Family Group Sheet data from: Pat Combs O'Dell -
Ammon Heady
birthdate and birthplace
26 Sep 1810 Ky
death date, place
03 Oct 1893 Boone Co, Ind
Old Union Cem, Boone Co, Ind
1st marriage
22 Jul 1830 Catharine Spencer
2nd marriage
11 Oct 1853 Boone Co, Ind: Charlotte Davis
3rd marriage
25 Aug 1858 Boone Co, Ind: Mary Ellen Kise
4th marriage
25 Sep 1870 Boone Co, Ind: Mrs Caroline Gardner Davis
Thomas Heady
Rebecca Goodwin
Catherine Spencer
birthdate and place
1814 Ky
deathdate and place
08 Jul 1853 Boone Co, Ind
#1 Eliza Ann Heady born 1831 Putnam Co, Ind
married 22 Aug 1853 Boone Co, Ind: Levi P. Walter
died 03 Jan 1880 Nodaway Co, Mo of lung disease [ND Jan 15, 1880]
buried Cain Cem, Nodaway Co, Mo
#2 Sarah E. Heady born 24 Aug 1833 Boone Co, Ind
married 03 Dec 1852 Boone Co, Ind: Isaiah Huffman
buried Hazel Dell Cem, Nodaway Co, Mo
#3 Rebecca Heady born  
died age 8; pre 1887
#4 Andrew Jackson Heady born 17 Apr 1837 Boone Co, Ind
married 12 Sep 1859 Boone Co, Ind: Sarah Hendricks [Hendrix]
married 03 Apr 1892 Boone Co, Ind: Margaret E. Dale
died 29 Jan 1911 Lebanon, Boone Co, Ind
#5 Thomas W. Heady born 1839 Boone Co, Ind
married Margaret Fling [1849 - 13 Aug 1908 Wapello Co, Ia]
died 28 Feb 1906 Wapello Co, Ia
buried McCormick Cem, Highland Twp, Wapello Co, Ia
#6 Richard V.B. Heady born 1841
married 07 Oct 1863 Putnam County, Ind: Louise E. Gardner
#7 Imri P. Heady born 1843
married 03 Aug 1865 Boone Co, Ind: Margaret Isley [Apr 6, 1845-Aug 11, 1913]
died 1926
#8 Nicholas C. Heady born 1845 Boone Co, Ind
married 04 Apr 1866 Boone Co, Ind: Nancy McReynolds
married 13 Mar 1884 Boone Co, Ind: Sarah LaFoe
married Mattie Simmons
#9 Elisha F. Heady born  
married 19 Nov 1861 Boone Co, Ind: Cynthia Starbuck
died pre 1887?
#10 Martha Jane Heady born  
married 01 Mar 1885 Boone Co, Ind: Thomas Abbott [Abbette]
#11 Lafayette Perry Heady born 1851 Boone Co, Ind:


2nd wife
Charlotte Davis
birthdate and place
deathdate and place
Mar 1858 Boone Co, Ind
#12 James Heady born Boone Co, Ind:
died infancy
#13 Minerva Heady born Boone Co, Ind:
died infancy


3rd wife
Mary Ellen Kise
birthdate and place
deathdate and place
12 Nov 1869 Boone Co, Ind
#14 Alisha/Alsha E. Heady born 08 Jan 1863 Boone Co, Ind
married 24 Nov 1878 Boone Co, Ind: Anderson Dale
died 31 Aug 1908 Noble Co., Okla
#15 Charles R. Heady born Boone Co, Ind:
died age 10 yrs
#16 Mary H. Heady born 1869 Boone Co, Ind:
married 12 Sep 1889 Boone Co, Ind: John S. Julian
#17 infant born Boone Co, Ind:
#18 infant born Boone Co, Ind:


4th wife
[Mrs] Caroline Gardner Davis
birthdate and place
19 Jun 1831 Ind
deathdate and place
13 Jan 1902 Jamestown, Boone Co, Ind
#19 Nettie C. Heady born 26 Dec 1871 Boone Co, Ind:
married 11 Apr 1894 Boone Co, Ind: Manson Chambers
died 1911 Montgomery Co, Ind
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1850 Census Boone Co, Ind: 28 Aug; #855.866
Ammon Heady 39 m Ky farmer
Katharine Heady 36 f Ky
Elizaann Heady 17 f Ind
Sarah E. Heady 15 f Ind
Andrew J. Heady 14 m Ind
Thomas W. Heady 12 m Ind
Richard V.B. Heady 10 m Ind
Imri Heady 8 m Ind
Nicholas C. Heady 6 m Ind
Elisha F. Heady 4 m Ind
Martha Heady 1 f Ind
1860 Census Boone Co, Jackson Twp, Ind: 03 Aug; #1157.1130
Ammon Heady 49 m Ky
Mary C. Heady 29 f Ind
Thomas W. Heady 21 m Ind
Richard V. Heady 19 m Ind
Imri Heady 17 m Ind
Nicholas C. Heady 15 m Ind
Elisha F. Heady 13 m Ind
Martha J. Heady 11 f Ind
Lafayette P. Heady 9 m Ind
1870 Census Boone Co, Jackson Twp, Ind; 16 Jun; #9.9
Amon Heddy, 59, m Ky farmer
Elsia F. Heddy, 22 m Ind
Lafayette P. Heddy, 19 m Ind
Alasha E. Heddy, 8 f Ind
Charles W. Heddy, 5 m Ind
Mary H. Heddy 1 f Ind
Imri Heddy, 27 m Ind
Margret Heddy 25 f Ind
Eddie R. Heddy, 2 m Ind
Addison L. Heddy 9/12 m Ind
1880 Census Boone County, Jackson Twp, Ind; 4 Jun; #65.69
Ammon Heady, 69, Ky Pa Pa
Caroline Heady, 48, Ind Eng Eng
Perry L. Heady 28 m Ind Ky Ky
Mary H. Heady 11 f Ind Ky Ind
Nettie C. 8 f Ind Ky Ind
Wm W. Davis 17 stepson Ind Ind Ind
1887 - Early Life and Times in Boone County, Indiana, Spahr and Harden, p 303
Almond Heady, of Jackson Township, was born in Kentucky, September 26, 1810. His father's name was Thomas Heady, born in Pennsylvania, April 15, 1780. His mother's name before marriage was Rebecca Goodwin, born in Pennsylvania, October 15, 1883 [sic, 1783]. They were married in Kentucky; lived there until the year 1814, when they came to Monroe County, Indiana; remained there six years and then went to Putnam County, Indiana, and remained there until the year 1838; then went to Jackson Township, Boone County, where they lived many years. They moved to Missouri, where Mr Heady died. Mrs Heady returned to Boone County; died here in 1863, is buried at the Union cemetery in Jackson Township. Mr Almond Heady, the subject of this sketch, was four times married, first to Catharine Spencer in 1830. She was born in 1814, died July 8, 1853. The second time to Charlotte Davis, September, 1853, she died March 18, 1858. Thrid time to Mary Ellen Kise, September, 1858, she died November 12, 1869, is buried at Union cemetery. The fourth time to Caroline Davis, September 26, 1870, with whom he is now living at Jamestown. It will readily be seen that Mr Heady is a much married man, the father of nineteen children. Will try to give their names if they don't get away. By his first wife: Eliza A., Sarah E., Rebecca C., who died at the age of eight years; Andrew J., Thomas W., Richard V., Imri P., Nicholas C., Elisha F., Martha J., Lafayette P., all living but Rebecca and Elisha. To the second marriage were born James D. and Minerva, both died in infancy. To the third marriage were born 5 children, names as follows: Alisha E., Charles R., Mary H. Two died in infancy. Charles died at the age of 10 years. To the fourth but one child was born, Nettie C., born Dec 26, 1871. Mr Heady is a Jacksonian Democrat, and one of your clever, upright men, strong, well built, six feet high. First settled near Old Union Church where he developed a fine farm out of the woods, mostly with his own strong hands, assisted by his older son. While canvassing for this work we were kindly cared for by Mr and Mrs Heady.
1888 Oct 4 - The Lebanon Pioneer, Lebanon, Indiana

Wednesday, Sept 26, was the 78th anniversary of the birth of Ammon Heady, of Jackson Township, and it was made the occasion of a very pleasant reunion. Mr Heady is the father of nineteen children, twelve of whom are living, all of whom were present at the reunion except Imro P., who is sick with typhoid fever, and Perry, who is in Kansas. He (ie Ammon Heady) is the grandfather of 54 and great-grandfather of 21. There were present 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Following are the names and residences of those in attendance:

Sarah Huffman, Nodaway Co, Mo
Andrew J. Heady, Agency City, Ia
Thomas Heady, Agency City, Ia
Martha J. Abbott, Franklin, Ind
Allie Salee, Lincoln, Kas
Richard Heady and wife, Boone Co, Ind
Elisha Heady and wife, Boone Co, Ind
Nicholas Heady, Boone Co, Ind
Mollie Heady, Boone Co, Ind
Nettie Heady, Boone Co, Ind
Mollie C. Hannah and three children, Clearmont, Mo
Carrie A. Heady and daughter, Jamestown, Ind
Susie M. Denny, Maryville, Mo
Edward and Loftin Heady, Albert, Mary E., Ida A., and Charley Heady, Boone Co, Ind
Rev Simmons, of Yeddo, Ind., was also present.
A good time was had, notwithstanding the drawback of sickness in the family. It was the largest reunion of the family in thirty years.

1893 Oct 5 - Lebanon Pioneer, Lebanon, Indiana

Ammon Heady - One of the oldest and best known citizens of the county, died at his home in Jamestown Tuesday night aged 83 years. The funeral will take place this afternoon. Mr Heady had been prominent in democratic circles for many years.

1893 Nov 9 - Lebanon Pioneer, Lebanon, Indiana
Ammon Heady. Born in Nelson Co, Ky, Sept 26, 1810. He came with his parents in an early day to Putnam Co., Ind. He was married to Catherine Spencer July 22, 1830. To them was born 11 children - 7 sons and 4 daughters. His wife died July 8, 1853. He married Carlotta Davis, and to them was born 2 children. Both died in infancy. His second wife died March 18, 1858. He then married Mary E. Kice to them was born 5 children. Four preceeded him to the spirit world. The third wife died Nov 12, 1869. He was married to Caroline Davis Sept 25, 1870 and to them was born one child, who survived him. There are 7 sons and 4 daughters living -- Sarah Huffman of Mo., Thomas Heady of Iowa and Andrew, Richard, Imri and Nicholas, Elisha, and Nettie of Boone Co.; Jane Abbott of Johnson Co.; Perry Heady and Ollie Dale of Lincoln, Kansas and his companion of Jamestown. He was the father of 19 children. He settled the farm north of Union cemetery in 1834 where he lived until Dec 5, 1882. He moved to Jamestown where he lived till his death. He was a prosperous farmer, honest in his dealings. He died Oct 8th. His remains were taken to Union where he was laid to rest beside his first wife.
1896 Mar 5 - Lebanon Pioneer, Lebanon, Indiana

Ammon Heady - Probate Court: Imri P. Heady, admr. estate of Ammon Heady, deceased. Distribution of funds approved as follows: Sarah E. Huffman, A.J. Heady, T.W. Heady, R.V. Heady, Imri P. Heady, Martha J. Abbott, L.P. Heady, Alsha E. Dale, N.C. Chambers, $204.30 each;

Sarah C. Dalrymple, James T. Walters, Mary E. Workman, Ammon Walters, Susan Denny, Sylvester Walters, Harvey M. Walters, $25.54 each.

1900 Census Noble Co, Oakdale, Okla;
Harrison Dale, Sep 1861 39, m/21, Ind Ind Ind
Aloha E. Dale, Jan 1863, 37, m/21, 2/1, Ind Ky Ind
Myrtle I. Dale, Jan 1894, 6, dau, Okla Ind Ind
Newton R. Baker Jul 1878 22 Ind Ind Ind laborer
Mary Huffman, niece, Aug 1884, 15, Mo Mo Mo
1901 Biographical History of Nodaway and Atchison Counties, Missouri; p 604
J. Thomas Workman ... he was married, his union being with Miss Mary Walters, who was born in Boone county, Indiana, but was reared and educated in Missouri. She is a daughter of Levi and Eliza (Heady) Walters, both of whom are now deceased. Her father died in 1892, at the age of sixty years, and her mother passed away in this county. They had eight children, namely: Sarah C.; James; Mrs Workman; Anna Martha, who died at the age of twenty-three years; Susan, who died in infancy; Sylvester, Harvey and Emma. The parents were members of the Methodist Episcopal church and were people of the highest respectability. ...
1910 Census Noble Co, Oak Dale, Okla
Anderson Dale, 49, m widow, Ind Ind Ind
Myrtle Dale, 16 dau Okla Ind Ind