Missouri " M " Counties
Francis H. Barry, Buried in the LaPlata Cemetery, Macon Co., MO. Born May 15, 1847, died Feb. 2, 1903. Served as a private in Company G, 42nd Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry under Col. William Forbes.  He enlisted at the age of 17 in 1864.  He was discharged at St. Louis Mo. July 1865.  (Source of information Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions document dated Dec. 23, 1890 and the LaPlata Public Library, cemetery listing for the LaPlata Cemetery)   my great grandfather   Diana Smith
Pvt. Jesse Francis Yoakum Buried in Maries County, Missouri Co. I 32nd Missouri Infantry   Darrell Maples
David F. TUNE  Enlisted in the Union Army August 9, 1862 at Rolla Barracks, MO.  He served in the 32nd Regiment, Infantry Volunteers, Company E.  He died at Jackson Hospital, Memphis, TN Feb.28, 1863. Born in Halifax County, VA, David's residence was around Lane's Prairie in Maries County, MO.  Burial site unknown. Dennis Tune
John Henry Bull, born 14 Jun 1844, died 9 Feb 1919, buried Kenner Cemetery, Maries County. Served as Private with CO H, 101 Ill Infantry, Union Army. He enlisted 11 Aug, 1862, was honorably discharged 29 Oct, 1864 at Camp Butter (near Springfield), Ill.   He drove an ammunition wagon, was shot in the right thigh while delivering to the front lines in Dallas, Ga on May 25, 1864; the bullet was never removed.  Melinda K. Elmore
William Pinkney Stokes served in Company H, 10th Missouri Infantry, 2nd Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Army, Confederate States of America. He was a private and one battle he was in was the Battle of Prairie Grove 7 Dec 1862 in Arkansas. He surrendered 9 June 1865 in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was born 3 Oct 1834 and died 2 Feb 1913. He is buried in the Pendleton Cemetery in northwest Maries County, Missouri. Please add him to your list. my Great Grand Uncle  Jim Stokes
John Michael Pohl. John served in Company C of the 27th Michigan Infantry from 1862 to the end of the war. After the death of his father in April, 1872, John left Westphalia Michigan. On November 11, 1872, he married Parthenia V. (Anna) Schiffers of Pulaski County. The family settled in the Vienna area. John was wounded in the left forearm and wrist and lost his thumb during the Battle of Poplar Grove on 9/30/1865. These injuries bothered John all of his life. He died on February 12, 1895 and was buried in the Visitation Church Catholic cemetery two days later. Submitted by Allan Pohl, Lansing, Michigan.
Daniel Crider served with the union.  He died in Maries Co.  I don't know where he is buried. John Gross

The Following Veterans were submitted by Melinda Elmore
WILLIAM N. LIGHT was a corporal in Company G in regiment, 48 MO Inf.  He enlisted on August 7, 1863 and was discharged on June 29, 1865.  He served 1 year, 10 months and 22 days.  His address in 1890 was Vichy, Maries Co., MO.
Mary, widow of FRANCIS GEASLER.  He was a private in company F in Regiment 32 MO, Inf.  Her address was Vichy, Maries County.  Francis Geasler incurred a gunshot wound through the neck.
LINDSEY ROBERSON was a private, Company A in Regiment 1 Cal. Cav. Enlisted on February 2, 1865 and was discharged on May 22, 1865.  His address was Hayden, MO.
STEPHEN ROBERSON was a private, Company L in Regiment 3 MO, Cav.  His address was Hayden, MO.
ELIAS LANEY was a private, Company A, Regiment 14, Ind. Inf.  He enlisted May 1861 and was discharged October 1861.  His address was Vienna.  He was discharged with disability. He had a rupture.
MANLESS DYSON, first lived in Franklin Co MO, and later lived in Gasconade Co. He is buried in Maries Co. All 3 counties are close together.  He served for the 5th Missouri Infantry, Gasconade Co MO He is buried in the Skaggs Chapel Cem., near Belle, MO.. (Maries Co.).  He is pictured in the front of the "almost new" book, "Missouri Confederate Pensions and Confederate Home Applications Index." Publ by Hill College Press, Hillsboro, TX..  Completed about 1995.  He drew the pension.. I have a copy of the papers. His parents were THOMAS DYSON and ANNA ROBY DYSON..both b. NC. They are buried in the New Salem Baptist Church cemetery in Gasconade Co MO. My gg grandmother, Emily DYSON MAUPIN,  had 6 brothers that fought in the CSA  Ellie Stites Swanger

Francis Marion LEAKE, buried Leake Cemetery, Marion Co. MO. born 17 Dec 1840 in Ralls Co., MO, died 02 Jun 1906, Marion Co. MO. Frank enlisted 16 Aug 1862 in Carroll Co. AR, Co. E, 3rd MO Cavalry. He was taken prisoner and held for one year and 4 months, paroled at Shreveport, LA 07 Jun 1865. Jan Morrison
Thomas J. Marsh was born  ca. 1845 in Lexington, Ky and moved to Hannibal, MO shortly before the start of the Civil War. He  joined the MO State Guard at age 16 and served with the 2nd Cavalry, 2nd Division. His name appears on the roll as a pvt., Company A, 1st MO Infantry near Springfield, MO, Jan.26, 1862. He was engaged at Farmington, Pea Ridge,Iuka,Corinth,Hatchie Bridge, Grand Gulf, Baker's Creek, Big Black, and Vicksburg, where was wounded and later paroled after the fall of Vicksburg. After his parole, he rejoined the MO 2nd and 6th Brigades that had been formed in Mississippi. The next records I have begin in the battles before Atlanta. He was seriously wounded and captured at Big Shanty, near Marietta, GA.  His right leg was amputated at mid-thigh, probably at Acworth. He survived the operation and after a stay at Chimborazo Hospital No.5, Richmond, Va., he was transferred to the military prison at Louisville, KY. He was later sent to the military Prison at Camp Douglas, Il. He was transferred from Camp Douglas to Receiving and Wayside Hospital, Richmond, VA on March 14, 1865. Thomas Marsh's last act of the War was to subscribe to the oath of Allegiance on May 28, 1865, three     and a half years after he joined the Missouri Confederate Brigade  as a 1 year old. After his parole, Thomas returned to Missouri, married Elizabeth Alexander from Paris, MO and  had four children, three of which survived . Until he died , Thomas was active in the Ex - Confederates of Missouri Association. Thomas died in Hannibal, MO, on Dec.2, 1897 He is buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Paris, Mo.  next to his wife who preceded him in death by eleven years.       John D. Marsh, great-grandson.

John Nolan [Nolin]  Buried in Anderson Cem. [old part] McDonald Co. My great Grandfather John enlisted in the Union Army as a private in Co. "A" 49th Regiment Illinois Infantry Volunteers on Sep. 5, 1861 he was discharged 31 Dec. 1863 and reenlisted 1 Jan.1864 and was mustered out at Paducah Ky. 1865.
John L. Rhodes  Private in the Missouri Volunteers regiment 48 company B. Died in McDonald Co. 1903, buried in Cummings Cemetery.  Steve Roach
Spring Hill cemetery:
Martin Baker Love, Pvt., Co. E, 16th Mo. Inf. CSA, Battles: Pea Ridge, Oak Hill, Prairie Grove, and Jenkins Ferry, Ark.; Helena, Ms., Pleasant Hill, La. Surrendered under E. Kirby Smith, paroled at Shreveport. He was my great grandmother's brother.
Henry Albert Harper, Sgt., Co. C, 1st. Kty. Cavalry, USA, Actions in Eastern Kty. and Tenn., no specifics. He was my great grandfather. At Union Chapel cemetery, (also called Owsley):
Mathew Freeman Senter, Cpl., Co. K, 20th Tenn. Inf. CSA , Battles: action at Wild Cat, Kty., wounded at battle of Fishing Creek, at Shiloh, Murfreesboro (Stones River), and Hoover's Gap. Captured near Tyner's Station and paroled at Pulaski, Tenn.; not exchanged but rode some with Morgan afterward and home on leave when war ended. My other great grandfather. A Govm't.marker has been ordered for his grave as there is no marker at all at present. Great Grandson
James P. Isbell is buried in the Cummings Cemetery, McDonald County, Missouri. He was born Oct 29, 1827 in Stokes County, North Carolina and married Mary Amanda Ramsey Aug 28, 1853 in Lawrence County, Missouri. He died May 8, 1905 in McDonald Co. His Civil War pension application states that he served in Co. D, Phelps Reg, MO Rols. from Jan 4, 1862 until his discharge April 17, 1862 in Springfield, Mo. It also states that he served again from Aug 12, 1862 until Jan. 1864 in Co. C 16 Reg. It lists his children as Sarah J. Isbell; Frances A. Isbell; James M. Isbell; Martha E. Isbell; Luther L. Isbell.   Ann Barnes
David D. NORMAN (b. 1837, Roane Co., Tenn), son of Pleasant M. NORMAN & Martha (Patsey) DAVIS
Military service:  Sargeant, 11th Tennessee Cavalry; drew Civil War pension in 1890, Rocky Comfort (Mountain Twp.), McDonald Co., Missouri --  DOD:  8 Dec 1897, McDonald Co., Missouri --  Buried:  Roller Cemetery, McDonald Co., Missouri  Bonnie Favazza

Submitted by: Jack Rogers  Please see Barton County for explaination.
Anderson Cemetery, Anderson, MO.
Beshears, Washington   Co. I, 57th IL Inf
Brady, Rufus Allen   Oct 29, 1840-Jun 23, 1899.  Co. B, 34th Iowa Inf
Brightman, George   Co. C, 28th Mich Inf
Bowdre, Benjamin  1stSgt.  Co. D, 3rd MO Cav
Canfield, Lewis G.   1838-1918.  Cpl. Co. I, 53rd Il Inf
Cobb, William R.   May 19, 1846-Aug 17, 1921.  Co. E, 13th Ohio Cav
Fitzpatrick, Ben J.H.  Co. F, 45 KY Inf
Goodrich, W.   Co. C, 4th Ohio Inf
Hager, Louis   Co. C, 85th PA Inf
James, C.W.   Co. I, ___Kan Cav
Jones, Searin A.   Co. I, 146th IL Inf
Jones, George L.   Co. D, 7th IL Inf
McCandles, George H.   Co. A, 1st Ohio Cav
McCorkhill, Jas.   Co. B, 42nd Ind Inf
Meador, Martin   Cpl.  Co. B, 76th MO EN Militia
Mitchell, William S.   Co. K, 47th NJ Inf
Nield, Sam I.   QmSgt. Co. C, 1st Mass Cav
Noland, Jno.    Co. A, 49th IL Inf
Obavion, C.   Co. F, 84th Ind Inf
Parnell, W.M.   Co. D, 25th MO Inf
Reed, Alex   76th IL Inf
Rowe, Jas. H.   Co. H, 91st Ohio Inf
Sage, Edwin   Co. L, 6th Ohio Cav
Sherwood, David O.   Co. M, 6th MO SM Cav
Snodgrass, William F.   Co. I, 9th MO SM Cav
Thompson, Josiah R.   Co. E, 6th Mich Cav
Thompson, J.W.   Co. ___, 43rd MO Inf
Willshir, Jesse   Sgt.  Co. K, 6th Ohio Cav
Wilson, Solomon B.   Co. F, 13th MO Cav
Wilson, Levi   Co. L, 16th Kan Cav
Cowan Cemetery
Cowan, James H.   Dec 24, 1838-Nov 9, 1913.  Co. K, 15th MO Cav
McKinzie, Gabriel  1846 ----.  Musician  Co. G, 41st IL Inf
Witham, Joseph     1844 ----.  Co. F, 180th IL Inf
Cummings Cemetery
Bartley, James M.   Co. I, 3rd MO Cav
Divine, Thomas M.   Co. E, 15th MO Cav
Gray, William H.   Co. C, 31st Ind Inf
Smith, Benjamin   Co. B, 39th Ohio Inf
Fairview Cemetery
Evans, C.V.    Co. H, 9th Kan Cav
Harmon Cemetery
Stevens, James H.   Co. F,  1st TN Mtd. Inf
Howard Cemetery
Johnson, Thomas   Jun 15, 1844-Sep 8,1928   10th Ohio Cav
Indian Springs Cemetery
Adkins, Isaac   May 28, 1844-May 23, 1930.  Co. M, 2nd MO Light Artillery
Blakesly, T.L.   Co. D, 37th Wisc Inf
Jane Cemetery
Caldwell, James P.  Dec 17, 1839-Nov 25, 1909.  12th TN Regt.-Col. T.H. Bell;22nd TN Regt. Co. T.J. Freeman.   CSA
Hardin, J.C.   d. Nov 1861. 23y. Stones Regt. Texas Cav.  CSA
Largent, Benjamin F.   Jul 16, 1819-Apr 14, 1915.  Captain  VA CSA
Linderman, T.V.   Jan 3, 1836-May 2, 1902.  Co. A,  13th Mich Inf
Patton, William A.   Sgt.  Co. I, 14th Kan Cav
Reeves, Marion   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Russell, A.M.   15th MO Cav
Lanagan Cemetery
Lawhorn, Daniel   Co. H, 8th MO S.M. Cav
Long, Alexander   Co. E, 43rd Ind Inf
Lawhorn Cemetery
Lawhorn, James King   1836-1910.  Sgt.  Co. H, 8th MO S.M. Cav
Mitchell Cemetery
Bachman, Zedekiah   Cpl.  Co. I, 213th PA Inf
Bass, N.W.   Co. I, 1st MO Cav
Betz, Henry J.   Cpl.   Co. F, 26th IL Inf
Eaton, A.S.  Co. K, 15th Mich Inf
Jones, William L.   Co. C, 134th Ohio Inf
Wallis, John C.   Cpl. Co. H. 80th IL Inf
Mitchell Cemetery  - South of Goodman, MO
Cook, Lafayette   Co. B, 128th Ind Inf
Friend, George   Oct 17, 1837-Apr 18, 1924. Co. E, 3rd ___Cav
Herring, Henry A.   Co. K, 43rd MO Inf
New Bethel Cemetery
Bowdre, John   1stSgt.  Co. B, Cass County, MO Home Guards Inf
Rogers, Stephen   Nov 19, 1844-Mar 13, 1918.  Co. L, 6th Kan Cav
Pickens, C.K.  Oct 22, 1834 - Jan 6, 1907. Co. K, Gordon's Regt., Shelby's Brigade. C.S.A.
Winton, John M.   Co. F, 70th Ind Inf
Noel Cemetery
Lovitt, Joshua   1839-1917.  Union Soldier
Palmer, W. H.   Nov 13, 1842-Feb 21, 1902.  Co. G, 120th Ind Inf
Simons, William   Aug 21, 1830-Jun 9, 1909.  Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Pineville Cemetery, Pineville, MO.
Barnes, J.A.   Co. A, 8th IL Inf
Barr, J.L.   Co. G,  1st Iowa Cav
Barton, Nathan A.   Co. f, 130th Ind Inf
Davis, Willis W.   1818-1904. Craven's Regt.  C.S.A.
Duval, William C.   Jan 30, 1824 - Apr 14, 1904.  Cpl. 2nd Cherokee Cav. C.S.A.
Joslin, W.H.   Co.F , 33rd MO Inf
LaMance, M.N.   1844-1906.  Co. A, 8th MO Cav.   C.S.A.
Lamson, John Cobb   Nov 29, 1827-Feb 1, 1913.  Captain   17th Ind Inf
Martin, Thompson   Co. B, 33rd Wisc Inf
Moiser, John   Co. I, 14th Kan Cav
Moiser, Isaac   Co. I, 14th Kan Cav
Moiser, John S.   Co. I, 12th Kan Cav
O'Bannion, Joseph   Co. f, 84th Ind Inf
Peterson, G.H.  Co. I, 124th IL Inf
Price, John A.   1847-1932.  Co. B, Hooper's Regt.   C.S.A.
Story, Enoch   Co. K, 13th Ind Inf
Watkins, A.J.   Co. E, 44th Ind Ind
Webb, A.J.   Co. E, 44th Ind Inf
Rinehart Cemetery
Bryant, Andrew J.   Jan 1, 1830-Aug 1, 1916.  Co. F, 7th MO S.M. Cav
Gordray, William   Co. I, 11th Ind Inf
Roller Cemetery
Day, Madison   Jun 6, 1826-Mar 1, 1900.  Captain   Co. F, 14th MO S.M. Cav
Kyger, Mathias   Cpl.  Co. B, 9th Ind Cav
Saratoga Cemetery
Burt, John S.   d. Jun 28, 1915. 78y10m24d.  Lieut. Colonel  31 Mass Inf
Grace, William W.   Dec 24, 1825-Mar 10, 1910.  1stLieut  116th NY Inf
Jones, Lewis   Co. d. 145 Ind Inf
Steele, Cornelius   Co. L, 12th IL Cav
Thomas, S.H.   Co. F, 9th MO S.M Cav
Southwest City Cemetery
Andrews, C.L.   Nov 21, 1840-Jan 22, 1924.  19th Ind Inf
Ayers, O.   Co. I, 2nd Mich Cav
Barton, Sebastian   Aug 22, 1828-Apr 6, 1908.  Co. K, 27th MO Inf
Breech, J.C.   July 15, 1840-Jan 16, 1910. Cpl.  Co. B, 46th MO Inf
Eisley, John    Cpl.  Co. E, 58th Ohio Inf
Francis, Lewis L.   Co. B, 3rd KY State Troops
Garbe, George W.   1845-1910.  Co. C, 30th IL Inf
Hembree, M.V.   Co. D, 6th MO Cav
Hesten, Francis M.   Co. D, 16th Iowa Inf
Longley, Geroge W.   Co. C, 30th Ind Inf
Lore, Michael L.   Co. D, 36th Iowa Inf
McNabney, Samuel   Co. G, 60th Ohio Inf
Mays, Thomas   1833-1924.  Co. F, 15th IL Cav
Munion, Henry   Sgt.  Co. B, 67th Ohio Inf
Nellis, Andrew   1841-1904.  Captain   Co. I, 4th PA Cav
Perkins, James H.   1846-1919.  Co. E, 12th MO Cav
Reed, Xerxes   1842-1920.  Co. K, __KY Inf
Turner, Aaron   May 11, 1841-Feb 9, 1910.  A Union Soldier.
Webster,  Newton M.   Apr 13, 1839-Oct 21, 1909.  Cpl. Co. E, 45th IL Inf
Wommack, Elijah   Jul 6, 1846-Aug 6, 1929.  Co. D, 5th TN Mtd Inf
Tracy Cemetery
Gideon, A.J.   Co. C, 16th MO Cav
Hewson, Thomas   Apr 12,1837-Aug 1, 1911.   50th IL Inf
Mead, William R.   Captain   Co. C, 23nd Ind Ind
Parman, William H.   Co. A, 23 Iowa Inf
Thrutchely, Thomas   Co. A, 27th MO Inf
Union Chapel Cemetery
Cook, Hiram   Feb 5, 1836-Nov 25, 1906.  Co. F, 9th IL Inf
Curtis, J.D.   Co. B,  6th MO SM Cav
Kale, John L.   Oct 26, 1839-Apr 13, 1914. Co. __, 9th MO Cav
Petty, Johel   Feb 15, 1848-Jan 29, 1917.  6th Kan Cav

Felix W. Casteel, He is buried at Hamilton Cemetery in Mercer County. Family tombstone marked with his regiment.b February 19, 1841 Laurel Co., Kentucky 24th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (USA), Company A Enlisted November 1, 1861 as Private, promoted to Corporal March 20, 1863 and Discharged January 31, 1865. Principal Battles:  Shiloh, Corinth, Munfordsville (KY), Perryville, Knoxville(Armstrong Heights, Nov 1863), Rockfaced Ridge, Resaca, Lost Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Chattahoochie River and Atlanta. He was wounded at Lost Mountain, Georgia June 16,1864, recovered and rejoined his regiment at Camp Nelson, Ky on August 4, 1864.Moved to Mercer Co, Mo in 1872 where he died April 21, 1912. Leoneita
Abraham Miller  buried in Hamilton Cemetery in  Modena,  Mercer Co. Missouri He fought in the Battle at Shiloh. and the Battle of the Wilderness. Enlisted in the Missouri State Militia,  3rd Regiment, Company H.  He was a private when discharged.He was born in Delaware Co. Ohio on 02-05-1825   Died in Mercer Co. Missouri on 03-09-1899. GG-Grandfather  MRS CAROL ALBRECHT
John Harris Stewart  buried in Old Union Cemetery in Mercer Co.  born in Monroe Co. TN on 09-24-1828  Died in Utica Missouri on 02-03-1862  He died while in service to the Union Army. 1st Sgt  Co. F. Mercer Co. GG-Grandfather MRS CAROL ALBRECHT
Robert Bruce Stewart buried in the Old Union Cemetery Merce Co. Missouri born in Delaware on 04-19-1796   Died:  09-01-1871 fought in the War of 1812 and joined the Union Army after his son John Harris was killed...
Charles Holland Stewartis buried in Brummett Cemetery, Mercer Co. Missouri born07-25-1839 in TN  died 06-14-1906 Mercer Co., MO Civil War Sgt. Company E. 2nd Regement Missouri Cav. a GG-Uncle:  MRS CAROL ALBRECHT
Ebenezer Goodin  Buried:  Tennessee Cemetery, Mercer Co. MO Born:  8 Aug 1813 Knox Co. KY Served in Company B, 10th Kansas Infantry Died:  September 1901 Mercer Co. MO Barb Roberts
ELLIS, William,  son of Wm. & Rachel (Keith) Ellis b. 19 Oct 1825 Logan Co. OH m. Nancy Annis Young d. 7 Aug 1919 Mercer Co. MO Buried:  Otterbein/Swan Cemetery, Mercer Co. MO Served from Sept. 1861 - Dec 1861 unk. Company Missouri Militia Barb Roberts
GOODIN, James Madison,   son of Ebenezer & Jane (Fuson) Goodin b. 29 Sept 1842 Knox Co. KY m. Lourinda McIntosh d. 17 Jan 1925 Mercer Co. MO Buried:  Tennessee Cemetery, Mercer Co. MO Served in the 27th Missouri Infantry from 1861 to the close of the war.  Per his obituary he won distinction at Lookout Mountain, and served with Sherman and Thomas on the march to the sea. Barb Roberts
John D. KING, farmer in Mercer County, Missouri, near the town of Princeton, was born in Perry County, Ohio on 20 November, 1823. He enlisted in Company D of the 44th Regiment of Infantry Volunteers of the State of Missouri on 14 August, 1864 for a period of one year and was mustered into service as a Private on 2 September, 1864. He was 41 years of age, 5' 5" tall with dark hair, grey eyes, and fair complexion. He served under the command of Captain W.B. Rogers. While on campaign near Nashville, Tennessee, Private King was "taken sick with a disease having the symptom of fever which terminated in an abcess or ulcer in the side which caused his death," according to a report filed by Captain Rogers. Assistant Surgeon, H.R. Tilton, reported Private John D. King as having died 28 January, 1865 at the General Hospital, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri. Captain Rogers' report states "that the disease of which the soldier died was contracted in the service of the United States and in the line of duty." John D. King was married to Mary Parrot King and at the time of his death, along with his widow, he left the following children: William, Laura Ann, Margaret, Joanna and daughter, Thomas Ida. The Kings' eldest son, Jacob T. King, was killed 9 January, 1862 at fighting near Silver Creek, Missouri. Jacob King was 17 years old at the time of his death. John D.King is buried in a military cemetery at St. Louis, Missouri. Jacob T. King is buried in the King Family Cemetery near Princeton, Missouri. Source of information: Copies of original military and pension records from the National Archives, Washington, D.C.
Dixie Haas
Grandville Vanderpool he was inducted into the 35th Missouri Inf. Co C on Dec 3 1862 and was discharged June 28th 1865. He died in 1924 and is buried in the Pine cemetery in Mercer county Missouri. My great great Grandfather served Missouri and the Union Vern Stottlemyre   Sr Vice Commander Department of Missouri Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
MASON, JAMES H., Private, Company K, 7th MO State Militia Cavalry (old 3rd MO) Union Army; enrolled 15 March 1862 at Princeton, Mercer County; mustered in 17 Mar 1862 at Chillicothe.  Mustered out 3 Apr 1865.  This unit spent the War in pursuit of and engaged in battles with General Sterling Price.  James H. Mason died 4 Apr 1907 in Mercer County, MO and is buried in the Fairley Cemetery. He was my great-great grandfather. Submitted by Bev Johnson of Billings, MO.
LUYSTER, Houston. son of Abram and Nancy Utley-Luyster.  Born 1843 Mercer Co. KY.  Moved to Linn Co. 1854.  Enlisted in Company H, 2nd Provisional Cavalry regiment, then into Company A 42nd Missouri volunteer infantry.  Burge
JONATHAN HAMMONS was born in Brown Co., IL.  on July 6, 1842 to James H. Hammons and Mary Mc Kern.  In 1845 they moved to Mercer Co., MO., near the town of Millgrove.  Jonathan, who was called Jaunt, enlisted in the Federal Army at Middlebury, Mercer Co., MO. on the 26th day of August, 1861.  He served as a Private, 23rd Missouri, Company C.  He was a company cook and fought in the siege of Atlanta, July 21 - August 25, 1864.  Jaunt was wounded twice, once struck in left temple and once in arm, by grape shot, at Jonesboro, GA.  He stood 5'10", was of fair complexion, had blue eyes and dark hair. On March 18, 1866, he married Margaret Jane Stanturf, daughter of Henry Aaron and Leah Harland Stanturf.  Jaunt and Margaret had seven children and shared 60 years of wedded bliss before Jaunts death, due to smallpox, at his home near Wild's Chapel, Mercer Co. MO. on Feb. 11, 1926.  He is buried at Wyatt Cemetery, Millgrove, Mercer Co., MO.  He was highly  respected and mourned.  He was my Great Grand Uncle.  Thank You ..Barbara Hammon Davis
WILLIAM D. HAMMONS was born Sept. 23, 1845 in Millgrove, Mercer Co., MO. to James H. and Mary Mc Kern Hammons.  He was the brother of Jonathan "Jaunt" Hammons, another Civil War veteran.  William married Mary Ann Campbell on Dec. 14, 1865 in Millgrove and together they had 4 children.  William served in the Federal Army, 44th Missouri Infantry, Company A.  He died May 30 1888 and is buried at Salem Cemetery, n/w of Millgrove, Mercer Co., MO. He was my great grand uncle.  Thank you...Barbara Hammons Davis.
John Wesley Vinzant, born January 24, 1837, died June 2, 1924, Lineville, Iowa, buried McKinley Cemetery, 3 mi. NW Mercer, Missouri. At the age of 24, John enrolled at Leavenworth, Kansas, August 12, 1861, as a private in the Civil War. He was in Company C, 5th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry. He served in Arkansas and was wounded in the head over his right eye during a battle near Helena, Arkansas, in May 1863. He lost the sight of one eye, the other one was almost out, and he suffered sinking spells. He was Honorably discharged at Leavenworth, Kansas, September 7, 1864, and was married a little over a month later. At the age of 83, on
September 25, 1920, he filed for a pension; he received $27.00 a month.
John N. Sandlin, born Unknown, died March 9, 1893, at age 55 y, 8m, 13d, is buried in Prairie Ridge Cemetery (also known as Brummitt Cemetery), Mercer Co., MO, Madison Township, Sect 11, T63N, R25W -- just off Route A, a mile north of Grundy Co. line. John N. Sandlin served in Co. C, 5 Kansas Cavalry Volunteers. He was the husband of Mary A. who died July 14, 1924, 77y, 8m, 20d. It interesting that at least two men, both born in 1837 from Mercer Co. were in the 5 Kansas Cavalry. Perhaps John Wesley Vinzant and John N. Sandlin went together to Leavenworth, Kansas to enlist. John Wesley Vinzant wrote a short letter home and told of the Battle of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He included a copy of the regimental account of the battle. John Wesley Vinzant is a first cousin three times removed to my genealogist brother  and me, Vernon V. Vinzant,    Allen L. Vinzant,  (brother).

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Priest. John Wesley Pvt. Buried Woodsman of the World Cemetary., East Prairie Missouri. Company E, 19th (Biffle's) Tennessee Calvary CSA General Nathan Forrest's Brigade. Pat Priest Hacker Great-Granddaughter

Submitted by Jack Rogers
Lynn, William P.  Mar 8, 1842 - Sep 9, __. Co. D, 15th KY Cav
Ponder, Austin   Co. I, 42nd Ind Inf
Doyle, E.J.   1838 - 1888. Co. D, 4th Tenn Cav.  C.S.A.
Kirkindall, E.   Co. A, 11th A__ Inf
Vaughn, W.M.  Co. G, 120th IL Inf
Parker, T.K.   d. Aug 5, 1887.  Co. K, 111th IL Inf
Smith, I.N.    May 21, 1837- Nov 1, 1909.  Capt.    Co. E, 8th MO Cav C.S.A.

Isaac Morrow he is buried in the Martin/Bowlin Cem., Moniteau Co., Mo.
b. l822 Macon Co., Mo.  Pvt. in Capt. Golden Warson's Company, Reg. of Col. Williams, Brigade Shelby's Division, Price's Corps CSA Participated in Price's Raid through Missouri to Texas.  He lived his last 2 years in the Confederate Veterans' Home in Higginsville, Mo.  He d. April l, l898 Bernadine Teague
JOHN BAPTIST WOLF, buried in St. Andrew's Cemetery, Tipton, Mo. b. 3-31-1846, d 5-12-1919. Joined the Missouri Militia-Co. H-Cole County Home Guards from 7-10-1861 to l0-1-1861 when it was disbanded. Then joined the Illinois Light Artillery, Battery B, 2nd Regiment on October 20, 1861 and fought in the Battle of Shiloh and the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, being discharged (at the age of 18) in Paducah, Kentucky on October 24, 1864. He fought for the Union Army. ML Hanson
JESSE PENNINGTON b.1833 VA d.1903 Moniteau Co,MO buried Jamestown,Moniteau Co,MO. Special Schedule- Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and widows, etc. of the Minor Civil Division of Jamestown,Linn Township,Moniteau Co, Mo page 34 (microfische-STL Library) shows: JESSE PENNINGTON, Private, either D,G or C Company, date of enlistment Aug 15,1862 and date of discharge 1863. Submitted by: great great niece: Wanda Pennington Parker of California
WILLIAM B.PENNINGTON b.1830 VA enlisted AUG 1862 in Moniteau County,MO. Served as Private in Co "B" 33rd Regt.MO Vol Inf.  Captain was John G.Hudson and Col. was William A.Filo.  William B.Pennington died 16 FEB 1863 in Helena Ark. from an illness.  He was originally buried there by two comrades, who gave witness statements, Gustav Zachholtd and Reuben Frazier, also of Moniteau Co,MO. The government later moved him to Mississippi National Cemetery in Memphis, Tenn. Section 1, grave #411. Submitted by:
Great great grandaughter, Wanda Pennington Parker California
JOHN J.PENNINGTON b.1842 Moniteau Co,MO d.1917 La Harpe,Kansas. Enlisted Moniteau Co,MO and served under COOTS, URIAH enlisted 18 Jul 1861 in Co. "G" Osage Regt. Mo. Home Guard. Died in Montieau county Mo. Date unknown and burial place unknown. He was born in 1814 in Tennessee lived and married in Indiana, came to Missouri and married second wife Susannah Bryant in Crawford county Missouri 25 Dec 1836.    Wanda Castoe
The Following Veterans were submitted by Jack Rogers
Bookout, Joseph H.   Co. F, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Hott, Jacob   Sgt.  Co. E, 43rd Ohio Inf
McPherson, Green W.  Co. A, 45th MO Inf
Atkinson, W.J.   Co. C, 43rd  MO EN Militia
Johnston, W.S.   Co. K, 10th MO Inf
Leslie, W.C.   Co. L, 12th MO Cav
Reynolds, Robert   b. 18 Jan 1845.  Co. D, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Sappington, Hugh B.   Co. E, 6th MO S.M. Cav
Deakins, O.C    Co. I, 45th MO Inf
Adair, ____  Co. C, 43rd MO EN Militia
Athinson, F.M.   Co. H, MO H.G.
Atkison, ____  Dec 7, 1844 - Jan 6, 1911. Shelby's Brigade.  CSA
Petree, B.S.    Co. G, 43rd MO EN Militia
Petree, Wiley Zommon    QMSgt. 12th MO Cav
Mills, William R.    Co. D, 14th Wisc Inf
Danger, George H.   Co. C, 43rd MO EN Militia
White, William R.   Co. B, 43rd MO EN Militia
Beckley, Louis   Sgt. Co. C, 87th IL Inf
Boze, Beverely   Co. C, 43rd MO EN Militia
Bybee, Jno.   Co. F, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Bybee L.J.   Co. N, __ Kan Inf
Campbell, J.F.   Co. B, 100th PA Inf
Gilbert, Rufus A.   Co. A, 18th Ohio Inf
Hill, Gilbert A.   Co. I, 9th MO S.M. Cav
Lloyd, W.C.   Co. E, 6th MO S.M. Cav
Minster, Michael   Apr 10, 1846 - Oct 22, 1912.  Co. A, 2nd PA Inf
Rolston, J.W.   Co. C, 43rd MO EN Militia
Sappington, Green White   Aug 31, 1845 - May 31, 1929.  Co. I, 12th MO Cav
Sappington, Hartley   Co. C, 43rd MO EN Militia
Stevenson, George F.   Co. B, 8th IL Inf
Stewart, John B.    Feb 16, 1838 - Mar 17, 1911.   Co. B, 1st Ohio Inf
Streby, W.    Capt.  Co. E, 176th Ohio Inf
Stuart, W.H.H.   Co. E, 9th Ind Inf
Longan, Alvin T.W.   Co. C, 1st MO Cav
Inman, James  Co. F, 43rd MO EN Militia
Legg, Jno. R.   Co. F, 43rd MO EN Militia
Tooms, John J.   Co. F, 43rd MO EN Militia
Williams, Davis   Co. K 11th MO Inf
Beeben, Ferd.  Co. A, 45th MO Inf
Diedrich, Andreas   Sgt.  Co. B, 26th MO Inf
Diedrich, Phillip   Co. K, 5th U.S. Inf
Gerhart, John   d. Oct 10, 1883.  Co. I, 43rd MO EN Militia
Ott, Jno.   Co. H, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Williams, Isaac L.   1819-1901.  Co. C, 43rd MO EN Militia

The Following Veterans were submitted by Jack Rogers
Matheny, Edward R.   Co. L, 9th MO S.M. Cav
Todd, John    d. Oct 2, 1886. 66y. Co. I, 15th MO Inf


Theophilus "Tad" Toulouse,  Jared Billings born 17-Oct-1840 in Kaskaskia, IL and died 6-Jan-1906 in Jefferson Co., MO fought for the Confederacy, probably with the Plattin Rangers.  He was wounded in action and his wife had to sell a cow to raise the money to bring him home.  He is buried in the Charter Church Cemetery in Plattin Township, Jefferson Co., MO.  He was my GG Grandfather.

Major James C. Bay, Died June 8,1878 62 years old. Buried in the Wellsville cemerty. Mayjor Bay was in charge of the union troops that killed five young confederates,in what is called the Browns farm massacre. You can find the story in the Fulton Gazette April 27 and May 1,1914   Submitted by Randy Senor

George Knox Canterbury was a private in Co. C., 3rd Rgt., Mo. Inf., CSA.  He was born 8 Jan 1846 in Marion co., MO to George and Nancy (McPherson) Canterbury and on 22 Jan 1867 he married Eliza Price Owens.  He died 13 Dec 1927 and was buried in the Turk Cemetery located near Wellsville, Montgomery Co., MO. Ellis Brockman
Aquilla Gramley(Gromley)  is buried in the MAcedonia Cemetery, Montgomery county,Mo.  He does not have a stone.  My mother remembers where he and his wife, my gr grandmother, are buried.  I sent in a form requesting a stone, about 2 years ago, and have never heard a word.  He and his brother-Giles- enlisted in IL.  They were in Co. A 116 Regiment and Co. H 55 Regiment, Illinois Infantry.  He (they) lived at Curryville, Pike Couny, Mo at the time of enlistment.  Enlisting on 26 January 1864 and being discharged 1 July 1865 at McDougall General hospital in New York. I have the original papers.  My GGrandfather, Norma Jean Schraer   703 County road 1067, Auxvasse,Mo 65231
Zenon Trudeeau Barker b: 2 Oct 1843-Flint Hill, St. Charles Mo.  Maried 5 Oct. 1865 Pike Co. Mo. to Melissa Pritchett dtr. of: Harvey B. Pritchett and Sarah Holliday.  He served o. B.-49th Inf. Union Army.  He d: in Long Beach Ca. 29 Jan. 1914.  He moved to Ca.from Wellsville, Mo.  where his wife is buried. His brother, John Milton b: 20 Dec. 1841 near Flint Hill, Mo. married Margaret Irvine Pace He d: 19 Jan. 1913 and is buried in the Wellsville Mo. Cemetery.  He also served with the 49th Mo. Inf. Wanza Merrifield    808 Sugar Maple, Ponca City, Okla. 74604
James Legrand Barker b: 27 Oct. 1845 near Flint Hill, Mo. dm: 27 Jan. 1877 Montgomery City, Mo.  and he d: 16 Apr. 1938 Wellsville, Mo.  m: Emma Irene Meyers.  He served with the Union Army in the Civil War from Mo., but I don't know which company. Wanza Merrifield    808 Sugar Maple, Ponca City, Okla. 74604
Aquilla GRAMLEY b-27 Mar 1845 PA( his Civil War papers say he was born at Tippe Canoe, PA...however, there is no such place. )  He lived at Curryville, Pike County,MO and enlisted as a Private , Co. A 116 Regiment and Co. H 55 Regiment, Illionois Infantry, on 26 Jan 1864 to serve 3 years. He was discharged 1 July 1865 at McDougall General Hospital in New York. He Married 9 Sept 1883 to Ruth Ann Hellyer of Montgomery county MO.  He died 6 July 1926 and was buried at Macedonia Cemetery, Montgomery County,MO.  However, he has NEVER had a stone.  My mother, who is still living, remembers his death and where he was buried.  I have papers now, to ask the government to furnish a stone for his grave.  Norma Schraer
Samuel Shook Mitchell enlisted August 12, 1862, Co. G, 111th Illinois  Infantry, near Centralia, Illinois, at 16 years of age.  He was honorably discharged at Cairo, Illinois, on February 21, 1863, after having been injured in the construction of company quarters, when a log rolled on top
of  him.  He later moved to Montgomery City, Montgomery County Missouri.
After he died March 30, 1914, he was buried in Worland Cemetery, Wellsville,
Montgomery County Missouri. Military Source:  Department of Interior, Bureau of Pensions. Burial site from family records and personal visit to grave. Dot (Mitchell) Bellmer, great granddaughter

The Following Veterans were submitted by Jack Rogers
Graham, James   Co. D, 4th U.S.C.Cav
Jones, Thomas   Co. C, 9th MO S.M. Cav
Spencer, T.J.   Co. C, 9th MO S.M. Cav
David, Ferdinand   Co. L, 10th MO Cav
Kameier, Henry   Co. , 2nd MO Light Artillery
Koch, Henry   Sgt.  Co. H, 12th MO Inf
Peters, Henry   Sgt.  Co. G, 4th MO Inf
Van Willich, H.J.   Co. A, 1st MO Cav
Fransier, John   Jun 24, 1823 -Nov 11, 1894.   Co. D, __ Iowa Cav
Schick, Philip    Jul 7, 1840 - Dec 22, 1927.    Co. E, 4th MO Cav

Wm. L. Atkinson
Martin Berry
Charles McCary
Lewis J. McCary
James M. McCarey
Wm. Ousley
Buel T. Root
Madison Sidebotton
Josiah Thurston
Joseph Thurston
Martin West
Napoleon Willson
Porter Wilson
Richard Williams
Sameul Williams
This information was taken from the war memorial at the Versailles, Morgan county cemetery.

John Frederick Schluesing:  born 1843 Zeven, Germany; to Morgan Co, Mo 1845 with parents, settled near Florence.   Served Co F, Benton Co Home Guards 13 June - 13 Sept 1861, reimbursed $10 for gun & blanket lost at Battle of Cole Camp June 19th.    Reenlisted in Co K, 25th Illinois Inf on 30 Sept 1861 while unit was at nearby Otterville; "was in Battles of Pea Ridge, Stones River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, and Kennesaw Mountain". Discharged 30 Sept 1864 at Alatoona, Georgia and returned to Morgan Co.  Died in Knobnoster, Mo 1930.  (GGF of H.R. Ficken, Ft Worth, TX)
Diedrich Keltner fought for the Union Army for virtually the entire U.S. Civil War. He was attached to Company C, 5th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry, (AND "Captain Nolting's Co. (C), German Regiment, Missouri Home Guards,"  he "mustered out" of service March 25, 1965 (the Confederate surrender was only about two weeks away).The records note he served as a private the entire duration of the War; further, the "Record of Allowances of 'Hawkins Taylor Commission'" General Index Card 382, notes Diedrich served with the aforementioned "Captain Nolting's Co. (C)" from 13 June 1861 through 13 September 1861 (about three months). Then six months passed, and General Index Card 382 notes that from 21 March 1862 through 25 March 1865, Diedrich was attached to Co. (C), 5th Missouri S.M. Cav. (2nd Organization), serving three years, four days. My guess is that the first unit was recommissioned as the second, or something like that--especially since the original unit was probably a special unit made up of German immigrants. I recall that the Union promised non-citizens that they would be awarded full citizenship (plus land, etc.) if they served the Union cause. Since Diedrich was probably only in the country for about 5 years when the Civil War broke out, that might well be the reason that he joined. Makes sense to me. A few years back, I requested and received Diedrich's pension records from the national Archives. They were pretty voluminous, costing about $25.00. >From what I recall, he applied for some sort of medical pension around 1896, but since he was illiterate, he didn't complete the forms properly and was denied. I think he finally got it about 10 years later--records also show his widow getting a widow's pension after his death (didn't last long, as she died about two years later). There was a special Census done in 1890 of Union veterans and widows, which included some information about Diedrich: from the "Special Census of Union Veterans or Widows" Roll 32 (Barton to Vernon) [note: that refers to county, which was how the census was conducted] Page 2, S.D. 6 E.D. 152 Minor Civil Division Richland, MO. [assume this means Richland TOWNSHIP; the CITY of Richland wasn't even close, unless it was the regional HQ for this census.) From SCH #1 25 49 49 26 (Continuation of above line) Kelner, Diedrich private Company C Home Guards 13 June 1861-13 Sept 1861 3 months do private Company C 5 M S.M. Cav. 21 Mar 1862-25 Mar 1865 3 years, 4 days (Following at bottom key of page) Florence, Morgan County, MO "Said Home Guards according to discharge afterwards (illegible) called German Rgt Mo Vol Inf" Diedrich Keltner's death was June 30, 1914 --very close to the date that Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, which was the spark that set off World War I. I recall that almost all the newspapers on microfilm during that time were obsessed with that event. Thus, I figured that was why I never could find an obit for Diedrich. This info is also at the web page:    Joe Gentile

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