Miller County, Missouri
Civil War Veterans
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December 11, 1919    Eldon Advertiser   COURTHOUSE AT TUSCUMBIA FORTIFIED FOR ATTACK
Sixteen Men Killed at Mining Post Ford on Osage River above Bagnell Sanford Jefferies, 82 years old, now of Eldon, came to Miller County when 16 years old.  His parents moved her from Russell County, Kentucky coming from there on the Mississippi river to St. Louis and on the Missouri to Jefferson City, and from there they followed the Osage river, driving an ox team, to Tuscumbia and located on the Wet Glaze. Mr. Jefferies cast his first vote for president for Abraham Lincoln.  He remembers distinctly the following war incident. During Price's raids in Missouri while Mr. Jeffries' regiment was stationed at Jefferson City under command of  his brother, Captain Ben Jeffries, it became known that Price's army would make an attack on Tuscumbia and Captain Jeffries regiment was ordered to Tuscumbia to prepare for the attack.  A large cannon was mounted on a platform in the door of the court house, the barrel pointing straight down the old road  which at that time was the only road leading to the courthouse. The courthouse was full of soldiers, two were stationed at each window with their guns ready for immediate action and others ready to take their places as fast as they would fire.  Guards were placed along the river below the hill to give warning of the approach of the enemy, One of these guards, Mike Gleson, an Irishman, happpened to be stationed near a small warehouse where several barrels of whiskey had been stored.  The odor created too strong a temptation for his appetite and by making use of his bayonet, he bored a hole in one of the barrels taking an oversupply for good service.  While thus intoxicated he was disturbed by a dark object approaching and having been given orders to call halt three times and then fire if no response was made, one of the other guards heard his say, "Halt couple o' three time" and then the report of his gun aroused the regiment on the hill to alert readiness for the enemy which proved to be a stray cow Mike had killed in the dark. After this Captain Jeffries, Joe Worth, Albert Harrison and Sam Salsmon were killed by bushwhackers in the lane near Kiaser and a company of soldiers stationed at Linn Creek, hearing of the fight, went in pursuit and overtook the rebels at Mining Post Ford, above Bagnell where they killed sixteen.
Mr. Jefferies camped near where Eldon is now located at one time during the war when it was dangerous to camp out in the open here.

Levi W.Albertson b abt.1821 D 1870 in Miller county Mo. he enlisted 1-16-1862 in Jefferson city age 40 his captain was Rice in the Osage Regl.county, Home Guards  Discharged at Jefferson city for disability   12-5-1862 Buried alone with a military stone on property he owned which is now a
state park near Brumley,Mo      Thanks  Esther Archer

Pvt. Bentley Barton - buried at Hickory Point Cemetery in MillerCounty, Missouri. Was a member of Co. E, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, Battalion -CSA.  Served at Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas,  Iuka, Mississippi and Corith, Mississippi.
Pvt. James W. Jones  Buried in Miller County, Missouri Co. K  16th Missouri Cavalry    Darrell Maples
Pvt. William N. Livingston  Buried in Miller County, Missouri Brown's Miller County Enrolled Missouri Militia    Darrell Maples
James Wilkerson Jones, he is buried in Brays Cemetery in Richwoods Township in Miller County Missouri with his wife Francis Bowlin Jones and two children. He served as a Union Civil War soldier  From 8/24/64-6/30/65 Company K, 16th Regt Missouri Cavalry. Joy Jones Brandon
I am enclosing some info. I found in my search for family history.  The info. is as follows: Information:  The Journal of James Harvey Vernon Uncle Yancy Roark was killed in the time of war ( Civil War ).  About August 30, 1864 seven men were killed down on the Osage River.  They were taken prisoner and marched out on a sandbar and shot down.  The other men were Samuel McClure, Farrah B. Long, John P. Starling, Richard Crisp, Nathaniel Hicks and William Gibson. At Allen cemetery in Miller Co., Mo the bodies of six of the seven men were buried.  One has been moved ( I could not find Richard Crisp ).  The markers read:  Capt. Babcoke recovered these 7 soldiers and buried them here.  Murdered by Bushwhackers - 1864.  Lt. Starling was given the mission of capturing a Confederate General Crabtree operating South of Jeff. City.  Lt. Starling and 7 enlisted men located General's H.Q. on Curtman Island in the Osage River in Miller Co., Mo.  The patrol was ambushed and executed by firing squad on Aug. 30, 1864. One of the men with Lt. Starling was released because he was young.  Only seven men died. Barbara Hobbs Pollack
William W. Sloan was a UNION veteran and drew the pension as a Union soldier.He enlisted in Maries Co MO, but was a resident of Miller co MO.  I have a copy of his last paycheck envelope, marked "deceased" and was returned to Washington DC.. which happened in early spring of 1920.  William W. Sloan/Slone was not buried far from his house.. in Miller Co MO. Reading from the cemetery index of the county.. My aunt negotiated for his tombstone & made sure it was corrrect.. My great grandfather,
WILLIAM W. SLOAN Missouri Pvt Co. R, 12 Enr Mil <UNION> Buried in the Brays Union Advent Christian Church Cemetery, Miller Co MO born:  10 Feb 1835 <Mecklenberg Co NC> died:  8 Apr 1920 <Miller Co MO>
Father:  Thomas Shields Sloan Mother:  Margaret Alexander <He enlisted in neighboring Maries Co MO> . My great grandfather,  Ellie Stites   Swanger, CO

The Following Veterans have been submitted by Jack Rogers

Ahart, William R.   11 Dec 1832 - 13 Apr 1904.  Co. I, 4th MO S.M. Cav
Gibson, William  Prov. Co. MO Militia  d. 30 Aug 1864
Hicks, Nathaniel   Prov. Co. MO Militia  d. 30 Aug 1864
Long, Farrah B.   Prov. Co. MO Militia  d. 30 Aug 1864
McClure, Samuel   Prov. Co. MO Militia  d. 30 Aug 1864
Roark, Yancy   2 Sep 1827 - 30 Aug 1864. Capt. T.G. Babcock's Prov. Co. MO Militia
Starling, John P.  24 Mar 1832 - 30 Aug 1864.   1stLieut.  Prov. Co. MO Militia
Atwell, Richard J.   Co. H, 32nd MO Inf
Forbes, Louis G.   Co. L, 1st MO Light Artillery
Blize, J.D.   Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Dickerson, John E.   1845-1935   Co. E, 48th MO Inf
Johnston, H.J.   QMSgt. Co. H, 14th MO Cav
Whittle, Levi   Co. E, Osage Co. MO, Home Guards
Blankenship, John   Co. E, 5th W.VA. Inf
Chidester, William A.   Co. A, 5th IL Cav
Snyder, R.A   Co. K, 4th IL Inf
Humphrey, James M.   Co. H,  Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Dake, G.W.    Co. A, 48th MO Inf
Banister, J.A.   Co. B, 42nd EN MO Militia
Buchanan, William T.   16 Sep 1841 - 7 Aug 1914.  Cpl.  Co. I, 2nd TN Cav
Busick, John   Co. B, 8th MO S.M. Cav
Busick, Leroy   Co. B, 8th MO S.M. Cav
Cordrey, William M. Co. B, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Finey, Wiley B.   9 Mar 1844 - 22 Feb 1915.  Co. B, 9th  Cav
Hull, Marcus   Co. I, 99th IL Inf
Lindsey, David   Co. E, 5th MO S.M. Cav
McConnell, Martin   9 Nov 1840 - 19 Dec 1920.  Co. I, 12th MO Cav
Scott, John   Co. M, 10th MO Cav
Scott, T.J.   30 Mar 1835 - 11 May 1900.  Co. G, 10th MO Cav
Shelton, Thomas W.   Co. D, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Simmons, James C.   Co. G, 45th MO Inf
Stephens, Joseph   Co. D, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Williams, William   Co. H, 3rd MO Cav
Dose, Henry W.   15 Nov 1832 - 19 Jun 1900.  Co. I, 4th MO Inf
Keene, Elijah   Co. B, 6th MO Cav
Lawson, W.M.   Co. D, 26th MO Inf
Orendor, Jacob   Co. C, 3rd MO S.M. Cav
Rauschelbach, R.   Co. H, 48th MO Inf
Schlott, P.N.   Co. K, 76th Ohio Inf
Stevens, James   Sgt.   Co. I, 30th Iowa Inf
Stockman, W.H.H.   21 Dec 1839 - 8 Feb 1926.  Co. I, 97th Ohio Inf
Temple, James   Co. F, 154th IL Inf
Patton, Albert   4 Jun 1841 - 7 Nov 1917.  Co. B, 72nd Ind Inf

Beard, James R.   9 Dec 1844 - 18 Oct 1903.  Co. A, 6th MO Cav
Cooper, John W.   Co. E, 33rd MO Inf
Hendricks, Hezakiah   1848 - 188. Co. D, 49th PA Inf
Hickman, John   Cpl.  Co. H, 40th Ind Inf
Hix, John H.   1824 - 1862.  Sgt. Co. D, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Horton, William Isaac   20 Jan 1828 - 19 Apr 1906
Phillips, Clayton S.   21 Jun 1847 - 17 Feb 1888.  Co. E, 6th MO Cav
Ulmon, Andrew S.   9 Sep 1824 - 25 Feb 1908.  Lieut.   Co. D, Osage Co. Mo Home Guards
Wickham, Holsey   27 Jul 1810 - 1 Oct 1878.  Co. B, 12th Kan Inf
Hawkins, J.M.   19 Sep 1847 -21 Nov 1934.  Co. C, 6th MO Cav
Hawkins, Wlliam  20 Jul 1815 - 14 Sep 1862.  2Lieut.  Co. C, 6th MO Cav
Hill, William T.   Sgt.  Co. K, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Karr, William F.   7 Jun 1837 - 14 Oct 1913.  Co. H, 9th Prov. EN MO Militia
Payne, S.S.   30 May 1829 - 24 Mar 1889. Co. K, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Payne, G.W.   Co. D, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Plemons, A.H.   Co. D, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Davenport, A.    Co. C, 122nd IL Inf
Stone, John B.    Co. H, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Hicks, J.K.P.   Co. E, 48th M
Barlow, John S.   Co. D, 1st Ark Inf
Capps, Benjamin L.   Co. M, 39th MO Cav
Carlton, J.D.   Cpl.  Co. A, 8th MO Cav
Condra, Andrew    Cpl.  Co. B, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Edwards, George S.  Co. D, 14th MO Home Guards
Franks, Milton   Co. F, 103rd Ohio Inf
Goforth, D.I.   Sgt.   Co. H, 1st MO Cav
Hammack, Elijah A.   Co. I, 98th Ind Inf
Higgins, Richard   1 Mar 1845 - 14 Mar 1886.  Co. B,  5th NY Cav
Smith, John W.   Co. H, 11th MO Cav
Smith, William H.   1841-1927   Co. H, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Jenkins, Fred K.   Co. L, 34th Iowa Inf
Hensley, B.F.   5 Aug 1842 - 25 Jan 1907. Co. I, 5th MO Cav
Jeffries, R.K.   23 Oct 1844 - 4 Nov 1909.  Co. H, 9th Prov. EN MO Militia
Honaker, Samuel L.   Sgt. Co. F, 10th KY Cav
Weitz, John   Co. G, 6th MO S.M. Cav
Casey, Simeon   Co. F, 60th IL Inf
Forester, James   30 Mar 1832 - 13 Apr 1899.  Co. B, 4th MO Inf
Jones, Manassah   17 Feb 1833  24 Apr 1906.  Cpl.  Co. C, 98th IL Inf
Livingston, R.V.   Co. E, 48th MO Inf
Livingston, J.T.   Co. E, 48th MO Inf
Thomas, Peter L.   Co. H, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Carroll, John M.   Co. K, 12th MO Cav
Carroll, Henry W.   Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Martin, C.U.   Lieut.  Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Shelton, Starling   Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Slavens, H.B.   Co. I, 6th MO Cav
Luttrell, Silas   Co. E, MO Home Guards C.S.A.
Hudleston , George W.   18 May 1808 - 11 Dec 1885.  MO Home Guards C.S.A.
Long, Nicholas   Co. E, Osage Co. MO H.G.
Long, William   Co. E, 52nd KY Inf
Stone, Julius C.   Co. D, 42nd MO Inf
Teaverbaugh, William J.   7 Feb 1846 - 15 Jul 1930.   Co. D, 6th MO Cav
Thomas, W.R.   2 Nov 1835 - 20 Nov 1904.  Cpl.  Co. M, 3rd MO Cav
Hale, J.L.   Co. K, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Roark Marion   14 Feb 1844 - 21 Jan 1898.  Co. B, 48th MO Inf.  C.S.A.
Robinett, R.H.  30 Mar 1839 - 14 Nov 1908.  Co. M, 3rd MO Cav
Sconce, F.M.   Sgt.  Co. B, 13th MO Dav
Haney, Benjamin J.   Co. E, 4th MO Inf
Luttrell, Buford   Co. D, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Shelton, Thomas   Co. E, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Keeth, Daniel   Co. H, 14th MO Cav
Keeth, Francis M.   Co. K, 47th EN MO Militia
Keeth, J.R.   Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Keeth, Solomon   Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Smith, John   Co. A, 11th MO Cav
Spearman, J.W.   Co. E, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Spearman, Zebedee  2 May 1831 - 13 Feb 1897.  1st Lieut.   Co. D, 42nd EN MO Militia
Beard, F.M.   Co. K, 48th MO Inf
Tallman, Jerry C.   Lieut.  Co. H, 14th MO Cav
Swallem, Elias C  23 Jul 1835 - 29 Apr 1915.  Co. A, 11th Ohio Inf
Thompson, James D.   Co. B, 48th MO Inf
Bradshaw, William   8 Jun 1817- 18 Dec 1892.  Capt.  Co. C, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Hagan, H. O  Co. C, __ MO S.M. Cav
Pemberton, James   19 Sep 1826 - 30 Nov 1905.   Co. G, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Shipman, Daniel   18 Feb 1824 - 26 Mar 1863.  Co. D, 29th MO Inf
White, Elisha   Co. C, Osage Co. MO Home Guards
Wickham, Nelson   Co. G, 16th Kan Cav

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