Nodaway County, Missouri Queries 2007




6 January 2007

To:  All BLEVINS / BLEVENS / BLIVEN / BLIVIN descendants and researchers

Subject:  Time to join the BLEVINS  /BLEVENS / BLIVEN / BLIVIN DNA Project!!

NOTE:  I am in no way affiliated with any DNA testing company—my only interest is finding more participants for the project in order to further the genealogy of this surname group.

From:   Kenneth W. SHIRLEY [descendant of Thomas BLEVINS [b c1823, m1842 Miami Co. OH Catherine YOUNCE of Ashe Co. NC]—Thomas is POSSIBLE son of Nathan BLEVINS b c1762 [m1 Rachel SKAGGS, m2 1802 Lydia (?VAUGHN?) PEPPERS]

Purpose:  Seeking males named BLEVINS/BLEVENS/BLIVEN/BLIVIN [and other spelling alternatives—will use "BLEVINS" here for the sake of brevity] for participation in BLEVINS DNA Project

There is a BLEVINS surname CNA project already in place.  The person who is coordinating the BLEVINS DNA project is Owen BLEVINS who will be happy to assist any prospective participant.  Owen’s email address is:

If you are interested in participating OR if you know of a male BLEVINS of your line who is willing to participate, just contact Owen BLEVINS, the DNA project administrator or, if you prefer, let me know that you want to participate.  If someone from your line joins, be sure to have him give the identity of his " earliest proven ancestor" and sign the consent form that allows him to be informed of DNA matches with other participants [and vice-versa].

The project is relatively new, although there are now some 20 DNA project participants and some very interesting and informative DNA matches among the participants. 

You can contact Owen BLEVINS directly for additional information.  Once you agree that you would like to participate in the DNA project, a DNA kit will be mailed to the name and address that you provide. Follow the instructions received with the kit, then mail it in with payment, and wait for the results. The DNA sample collection is a simple and painless procedure--brushing the inside of your cheek with a "cotton swab-like" collector.

It is my understanding that the results will be sent to the participant and a copy of the results to the BLEVINS DNA project coordinator [Owen BLEVINS] who will post the results [anonymously] online, along with the name of your earliest PROVEN male BLEVINS ancestor, at the BLEVINS DNA project website and on Owen BLEVINS website. Your results can then be compared with other BLEVINS DNA project participants.  

A few reminders:

A participant in the  BLEVINS DNA project must be a MALE with the surname of BLEVINS [or any variation such as BLEVENS/BLIVEN/BLIVIN, or any male who thinks his surname might once have been one of these surnames].

Female BLEVINS descendants/researchers [as well as male BLEVINS descendants/researchers who are not named BLEVINS] can assist greatly by recruiting male BLEVINS DNA project participants and/or assisting the male participants financially with the cost of the DNA testing.

There are several levels of Y-DNA testing available for what we are doing [the 12-marker test, the 25 marker test, the new 37 marker test, and even a 68 marker test]..  The more markers the better--whatever you feel you can do financially.  Tests with the greater number of markers allow greater capability to begin sorting out the BLEVINS lines.  I would very strongly urge any participant to go with at least the  37-marker test.  The 37 (or larger)  is necessary, in my opinion, to begin making heads or tails of the various branches of BLEVINS.] The more markers the more expensive the test, but the more you have to compare among branches of the BLEVINS family

Hope to hear soon that you have contacted Owen BLEVINS and have arranged to receive the DNA test kit, and shortly after that--that you have mailed in the kit for analysis. Thanks for your interest.

Ken Shirley
Grantville, Kansas