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Here’s the caption’s text:

“REMEMBER WHEN The enrollment at Redman School in 1919-20 included the following pupils with Miss Doris Miles as the teacher: Front row, left to right, Birdie Moody, Bonnie Gene McQuary, Chrystal Wells, Chris Meisner, Claud Scott, Virgil McQuary, Lavern Petre, Cleo Hughes, Woodrow Petrie; second row, Kenneth Petre, Lowell Baker, Lestal McQuary, Anna Lou Thompson (Farmer), Cecil McAfee, Jessie Mae Petre (Tipton), Ralph Petre, Colene Wells (Ford), George William (Bill) Petre; Back row, teacher, Doris Miles (Porter). Floyd Miller, Clair McQuary, Noel McAfee, Albert Miller, Lewis Meisner, Nehlia Forsythe, Lucille Adkins and Rose Claypool.

Woodrow Petre Picture”

Here’s the annotation’s text:

“Vergie, I thought you might enjoy looking at these pictures. Is this your little boy here in front? [An initial; possibly a U or W]”

Background: The newspaper clipping was enclosed in a 7 Dec 2000 letter from my uncle, John Paul McQuary, who was born in Macon Co., MO on 25 Aug 1921. The pertinant paragraphs of his letter are quoted below:

“I am enclosing a newspaper clipping for your memorabilia file. Your Dad gave this to me and I think my mother had given it to him. She had received it from a long-term friend from Macon County days. Although this is a 1919-20 picture I have the feeling it was reprinted much later - perhaps 25 or even 50 years later.

Your Dad is the 3rd boy from the left on the front row. The surprising thing is that there are 3 other children named McQuary. None of them are cousins of ours so I have no idea who they are or if the spelling got changed in the reprinting.

The letter was written to me by my Uncle John Paul McQuary (1921 - living), youngest son of James Otis McQuary (1890 - 1960) and Virgie Elizabeth Varns McQuary (1891 - 1974). My grandfather, James Otis came to Macon County from Pulaski Co., KY when he was 11 years old. James Otis married Virgie Elizabeth in Macon County on 11 Dec 1910. They had five children, all of whom were born in Macon County. Their oldest son, Charles Virgil McQuary (1911 - 1999), was my father. He is one of the students in the clipping of the Redman School 1919-20 class photo.

My grandfather moved his family from Macon to Harrison, Co., MO shortly after the 1919-20 school year. Their children all grew up there, near Bethany. But my grandmother obviously maintained contact with her Macon County friends and former neighbors for one of them annotated the clipping and sent it to her. I don't know what newspaper the class picture was published in nor who clipped the picture and sent it to my grandmother.

Bill McQuary


By Ernie Miles: Doris (Miles) Porter was a sister of my father, Nolan Keith Miles.

Doris (Miles) Porter was the teacher of this class.

Doris was born 1898 and died 1980 of a heart attack in Homestead, FL. She is buried at Mt. Tabor Cem. east of Atlanta

This is a note from Herschel and Sharone POTEET. Herschel is now 80 and remembers these children.

Dorothy is the daughter of teacher, Doris (MILES) PORTER, now living in Florida. Paul and Ron are younger brothers of Herschel who also spent time living with their grandparents.


Hi Ernie,
Yes we got it this time. That certainly is Aunt Doris. We even have another picture of her wearing the same dress or blouse! Crystal Wells in the front row and Co Aileen Wells (Ford) (should be Colene) were daughters of Roy Wells who was a brother to Hersch's Grandmother Poteet. And Hersch remembers the Petre children well, since he spent summers with his grandmother.

We remember Aunt Doris telling us when she taught at Redman, she rode her horse to school from the Carnahan farm where she stayed. If the weather was really bad, I believe she roomed with a neighboring family.

I will forward this on to Hersch's brothers; also to Cousin Dorothy who will enjoy seeing it.


Hi I am Carrol Petre, son of Woodrow Petre.

This photo was published in the Macon Chronicle Herald, in Macon, MO.

I don't know the exact date but my Mother has the original clipping and I'm sure she kept the date with it.

I knew a lot of the people in the picture.

When I was young we would go to the Redman store most every saturday night. My grandfather, Jess Joseph Petre, (he married Georgia Mae Danner), lived right across the road from the store. There were 13 children in the Jess Petre family.

I listened to their stories and watched them play horseshoe behind the store. When I was growing up there John Edward Claypoole was the owner of the store, and lived in the house to the south of the store. Anything else I can tell you, drop a line. Carrol Wayne Petre Independence, MO

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