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Pamela Ann (Rzodkiewicz) Shipley

This is a photo of Adolphus Shipley, he was born on April 05, 1863, possibly this photograph was taken around 1915. Photographer Denslow.

I just found this last tintype photograph. It is of Adolphus Shipley's wife, her name was Clara Edith (Harvey) Shipley, she was born on February 28, 1869 and died on November 29, 1904 both in Macon, Missouri and is buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery, next to her husband. This is the only known photo of her, I estimate this was taken about 1879, she appears about 10 years old to me.

Handwritten on the back of the photo "The house in Macon, Missouri that Claude (Shipley) lived in as a child". Claude was a child of Adolphus and Clara.

Photograph completely unmarked except for the vertical pen drawn line over Claude Shipley's head, no names or anything, I am estimating this photo was taken 1900, I know it was in Macon, Missouri, and I am estimating that Claude's age was 7 years old.

This photo I am estimating was taken about 1903, Claude Shipley, appears to be about 10 years, again the only other identifying mark is the photographer's name engraved on the paper frame surrounding the photo, it says, Denslow Macon, Missouri.

This photograph was taken by the Joe Shipley family in August of 1998 at Chapel Hill Cemetery. This is the Chapel Hill Church just south of Macon. The church is in disrepair and the Chapel Hill Cemetery is here next to the church.

These are my husband, Joe's, great grandparents that are buried in the Chapel Hill Cemetery. Photograph taken in August 1998 by the Joe Shipley Family.

Handwritten on the back of the photograph was "Negro Church in Macon, Missouri" I think my husbands grandparents, along time ago, went to Macon, Missouri to find the Shipley grave and that is when some of these photos were taken.

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