charles Valle and Marianne Corset to
Elisabeth Lore, d/o Gabriel Lore and Catherine Benton
Witnesses: Etienne Roussin and Benjamin Horine
February 10, 1834

Nicolas Degagne, s/o J.B. Degagne and Elisabeth Girard to
Marianne Boyer, widow of Gouvreau, d/o Louis Boyer and Madeleine Coleman
Witnesses: Louis Robert and Francois Coleman
May 6, 1834

Jean Baptiste Pratte, s/o J.B. Pratte and Marguerite Boyer to
Aspasie Duclou, d/o Alexandre Douclou and Julie Boyer
Witnesses: Unreadable and Antoine Duclou
June 17, 1834

Obediah Green, s/o Obediah Green and Sarah Eddy to
Marie Louise Roussin, d/o Francois Roussin and Marie Carron
Witnesses: Etienne Roussin and P.R. Roussin
September 2, 1834

Louis Robert, s/o Charles Robert and Felicite Duclou to
Cecile Beauchamp, d/o J.B. Beauchamp and Barbe Laplante
Witnesses: Antoine Duclou and Luke Oge
September 9, 1834

Jean Baptiste Page, s/o J.B. Page and (left blank) to
Honorine Coleman, d/o Amand Coleman and Brigitte Robert
Witnesses: Samuel St. Marie and Thomas Bequette
October 7, 1834

Antoine Boyer, s/o Pierre Boyer and Silvie Placet to
Marcelite Page, d/o J.B. Page and Therese Degagne
Witnesses: Paul Robert and Antoine Riendeau
October 7, 1834


Various Marriages 1847 (read across)

Joseph Noebel, s/o (left blank)
Melanie Portais, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: Jule Portais and S. C. White
January 31, 1847

John Biron, s/o (left blank)
Adele Aubuchon, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: Anthony Aubuchon and Isaac Coleman
February 10, 1847

Andre Boyer, s/o (left Blank)
Celeste Tangue, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: Louis Bone and Joseph Tangue
February 16, 1847

Paul Robert, s/o (left blank)
Celeste Coleman, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: Adrien Coleman and Felix Robert
May 3, 1847

Various Marriages 1849-1850 (read across)

Pascal Duclou, s/o (left blank)
Julie Coleman, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: Isaac Coleman and Charles Robert
July 29, 1849

Jean Baptiste Coleman, s/o (left blank)
Marie C. Boyer, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: B. Degagne and T. Bouchard
August 7, 1849

Tonus Yeats, s/o (left blank)
Matilde Misse, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: B. Courtois and John Wiley
January 22, 1850

E. Price, s/o (left blank)
Modeste Cecile Celeste Marais, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: L. Villemere and C. Marais
January 31, 1850

Francois Robert, s/o (left blank)
Marie Therese Boyer, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: Edouard Coleman and Alexandre Politte
February 5, 1850

Louis Archambeau, s/o (left blank)
Eulalie Bone, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: Thomas Boyer and William Gregory
February 11, 1850

Francois Degagne, s/o (left blank)
Clemence Boyer, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: James Dean and J.B. Degagne
February 12, 1850

John Atkinson, s/o (left blank)
Terese Desile Duclou, d/o (left blank)
Witnesses: Joseph Bouchard and Marie Duclou
May 5, 1850

Various Marriages 1907 (read across)

Robert Recar of Cruise, s/o Edward Recar and Mary Hayes
Mary Josephine Catlett of Cadet, d/o James Catlett and Mary Dumphy
Witnesses: Martin Recar and Louise Catlett
August 13, 1907

John Recar, of Cruise, s/o Edward Recar and Mary Hayes
Lucille Gertrude Catlett, of Cadet, d/o James Catlett and Mary Dumphy
Witnesses: Martin Recar and Maud Catlett
August 27, 1907

Rousan Pasha, of Recola, s/o Frank Pasha and Norah Boyer
Julia Declue, of Recola, s/o Paschal Declue and Mary Coleman
Witnesses: Joseph Declue and Alice Courtois
August 27, 1907

Rolla Boyer, of Old Mines, s/o Abram Boyer and Fannie Boyer
Gertrude Degonia, of Old Mines, d/o Thomas Degonia and Laura Lore
Witnesses: John (unreadable) and Mary Elizabeth Lore
September 17, 1907

Kyes (?) Boyer, s/o J. T. Boyer and Emma Longsworth (?)
Ella Missey, d/o P.T. Missey and (unreadable) Politte
Witnesses: Unreadable and Clara Missey
September 24, 1907

Walace Boyer, of Fertile, s/o Eli Boyer and Martha Roderick
Anastatia Bequet, of Racola, d/o Simeone (?) Bequet and Rose Coleman
Witnesses: Willis Coleman and Emma Coleman
October 2, 1907

Alberton (?) J. Boyer, of Racola, s/o Tebus (?) Boyer and Marie (unreadable)
Julia Boyer, of Racola, d/o D--- Coleman and (unreadable)
Witnesses: Willis Thebeau and Anne Missey
October 19, 1907

Fred Torrense (note: Roderick was written in), of Cadet, s/o Alick Torrense and Theresa Norton
Elise Roderick, of Cadet, d/o Mack Roderick and Lucy Aubuchon
Witnesses: Unreadable and Marcella Torrense
November 20, 1907

Various Marriages 1910-1911 (read across)

Abner L. Boyer of Tiff, s/o Simon Boyer and Ruth Myber (or Myler)
Lucie Courtois of Tiff, d/o Jule Courtois and Lusie Warden
Witnesses: Edward Courtois and Lucy Boyer
June 28, 1910

Charles Christopher of Cadet, s/o Solomen Christopher and Julia Boyer
Serah Boyer of Cadet, d/o William Boyer and Declue
Witnesses: Clemont Portelle and Genevieve Boyer
July 19, 1910

Darly Dean, of Cadet, s/o Leon Dean and Rosine Trokey
Maggie Trokey of Cadet, d/o Soduel (?) Trokey and Emma De Clue
Witnesses: Joe Portelle, Pauline Degonia, Frank Dean, Lorene Portelle
July 19, 1910

Thomas Boyer of Mineral Point, s/o Guss Boyer and Mary Vandiver (?)
Mary Elizabeth Lore of Old Mines, d/o Frank Lore and Lucy Dean
Witnesses: unreadable Boyer, Marie Goldie Lore, Thomas (?) Coleman, Pauline Degonia
July 25, 1910

Stephen Sansousie of Bliss, s/o George Sansousie and Mary Coleman
Agnes Mercille of Bliss, d/o Peter Mercille and Mary Politte
Witnesses: Robert Portelle and Zeda Sansouci
July 27, 1910

Elmer Boyer of Tiff, s/o David Boyer and Martha Thebeau
Mary Sealy (?) Thebeau of Tiff, d/o John Thebeau and (left blank) Politte
Witnesses: Ferman Boyer and Libbie Boyer
July 27, 1910

Grover C. Carter of Fertile, s/o William E. Carter and Mellisa Gorman
Lizzie Missey of Fertile, d/o William Thomas Missey and Maud A---ey
Witnesses: Lucian Nealy and Bessie Missey
September 29, 1910

Francis Villmer of Barytus, s/o William Villmer and Elizabeth Dosie (?)
Christina Ramo of Desloge, d/o Gus Ramo and Annie R-----
Witnesses: Henry (unreadable) and Lusie Villmer
October 10, 1910

Charles B. Declue of Barytus, s/o Frank Declue and Josephine Mercille
Ellen Derben of Barytus, d/o Moses Derben and Mary Villmer
Witnesses: James Boyer and Mamie Boyer
October 17, 1910

William M. Fleming of Pawnee IL, s/o James Fleming and Julia Hayes
Elma Durbin of Fertile, d/o Ely (?) Durbin and Eliza Burltes
Witnesses: Joseph Durbin and (left blank) Durbin
October 31, 1910

Valentine Walton of Festus, s/o James Walton and Elizabeth Hampton
Emma Dean of Old Mines, d/o Augustus Dean and Sophie Boyer
Witnesses: Edward Dean, Emma Portelle, R--- Coleman, Gertrude Boyer, Albert Portelle, and unreadable
November 8, 1910

Joseph W. Portelle of Old Mines, s/o Henry Portelle and Mary Trokey
Pauline Marie Degonia of Old Mines, d/o Thomas Degonia and Laura Lore
Witnesses: unreadable, Lucy Degonia, Frank Lore, Lorinne Portelle, Frank Degonia, and Clem Boyer
Novmeber 23, 1910

Wilfred Bequette of Old Mines, s/o Simon Bequette and Rose Coleman
Frances Politte of Old Mines, d/o Fred Politte and Agnes Dean
Witnesses: Frank Bequette, unreadable Dean, Clarence Dean, Emma Bequette, Thomas Coleman
November 24, 1910

Andrew T. Degonia of Cadet, s/o Thomas Degonia and Cora Pas--ie
Hallie V. Webb, of Cadet, d/o Moses Webb and Delphie Hollensworth
Witnesses: (left blank)
December 7, 1910

Dealo W. Pruitt, of Cruise, s/o Henry Pruitt and Sarah Hennigan (?)
Francis Pratt, of Cruise, d/o Godfrey Pratt and Mary Achenson (?)
Witnesses: Noah Villmer and Julia Ackerson
January 7, 1911

Joseph L. Politte, of Tiff, s/o Zeno Antwine Politte and Beth Declue
Mary Edges Boyer, of Tiff, d/o Frank Boyer and Emma (?) Politte
Witnesses: unreadable
January 17, 1911

Various Marriages 1912-1918 (read across)

Francis Degonia, of Old Mines, s/o Thomas Degonia and Laura Lore, to
Clementine Boyer, of Old Mines, d/o Stephen Boyer and Ellen B----------
Witnesses: A. Portell and Lucy Degonia
November 4, 1912

Noah Villmer, of Old Mines, s/o John Vilmer and Justine (?) Declue, to
Cora Pratt, of Old Mines, d/o Gordon Pratt and (Mary) Ellen Ackerson
Witnesses: Edward Pratt and Myrtle Polite
November 5, 1912

Louis Rulo, of Old Mines, s/o Peter Rulo and May Courtois, to
Fannie Courtois, of Old Mines, d/o Frank Courtois and S---- (unreadable)
Witnesses: G- Courtois and Delia Thebeau
November 5, 1912

Silvester Trokey, of Old Mines, s/o Joseph Trokey and Alicia (?) Coleman, to
May (or Mary) Roussin of R ----- , d/o Milford Roussin and Ella Declue,
Witnesses: unreadable and Mary Portell
December 27, 1912

Albert Portelle, of Old Mines, s/o Nercius Portelle and Adlie Boyer, to
Lucindia Degunia, of Old Mines, d/o William Degunia and Sarah Dean
Witnesses: Selus Ossia and Rosa Dean
January 7, 1913

John M. Ross, of Old Mines, s/o John B. Ross and Julia Talbott, to
May M. Boyer, of Old Mines, d/o Eli Boyer and Mary Boyer
Witnesses: Thomas Thebeau, (unreadable) Ross, Elzie Thebeau and Maggie Boyer
January 8, 1913

Irwin (or Irvin) Stoddard, of Old Mines, s/o William Stoddard and E---- Pruitt (?) to
Mary I. Polette, of Old Mines, d/o (unreadable) Polette and Clara Boyer (?)
Witnesses: Unreadable
February 2, 1913

Jacob W. Coleman, of Racola, s/o Ludovici Coleman and Agnes Degonia, to
Rose Hill, of Racola, d/o George W. Hill and Julie Busch(?)
Witnesses: Noah Coleman and Maria L. Coleman
October 11, 1916

Thaddeus Joseph Boyer, of St. Louis, s/o Jules L. Boyer and Louise A. Boyer, to
Marian Francis King, of Tiff, d/o Jacob B. King and Maria J. Boyer
Witnesses: Ed Boyer and (unreadable)
October 26, 1916

Jacob Ed. Dean, of Old Mines, s/o August Dean and Sophia Boyer, to
Marian E. Portell, of Old Mines, d/o Thomas Portell and Eliza Coleman W
itnesses: Joseph Boyer and Teresa Portell
October 30, 1916

Lon Degonia, of Old Mines, s/o Thomas Degonia and Laura Lore, to
Mariam Lachance, of Old Mines, d/o Jules Lachance and Catherine Politte
Witnesses: (unreadable) Boyer and Lucille Degonia
October 30, 1916

Joseph Francis Degonia, of Old Mines, s/o Thomas Degonia and Laura Lore, to
Lucille Lachance, of Old Mines, d/o Jules Lachance and Catherine Politte
Witnesses: H---- Portell and Martha Degonia
September 16, 1918

Thomas M. Roderick, of Cadet, s/o Mac Roderick and Lucy Aubuchon, to
Mariam (Mary) Clara Portell, of Cadet, d/o Edward D. Portell and Fannie Boyer
Witnesses: Joseph Portell and Marjeneta Roderick
November 27, 1918

Arthur John Price, of Bliss, s/o L. (Elijah) Price and Etta "Hattie" King, to
(Mary) Sarah Josephine Coleman, of Bliss, d/o Louis Napolean Coleman and (Mary) Agnes Degonia
Witnesses: Eli Coleman, Unreadable Boyer, Maria Coleman
January 6, 1919

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