Iron Ore Springs School, Ishmael,MO

This photo of the historic Iron Ore Springs School building in historic Ishmael, Missouri was taken in the fall of 2002. The school, grades 1 through 8, was located near Courtois Creek in the now "ghost town" of Ishmael, (Harmony Township) Washington County, MO. The property is now owned by Mrs. Pauline Hopkins, who taught at the school and who graciously allowed the photo to be taken.

In 2002, the spring next to the school building was still running. Formerly, there was also a store and other buildings in the little community of Ishmael. One student reported that the kids walked up and down the creek and across log footbridges to get to and from school. If it started to rain heavily, school was dismissed early, as the log bridges would become impassable when the creek rose.

Photo of school children at Iron Ore Springs School, Circa 1938 Taken by John Harmon, teacher.
First row, left to right: Junior Cover, Henry "Hen" Brakefield, unknown, Floyd Mason, unknown, Jack Brakefield (note capgun), JoAnn Harmon, Ruby Bell "Duckie" Johnson, Vera Pratt, Edith Beers, Arbelle Cover
Second Row: Otto Midgett, Elmer Beers, Clifford Brakefield, Orville Pratt, Ellis Midgett, Ruby Breakfield, Edmond Mason, Revay Jarvis, Mildred Beers, Josephine Stringer, Neomi Beers, Hazel Midgett, Lorna Jarvis
Third row: Roy Brakefield, Bud Brakefield, Marie Stringer, Kathleen Brakefield, Cleo Breakfield, Earl Moses, Damon Jarvis, Leamon Beers, Ruby Mason, Dorothy Cover, Glenwood "Boodge" Johnson

Thanks to Nettie Grimes, daughter of Hazel Midgett, for the photos and accompanying information.

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