Information transcribed by Sharon Hartzell Smith

I have been working on a project with the help of many friends and family, and would especially like to thank Donald and Theresa (Tess) Smith for being so patient with me in taking this on.

I have pictures of some of the homes that people lived in that belonged to National Pigments & Chemical Company.  I have the names of families that lived in the homes and a list of House Contracts for the Tenement houses for the following areas:  Shibboleth, Bottom Diggings, Mud Town, Old Mines, Busco, Ronquest, Brown Hollow, Fountain Farm, Tiff, McGrady, Citadel, Campbell, Gum Diggings, Plantation, Lambert, Austin, Richwoods, Thebeau Farm.

In addition to the above, there is a list of share farmers and cash renters with whom contracts or leases had been drawn.

Please bear with me while this site is under construction.

Contracts and Leases Lists

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