Wares Family Profile

Compiled by Jennie Lewis, flewis@pacbell.net

Descendants of Robert Wares

Generation No. 1

1. Robert2 Wares (Unknown1 Wear)1,2,3,4 was born Bet. 1785 - 1790 in Virginia5,6, and died Bet. February 23 - June 15, 1832 in Smyth County (formerly Washington Co.), Virginia7. He married Barbara Hays8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 April 19, 1812 in Washington County, Virginia16,17,18, daughter of William Hays and Elizabeth Unknown. She was born Bet. 1780 - 1784 in Virginia19,20, and died July 05, 1852 in Macon County, Missouri21.

Notes for Robert Wares:

The Smyth County, Virginia Wills list shows a Robert Wares with an appraisal on June 15, 1832 (Page 1, Book A) and a Sale List on December 20, 1832 (Page 2, Book A). The Appraisal reveals that the Estate of Robert Wares (deceased) was ordered to be appraised by the County Court of Smyth, Virginia prior to the June 15, 1832 date. Barbary (Barbara) Wares, Administrator, produced the appraisal on June 15, 1832, which was filed by the court on December 20, 1832. The appraisal contained farm items, livestock, and household goods, which were valued at about $1,134.25. The Bill of Sale contains a list of items which were sold by the administrator, Barbary (Barbara) Wares on June 16, 1832. The listing reveals that Barbary Wares purchased $170.82 in goods and $182.50 in animals and goods. Since we now know that Barbary Wares is Robert's wife, Barbara Wares (1841 Macon Co., MO Deed between Barbara Wears and Samuel H. Wears), we know that Barbara purchased from her husband's estate sufficient furniture, livestock, and goods to continue to run the farm.

DOD: I believe that Robert Wares died between February 23, 1832 and June 15, 1832. Robert was shown on the 1831 Washington County Tax records so he was alive in the Spring of 1831. Barbara Wares was shown on the 1832 Washington County Tax list, and the County Court of Smyth, VA (which was formed February 23, 1832 ordered the appraisal of Robert's Estate). Thus, he probably died between February 23, 1832 and June 15, 1832 (when the appraisal was completed).

Provided by Barbara Vines Little, CG, P.O. Box 1273, Orange, VA 22960, bvlittle@earthlink.net:

Wythe Co. Tax Records: 1810-1812 (Numbers: Tithables, Slaves 12-16, slaves over 16, horses)
Robert Weirce: 1812: 1-0-1-4; 1813: 1-0-1-5; 1814: 1-0-1-4; 1815: 1-0-1-4-13cattle; 1816: 1-0-1-4; 1817: 1-0-1-7; 1818: 1-0-1-5; 1819: 1-0-1-7; 1820: 1-0-1-9; 1821: NONE.

Washington Co. Tax Records: 1822-1824 (Numbers: Name person charged with tax (no #), slaves over 12, horses) Robert: 1822: 0-6; 1823: 1-10; 1824: 1-10

Washington Co. Tax Records: 1825 (Numbers: white tithables, number of slaves over 12, horses. Robert: 1825: 1-1-11

Washington Co. Tax Records: 1826-1830 (Numbers: Same as 1825, with two middle numbers= slaves 12-16 and over 16. Robert: 1826: 1-1-0-9; 1827: 1-2-0-10; 1828: 1-1-0-7; 1829: 1-1-1-9; 1830: 1-0-2-11.

Washington Co. Tax Records: 1831-1832 (Numbers: middle number shows slaves over 12)
Robert: 1831: 1-3-11
Barbara: 1832: 1-3-12


1820, Robert Wares Family was found living in Wythe County, Virginia. In addition to Robert and Barbara Wares, there appears to be Nancy Gillespie (Barbara & William's daughter); William; Samuel H.; Mary Ann; and Minerva; two males born between 1812-1820. These could be additional children that need to be researched.

Robert Wares Family was found living in Washington County, Virginia in 1830. Smyth County was formed February 23, 1832 from Washington and Wythe Counties.


Washington Co., VA, Deed Book 9, pp.643-4

134 Acres on September 1828 Enoch McCarty of Washington County to Robert Wiers of same. Enoch executes a deed to Robert; no witnesses; signed by Enoch. Certificate of acknowledgment dated 20 September; recorded 23 September 1828. The land is located in Washington Co., VA in the Rich Valley.

In Barbara (Hays) Gillespie, Wares Estate (#369A, July 21, 1852, Recorded Book B, Page 174-175, Macon Co., MO) was an Abstract of Title to certain negros. Know all men by these presents that I, Nancy Gillaspy of Washington County in the State of Virginia this day relinguish my claim and dower of negros that are in my Mother's hands to Robert Wiers of said county for value received of him as witness my hand an seal this 20th of September, 1828. Signed: Nancy Gallespy (Seal) Attest: Jacob Hays and Charles Hays.


More research is needed to identify Robert Ware(s) parents. A connection between William Hays and the Wares family is one avenue of research. Barbara was living with her father just prior to marriage to Robert Wares. Also, Robert may have connected to Barbara during her first marriage.

Areas to pursue are:

Source: Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement of VA; V.2, pp 460-469 by Lyman Chalkley

Page 276, --1760: Processioned in Capt. Moore's Company by John Stephson, Nathaniel Evins: For Nathaniel Evins, for Wm. McCreerey, for Thos. Willson, for John Stevenson, for John McClung, for Wm. McClung, for Alex. Moore, for Adam Reed, for WM. HAYS, for Wm. Paris, for Thomas Bard, for John Cunningham, for Mathew Huston, for John Mountgumery, for Wm. Moore, for Wm. Lockridge, for Thomas Boyd, for John Boyd, for Thomas Hill, for ROBERT WARE (Wire), for WM. HAYS, for Wm.beard, for Wm. Wardlaw, for Andrew Steel, for James Steel, for Joseph Kennedy, for John Lowry, for Samuel Huston, for James Eakins, for John Hanly, for John Logan, for Alex. Logan, for Alex. McNutt, for James McNutt, for John Rosman, for Andrew Dunking, for John Wardlaw, for Wm. McCanless, for James Cowdan, for John Moore.

This could be Robert Wares father since it is too early to be my Robert Wares, who was born bet. 1785-1790.

1810 Census: James Wear in Washington Co., VA - 45+ years, with a male 16-26 y.o.

Provided by Barbara Vines Little, CG, P.O. Box 1273, Orange, VA 22960, bvlittle@earthlink.net:

Analysis of other Wares, Wears, Etc. in the Tax Records of Wythe and Washington Co. No Wiers, Wares, etc. were in the Wythe Co., VA area prior to Robert's arrival in 1812, when he married Barbara.

Washington Co., VA was checked from 1782 through 1821. There were NO males between 16 and 21 years old. Several WARES were found. It appears that they left the area before Robert appears because there are no probate records or appearences of widows in the tax lists. There is one that needs further research: John Wier, who apparently dies between 1814 and 1816 in Washington Co., VA. He appears in 1806 in the Upper District. He is probably the John Wier, who signed a deed with German script (but not confirmed to date).

DNA analysis:

See comparisons of WARE DNA, www.warefamilyhistory.com, "yDNA Results" The comparison shows that 44135, Wendell Ware, which is a line of decent from Samuel Ware and Elizabeth Daniel is the closest so far to 36416, Clyde Ray Wares, which is a line of descent from Robert Ware(s)/Wear(s) and Barbara (Hays) Gillespie.

More About Robert Wares:
Burial: Virginia

Notes for Barbara Hays:

The 1850 Census for Macon County, Missouri, shows a Rebecca Wares, who is 72 years old and born in Virginia. Rebecca is living with a 28 year old Samuel, who was also born in Virginia and is a farmer on property worth $1,000.

Further, a review of the 1840 census for Jackson Township, Macon County, Missouri shows a Samuel Werc "Wears" next to William Wears and Richard T. Johnston. The 1840 census shows a woman about the age of Rebecca living with Samuel Wears. Both Samuel and William Wears (first 160 acres) purchased their government property in Macon County, Missouri on the same day, November 10, 1841. A review of their combined property reveals that the properties form a "7", and are surrounded by property purchased by Richard T. Johnston, husband of Mary (Wares) Johnston.

I believe that Rebecca is a misreading of the name, Barbara. The 1850 Census is actually Barbara Wares, who came to Macon County, Missouri with her son(s) William and Samuel as well as her daughter, Mary, who married Richard T. Johnston in Virginia. A deed from the Macon County Courthouse in which property is exchanged from Barbara Wares to a Samuel H. Wares in Macon County, Missouri has been obtained and reveals a blood relationship between Barbara Wares and Samuel H. Wares (See Note that follows)

Further, a Barbary Wares appears in the 1850 Census, Macon County, MO, District 52 Slave Schedule as a slave owner, who has several listed slaves. Barbary Wares is listed just above Joseph Daugherty. I was unable to find Barbary Wares in the 1850 Census, Macon County, MO, District 52. I believe the census in correctly shows Barbara, as "Rebecca". I was able to find Joseph Daugherty (Dority), whose son, Fountain Daugherty (Dority) was living nearby. The 1850 Census shows Barbara ("Rebecca") Wares living nearby Fountain Daugherty (Dority). Thus, the 1850 Census, Macon County, MO, District 52 incorrectly shows Barbara Wares as Rebecca.

Also, Robert Fountain Wears names his seventh child, a daughter, Sofa Barbary Wares. William Wares named one of his daughters, Barbara Ellen Wares, probably after his mother. Further, Robert Fountain Wears (Wares) was named after William's father, Robert who died in 1832 in Smyth County, VA.


Barbara shows in the Washington Co., VA Tax List for 1832. Listed is 1-3-12, one tithe, 3 slaves over 12, and 12 horses.

Barbary Wares is found on the 1838 Personal Tax List for Smyth County, Virginia as well as Richard T. Johnston, husband to Mary Ann (Wares) Johnston, and Henry Pratt, brother to Mary Ann (Pratt) Wares. Elizabeth Hays, Widowed mother to Barbara Hays. Charles Hays brother to Barbara Hays.


Macon County Recorder, Deeds Book A/B, Page 483, reveals that Barbara Wears, also identified as Barbary in the deed, transferred title to an 18 year old male slave named, Jack. The title was given to Samuel H. Wears in consideration of blood and natural affection, and $1.00 of lawful money. The date the deed was written was January 30, 1841. The deed was filed on July 7, 1841. This deed proves that Barbara Wears was the parent of Samuel H. Wears and that Barbara was also known as Barbary. The deed was signed with Barbara Wears mark, X.

SLAVES 1850 CENSUS- Owner: Barbary Wares

1, 40 year old, female, black 1, 35 year old, male, black 1, 18 year old, male, black 1, 16 year old, female, black 1, 13 year old, male, black 1, 13 year old, female, black 1, 8 year old, female, black 1, 6 year old, female, black 1, 4 year old, male, black 1, 1 year old, female, black


The date of birth was estimated based upon Barbara's first marriage in 1800 and the U.S. Census 1830, Washington Co., VA, Robert Wares, which showed Barbara to be between 40-50 years old. I am estimating her DOB to be from 1780 to 1784, which would make her between 16 and 20 years old for her first marriage (1800).

DOD and Probate Proves Family Relationships:

Barbary Wears, File #369A, July 5, 1852, Recorded Macon Co. Courthouse, Book B, Page 174-175 revealed that Barbary Wears died without a will. The Estate was administered by William Griffin (Son-in-Law) and husband to daughter Minerva Wears and Richard T. Johnston (son-in-law) and husband to daughter Mary Wears. The probate records includes a sworn statement by William Griffin and Richard Johnston that Barbary Wears heirs are:

Robert Gillespie (Boone Co., MO), son from first marriage
Elizabeth (Gillespie) Hays, deceased wife of Gilmore Hays (Boone Co., MO). Thus, her heirs will receive Elizabeth's share. daughter from first marriage.
Nancy (Gillespie) McCarty, wife of Enoch McCarty (MO); daughter from first marriage.
Mary Ann (Wears) Johnston, wife of Richard T. Johnston; daughter with Robert Wears. (Macon Co., MO)
William Wears (Macon Co., MO); son with Robert Wears
Samuel Wears (Macon Co., MO); son with Robert Wears
Minerva (Wears) Griffin, wife of Capt. William Griffin (Macon Co., MO); daughter with Robert Wears

On July 14, 1852, Barbary Wears property was inventoried and included 10 slaves. An abstract of Title dated September 20, 1828 was a part of the inventory and revealed that title for the slaves in Barbary Wears hands were relinquished to Robert Wears of Washington Co., VA for value received of him. The document was signed by Nancy Gillespie. It was witnessed by Jacob Hays and Charles Hays.

On August 16, 1852 a sale was held of Barbary Wears property. Those purchasing an extensive inventory of goods include in part:

Samuel Wears
William Wears
William Griffin
Richard T. Johnston
Fountain Daugherty
Johnathan McCarty
Charles A. Hays

Kegley, Mary B. Abstracts of Court Orders of Wythe County, VA, 1811-1820, Vol. Two (Wytheville, VA: Kegley Books, 1997):

9 August 1820 Nancy, orphan of William Gillespie, upwards of 14 years, chose James Hays guardian and Robert Gillespie chose Jacob Hays. Commissioners Esau Hyter, James and Evan Davis are to assign the dower to Barbara Miers (sic), widow of William Gillespie, deceased. NOTE: Since the orphans were chossing their own guardians, they were at least 14 years of age.

More About Barbara Hays:
Burial: Macon County, Missouri
Nickname: Barbary22

Children of Robert Wares and Barbara Hays are:
2 i. Male A.3 Wares23, born Bet. 1813 - 1814 in Wythe Co., Virginia23; died Bet. 1821 - 1830 in Wythe, or Washington Co., VA. Notes for Male A. Wares:

This unnamed male child appears in the Robert Wares household in 1820, in the category male, under 10 y.o. Also, in that category is brothers William and Samuel H.

This child does not appear in the 1830 Census in Robert Wares household. This child is not mentioned as an heir in either Barbara Wares estate, (1852 in MO), or Samuel H. Wares (1859 in MO). Further, I believe this child died before reaching maturity, marriage, or children.

+ 3 ii. William Wares, Sr., born Abt. 1815 in Wythe Co., Virginia; died 1887 in Macon, Missouri.
+ 4 iii. Mary Ann Wares, born December 20, 1815 in Wythe County, Virginia; died March 17, 1894 in Macon County, Missouri.
+ 5 iv. Minerva Wares, born 1817 in Wythe Co., Virginia; died Bet. 1852 - 1859 in Macon County, Missouri.
6 v. Samuel H. Wares24,25,26,27,28, born Abt. 1820 in Wythe Co., Virginia29,30; died March 10, 1859 in Macon County, Missouri31.

Notes for Samuel H. Wares:

According to Bureau of Land Management records, Samuel Wears filed paperwork on November 10, 1841 to obtain 160 acres of government land in Johnston Township. The document numbers were 21276, 21277, and 21275, and the property was in sections 29 and 32. These parcels of land were next to sections of land owned by William Wears and Richard T. Johnston. Samuel filed the papers for the land purchase on the same day as William Wears.

For Document Number 21276, Samuel paid $1.25 an acre for 40 acres in Section 32.
For Document Number 21277, Samuel paid $1.25 an acre for 80 acres in Section 29.
For Document Number 21275, Samuel paid $1.25 an acre for 40 acres in Section 29.


Samuel used the name WEARS to purchase the government property. However, by the 1850 Census, Samuel spelled his last name WARES.


The 1840 Census shows that Samuel Wears had 11 slaves:

Males: Under 10: 2; 10-24: 2; 24-35: 1.
Females: Under 10: 3; and 10-24: 1.


Macon County Courthouse revealed a document in which Richard T. Johnston swore before the court that Samuel H. Wares, who was deceased on March 10, 1859, died without a will. He also swore before the court that the heirs were:

Mary (Wares) Johnston (wife of R.T. Johnston);
William Wares,
The heirs of:
Minerva (Wares) Griffin (Wife of William Griffin), who was deceased.
Elizabeth (Gillespie) Hays (Wife of James Gilmore Hays), who was deceased.
Nancy (Gillespie) McCarty (Wife of Enoch McCarty, Jr.)
Robert Gillespie

R.T. Johnston was required by the court to make an inventory of the deceased Samuel's estate, and pay any debts. Samuel H. Wares died without a will, and Richard T. Johnston posted a bond and was appointed as the administrator of the estate. The probate file can be located at the Macon County Courthouse, #367A, dated March 10, 1859.

The original document filed by R.T. Johnston on March 10, 1859 only listed the WARES heirs. The final probate filed on June 26th, 1863 also listed the Gillespie children from Barbary Wears first marriage as well as the WARES children from the second marriage. Thus, Samuel's estate was allocated to his brother, and sisters and also to his step-brother, and step-sisters.


The date of birth, 1820 is estimated based upon Barbary Wears transfer of a slave to Samuel H. in 1841. I am assuming that Samuel was 21 y.o. and the slave was given to him when he reached maturity. Thus, his DOB would be 1820. This is consistent with the Virginia census reports listing of male children.

DOD: Samuel H. Wares died when he was only about 39 years old. He apparently was never married, and had no children. He probably either died of an accident, or one of the many epidemics that occurred.

MIDDLE NAME: The middle initial "H" is used in the family frequently. It would be interesting to find out if the initial was for Barbara Hays family name, HAYS.

More About Samuel H. Wares:
Probate: March 10, 1859, Macon County, Missouri31

7 vi. Male B. Wares32, born Bet. 1826 - 1830 in Washington Co., Virginia32,33; died Bet. 1830 - 1838 in Washington or Smyth Co., Virginia.

Notes for Male B. Wares:
DEATH: This unnamed male child appears in the Robert Wares household in 1830, in the category male, under 5 y.o.

This child does not appear in the Wares household, in Missouri. This child is not mentioned as an heir in either Barbara Wares estate, (1852 in MO), or Samuel H. Wares (1859 in MO). Further, I believe this child died before reaching maturity, marriage, or children. I believe that this child died before the migration from VA to MO. He possibily could have died in 1831, or 32 along with his father (if this is the youngest child of Robert and Barbara Wares).

This male child could be a grandchild, who was staying in the Robert Wares household at the time of the census. Elizabeth (Gillespie) Hays and Nancy (Gillespie) McCarty had male children in this age category. The census reports for both these household E. Hays and N. McCarty in 1830 need to be developed to determine if their sons are accounted for during 1830 census.

Generation No. 2

3. William3 Wares, Sr. (Robert2, Unknown1 Wear)34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46 was born Abt. 1815 in Wythe Co., Virginia47,48,49,50, and died 1887 in Macon, Missouri51. He married (1) Mary Ann Pratt52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61 Bet. 1832 - 1834 in Virginia62, daughter of Oliver Pratt and Mary Fulks. She was born Bet. 1817 - 1819 in Smyth County (Formerly Washington County), Virginia63,64, and died 1873 in Macon, Missouri65. He married (2) Mrs. Jane D. Morris66 Aft. 187366. She was born 1833 in Canada66.

Notes for William Wares, Sr.:

There is some confusion about William Wares, Sr.'s date of birth. Census reports identify his age, upon which his DOB was estimated, as being between 1812 and 1815. However, the "History of Macon County", 1910 shows his DOB as 1822. Bureau of Land Management records signed under oath by William Wares reveals his age to be 40 years old on December 22, 1855. Thus, William's date of birth is probably 1815.


The "History of Macon County", 1910, reveals that William Wares, Sr. ". . . was a Democrat of the most pronounced type in his political faith and allegiance."

BIOGRAPHICAL: (Provided by Carol Shoot, mbti@insightbb.com)

"History of Macon County, 1910", pages 719-721, AUGUSTUS WARES, revealed the following information about WILLIAM WARES, father of Augustus Wares:

"...William Wares was born in the town of Pratt, Roane County, in what was then Virginia in 1822. He came to Missouri in a very early time and located on a tract of government land of 160 acres in Johnson township, Macon county, where he passed the remainder of his life farming and raising live stock extensively and profitably. His death occurred in 1887, after nearly, or quite, fifty years of usefulness in this portion of the country. When he came here the Indians still inhabited this section, and while they were in the main not unfriendly to the whites, they sometimes resented the intrusion of the latter into what they considered their rightful domain, and became troublesome. The wild beasts of the forests and plains were also still numerous, and their enmity to the new comers was as pronounced and often as deadly as that of their long-time masters, the red men of the wilderness. The elder Mr. Wares was a Democrat of the most pronounced type in his political faith and allegiance, and in religious connection belonged to the Missionary Baptist church. He was married in West Virginia to Miss Mary Pratt, a native, like himself, of Virginia. They had eight children, but four of whom are living. They are: Robert, who dwells in the new state of Oklahoma; Richard, an esteemed resident of Macon county; Augustus, who is the immediate subject of this review; and Ellen, the wife of Ralph Zents, whose home is at Brashear, Adair county, Missouri. The wife and mother died in this county in 1873."

NOTE: I believe the DOB and the location of William Wares birth is incorrect. I have found no evidence that William's family was ever in Pratt, Roane Co., Virginia. I do believe that he was born in VA, Wythe Co., at this time. Further, as shown in the note on DOB, William was not born in 1822.


Based upon the Bureau of Land Management records, on November 10, 1841, William Wears purchased the following land under the April 24, 1820 act, Sale-Cash Entry:

Document number: 21274, Land Office: Palmyra, 40 acres; National Archives Trust Fund records reveal that William paid $1.25 an acre, $50, on October 4, 1839.
Document number: 21273, Land Office: Palmyra, 40 acres; National Archives Trust Fund records reveal that William paid $1.25 an acre, $50, on October 4, 1839. Mr. Wears states that he is from Macon County, Missouri.
Document number: 21272, Land Office: Palmyra, 80 acres; National Archives Trust Fund records reveal that William paid $1.25 an acre, $100, on October 4, 1839.

The Bureau of Land Management records further revealed that on September 1, 1856, William Wares purchased an additional 40 acres of land under the same Sale-Cash Entry Act. Document Number: 32690, Land Office: Palmyra. National Archieves Trust Fund records show that William paid $.75 an acre, $30. The file also shows that William had a wife and seven children at the time of the purchase on December 22, 1855. On that date, William signed an affidavit showing his age to be 40. Thus, his date of birth is 1815.

William also revealed in his sworn statement that on December 22, 1855, he had 80 acres of land under cultivation. He also certified that a dwelling house, kitchen, smoke house, stable, and corn crib existed on the farm.

In addition, the Bureau of Land Management records shows that on September 1, 1856, Richard T. Johnston, husband of Mary Ann (Wares) Johnston, filed paperwork at the Palmyra Land Office as Patentee for 240 acres in Johnston Township, Sections 20 & 29. The final certificate, however, was issued to William Wares.

The "LaPlata Missouri and Area, Sesquicentennial, 1855-2005", by The Friends for La Plata Preservation, page 98, gives the history of Johnston Township, Township 60 North, Range 13 West. This article states that Johnston is the smallest township in Macon County, containing around 18 Square miles. It was reorganized in 1872 and was named in honor of Col. Richard Johnston (AKA: Richart T. Johnston). Col. Johnston came to Macon County in 1838 from Virginia, and settled on the present day site of Sue City. Other early settlers were Logan Thompson, WILLIAM WARES, Thomas Easley, George Billings, Joshua Davis, Peter Talbot, William Lee, William Kelly, Lacy Snow, John J. Powell, Charles Johnston, Stephen Bradford, Joseph Spencer, Frank Spencer, William Borrow, Sr., Lon Ray, Elijah Turner, and J.M. Collins. Nearly all of these men settled close to the town of Sue City.


On February 2, 1872, William and Mary Ann Wares sold ten acres of land in Macon County, Missouri, to E. Dickinson, of La Salle, Illinois, for $160. (Macon County Deeds, Vol. 16, Page 380, Reel, C4154)

On August 30, 1872, William and Mary Ann Wares completed a Trust Deed in Sue City, Missouri. The Trust Deed reveals that William and Mary purchased ten acres of land from James Johnston. The record was filed in Macon City, Macon County, Missouri. The document reveals that William purchased the land for $2,090., which was to be paid in twelve months from the date of purchase, with ten percent interest being paid each year until the total amount was paid. ( Macon County Deeds, Vol. 15, Page 184, Reel, C4153)

On December 23, 1873, William Wares, without his wife, transferred a large portion of his Macon County land to his son, William H. Wares for the sum of his natural love and affection, plus $2.00. (Macon County Deeds, Vol. 18, Page 92, Reel, C4155).

Further, an 1875 Land Atlas reveals that in 1875, William Wares had 200 acres of land in Johnson Township (Sections 19 and 20). Next to William, William H. Wares, Jr. had 40 acres in Section 20. Just south of William H. Wares, Samuel Wares had 160 acres in section 29. There were three other Wares people who had land shown in the 1875 Atlas--W. Wares, 15 acres in Section 30; R. Wares, 20 acres in Section 30; and S. Wares, 40 acres in Section 31.


According to Laura Bohn, William and Mary Wares as well as Samuel and his wife were members of the Sue City Baptist Church.

MISSOURI COUSINS (by A. Maxim Coppage III), pages 86-87.

"The Early Settlement of Macon County and the Lives of the Pioneers" by Rev. John Peyton, published in the "Democrat", 1 Feb. 1884 and reprinted (excerpted by the compiler for this book).

". . . The first road in the county may have been the trace from Oak-Dale in Shelby County to Liberty in Clay County. It passed through Woodville and Elias Holiday was the first postmaster. In 1837, John Peyton took a letter from Elias Holiday to D.C. Hubbard, County Clerk, asking for a license to sell goods. At that time there were but three settlements between Centerville and Bloomington: viz. Isham Walker, a Mr. Allen, living where Macon is located and Isaac Goodling.

Among the first settlers of Middle Fork Township, were Ambrose Halburton; William H. Rowland; Eben Enyart; Burrell Freeman; William Ware; Judge Rowland and A.C. Peyton and family - including John, Benjamin Robuck and James Rowland. They were among the first settlers.

Land hunters came in fast after the county was organized, and the settlers took great pleasure in helping them to get started in a new location. . . .Bed steads were made by boring auger holes in the logs of the house and inserting poles in them, the other end resting on legs. The slats were common oak boards.

More About William Wares, Sr.: Religion: Missionary Baptist Church67

Notes for Mary Ann Pratt:
MARRIAGE DATE: Marriage date estimated based on first child's birthdate.


I have assumed that Mary "Polly" Ann Pratt is the unidentified daughter of Oliver Pratt and Mary "Polly" Fulks, who were married in Washington County, Virginia. Mary's date of birth range based upon Missouri Census reports matches the proper period, and gaps between the known children. Further, the WARE family has also been documented in the same location at about the same time as the Oliver Pratt Family. Robert Wares and widow: Barbara (Hays) Gilispie (Parents of William Wares) were married in Washington County, VA on April 19, 1812. The Pratt's (Oliver and Mary "Polly" Fulks were also married in Washington County, VA on July 5, 1810. Both were married by the same minister, Nicholas Reagan. Further, Tax and Probate records have identified the WARES and PRATT families in Smyth County, VA. Smyth County was established in 1832 from Washington and Wythe Counties in VA.

More About Mary Ann Pratt:
Nickname: Polly

Children of William Wares and Mary Pratt are:

+ 8 i. Robert Fountain4 Wares, born May 12, 1834 in Virginia; died January 14, 1915 in Moore, Cleveland County, Oklahoma.
+ 9 ii. Samuel Wares, born November 1837 in Macon, Missouri; died Bet. 1900 - 1910 in Oklahoma.
+ 10 iii. William H. Wares, Jr., born 1840 in Macon, Missouri.
11 iv. Melissa Jane Wares68,69,70,71, born 1842 in Macon, Missouri72,73. She married John G. Riley74,75 November 17, 1859 in Macon Co., MO76,77; born 1835 in Indiana78.

Notes for Melissa Jane Wares:

The Macon County Marriage Records, Bride's Names, Walsh-Wilson, shows the marriage of Malissa Jane Wares and John G. Riley on November 17, 1859, in Book D, Page 187.

12 v. Mary A. Wares79,80,81, born 1844 in Macon, Missouri82,83. She married William J. Robuck84 July 15, 1866 in Macon County, Missouri84. + 13 vi. Richard T. Wares, born 1848 in Macon, Missouri. + 14 vii. Augustus Wares, born March 25, 1851 in Johnson Twp., Macon Co., Missouri; died April 29, 1916 in La Plata, Macon Co., Missouri. + 15 viii. Barbara Ellen Wares, born August 23, 1853 in Macon Co., Missouri; died September 25, 1916 in Adair County, Missouri.

4. Mary Ann3 Wares (Robert2, Unknown1 Wear)85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95 was born December 20, 1815 in Wythe County, Virginia96,97,98,99, and died March 17, 1894 in Macon County, Missouri100. She married Col. Richard Theodore Johnston101,102,103,104,105,106 March 14, 1837 in Smyth County, Virginia107,108,109,110, son of Isaac Johnston and Elizabeth Payne. He was born January 20, 1796 in Virginia111,112, and died September 08, 1866 in Macon, Missouri112.

Notes for Mary Ann Wares:
BROTHER (William Wares):

Mary Ann Wares is a sister to William Wares, and a daughter to Barbara (Rebecca) Wares. The listing of graves in the Sue City Cemetery, Section 35, shows Mary A. Johnston, DOB: December 20, 1815, DOD: March 17, 1894. The listing also reveals that Mary A. Johnston's maiden name was WARES. The 1850 Census shows Mary living with her husband, Richard T. Johnson (Johnston) in the same city, county, and state as William Wares in 1850--52nd District, Bening, Macon County, Missouri.

The 1850 census also shows that Mary must have married Richard in Virginia. Mary and Richard were both born in Virginia, and their first two children were also born in Virginia. The third child, James, was born in Missouri and was 11 years old in 1850. Thus, Mary and Richard as well as their first two children came to Missouri about 1838/39.

Documentation has been obtained that shows Mary "Polly" Wears married Richard Johnson (Johnston) in Smyth County, Virginia. Tax records reveal that Richard T. Johnston and Barbary Wares paid taxes in 1838 in Smyth County, Virginia. Evidence also reveals that Mary Ann Wares was probably born in Smyth County, Virginia.

Further, William Wares' son Samuel married a child of Roswell Kemp Collins and Virlinda Jane Johnston (sister to Richard T. Johnston).

WIDOW: Mary Ann Johnston became a widow in 1866. She then lived with her son James Johnston. The 1870 U.S. Census shows Mary living with James as well as Augusta (brother to James) and Richard (brother to James). Mary was also living with James as shown in the 1880 U.S. Census.

More About Mary Ann Wares:
Burial: March 1894, Sue City Cemetery, Johnston Township, Macon County, MO.113

Notes for Col. Richard Theodore Johnston:
MISSOURI LAND: Richard T. Johnston, who married Mary Ann Wares (sister to William Wares), purchased government land in both Jackson Township, immediately South of Johnston Township, and Johnston Township, as follows:

September 10, 1944:

22560, 40 acres, Jackson Township, Section 9
22559, 80 acres, Jackson Township, Section 9
22561, 40 acres, Jackson Township, Section 9

May 15, 1852: 25994, 40 acres, Johnston Township, Section 29

April 15, 1853: 27157, 80 acres, Johnston Township, Sections 28 & 29

April 5, 1855: 28904, 80 acres, Johnston Township, Section 17

March 10, 1856: 30927, 120 acres, Johnston Township, Section 17

September 1, 1856:

32036, 80 acres, Johnston Township, Sections 28 & 29
32044, 80 acres, Johnston Township, Section 33
32045, 160 acres, Johnston Township, Sections 28, 29, 20, and 21
32756, 40 acres, Johnston Township, Section 28

These plots of property surrounded and intermingled with William and Robert Wears as well as Samuel Wears purchased property. I believe this is strong evidence that they were related and cooperated in the management of their farms.

The 1860 U.S. Census, Macon County, East Liberty Township, MO shows that Richard Johnston's Real Estate Value is $41,000, and his Personal Estate Value is $24,000.

"La Plata Missouri and Area, Sesquicentennial 1855-2005", by The Friends for La Plata Preservation, page 98, reveals that the Johston Township was named in honor of Col. Richard Johnston, who came to Macon County in 1838 from Virginia and settled on the present day site of Sue City.


Smyth County, Virginia records reveal that Polly Wears and Richard Johnson were married on March 14, 1837.

Smyth County, Virginia, 1838 Personal Property Tax List shows that Richard T. Johnston had two slaves over 16 years of age, and 9 horses. He paid $7.32 in tax. The same tax list shows a Henry Pratt in Smyth. The 1838 Personal Property Tax list also shows a Barbary Wares, who owned 1 slave under 16 years, 2 over 16 years, and seven horses. She paid $1.46 in Tax. Barbary Wares is Robert Wares widow, and administrator of the disposition of his estate. Barbary and Robert Wares are the parents of William, Mary, and Samuel.

Smyth County, Virginia Wills shows a Robert Wares with an appraisal on June 15, 1832 ( Page 1, Book A), and a Sale List on December 20, 1832 ( Page 2, Book A). T


The 1840 Census shows that Richard T. Johnston had 9 slaves:

Males: Under 10: 1; 10-24: 2; 24-35: 1.
Females: Under 10: 2; 10-24: 2; 24-35: 1.

OCCUPATION: According to Laura Bohn, Richard T. Johnston was a slave trader and land speculator in Virginia. In Macon County, Missouri, he was a livestock trader.

PROBATE RECORD: Howard County, Missouri filed October 6, 1866, Book 6, Pages 191-193 and 200. The will states the children and the first and second wives.


According to the "Johnston family History" , page 296 of "LaPlata Missouri and Area", Dick Johnston was a Southern sympathizer. He was appointed to a resolution committee to support Gov. C. F. Jackson in his refusal to furnish troops to President Lincoln for the Union Army.

More About Col. Richard Theodore Johnston:
Burial: 1866, Jones Cemetery, Macon Co., Missouri114
Nickname: Dick

Children of Mary Wares and Richard Johnston are:

+ 16 i. Charles M.4 Johnston, born August 06, 1837 in Smyth County, Virginia; died March 01, 1891 in Macon County, Missouri.
+ 17 ii. James M. Johnston, born November 21, 1838 in Sue City, Macon County, Missouri; died May 08, 1905 in Macon County, Missouri.
+ 18 iii. Virginia Johnston, born 1841 in Macon County, Missouri.
+ 19 iv. John F. Johnston, born December 10, 1842 in Macon County, Missouri; died August 14, 1878 in Macon County, Missouri.
20 v. Felix G. Johnston115,116, born 1845 in Macon County, Missouri117.
21 vi. Richard Johnston117,118,119,120, born 1847 in Macon, Missouri121.
22 vii. Mary Ann Johnston121,122, born 1849 in Missouri123.
23 viii. Louise Johnston124, born 1850 in MO124.
24 ix. Augusta M. Johnston125,126,127, born September 09, 1855 in Macon County, Missouri128; died April 02, 1876 in Macon County, Missouri128.

Notes for Augusta M. Johnston:

Sue City Cemetery shows Augusta M. Johnston, born September 9, 1885 and died April 2, 1876. Under the notes section of the cemetery listing, it reveals that Augusta is a son to Mary A. (Wares) Johnston. The 1860 and 1870 census shows Augusta as a female. I believe the cemetery information is the most accurate. Thus, I am listing this child as a male.

More About Augusta M. Johnston:
Burial: April 1876, Sue City Cemetery, Johnston Township, Macon County, MO.128

5. Minerva3 Wares (Robert2, Unknown1 Wear)129,130,131,132,133 was born 1817 in Wythe Co., Virginia134,135,136, and died Bet. 1852 - 1859 in Macon County, Missouri137,138. She married Capt. William Griffin139,140,141 September 08, 1840 in Macon County, Missouri142, son of John Griffin and Mary James. He was born May 28, 1797 in Lincoln County, Kentucky143, and died July 20, 1876 in Ten Mile Township, Macon County, Missouri144,145,146.

More About Minerva Wares:
Burial: Macon County, Missouri

Notes for Capt. William Griffin:

In 1840-1842, Capt. Griffin was elected to the Legislature. At that time, he not only represented the present territory of Macon, but Adair, Schuyler and parts of Knox, Putnam and Scotland counties, and a portion of Iowa that was then claimed by Missouri. It was through his influence that Adair County was organized as soon as it was. A candidate for office at that day had to traverse all this country, and could only tell settlements by the dead timber; hence the phrase "dealing the timber", when a person is prospecting for office.

In 1844, Capt. Griffin was elected a member of the county court, and served one term.

He was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church for about forty years.

More About Capt. William Griffin:
Burial: 1876, Ten Mile Cemetery, Macon County, Missouri146
Will: November 16, 1875, Macon County, Missouri147

Children of Minerva Wares and William Griffin are:

25 i. Robert S.4 Griffin148,149,150, born 1841 in Macon County, Missouri151; died 1889 in Macon County, Missouri152. He married Canna Ray153,154; born 1845 in Missouri154. More About Robert S. Griffin: Burial: 1889, Ten Mile Cemetery, Macon County, Missouri155 26 ii. Jeremiah Griffin156, born 1845 in Macon County, Missouri156; died Bef. 1875 in Missouri157. Notes for Jeremiah Griffin: DOD Jeremiah Griffin was not mentioned as a child of William Griffin and Minerva Ware in Williams 1875 will. Jeremiah does show up in census reports with the family. Thus, I am assuming that Jeremiah died without having children before William completed his will. + 27 iii. Barbara H. Griffin, born 1846 in Macon County, Missouri; died February 21, 1875 in Missouri. 28 iv. Sarah E. Griffin158,159, born 1849 in Macon County, Missouri160. She married Charles Landree161 1866161. 29 v. Elizabeth Griffin162, born Abt. 1851 in Missouri162.

Notes for Elizabeth Griffin:
MOTHER: It is unclear whether Elizabeth was a child of William Griffin with his first wife, Susan Buster. Or was a child of William with his second wife, Minerva Ware. It as assuming that she is a child of William and Minerva until further research clarifies this information.

Generation No. 3

8. Robert Fountain4 Wares (William3, Robert2, Unknown1 Wear)163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,171,172,173 was born May 12, 1834 in Virginia174,175,176,177,178, and died January 14, 1915 in Moore, Cleveland County, Oklahoma179,180. He married (1) Elizabeth F. Daugherty181,182,183,184,185,186,187,188,189,190,191 June 26, 1854 in Macon, MO192,193,194, daughter of Joseph Daugherty and Elizabeth Lea. She was born January 28, 1836 in , Pulaski, Kentucky195,196,197,198,199,200, and died March 29, 1889 in Kingman County, Kansas201,202. He married (2) Hannah Young203 March 29, 1892 in Oklahoma203,204. She was born 1832 in Virginia205, and died Bef. July 15, 1893. He married (3) Mary E. Taylor205,206,207,208,209 July 14, 1893 in Cleveland County, Oklahoma210,211,212,213,214. She was born August 19, 1857 in Kentucky215,216,217,218.

Notes for Robert Fountain Wares:
NAME: Robert's last name has also been spelled as Wear(s). The Wares Name has been spelled as Ware, Wares, Wear, Wears, Weare.
In the 1880, 1900, 1910 Census, the name used by Robert was Ware(s). However, prior to that 1880 census, the last name was spelled Wears.


Macon County, Marriage Records, Groom's Name: Waller-Wilshir, shows that Robert Wear married Elizabeth Daugherty on June 26, 1854. The marriage is documented in Book B, Page 9.

It is assumed that Robert married Hannah Young and Mary E. Catlin in Oklahoma because Robert WEARE appears in the Oklahoma State Census, 1890, as a single boarder in Oklahoma City, page 541. The census was taken June 17, 1890. Robert reports that he came to Oklahoma 4 months ago, which would be about February 1890.


Bureau of Land Management records reveal that Robert Wares, of Knox County, completed paperwork to obtain 80 acres of land in Johnston Township, Section 20. The certificate was issued to Robert Wares. Knox County is next to Macon County and Johnston Township on the East side.

MISSOURI MILITIA - February 10, 1865:

"La Plata Missouri and Area Sesquicentennial 1855-2005", by The Friends for La Plata Preservation, 2004, page 172-173 reveals the muster-in-roll of Captain Henry O. Clark, organized under an Act approved February 10, 1865. At the close of the Civil War there was a Company formed at LaPlata (as there probably was in each town in the State), for the purpose of enforcing law and order, and suppressing the disorder, which so often follows a war. This Military Company was formed of men of both Northern and Southern sympathies who desired harmony in their locality. On that roster were the following WARES:

NAME        Rank   Age   Ht.  Eyes   Hair     Occupation     Residence

Wares,    Pvt.    30    5'6"    Blue    Auburn    Farmer    La Plata Twp.

Wares,    Pvt.    27    5'8"    Hazel    Auburn    Farmer    La Plata Twp.

Wares,    Pvt.    24    5'9"    Blue    Auburn    Farmer    La Plata Twp.
William H.    

These are the three oldest sons of William and Mary Wares, who were all married by this time and living near their parents.


1885 Kansas State Census, Pratt County, Gove Township, P.O. Lawndale, Page 13, reveals:

Robert, aged 51, born in Virginia, who is a farmer.
Elizabeth, aged 50, born in Kentucky
Robert F., Jr., aged 19 (Fountain Robert), born in MO.
Sorety, aged 16 ( Lauretta E.), born in MO.
Serena M., aged 12 ( Sereney M.), born in MO
Sofa B., aged 10 (Sofa Barbary), born in MO
Armela, aged 7, (Parmele Drucella), born in MO.

The census states that the family came from Missouri. Pratt County is next door to Kingman County in Kansas.

More About Robert Fountain Wares:
Burial: 1915, Moore Cemetery, Cleveland County, Oklahoma219
Military service: February 10, 1965, Capt. Henry O. Clark, MO Militia220

Notes for Elizabeth F. Daugherty:
CENSUS: In the 1910 Census in Patterson Township, MO, Joseph Wares reported his mother was born in Kentucky. Also, in the 1870 Census, Elizabeth, reported herself as born in Kentucky.


The name Daugherty has been spelled by some as Doherty.

Children of Robert Wares and Elizabeth Daugherty are:

30 i. Anna Eliza5 Wares221,222,223, born April 22, 1855 in Macon, Missouri224,225; died August 28, 1888225,226. She married Birch Roan227 October 09, 1873 in Macon Co., MO227,228.
31 ii. Richard Terrel Wares229,230,231,232,233,234,235, born December 24, 1856 in Macon County, Missouri236,237,238,239,240; died January 24, 1942 in Cherokee Township, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma241. He married (1) Rose Ashfield242,243 December 12, 1880 in Colorado?244; born in South Dakota245; died Bef. 1900 in Kansas, or Oklahoma246,247,248. He married (2) Selenia Unknown248 Abt. 1900248; born Abt. 1857 in Indiana248; died Bef. 1920 in Oklahoma248.

Notes for Richard Terrel Wares:


1880 - Richard T. Wares was single in June. He was living in Colorado, Bent County, West Las Animas. He was 23 years old and a cattle herder.

1920 - Richard T. Wares was a widower in Oklahoma, Alfalfa County, Lincoln Township. His daughter, Elizabeth Martin, also a widower, and his granddaughter Rosie Martin were all living together.


R. T. Wares filed an application for Homestead, # 3109, for 160 acres on November 14, 1893 in the Alva Land Office, Oklahoma. At the time, he was living in Nashville, Barber County, KS. The land was located in Section NE 9, Township, 27N, Range 9W. The cost of the land was $14.00. Two witnesses testified, Paul Labrue and Clark C. Gross, that he had been on the land since September 16, 1893, and established residence on the land December 6, 1893. Richard testified that he had lived on the land with his wife and 3 children since December 6, 1893. He was 44 years of age at the time and lived in Boone, Oklahoma Territory. The land was used for farming, and he had about 80 acres under cultivation. Two acres were bonded to the Union Cemetery for a graveyard. The first house was a dug-out (16X16); then a frame house (16x16) was built with a rock basement; hay-stable (14x80); granary (6X12), two wells, 500 fruit trees, and 60 acres of fences. A final certificate #4001 was filed in the Alva Land Office, Oklahoma on December 23, 1901, after a one month advertisement in the locate newspapers. The homestead file also mentions that two acres of the homestead was bonded to the Union Cemetery for a Cemetery.

WARE CEMETERY (AKA: Union Valley Cemetery):

The Oklahoma Genealogical Society revealed that the Cemetery land was purchased from Richard T. and Selenia Wares for $5.00.

Lot # 1 in the Cemetery is the Family Plot for Richard T. Wares, and following people are buried in that Lot:

Elizabeth A. (Ware) Gaines
Unknown Ware (No dates or names) - (This could be a plot for Richard's wife)
Richard Terrel Ware
Robert W. Ware

More About Richard Terrel Wares:
Burial: January 26, 1942, Ware Cemetery, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma249,250
Occupation: June 1880, Cattle Herder251

    32    iii.    Nancy Jane Wares252,253,254,255,256, born April 21, 1858 in Macon, 
                  Missouri257,258,259,260; died March 08, 1907 in Manchester, 
                  Oklahoma261,262,263. She married Charles C. Turner263 February 11, 
                  1877 in Macon Co., MO263,264,265; born February 07, 1853266.

More About Nancy Jane Wares:
Burial: March 09, 1907, Manchester Cemetery, Manchester, Grant Co., OK266
    33    iv.    Parthena F. Wares267,268,269,270, born March 09, 1860 in Macon, 
                 Missouri271; died January 27, 1908272,273.  She married Abner Carr273 
                 October 20, 1881 in Adair Co., MO273,274.
    34    v.    Joseph Beauregard Wares275,276,277,278,279,280, born October 01, 1861 
                in Macon County, Missouri281,282,283,284,285; died November 18, 1928 
                in 29-21 Twp, Craig Co., OK286,287,288.  
                He married (1) Martha Jane Wilson289,290,291,292 March 05, 1885 in 
                Bates Co., Missouri293,294,295;
                born February 26, 1869 in Hume, Missouri295,296,297; died April 13, 1915
                in Coldwater, Comanche County, Kansas298,299,300,301.  He married 
                (2) Ufins Elender Kessee302,303,304,305,306,307 May 04, 1917 in 
                Coldwater, Comanche County,  Kansas308,309; born February 28, 1875 in 
                Sparta, Christian Co., Missouri310,311,312,313; died September 30, 
                1958 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado314,315,316.

Notes for Joseph Beauregard Wares:
NAME:  Joseph B. Wares.  His middle name is after the famous General Beauregard. 

WARES FAMILY: 1870 U.S. Census, Missouri, Jackson Twp., Macon County, Sheets 10, 11, and 12.

Joseph (Joe) B. was 9 years old and living with his parents on a farm. The farm was worth $4,000. His father was Robert F. Ware, 35 y.o, who was born in Virginia. He was a farmer. His mother was Elizabeth F., who was 34 y.o., and was born in Kentucky. Other siblings who were living with them at the time were: Ann Eliza, 15 y.o, Richard T., 13 y.o., Nancy J., 12 y.o, Parthena, 10 y.o., Mary E., 7 y.o, Fountain R., 4 y.o., Loretta, 1 y.o.

Also living in the same county (Macon ) were Joseph's grandfather, William Ware, who was a 58 y.o. farmer. Joe's grandmother, Mary was 56 y.o. Joseph's Uncles Richard, 22 y.o. and Augustus, 19 y.o. as well as Joseph's Aunt Barbara E., 16 y.o. were still living at home. The grandfather's farm was worth $6400.

Also living in the same county was Joseph's Uncle William, who was 29 y.o. He was living with his wife, Margaret, 22 y.o., and three children--Rosella 3 y.o., Nicholis, 2 y.o., Mary M. 2 months.

Samuel Wares, another of Joseph's uncles was also living on a farm worth $4,000. Samuel was a farmer and was 33 y.o. His wife Anna was 37 y.o. There were 4 children in the census--William, 11 y.o., John, 10 y.o., Samantha, 8 y.o, and Jeff, 2 y.o.


Joseph B. Wares filed a Homestead Application, #12001, on May 15, 1902, for 160 acres of grazing land, at the Woodward Land Office, in Farry, Oklahoma. The land was located in Section 22 NW, Town 29N, Range 19W. At the time the application was filed, Joseph lived in Cunningham, KS. The cost of the land was $14.00. On May 18, 1907, two witnesses, Edgar J. Coles and Anton Kurtz testified that Joseph and his family had lived on the land continuously since November 1, 1902. Joseph also testified that he had lived there continuously with his wife, and 5 children since November 1, 1902. Joseph's age was 46 years old, and he lived in Coy, Oklahoma. He revealed that he had built a frame house (28x42); smoke house (12x14); Granary (14x18); stabel (36x14), well, wind mill, tank, and cave, as well as a hen house, which was all under fence, 300 trees, also. The value of improvements was $1200. Joseph revealed that he grazed about 50 head of his own cattle on the land since filing. A Final Certificate was filed on June 17, 1907, after running an ad in the newspaper for a month. All documents were signed as Joseph B. Wares in his own hand.

More About Joseph Beauregard Wares:
Burial: November 20, 1928, G.A.R Cemetery, Miami, Ottawa Co., OK317,318
Medical Information: Joseph died at 1:00 p.m. on November 18, 1928.  He was 
under medical care from Nov. 28, 1927 until he died.
Membership: Bet. 1907 - 1908, School Board Member, Woods Co., OK
Nickname: Joe

More About Martha Jane Wilson:
Burial: 1915, Coldwater Cemetery, Coldwater, Comanche Co., KS319
Cause of Death: Child birth
Nickname: Mattie Wares

Notes for Ufins Elender Kessee:
NICKNAME:  Euphy went by the name of Ellen--a derivative of her middle name.  
Her birth name was Ufins after her Father's mother.  Vinnie's daughter, Jane, 
recalls "I remember grandma telling me that her name was Ufins when she was 
little. A school teacher (that lived with them) changed her name to Euphy."

More About Ufins Elender Kessee:
AKA (Facts Pg): Euphy E. Ware320
Burial: October 13, 1958, G.A.R. Cemetery, Miami, Ottawa Co., OK321,321,322
Nickname: Euphy, or Ellen

    35    vi.    Mary E. Wares323,324,325, born October 29, 1863 in Macon, 
                 Missouri326,327.  She married Frank Keller328 December 12, 
                 1880 in Adair Co., MO328,329.
    36    vii.   Fountain Robert Wares330,331,332,333,334,335, born September 
                 15, 1865 in Macon, Missouri336,337,338; died November 05, 
                 1948 in Rochelle, Illinois339. He married Cordelia Ann 
                 Wilson340,341 September 01, 1891342; born February 25, 
                 1870343; died June 21, 1963 in Sioux City, Iowa343.

More About Fountain Robert Wares:
Burial: Rochelle, Illinois343

More About Cordelia Ann Wilson:
Burial: Rochelle, Illinois343

    37    viii.    Virlinda E. Wares344,345,346, born August 14, 1867 in Macon, 
                   Missouri347,348; died March 14, 1868349,350.
    38    ix.      Lauretta Ediculas Wares351,352,353,354,355, born 
                   April 17, 1869 in Macon, Missouri356,357,358; died May 19, 1959 
                   in Beaver, Beaver County, Oklahoma359,360.  
                   She married Thomas Benton Shillingburg361 December 27, 1885 in
                   Prairie Center, Pratt, KS361,362; born March 16, 1864 in 
                   Clark, Randolph, Missouri363; died January 11, 1953 in Forgan, 
                   Beaver, Oklahoma363.

Notes for Lauretta Ediculas Wares:
MARRIAGE:  Marriage Record, Pratt County, Kansas shows that Thomas B. Shillingburg,
           age 21, Pratt Co., to Loretta Wares, age 15, Pratt Co., Dec. 27, 1885, 
           at home of brides parents by Geo. Skinner, Minister.

    39    x.    Sary M. Wares363,364,365, born March 25, 1871 in Macon County, MO365;
                died May 23, 1876366,367.
    40    xi.    Sereney M. Wares368,369,370,371, born April 15, 1873 in Missouri372.  
                 She married Joseph Farris373 September 16, 1891373.
    41    xii.    Sofa Barbary Wares373,374,375,376, born May 19, 1875 in Missouri377.  
                  She married Jacob Graft378 August 08, 1889378.
    42    xiii.    Parmele Drucilla Wares378,379,380,381, born September 26, 1877 
                   in Macon Co., Missouri382,383; died November 06, 1967384.  She 
                   married Orestes Otto Williams385 July 29, 1892386; born 
                   March 03, 1869; died December 1959 in California387.
Children of Robert Wares and Mary Taylor are:
    43    i.    Nelly5 Wares388, born November 10, 1894 in Oklahoma388.
    44    ii.    Ida Wares388, born April 07, 1896 in Oklahoma388.

    9.  Samuel4 Wares (William3, Robert2, Unknown1 Wear)389,390,391,392,392,393,394
        was born November 1837 in Macon, Missouri395,396,397,398, and died Bet. 
        1900 - 1910 in Oklahoma398.  He married: 
        (1) Ann Mariah Collins399,400,401,402 December 07, 1856 in Macon County, 
            Missouri403,404, daughter of Roswell Collins and Virlinda Johnston. 
            She was born October 10, 1833 in Giles County, Tennessee405,406, 
            and died February 16, 1872 in Macon County, Missouri406,407.  
        (2) Mary Catherine Riley408,409 June 24, 1873 in Adair County, Missouri409.  
            She was born 1854 in Indiana410, and died Bef. 1900411.

Notes for Samuel Wares:
LAND RECORDS:  According to Laura Bohn, llborhn@msn.com, Samuel sold his 
           property in March of 1880. She does not know where he went after 
           that date.  However, the U.S. Census 1880, June 18 & 19, 1880,
           Missouri, Macon County, Johnston Township, shows that Samuel and 
           Mary (second wife) were still in Macon County, Missouri.

More About Samuel Wares:
Military service: February 10, 1865, Capt. Henry O. Clark MO Militia412

More About Ann Mariah Collins:
Burial: February 1872, New Harmony Cemetery, LaPlata, Macon County, Missouri413,414
Children of Samuel Wares and Ann Collins are:
    45    i.    William5 Wares415,416, born 1859 in Macon, Missouri417.
    46    ii.    John C. Wares417,418,419,420, born March 1861 in Macon, 
                 Missouri421,422. He married Maggie Unknown422 Abt. 1882 
                 in Missouri422; born August 1862 in Missouri422.
    47    iii.    Samanthia Wares423, born 1862 in Macon, Missouri423.
    48    iv.    Jefferson Wares423,424, born 1868 in Macon, Missouri425.

Child of Samuel Wares and Mary Riley is:
    49    i.    Mary5 Wares426, born 1874 in MO426.

    10.  William H.4 Wares, Jr. (William3, Robert2, Unknown1 
         Wear)427,428,429,430,431,432,433 was born 1840 in Macon, Missouri434,435. 
         He married Margaret A. Bradford436,437,438 January 05, 1865 in Macon, 
         MO438.  She was born 1848 in Macon, Missouri439.

Notes for William H. Wares, Jr.:
MARRIAGE:  Macon County Marriage Records, Groom's Name, Waller-Wilshir, 
shows William Wares, Jr. married Margaret A. Bradford on January 5, 1865.  
This marriage is recorded in book D, page 311.

More About William H. Wares, Jr.:
Military service: February 10, 1865, Capt. Henry O. Clark, MO Militia440
Children of William Wares and Margaret Bradford are:
    50    i.    Rosella5 Wares441,442, born 1867 in Macon, Missouri443.
    51    ii.    Nicholas P. Wares443,444,445, born November 29, 1868 in 
                Macon County, Missouri446,447; died December 20, 1880 in 
                Macon County, Missouri447.

More About Nicholas P. Wares:
Burial: December 1880, Sue City Cemetery, Johnston Township, Macon County, MO.447

    52    iii.    Mary M. Wares448,449, born 1870 in Macon, Missouri450.
    53    iv.    George Wares451, born 1872 in MO451.
    54    v.    Ida M. Wares451, born 1874 in MO451.
    55    vi.    Susan M. Wares451, born 1877 in MO451.
    56    vii.    Mary C. Wares451, born 1879 in MO451.

    13.  Richard T.4 Wares (William3, Robert2, Unknown1 
         Wear)452,453,454,455,456 was born 1848 in Macon, 
         Missouri457,458,459,460.  He married Sarah E. Roebuck461,462 
         Bef. 1877462.  She was born 1856 in Missouri462.
Children of Richard Wares and Sarah Roebuck are:
    57    i.    Oscar5 Wares462, born Abt. 1877 in Missouri462.
    58    ii.    Stella Wares462, born Abt. 1879 in Missouri462.

    14.  Augustus4 Wares (William3, Robert2, Unknown1 
         Wear)463,464,465,466,467,468,469 was born March 25, 1851 
         in Johnson Twp., Macon Co., Missouri470,471,472,473, and 
         died April 29, 1916 in La Plata, Macon Co., Missouri474.  
         He married Nancy Bratcher Kelly475,476,477,478,479 
         December 24, 1871 in Macon Co., MO480,481, daughter of 
         William Kelly and Frances Lea.  She was born August 16, 
         1850 in Macon County, MO482,483, and died May 23, 1921 
         in La Plata Cemetery, Macon Co., Missouri484,485.

More About Augustus Wares:
Burial: May 01, 1916, Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Macon Co., Missouri486
Membership: Knights of the Maccabees487
Religion: Missionary Baptist Church487

Notes for Nancy Bratcher Kelly:

Nancy Bratcher Wares 1921 Obituary reveals that she and Augustus 
had ten children.  Two sons and her husband died before 1921.  
The remaining eight children identified were:  J.C. Wares, Melissa 
Fisk, C.A. Wares, Mary Bowling, W.B. Wares, Clark Wares, Ray Wares, 
and Adra Ashby, with whom Nancy lived until her death.

More About Nancy Bratcher Kelly:
Burial: 1921, Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Atlanta, Macon Co., MO488
Religion: LaPlata Baptist Church member488
Children of Augustus Wares and Nancy Kelly are:
    59    i.    Adra5 Wares489,490, born in Macon Co., Missouri491.  
                She married Unknown Ashby492,493.
    60    ii.    John Clark Wares494,495,496,497, born in Macon Co., 
                 Missouri498.  He married Martha Winona Anderson499 
                 February 10, 1910 in Missouri499.

More About John Clark Wares:
Nickname: Clark

More About Martha Winona Anderson:
Nickname: Mattie499

    61    iii.    Frances Wares500,501, born in Macon Co., Missouri502.
                  She married William Boland502,503.
    62    iv.    Ray Wares504,505,506, born in Macon Co., Missouri507.  
                 He married Frankie Unknown508.
    63    v.    Mary F. Wares509,510,511, born Abt. 1872 in Macon Co., 
                Missouri512,513.  She married Unknown Bowling514.
    64    vi.    James Gooding Wares515,516,517,518,519, born May 03, 1874 
                 in Macon Co., Missouri520,521,522; died July 19, 1949 
                 in Macon Co., MO.522.  He married Ida Mae Brockman522 
                February 28, 1903522.

More About James Gooding Wares:
Burial: July 21, 1949, Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Macon Co., MO522

    65    vii.    William B. Wares523,524,525,526, born Abt. 1876 in 
                  Macon Co., Missouri527,528; died September 03, 1955 in 
                  Macon Co., MO.529.  He married Lura Edith Cupp529 
                  March 05, 1911 in Macon Co., MO529; born September 08, 
                  1885 in Sue City, Macon County, Missouri529; 
                  died 1965 in Macon Co., MO.529.
    66    viii.   Melissa S. Wares530,531,532,533, born Abt. 1879 in 
                  Macon Co., Missouri534,535; died September 16, 1959536.  
                  She married Everett Claude Fisk537,538,539,540 
                  September 30, 1900540; born December 10, 1880540; 
                  died 1965 in Macon Co., MO.540.

More About Everett Claude Fisk:
Burial: 1965, Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Macon Co., MO540

    67    ix.    C. A. Wares541.

    15.  Barbara Ellen4 Wares (William3, Robert2, Unknown1 
         Wear)542,543 was born August 23, 1853 in Macon Co., 
         Missouri544,545, and died September 25, 1916 in 
         Adair County, Missouri545.  She married Adam Ralph 
         Zentz546,547 May 02, 1872547.  He was born January 
         11, 1845 in Stark County, OH547.

Notes for Barbara Ellen Wares:
LIVED in 1910:  According to the "History of Macon County, 
                1910, Ellen and Ralph Zents lived in 
                Brashear, Adair County, Missouri.

ELLEN WARES:  According to the "History of Macon County", 1910, 
              William and Mary Wares had eight children, and 
              one of those children was Ellen Wares.

More About Barbara Ellen Wares:
Burial: 1916, Brashear Cemetery, Adair County, Missouri547
Nickname: Ellen
Children of Barbara Wares and Adam Zentz are:
    68    i.    Richard A.5 Zentz547, born February 04, 1873 in 
                Missouri547; died 1888 in Macon County, Missouri548.

More About Richard A. Zentz:
Burial: 1888, Sue City Cemetery, Johnston Township, Macon County, MO.548

    69    ii.    John Frank Zentz549, born November 26, 1875 in 
    70    iii.    Sylvester Zentz549, born January 18, 1881 in 
                  Macon County, Missouri549.
    71    iv.    Lyla Zentz549, born June 27, 1883549.
    72    v.    George E. Zentz549, born December 1885549.
    73    vi.    Aubrey Leon Zentz549, born September 1887549.
    74    vii.    Irvin Zentz549, born November 17, 1891 in 
                  Macon County, Missouri549.
    75    viii.    Ray Zentz549, born March 17, 1893549.

    16.  Charles M.4 Johnston (Mary Ann3 Wares, Robert2, Unknown1 
         Wear)550,551,552,553 was born August 06, 1837 in Smyth 
         County, Virginia554,555, and died March 01, 1891 in 
         Macon County, Missouri556. He married Eliza A. 
         Penick557,558 September 15, 1859 in Macon County, Missouri559.  
         She was born Abt. 1842 in MO560.

More About Charles M. Johnston:
Burial: March 1891, Sue City Cemetery, Johnston Township, Macon County, MO.561
Children of Charles Johnston and Eliza Penick are:
    76    i.    Richard5 Johnston562, born Abt. 1866 in MO562.
    77    ii.    Ernest Johnston562, born Abt. 1876 in MO562.

    17.  James M.4 Johnston (Mary Ann3 Wares, Robert2, Unknown1 
         Wear)563,564,565,566,567 was born November 21, 1838 in Sue City, 
         Macon County, Missouri568,569,570, and died May 08, 1905 in 
         Macon County, Missouri571.  He married Americus Sprinkle572,573.  
         She was born Abt. 1855 in Virginia574.

More About James M. Johnston:
Burial: May 1905, Sue City Cemetery, Johnston Township, Macon County, MO.575

Notes for Americus Sprinkle:
NAME:  The name for James wife in the "La Plata Missouri and Area 
       Sesquicentennial 1855 - 2005", page 117, Sue city is shown as 
       "Miss America" (known as Miss Sprinkle.
Children of James Johnston and Americus Sprinkle are:
    78    i.    Thadius M.5 Johnston576, born 1874 in Macon, Missouri576.
    79    ii.    James M. Johnston576, born 1879 in Macon, Missouri576.

    18.  Virginia4 Johnston (Mary Ann3 Wares, Robert2, Unknown1 
         Wear)577,578,579 was born 1841 in Macon County, Missouri580.  
         She married John P. Powell581,582 March 13, 1856 in Macon 
         County, Missouri583.  
         He was born Abt. 1830 in North Carolina584.
Children of Virginia Johnston and John Powell are:
    80    i.    Mary E.5 Powell584, born Abt. 1859 in Macon County, MO584.
    81    ii.    Sophrona F. Powell584, born Abt. 1863 in Macon County, MO584.
    82    iii.    James M. Powell584, born Abt. 1865 in Macon County, MO584.
    83    iv.    Susan L. Powell584, born Abt. 1868 in Macon County, MO584.
    84    v.    Richard B. Powell584, born Abt. 1870 in Macon County, MO584.
    85    vi.    Martha I. Powell584, born Abt. 1872 in Macon County, MO584.
    86    vii.    Augusta M. Powell584, born Abt. 1877 in Macon County, MO584.

    19.  John F.4 Johnston (Mary Ann3 Wares, Robert2, Unknown1 Wear)585,586 
         was born December 10, 1842 in Macon County, Missouri587,588, and 
         died August 14, 1878 in Macon County, Missouri588.  
         He married Sarah E. Unknown588.  She was born May 05, 1834588,
         and died November 16, 1899 in Macon County, Missouri588.

More About John F. Johnston:
Burial: August 1878, Sue City Cemetery, Johnston Township, Macon County, MO.588

More About Sarah E. Unknown:
Burial: November 16, 1899, Sue City Cemetery, Johnston Township, Macon County, MO.588
Children of John Johnston and Sarah Unknown are:
    87    i.    Sidney A.5 Johnston588, born May 10, 1865588; 
                died January 11, 1895 in Macon, Missouri588.

More About Sidney A. Johnston:
Burial: January 1895, Sue City Cemetery, Macon County, 
        Johnston Township, Missouri588

    88    ii.    Volney Johnston588, born January 29, 1872588; 
                 died August 07, 1873 in Macon, Missouri588.
    89    iii.    Lenora Johnston588, born July 06, 1874588; 
                 died April 26, 1875 in Macon, Missouri588.

More About Lenora Johnston:
Burial: April 1875, Sue City Cemetery, Macon County, Johnston 
        Township, Missouri588

    27.  Barbara H.4 Griffin (Minerva3 Wares, Robert2, Unknown1 
         Wear)589,590,591 was born 1846 in Macon County, 
         Missouri592, and died February 21, 1875 in Missouri593.   
         She married William H. Richardson593,594 Abt. 1862 in 
         Missouri594.  He was born 1837 in Missouri594.
Children of Barbara Griffin and William Richardson are:
    90    i.    Mary D.5 Richardson594, born 1863 in Missouri594.
    91    ii.    William J. Richardson594, born 1865 in Missouri594.
    92    iii.    Martha F. Richardson594, born 1867 in Missouri594.
    93    iv.    Leah J. Richardson594, born March 1870 in Missouri594.
    94    v.    Jesse E. Richardson595, born Bet. 1872 - 1874 in Missouri595.
    95    vi.    Barbara A. Richardson595, born Bet. 1873 - 1875 in Missouri595.

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