W ebster County, Missouri

William Riley ALCORN was born 9 March, 1826 in Bartholomew County, Indiana. He moved with his parents to Wright County, Missouri, in 1834.  He served in the Union Army as a private in Company G. 46th Regiment of the Missouri Infantry. William died on 4 May, 1911, at the age of 90 years. He is buried in the Mountain Dale cemetery in Webster County, Missouri. Mr. M.E. Alcorn
Francis Marion ALCORN, was born about 1844 in Wright County, Missouri.  He was a member of the St. Louis Battery in the Confederate Army in the Civil War and was wounded on 8 March, 1862, during the Battle of Elkhorn in Pea Ridge, Arkansas.  He died in July, 1862.  It is uncertain whether he is buried in Arkansas or Missouri.  NOTE: William and Francis were cousins. Mr. M.E. Alcorn
Wiley Copley PVT Company A Phelps Reg. MO. Vol. Infantry. Wiley born NC about 1820 and died 1900 Seymour MO. Buried Star cemetery near Seymour Missouri. Julia Matney Bixler
Elias Matney born January 31, 1834 Brown County Indiana. Came to Webster County Mo. 1850. Served in Company G Missouri Home Guards during Civil War. He died May 31, 1899 at Seymour Missouri. Buried Star cemetery near Seymour. Was married to Susan Copley Dec. 4 1856 Webster County Mo. Julia Matney Bixler
John Harvey GOOD- b. 19 Oct 1833 Greene Co., IN; d. 12 Feb 1891 Teagues, Webster Co., MO; buried Taylor Cemetery, Webster Co., MO. Served as Quartermaster Sgt. w/ Co. B, 8th MO Cav., 21 Jul 1862-20 Mar 1865;
wounded Cotton Plant, Arkansas 28 Jun 1864. Discharged U.S. Marine Hospital, St. Louis 20 Mar 1865.  Also served under Capt. Thomas Gardner w/ brother Francis GOOD as Pvt. in Co. H, 9th Mtd. Oregon Volunteers in Yakima Indian Wars, discharged 18 Nov 1855. Son of David W. & Martha GOOD, and husband of Mary Ann Pearson (dau. of Jeremiah Pearson). Thomas McCahon
David Riley GOOD- b. 7 May 1846 Greene Co., MO; d. 30 May 1936 Teagues, Webster Co., MO; buried Taylor Cemetery, Webster Co., MO.  Served as Pvt. w/ Co. M, 16th MO Cav. Discharged 1 Jul 1865.  Son of David W. & Martha GOOD, and husband of Rebecca Turner (dau. of Benjamin Turner). Thomas McCahon
Good Hope Cemetery
John C. Crawford - Company C - 15th Confederate Arkansas Militia Born Dec 25 1819 - Died Dec 3 1864 -
Wife Elizabeth Paine.  Came to Webster Co. via Taney Co. Mo. from McMinn Co. TN.
Submitted by gg-grandson Kenneth A. Crawford
Samuel H. DANIELS b. 1813, Tennessee, d. 1907, Webster Co., MO Samuel was relieved from active service from Company G of the 3rd Provisional Regiment of the Enrolled Missouri Militia on 14 Sept 1863. I have received records back from Missouri State Archives that he served for the Union and that further records may be found at the National Archives. I am sending for these records. Missouri State records show he was in 4th Regt. Cav. S. M. Vols. Co. D, under Capt. Prichard, rank of Private, enlisted 24 Sept 1863, St. Joseph, MO and mustered in 11 Nov 1863 at Jefferson City, MO. It also shows him in 79th Regiment, E. M. M., under Capt. Bedford with rank of Private in Company A, enrolled 1 Oct 1864 at Charleston, Missouri. He was mustered out 5 July 1865 at B Barracks. Ken Reyolds

The Following Veterans Burials were submitted By Jack Rogers

Harris, W.C.   Co. M, __ Iowa Cav
Williams, Reuben   1838 - Oct 1909.  Co. B, 21st & 24th MO Inf
Barnett, James    Co. E, 8th MO Cav
Bralley, James S.   Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Bralley, John C.      Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Bralley, Jonathan    Co. C,  8th MO Cav
Smith, M.H.            Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Brixey, James M.   12 Apr 1835 - 15 Jan 1905.  Lieut.  Co. B, 46th MO Inf
Brixey, Thomas   23 Feb 1843 - 6 Jun 1899.  Co. H, 8th MO Cav
Thomas, John H.   22 Feb 1837 - 28 Dec 1923.  Co. G, 9th KY Cav
Hicks, John L.W.   Co. I, 24th MO Inf
Denny, George D.   Cpl.  Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Philpott, D.A.  28 Sep 1843 - 27 Feb 1916.  Co. H, 8th MO S.M. Cav
Sartin, Jesse   Co. G, 74th MO Cav
Stone, Lafayette   3 Mar 1845 - 8 Jan 1929.  Co. D, 2nd Tenn Inf   CSA
Odle, Siria   1844 - 1921.  Co. F, 16th MO Cav
Childress, George L.   6 Oct 1838 - 8 Jul 1911.   Lieut. Colonel   8th MO Cav
Andrews, Jacob   Co. C, Webster Co MO Home Guards
Andrews, Jno.    Co. D, 15th MO Cav
Clifton, Allison   Co. C, Webster Co. MO Home Guards
Morrow, Jos. B.   d. 16 Aug 1928.  Co. E, 8th MO S.M.Cav
Johnson, Jno.   Co. I, 16th MO Cav
White, Curtis Ashill  22 Sep 1829 - 4 Aug 1908  Co. D, 18th IL Inf
Burres, J.A.   Co. I, 14th IL Inf
Denny, James   8 Jan 1823 - 3 Aug 1896.  1stLieut.  Co. C, 24th MO Inf
Hall, Pleasant   Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Kough, George W.   Co. B, 110th PA Inf
Maxwell, William   Co. D, 34th Ohio Inf
Branstetter, B.F.   1845-1930.  Co. M,  16th MO Cav
Brim, George W.   Co. I, 14th Kan Cav
Burnum, Jacob   1825-1912.  Co. B, 86th IL Inf
Jack, John C.   Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Leming, William H.   4 Sep 1844 - 8 Jan 1898.  Co. D, 16th MO Cav
McDaniel, Huston   6 May 1828 -2 Feb 1905.  Co. C, 24th MO Inf
Medley, Duncan   15 Jul 1839 - 2 Jun 1909.  Cpl. Co. C, 24th MO Inf
Mitchell, William   Co. E, 34th Iowa Inf
Parnell, Joshua   Cpl. Co. K, 24th MO Inf
Pepper, Willis   Co. C, 24th MO Inf
Rutledge, Charles A.   28 Mar 1848 - 19 Jul 1936.  5th Wisc Cav
Smith, John W.   30 May 1833 - 12 Jun 1902.   Co. F, 133rd Ohio Inf
Taggard, James S.   10 Jan 1836 - 10 May 1909.   Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Tussey, S.F.   Co. D, 34th IL Inf
White, William   2 May 1844 - 14 Dec 1915.  Co. B, 110th IL Inf
Cornelison, David   13 May 1849 - 3 Mar 1926.  Co. B, 6th MO Militia CSA
Davis, Calvin J.   Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Harris, Andrew J.   5 Oct 1843 - 15 an 1931.  Co. H, 10th Kan Inf
Martin, James H.   2ndLieut.  Co. H, 24th MO Inf
Pursley, James   8 Sep 1847 - 3 Sep 1916.  Co. E, 8th MO Cav
Sabin, G.W.   Cpl.   19th Ind Light Artillery
Blankenship, Peter A.   1 May 1837 -8 Mar 1901.  Co. B, 24th MO Inf
George, William B.   27 Aug 1843 - 26 Dec 1930.  Cpl.  Co. I, 24th MO Inf
Doshier, Harrison   Co. F, 1st Ark Inf
James, John W.   Co. B, 6th Tenn Inf
Vance, William   27 Oct 1826 - 30 Mar 1905.  Co. L, 15th MO Cav
Willhite, Daniel   d. 9 Jun 1897. 56y. Co. F, 6th Prov MO EN Militia
Burks, Smith S.   Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Burks, Willis   Co. G, 8th MO Cav
Daniels, Mathew   30 Nov 1840  19 May 1928.  Co. H, 23rd IL Inf
Terrill, Jno.    Sgt.  Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Humphreys, Geoge W.   Co. D, 29th IL Inf
Petty, Lewis D.   Co. E, 8th MO Cav
Robinson, John H.   Co. B, 8th MO Cav
Stout William H.H.   9 May 1840 - 14 Jan 1912.  Co. F, 31st Ohio Inf
Gilbreath, Z. M.   15 Dec 1815 - 5 Mar 1881.  Co. E, 5th Tenn Inf
McKinstry, Ira L.  2 Aug 1840 - 4 Jul 1911. Co. C, 8th IL Inf
Cole, William M.   25 Sep 1837 - 1 Sep 1916.  U.S. Soldier
Krider, Leonard   22 Oct 1832 - 22 Nov 1900.  Cpl.   14th MO Inf
Wright, S.D.   Lieut.  Co. K, 24th MO Inf
Letterman, Israel  d. 25 Nov 1883.  8th MO Ca
Murrell, James E.   Co. I, 11th IL Cav
Berry, John C.   1 Mar 1845 - 9 May 1894. Co. B, Webster Co. MO Home Guards
Pertuch, Andrew   Lieut.  Co. I, 10th Iowa Inf
Allgore, H.P.   Co.B, 88th Ohio Inf
Brechbill, Peirre   10 Jun 1834 - 11 Jun 1898.  Co. G, 6th PA Res.
Gaston, James R.   Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Graham, Henry   Co. B, 59th Ohio Inf
Kaufman, J.S.   7 Mar 1838 - 5 Sep 1925. Co. I, 20th Wisc Inf
McCord, Wilbur   17 Sep 1842 - 8 Apr 1899.  Co. C, __ Wisc Inf
Paine, Albert D.   Co. H, 21st Wisc Inf
Parkes, Ruben   d. 6 Dec 1875.  Co. D, 5th Tenn ___
Paul, Thomas K.   Lieut.  Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Petet, Joseph A.   Co. M, 2nd MO Inf
Popejoy, Torrance   1819 - 1893.  Co. I, 24th Mo Inf
Richardson, David Co. I, 18th NY Inf
Wells, Oliver   19 Feb 1845 - 5 Aug 1924.  Cpl. Co. I, 1st NC Inf  CSA
Yarbrough, David H.   6 Apr 1835 - 18 Sep 1897.  Co. I, 24th MO Inf
McElwain, David J.   30 May 1847 - 3 Mar 1916.  Co. , 16th MO Cav
Smith, James P.   1842 - 1926.  Cpl.  Co. G, 21st MO Inf
Whitcomb, Henry P.   29 Dec 1840 - 19 Jul 1922. Co. K, 4th VT __
Bumgarner, A.M.  Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Bumgarner, Rudolph A.  4 May 1840 - 5 Aug 1916.  Co. I, 24th MO Inf
Clouse, Adam   21 Nov 1844 - 2 Nov 1901.  Co. E, 5th Tenn Inf
Dunham, Johnson   Cpl.  Co. C, 1st Wisc Cav
Knapp, Edward A.   Co. F, 1st Minn Heavy Artillery
Medley, Athena A.   Cpl. Co. E, 5th Tenn Inf
Medley, S.   Co. A, 29th Tenn Inf  CSA
North, Larue P.   14 Feb 1836 - 22 Aug 1901.  Co. I, 2nd Mich Inf
Parkhurst, Joseph S.   1 Dec 1829 - 11 Mr 1904.  Sgt. Co. F, 169th Ohio N.G Inf
Stinecipher, Ezra R   3 Jun 186 - 24 Ar 1924.  Co. C, 7th Tenn Mtd. Inf CSA
Young, James A.   Co. D, 16th MO Inf
Bodenhamer, P.G.   Co. H, 24th MO Inf
Bodenhamer, W.F.   Capt.  Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Clark, Jno.   Co. H, 31 Iowa Inf
Eddings, James M.   Co. B, 16th Mo Cav
Haggard, James P.  Co. H, 2nd Mo Light Artillery
Holloway, Matthew   Co. H, 60th IL Inf
Lane, William   Co. E, 72nd MO Inf
Moore, Uriah   18 Dec 1835 -25 Oct 1895.  Co. G, 67th PA Inf
Poynor, Jno.  Sgt. Co. E, 8th MO Cav
Stansbury, John   5 May 1848 - 6 Aug 1911.  Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Welch, Edmon   Co. A, 13th KY Cav
Alcorn, William   1821 - 1911. Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Cardwell, Edmond P.   8 Jul 1822 - 22 Oct 1911.  Cpl.  Co. I, 74th EN MO Militia
Bolin, James   23 Mar 1843 - 18 Jun 1939. 14th MO Cav
Haven, Richard   1829 - 1893.  Co. K, 16th  MO Cav
Carter, Jno.   d. 14 Jul 1847 - 14 Jun 1930.  Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Crawford, George   25 Jul 1843 - 6 Oct 1932.  Co. C, 97th Ohio Inf
Hawley, John A.   1838 - 1921.  Co. D, 18th Ohio Inf
Johnston, Paris C.   15 Mar 1845 - 15 Oct 1912.  Co. I, 16th MO Cav
Miller, Reuben   15 Jun 1838 - 17 May 1904.  Co. H, 1st Ind Heavy Artillery
Stepp, Goldson   23 Oct 1818 - 22 Oct 1862.  Co. A, 8th MO Cav
Stepp,  J.B.   Co. K, 2nd MO Light Artillery
Whitson, Ira K.   3 Sep 1838 - 6 Mar 1909. Lieut.  Co. F, 34th Ind Inf
Watts, Isaac N.   6 Mar 1841 - 9 Nov 1863.  Co. A, 6th MO Cav
Watts, William H.   8 Sep 1834 - 13 Mar 1862.  Co. A, 6th MO Cav
Warren, J.H.   Co. I, 13th IL Cav
Bailey, J.M.   24 Aug 1847 - 1 May 1875.  Com M, 15th MO Cav
Cassidy, J.C.   Co. L, 3rd MO Cav
Criger, Sanders    Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Darnal, W.S.   Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Ewing, Jacob   Co. E, 8th MO Cav
Hardy, S.E.   Co. K, 24th Mo Inf
Hargis, Nathan   Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Johnson, F.M.   Co. G, 46th Mo Inf
Johnson, I.O.   Lieut.  Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Ragan, Charles M.   3 Sep 1837 - 18 Sep 1865.  Co. C, 6th MO Cav
Rose, John C.    Capt W.H. Bryant's Webster Co. MO Home Guards
Shelby, William   Co. K, 2nd MO Light Artillery
Stinnett, Isaac   Co. C,  8th MO Cav
Wester, George W.   Co. H. 25th MO Inf
Yandle, J.W.   12 Feb 1845 - 19 Aug 1873.  Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Yandle, S.C.  Co. M, 16th MO Cav
PLEASANT HILL - East Dallas Township
Gowers, H.C.   Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Harwood, Elijah   Co. C, Webster Co. MO Home Guards
Justis, I.C.   Cpl.  Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Justis, Jacob   7 Mar 1818 - 22 Oct 1878.  Sgt.  Co. F, 8th MO Cav
Reid, John H.   2ndSgt. 74th EN MO Militia
Slack, Jackson   8 Mar 1829 - 19 Mar 1881.  Sgt. Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Puett, Austin M.   7 Oct 1828 - 29 Aug 1887. Sgt. Co. H, 11th Ind Cav
Williams, Richard S.   16 Apr 1825 - 29 Jan 1912.  Co. F, 80th Ohio Inf
George, David   28 Oct 1850 - 19 Feb 1941.  __ MO Militia Inf
Cook, Samuel L.   Co. B, 8th Mo Cav
Buck, Josiah   10 Aug 1831 - 4 Apr 1906.  Co. I, 24th MO In
Boatz, Gottfried D.   25 Dec 1839 - 22 NOV 1917.  Co. D,  51st Wisc Inf
Durbin, Christopher L.   d. Jan 1910.  Co. F, 32nd MO Inf
Shockley, Joseph   6th Mo Cav
Shockley, Thomas  Co. D, 2nd MO Cav
Robertson, Thomas J.   9 mar 1833 - 16 Mar 1908.  1st Lieut.  Co. C, 8th MO Cav
Doby, Clark   1 Jan 1840 - 21 May 1905.  Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Alford, John   25 Oct 1841 - 7 Apr 1931.  Co. E, 10th Kan Inf
Amick, Barney   21 Aug 1836 - 12 May 1915.  Sgt. Co. B, 1st MO Cav
Brown, George W.   2 Apr 1834 - 7 May 1911.  Co. E, 3rd MO Cav
Chaney, Richard D.   Co. E, 17th IL Cav
Davis, Charles C.   25 Nov 1844 - 7 May 1882.  8th MO Cav
Dearth, Perry   26 Sep 1833 - 2 Aug 1892. Co. A, 75th IL Inf
Embry, John A.   7 Nov 1841 - 25 Jun 1911.   Co. C, 8th Mo Cav
Harris, Francis M.   2 Jan 1846 - 25 Nov 1918.   Co. H, 10th Kan Inf
Haynes, Eli   8 Mar 1843 - 3 Mar 1912.  Co. F, 31st MO Inf
Jennings, Peter D.   30 Mar 1833 - 3 Jul 1904.  Co. K, 52nd KY Mtd. Inf
Kanel, Ferdinand   10 Aug 1825 - 21 Feb 1899.  Co. A, Phelps Regt. MO Inf
McMahan, John F.   Lieut. Colonel.  16th MO Cav
Search, Edwin   15 Jun 1838 - 24 Jun 1910.  Cpl.  Co. F, 22nd IL Inf
Shelton, Louis   14 Oct 1844 - 9 Jun 1921. Co. F, 16th MO Cav
Stafford, Benjamin F.   30 Oct 1840 - 26 Nov 1904.  Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Tarbutton, James H.   Co. B, 1st MO Cav
Watson, Jesse   Co. K, 9th Tenn Cav
STAFFORD GRAVES - North of Seymour
Stafford, Benjamin F.   30 Sep 1840 - 16 Nov 1904.  Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Burchfield, Roten  1845 - 1922.  Co. B, 50th MO Inf
Dugan, William   Co. C, MO Home Guards
Butler, James   Co. F, 8th MO Cav
Jackson, Aaron   Co. K, 133rd Ohio Inf
Murphy, Alex   Co. F, 14th MO Cav
Ray, Joseph  Co. B, 95th Ohio Inf
Smith, Joseph   1stSgt.  Co. C, 5th IL Cav
Manary, James M.   8 Dec 1842 - 14 eb 1940.  8th MO Cav
Manary, John   d.  24 Mar 1939.   16th MO Cav
Stever, Franklin   Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Martin, Richard   Co. D, 6th MO Cav
McDonald, Merrell    11 Jun 1834 - 3 Feb 1906.  Co. F, 8th MO Cav
Stroud, John W.   18 Jul 1845 - 3 Feb 1908. Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Good, David R.   7 May 1846 - 30 May 1936.  Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Good, J.H.   Co. B, 8th MO Cav
Graves, Allen   25 Dec 1837 - 9 Mar 1915. Cpl. Co. D, 16th MO Cav
Trusty, Francis M.   19 Oct 1830 - 27 Oct 1903.  Co. C, Webster Co MO Home Guards
Guinn, J.R.   Co. C, 15th MO Cav
Harwood, F.C.   Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Nemore,  E.W.   Co. C, 16th MO Cav
Causby, W.M.   Co. M, 16th MO Cav
Barnhart, Aaron C.   6 Jan 1846 - 14 Nov 1927.  Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Barnhart, John V.   Co. B, 24th MO Inf
Blunt, Alfred M.   30 Jul 1849 - 2 Jan 1928.  Co. D, 16th MO Cav
Bumgarner, Tlhomas L.   Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Edwards, P.M.   27 Mar 1840 - 24 Aug 1914.   Co. B, 2th MO Inf
King, Benton K.P.   Co. D, 6th Prov EN MO Militia
Murphy, Logan W.   Co. G, 46th MO Inf
Potter, W.J.   Co. K, 24th MO Inf
Shelby, Adison   Co. H, 2nd MO Light Artillery
Bodenhamer, Thomas H. B.   1842-1924. Co. E, 8th MO Cav
Gimlin, E.E.   1841-1921.  Co. G, 41st IL Inf
Tammer, J.H.  Lieut. Co. H, 17th Iowa Inf
Watts, James M.  8 Dec 1839 - 14 Dec 1912.  Co. G, 6th MO Cav

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