What school did you attend?

(Received some notes - see below)

Do you know of a high school class that has reunions and the contact person?

Chuck Norton
Dave Norton
Joseph and Nancy Norton
John William Teter
Mrs. Willaim (Ruth) Wood
Koleen (Day) Young

Subj: Macon Co School
Date: 6/25/2004 3:57:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: glojack@adelphia.net
name: Gloria (Collins) Jackson
My father was Harold Benson Collins an he attended Bunch Elementary School in Macon Co. ( School District No. 30) He graduated on July 26, 1929. Just thought I would add this info.

Subj: High School
Date: 7/1/2002 10:03:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Mymau2@cs.com
name: Koleen (Day) Young
School attended: Graduated Macon High in 1962
I now live in Texas

Subj: High School
Date: 97-11-06
From: teters@pacific.pacific.net
Reply-to: teters@pacific.pacific.net
My name is John William Teter. I graduated from Macon High School in 1969. I attended 3 years there, 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Subj: School attended
Date: 97-10-31
From: grandmaw@hereintown.net (William B Wood)
I am the daughter of the late Howard and Lillie Mercer.
I was born in Macon, and attended the Catholic School from 1934 until 1943.
I graduated from Macon High School, having attended from 1943 to 1947.
Should the museum ever become a reality in Macon County I have a number of items I would like to donate concerning Macon County and various institutions and businesses of the early days which are in my possession.
Enjoyed your page very much. I worked in Miller's Drug Store from 1942 until 1947 for Mr. Leach.
Thank you,
Mrs. Willaim (Ruth) Wood

Subj: Macon High Graduate
Date: 97-10-20
From: jnorton@city-net.com (Joseph Norton)
Reply-to: jnorton@city-net.com
My brothers said it was my week to send you a note!
My wife (Nancy Freeman Norton) and I graduated from MHS in 1962.
The class of '62 had their 35th reunion last July, and there are several who are web dwellers.
In fact, it was organized and communicated mostly through the net. I'll pass your web site along to others in the class.
Joseph and Nancy Norton

Subj: Schools
Date: 97-10-19
From: dnorton@mail.llion.org (Dave Norton)
Reply-to: dnorton@mail.llion.org
My name is David E. Norton and I am a native of Macon County, Missouri. Below is the list of county schools I addended.
Brown School, County district 84, grades 1-8, 1948 thru 1957.
Macon High School 1957 thru 1961.
Although you may not be collecting other school information, Verna Mae Craig taught all grades during all 8 years at that country school. Mrs Craig still resides in Macon County.
Macon High School Class of '61 had a reunion last year (1996) at the High School homecoming. I was unable to attend and don't know of any plans for another reunion.
Keep up the good work! There are tons of historical information of the recent history of Macon County to be documented.
Dave Norton

Subj: School
Date: 97-10-16
From: Norton_Chuck@montebello.k12.ca.us (Chuck Norton)
Reply-to: Norton_Chuck@montebello.k12.ca.us
I hope all is well with you. Thanks for inquiring about things related to Macon County.
If these things don't get noted, we'll never widen the circle of persons interested in what's going on there.
I attended:
Elementary @ LaPorte School (on route K, the "Ten Mile Blacktop," 1/2 mile south of Ten Mile) from 1945-1949 grades 1-4;
Brown School (1 mile north of US 36 on Route K,) from 1949-1953, grades 5-8.
The teacher at LaPorte in 1945-46 was Virginia White Roemer.
The teacher from 1946-49 was Charlotte Copenhaver.
The teacher for all four years at Brown School was Verna Mae Craig.
Macon High School from 1953-57. I graduated in the Class of 1957. There were approximately 70 seniors in the class of '57.
Keep up the dialogue. I think there are people out there who will respond to questions such as these.
Chuck Norton

Please send me an E-MAIL message to give me 3 pieces of information.

1. I need your complete name? I will get your E-MAIL address from your note.

2. What school did you attend or graduate from?

3. What years did you attend or graduate?

Many of the high school classes have reunions every few years depending on their choices. You might like to come back to Macon Co. for one of the reunions. I will try and find out which classes have reunions.

I will place the information I gather into a structure based on the school name and then list your name and the years of atendance.

Ernie Miles