family notes from Pat O'Dell,
A Memorial History and Genealogical Record of the John Howell and Jacob Stutzman Families
by Jonathan S. Howell, (1922 Herald Print) page 234
(Paragraph 1) It matters little whether Jacob Stutsman, of family 495, who is under consideration in this volume, descended from Jacob or his son Christian, or not. His descendants, wherever found, have been and are in the main honest, industrious, independent, God-fearing, patriotic citizens, who have made the world better for living in it. His grandchildren, John S., Eleanor, Mary M., Sarah S., and Rebecca, of family 505, some of whom are living at this writing, 1922, say their grandparents, Jacob and Mary Magdaline Sheets Stutsman, were born in Pennsylvania, of German parentage, who came from Germany in an early day, and after their marriage they emigrated south and settled in Louisville, Kentucky near Beargrass River. Three children were born to them in Louisville: Susannah, born in 1797, Alexander, born November 20, 1798, and an infant who died at birth (question 1).
(Paragraph 2) They also say their grandfather, Jacob, had two brothers, named Adam and Jesse, but do not recall any sister.
(Paragraph 3) Mrs. Harriet Stutsman, of Columbus, Indiana, the wife of John Alexander Stutsman, deceased, says:
"Samuel Stutsman, who came from Germany and settled in Clark county, Indiana, had two sons, named Adam and Jesse, and a daughter, Sarah. Jessie and Sarah left no issue. Sarah had a record of the old Stutsmans. She married Coonrod Reichter, who had a son and a daughter by a former marriage. The daughter married Alex Smith; he may have this record. Address, Solon, Clark county, Indiana."
(Paragraph 4) We have not been able to locate this record, but we think John Alexander Stutsman was a son of Adam Stutsman, who was born in 1797, and died in 1881 in Clark county, Indiana.
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question 1 - This question may be totally off the wall, but..did the other infant, in fact, not die? According to the 1820 census Jacob and Mary Stutsman have two girls and one son in the age range of 1795-1804.

Adam Stutesman (1798-1880) is living next door to Jacob and Mary in Dubois county, Indiana.

After Adam's wife died in the 1840's, he is on the 1850 census in Owen twp, Clark co, Indiana #75.75 with this family:

William Coovert 47 m farmer Ky
Averilla? " 45 f Ky
Silus " 21 m laborer Ky
Tilman " 17 m blacksmith In
Harriet " 13 f In
William " 07 m In
Harriet Stutesman 13 f Ky
Adam Stutesman 51 m Ky

Could this Averilla (whatever her name is??) born 1804/5 in Ky be the other girl in Jacob and Mary's household? Is she their daughter? Could she be a daughter of Samuel Stutesman? Can she be a Stutesman at all? Who is she?? What's the connection that Adam and his daughter, Harriet, are living with them?

Furthermore, what happened to these Coverts? I don't find them in the 1880 census. There is a death record in Oregon twp, Clark County, Indiana (Book H 21 page 77) for William Covert, died Jan 26, 1886 age 77. Is this the same man as above?



question 2 - I've read this page a thousand times...trying to get just a little more something out of it. When I look at it overall, I'm not sure what paragraph 1 has to do with the other paragraphs. Was Howell trying to discuss whether or not Adam and Jesse Stutesman somehow fit into Jacob's family?

When Howell states in paragraph 2 that Jacob's grandchildren remembered that he had brothers Adam and Jesse, but didn't recall a sister isn't he trying to relating this fact to what Mrs Harriet Stutesman states about Samuel having sons Adam and Jesse and that they had a sister?

What does the quote from Mrs Harriet Stutesman have to do with Jacob and Mary Stutesman unless Howell was trying to decide how they were related.

He ends up in paragraph 4 saying, "well, whatever, we think John Alexander Stutesman was the son of Adam Stutesman 1797-1881." And that's pretty close. Adam Stutesman's dates should be 1798-1880 and John Alexander Stutesman 1826-1907 was his son.

page 234 continued
(Paragraph 1) Jacob and Mary Magdalene Stutsman moved from Louisville to or near Huntingberg, DuBoise county, Indiana, where both died. Mrs. Stutsman died Oct 20, 1830, and Jacob, March 4, 1832, and both were probably buried at Huntingberg, Indiana.
(Paragraph 2) The court house of DuBoise county, Indiana, burned down in 1839, and all records prior to that date were burned, and we were (page 235) unable to get any information of Jacob Stutsman from that source.
(Paragraph 3) We have definite proof that the Yoders and Stutsman's were intimate friends and intermarried in Pennsylvania and that Yoder emigrated south and settled in Kentucky. He ran the flatboat on the Mississippi river to New Orleons, and died in S-- county, Kentucky. The Stutsmans may have been with him but we do not find any definite proof that they were.
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