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Carolyn Bowers Sun Sept 25, 2011

Looking for Charles (Carl) JAEGER. Married Anna Susanna (GORBRENY or GAMBRANI). Came to US in 1849 from Austria/Hungary. Anna d. 21 June 1885 in Macon, MO.


Joseph – d. 1 Apr 1908 in Macon, MO. Married: Barbara BUERK.



Mathilda – d. 1 Jan 1899 in Kansas City, MO. Married: Alois STUTZER.



Laura – d. 19 Nov 1914 in Dundee, OR. Married Henry August FORCHT.



Alfred – d. 15 April 1919 in Monroe City, MO. Married Bertha SCHIEFERDIECKER.


Alfred H,

Emma – d. 1935 possibly in Germany. Married: Louis SAVOY in Livingston, MT in 1890 and Ludwig LESCHINSKY in Hastings, NE in 1901. No children.

Malvina – b. in Missouri . No known spouse or death information.

Bertha – adopted daughter-d. 12 Mar 1899 in Moberly, MO. Married William SEELEN.


William Jr,

Looking for information on any member of this family or their origination city and extended family.

I have photos of Mathilda, Laura, Emma & Malvina, and Billy SEELEN.

There are also many JAEGER family photos I need help identifying.

I need your help. Thanks in advance.

Carolyn Bowers Sat Sept 24, 2011

Looking for death and burial information for Frederick Wilhelm FORCHT.

Frederick came to the US in 1855 from Peckelsheim, Germany with his wife Carolina (ZIEGLER) and 3 sons:

Heinrich August
William Carl
Fredrich Emil

Family records are found at Zion Lutheran Church, East Macon, MO. The 1870 US Census lists Carolina living in a household with William Carl in Macon, MO. Her marital status is "widowed".

Also looking for information on Edward FORCHT and his wife Amoine ZIEGLER. Amoine is a sister to Carolina, and I believe Edward is a brother to Frederick Wilhelm. Edward died in Macon, MO in Jan. 1870.

I need your help. Thanks in advance.

Barb. Ocker Mon Sept 12, 2011

I am searching for information on David R. JENKINS, who was murdered in Bevier, Macon Co) Mo. on August 10,1913.

Obit says he was murdered and then his body put on railroad tracks.

Need to know if his murder was ever solved and is anyone else researching David and his parents Benjamin and Jane Evans JENKINS.

Thank you so much for your help.

Beverly Burt Mon Sept 5, 2011

Looking for information on Henry Thomas ATTEBERRY, b 1830 KY, who married Margarett NEAT, 13 June 1848, in Macon Co. MO.

They were in Norton Co., KS by 1875.

Children are:

James L b 1849 MO
Nancy Jane b 1854 MO
Francis (female) b 1857 MO
Cynthia Anna (Annie) b 2 Feb 1863 in MO
Minnie M b 1865 IA
Orin (Aaron) B b 1868 IA
M Florence b July 1869 IA

Beverly Burt
534 S 6th Ave
Broken Bow, NE 68822

Thanks so much.

Turk Thomas Humphrey Sun May 15, 2011

David HUMPHREY was my great great grandfather from Wales. Swansea, Glamorganshire, I believe. He was born in 1816 and emigrated to the US in 1849 aboard the Clinton DeWitt, leaving his family behind.

His wife was Eliza (Price?) HUMPHREY, born in the same location in Wales, I believe. She and their four children emigrated in 1850 to the US aboard the Montazuma.

David and Eliza (Elizabeth) first appeared in the 1850 US Census living in Allegheny County, Penn with their children: Ann (age 10), Margaret (7), David (4), and John (2). They were living with Thomas and Francis PRICE, whom I believe were Eliza's brother and sister-in-law.

By 1860 the David HUMPHREY Family was found in two locations: Syracuse, Meigs, Ohio and Pitt Township, Allegheny, Penn. Both locations were coal mining areas. They had added three children to the family by 1860: Mary (9), Thomas (5), and Sarah (2+).

By 1870 the US Census shows the David HUMPHREY Family living in Bevier, Macon, MO, with one new addition: Elizabeth ("Lizzie").

The 1880 US Census shows David living in Arkansas River, Fremont, CO as a miner, and his wife still living in Bevier, Macon County with their daughter Lizzie. The 1880 US Census also shows their son, David HUMPHREYS (34) living in Bevier with his wife, Ann Sarah (27), and their children: Lizzie (8), Annie (6), and Albert (1). David died Sept 9, 1888, and his wife, Elizabeth, died August 1, 1893. Both are buried in the St. Charles Cemetery in Bevier.

Notes on the spelling of the "HUMPHREY" name. It is spelled as follows:

David HUMPHREY in 1841 Welsh records
David HUMPHREYS in 1849 on the the Clinton De Witt ships's manifest
Eliza HUMPHRYS on 1850 on the Montezuma ships's manifest
David and Eliza HUMPHRY in 1850 US Census
David and Eliza HUMPHREY in the 1860 US Census (Pennsylvania)
David and Eliza HUMPHREY in the 1860 US Census (Ohio)
David and Eliza HUMPHREY in the 1870 US Census (MO)
David and Elizabeth HUMPHREY in the 1880 US Census
David and Elizabeth HUMPHREYS in the St. Charles Cemetery records
David and Elizabeth HUMPHREYES in the old Thomas HUMPHREYS Bible

I'm hoping someone might be able to provide some information on the David HUMPHRY(S)(EY)(EYS) Family. For instance:

--what was his middle name?
--where in Wales was he born?
--what was Eliza's maiden name?
--are there any HUMPHREYS still in the Macon area?

I live in Australia, and usually when I go to the US it is for vacation purposes. Missouri isn't a likely spot to be visited, so I'll need to rely on 2nd hand assistance.

All the best, your assistance would be welcome.

Belinda Jorgensen Thur Feb 24, 2011

I am searching for the grave of Mexican War Veteran, William T. BURTON.

He died in Macon County on April 15, 1864 of consumption contracted in the war. He was listed as a farmer living near the town of Callao in the 1860 census.

The only family members that may have been buried in Macon County are two daughters of William (Amanda & A?) listed on 1860 census; however not listed on 1870 census.

William was married to Elizabeth McDANIEL in Ohio, I believe her brother or step-brother may have been John McDANIEL. He died in 1929 and is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery with his wife Barbara.

William had a daughter named Demaries and she married Lymon PROSSER. A son named William PROSSER was also listed in 1860; however he is not listed in the 1870 census. The family stayed in Macon County until after 1880, then moved to Kansas City, Mo. Elizabeth filed for a widow's pension in Macon County.

Your help would be appreciated.

Madison Butz Mon Feb 21, 2011

I am a high school student in Paso Robles, California. I'm interested in history and spend a lot of time at my local antique store.

Today I found a fascinating letter written in 1931 from a college boy to his girl. I am intrigued by these two people and would be interested in knowing more about them, where they lived, and if they are now deceased.

The address is La Plata, Missouri, which I'm aware is in Macon County. It was mailed with a stamp that says Kirksville, 8.30 p.m., Jan. 29, 1931, MO.

The sender is a Glen WHITNEY, 109 East Randolph, and the recipient is Miss Esther DAVIS, La Plata, MO. They seem to be young college students. The text of the letter is as follows.

Jan. 29, 1931.
Dearest Esther-

Last nite after Warren and I started to leave, I found Mary E.'s "pep" cap. I brought it back in and called for you- but got no answer so I tossed it in at the door. I didn't find your "tam" until this morning.
Did you find your ring? I hope so-. I guess Warren and Mary E. must not have quarreled as they usually do.
Did you find out who won that last game? La Plata?

Esther- I am beginning to think that you're too good a girl for me. I have more respect for you than you will ever know- or ever think I have.

p.s.- Will give you your "tam" the next time I see you.

Can you help me in this in any way or refer me to someone who can?

Thank you!

Michael Hackler Tue Feb 15, 2011

I am seeking information on the family of Jacob HACKLER and his wife Sarah MOORE.

Sarah MOORE HACKLER died in Macon Co, Feb 16, 1877. Jacob and Sarah were originally from Grayson Co Virginia. Sarah was born in Grayson Co. VA in 1812 and Jacob was born in Grayson VA April 20, 1799. In the 1840's they move to McMinn Co. TN.

They had a son Francis Marion HACKLER born in Walker Co Georgia in 1852. On August 22, 1875 Francis Marion HACKLER married Virginia Florence SEARS who had been born 1858/1859 in Sinabar Twn, Stoney Point, Missouri who was the daughter of Peter Anderson SEARS born in Kentucky in 1822 and Mary Francis KIRBY from Kentucky.

Francis Marion HACKLER and Virginia Forence SEARS had five children born in Macon, Missouri. The names of three of them are known. They are twins:

1. Eddie Francis M HACKLER
2. Elva HACKLER born November 1879
3. Nora E HACKLER born May 1888.

This family appears on the 1880 Macon Co Census: Francis Marion HACKLER was a railroad laborer. Between May 1888 and 1900 Francis Marion HACKLER, Virginia Florence SEARS, and the three children named above, moved to Valentine, Cherry Co. Nebraska.

I would like additional information on Jacob and Sarah MOORE's family. Their children's names are:

1. Harriet A HACKLER, born 1843 in TN and perhaps married 1864 in Macon Co to Jasper HENRY born 1841 and died 1883 in Macon Co. Under the name of Harriet Manerva HACKLER there is also a marriage on Apr 10, 1873 in Macon County to Solomon C HENRY.

2. Hiram

3. Catherine

4. Jonathan

5. George W

6. Jane

7. Francis Marion

Also I would like to know what happened to Jacob HACKLER because I have found no reference to when and where he died and when or where he was buried.

Any help would be appreciated

John R Sloan Wed Dec 15, 2010

I am seeking information concerning my great grand parents, Robert Harrison SLOAN (R.H. SLOAN MD) and his spouse Jennie M Sloan nee DIMMICK. The information I have for them is as follows:

Robert Harrison SLOAN
Individual Facts:
Birth: Mar-1837 in Palmyra, Marion, Missouri
Graduation: 1865 in Keokuk, Iowa; College of Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk; Univ. of Iowa Medical Dept.
Residence: 1870 in Ten Mile, Macon, Missouri; Occupation: Physician
Residence: 1872 in Middletown, Orange, New York
Religion: 06-Apr-1876 in New York, New York; Admitted to membership by certificate to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City, New York
Residence: 1880 in Golden, Jefferson, Colorado, United States; Occupation: Physician
Occupation: 1896 in New York; Certified as a Physician
Residence: 1900 in Bethel, Sullivan, New York; Name: R Harrison SLOAN - Occupation: Physician - Martial Status: Widower
Death: Abt. 1910 in San Francisco, California

Individual Facts:
Birth: Abt. 1852
Religion: 06-Apr-1876 in New York, New York; Admitted to membership by certificate to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City, New York

Shared Facts:
Marriage: 10-May-1871 in Macon, Missouri; Record cites R H SLOAN MD resident of Laport, Macon County and J M DIMMICK resident of Blairstown, New Jersey
Children: Otis DIMMICK SLOAN

Jennie M. SLOAN, on admission to the church, was listed as transferring from Earing Church, Macon County, MO. Unfortunately, the microfilm was by no means clear (as you know, it's always clear for the other person but not for the one in whom you are interested) as to the church name that I interpreted as Earing.

I can not find a Church called “Earing” and since I’m interpreting could some one please clarify the Church name and suggest other resources that I may research in finding this family.

Thank you for any assistance that can be provided.

John Rowe Wed Dec 1, 2010

I am looking information on Ray CAREY from Macon Missouri. I believed he passed around 10-15 years ago. I believe they lived at 718 North Jackson.

He was my uncle and I am trying to research his military career.

He was married to Mary CAREY. They had three children who all grew up in Macon.

Jack graduated in 1962, now around 65 years old
Jeanne graduated in 1964, now around 60 years old married I don’t know last name
Linda graduated in 1967, now around 58, also married and I believe living in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He was an insurance person and worked on the square, he was also a WW II Air Force pilot.

Feel free to contact me by email or by phone (816) 294-4215.

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