Muster List of Capt. John Hughes' Company, War of 1812

Graciously provided by Tom Caulley

A list of officers and privates commanded by Capt John Hughes mustered into survs on the 9th of Sept 1812, and out on the 25 Oct.

John Hughes, Capt
William Strother, Lieut
Thomas Reed, Ens
Timothy Phelps, Pus
Nicholas Hays, Serg
William Reed
Robert Reed
David Gallaher
John B. Anderson, Corp
John McCormick
David McCormick
John Anderson
James Alexander, Trump
John P Alexander
Hugh Lewis
Abram Rickman ( Cunningham)
John Tulk
Curtis Morris
James McLauehlin
Samuel Wilson
John Ca(o?)rlin
James Montgomery
James Johnson
John Slone
James Morr(n?)ay
Sam A(N?H?)andeson }
Michael Dod }janis
Joseph Harden }holt
Samuel Gibbens
Seth Hiet
Josiah H Bell
Samuel D Slone
John Shirley
Moses Scot | gib
Anne |
Ananias McCoy


The hand-written list was found in either the Bounty Land Claim file or Pension Application file of Captain John Hughes.

This company (4th Mounted Riflemen) was formed by Capt. John Hughes under the orders of Fredrick Bates (acting Commader in Chief). The notice of which appearered in the St. Louis Gazette on 13 Feb., 1813 Stated:

St. Louis March 1st, 1813

The usual orders for the musters of battalions in the spring will now be given. The threatened invasion of our settlements by the northern indians , requires arrangements of another character. To repell and if possible to chastise these inroads, if they should be attempted, the acting Commander in Chief orders,

That the volunteer companies commanded by Captain's Dodge, M'Nair, Callaway, Ashley, Young, Hughes, Millard, Ramsay, and Rankin, muster for inspection at their respective parade grounds on Saturday the 20th of the present month and hold themselves thenceforth in readiness to be called into actual service at a moments warning. .........."

Captain Hughes' company is also cited in Schraf's HISTORY OF ST. LOUIS, Vol 1, Pg 355 AND by Robert Parkin in his MISSOURI RANGERS (1961) pages 95 and 239 and note xiv.

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