Jan 14, 2005: "I had been searching for my brother for a year after I had found out about him.

I had tried several different avenues in trying to locate him or his ancestry that would lead me to him. It wasn't until I subscribed to the Macon County List that I started to have success.

If it weren't for the kindness of the listers and those involved in the Macon County website, such as Mr. Ernie Miles, it may not have been possible to find and communicate with my brother. There are several listers that had helped me with data and clues as well. I had received some very great leads from the list that eventually led me to the completion of my research.

I have been an amateur genealogist for about 6 years now and I subscribe to many lists. This list goes down in my opinion as one of the best and most accommodating. I look forward to remaining a subscriber to the list in hopes of helping my brother find his Mother's ancestry.

Thanks you so much.

Shane Edgar"

Any Suggestions

Ernie Miles