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My ancestor was a civilian, pro-Confederate Tennessee landowner executed by some men from the 42nd Missouri, on Jan 11, 1865. Family lore says my 3rd great grandfather refused to take an oath of allegiance to the Union, and the occupying Union army in Tullahoma, Tenn issued an order for his farm to be burned and he and his brother to be shot. The 42nd MO took the order and carried it out.

Legend says that my ancestor's son tracked down each living vet of Company A, 42nd MO, after the war and bushwacked them all. I reckon this is a stretch of the truth but desire to get to the bottom of all this, and sort out fact from fiction.

Two Civil War Soldiers from the Macon Co. Unit were, Capt William H. Lewis, and Capt Peter Thompson, and they served in the 42nd MO Vols (US). Anyone who can tell me how these men died post-war, or know of any vets of the 42nd who were murdered after the war, will be greatly appreciated.

Were Capt's Lewis and Thompson murdered after the war? Was your ancestor in Company A, 42nd MO, and WAS HE MURDERED? If so, I would like to hear from you!!!

Please e-mail me I can be reached by telephone at (937) 395-1065.

Ernie Miles
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