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John R Sloan Wed Dec 15, 2010

I am seeking information concerning my great grand parents, Robert Harrison SLOAN (R.H. SLOAN MD) and his spouse Jennie M Sloan nee DIMMICK. The information I have for them is as follows:

Robert Harrison SLOAN
Individual Facts:
Birth: Mar-1837 in Palmyra, Marion, Missouri
Graduation: 1865 in Keokuk, Iowa; College of Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk; Univ. of Iowa Medical Dept.
Residence: 1870 in Ten Mile, Macon, Missouri; Occupation: Physician
Residence: 1872 in Middletown, Orange, New York
Religion: 06-Apr-1876 in New York, New York; Admitted to membership by certificate to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City, New York
Residence: 1880 in Golden, Jefferson, Colorado, United States; Occupation: Physician
Occupation: 1896 in New York; Certified as a Physician
Residence: 1900 in Bethel, Sullivan, New York; Name: R Harrison SLOAN - Occupation: Physician - Martial Status: Widower
Death: Abt. 1910 in San Francisco, California

Individual Facts:
Birth: Abt. 1852
Religion: 06-Apr-1876 in New York, New York; Admitted to membership by certificate to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City, New York

Shared Facts:
Marriage: 10-May-1871 in Macon, Missouri; Record cites R H SLOAN MD resident of Laport, Macon County and J M DIMMICK resident of Blairstown, New Jersey
Children: Otis DIMMICK SLOAN

Jennie M. SLOAN, on admission to the church, was listed as transferring from Earing Church, Macon County, MO. Unfortunately, the microfilm was by no means clear (as you know, it's always clear for the other person but not for the one in whom you are interested) as to the church name that I interpreted as Earing.

I can not find a Church called “Earing” and since I’m interpreting could some one please clarify the Church name and suggest other resources that I may research in finding this family.

Thank you for any assistance that can be provided.

John Rowe Wed Dec 1, 2010

I am looking information on Ray CAREY from Macon Missouri. I believed he passed around 10-15 years ago. I believe they lived at 718 North Jackson.

He was my uncle and I am trying to research his military career.

He was married to Mary CAREY. They had three children who all grew up in Macon.

Jack graduated in 1962, now around 65 years old
Jeanne graduated in 1964, now around 60 years old married I don’t know last name
Linda graduated in 1967, now around 58, also married and I believe living in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He was an insurance person and worked on the square, he was also a WW II Air Force pilot.

Feel free to contact me by email or by phone (816) 294-4215.

XXX Wed Oct 27, 2010

Looking for any information on Orbrey Lee CROSS 1880-1948, son of George W. CROSS 1852-1908 and Susie (NICHOLS) CROSS 1860-1887. He was married to Lena Opal (WRIGHT) CROSS born 1889 in Callao, MO. He is supposed to be buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Macon, but I do not have the information as to whether he is in East Woodlawn or West Woodlawn.

Some say he had been Superintendant of the Macon Schools at one time.

Can you give me any help?

Virginia K. (Walden) Westbrook Wed Oct 27, 2010

Hello. I am doing research on my Great Great Grandfather, Elijah & his wife, Mary M (GUINN or WINN) MORRIS.

Elijah MORRIS was supposedly born somewhere in Virginia, USA. His wife Mary GUINN(according to census records) or WINN was born somewhere in Mo. They both lived in Macon County, Mo where my GrGrGrandfather worked in the coal mines before bringing his family to Albia, Iowa some time in the 1850's to work in the Albia Coal MInes.

GrGrGrandmother Mary M. MORRIS passed away about a year after her last child was born, in 1873. She's buried in Albia, Ia.

GrGrGrandfather MORRIS, appears to have cared for his children while working in the coal mines after my GrGrGrandmother died. He passed away in approximately 1890 & is also buried in Iowa. I have been unable to find any information pertaining to either of them.

Her birth records, or any marriage records for either one that supposedly were filed in Missouri.

Can't find anyone who might be related to either one. I have a list of my GrGrandfather MORRIS's people and also my Grandfather's but am curious as to why there is nothing on either GrGrGrandfather or GrGrGrandmother MORRIS.

I would appreciate any information on these GIPSON families.

My grgrgrandparents are of African American descent & were listed as black, or mulatto on some census records

Would you be able to help me? Please advise. Thank You.

Rusty Creed Thur Aug 12, 2010

I am trying to tie Mary Ann GIPSON (22 May 1844 - 14 Oct 1931) to one of the GIPSON families who lived in the Chariton Township in Macon County from the 1830s until the 1860s. Mary Ann married (1) Basil HOWELL DISHMAN (b ca 1840-1844, d ca 1878) on 21 Jan 1864 in Macon County and (2) Thompson BURRESS (b 1847 in Ray Co., MO) on 21 Aug 1879 in Ray County.

The GIPSON families I am wondering about are the households headed by Elijah S. GIPSON (b ca 1815 in Kentucky), Robert GIPSON (b ca 1785 in KY), Smith GIPSON, John GIPSON (b ca 1825 in Ky), John C. GIPSON (b ca 1825 in KY), and particularly Nathan GIPSON (b ca 1817 in KY), who had a daughter listed as "Polly Ann" and "Polly" and was born ca 1842 in Missouri.

I would appreciate any information on these GIPSON families.

Dave Knoch Thur July 22, 2010

I am researching the MCGREGOR family of Michigan, whose ancestors lived in Macon County for a couple of generations.

Robert Lee MCGREGOR (b. 1899) and Leona PATRICK (b. ABT 1900), both of Callao, were married on 12 Mar 1924 in Macon County.

Both are abscent from the 1920 federal census, however. Robert Lee was the son of James MCGREGOR and Giddie CALHOUN (m. 1897 in Macon Co.).

Robert Lee and Leona had a son, Donald Hardey MCGREGOR, born 26 Dec 1924. I believe this birth occurred in Macon Co. as it took place 9 months after Robert Lee and Leona were wed.; however, I can find no record of the birth of either Robert Lee, Leona, or Donald appear in the 1930 federal census.

I would appreciate any assistance you can give in discovering:
a) The birth information for Donald Hardey MCGREGOR
b) The 1930 whereabouts of this branch of the MCGREGOR family if they in fact still remained in the county.
c) Death information for both Robert Lee and Leona.

Thank you very much for your help.

Linda Goddard Stout Wed May 26, 2010

I am researching my GODDARD family of western Pennsylvania. One branch of the family is supposed to have “moved to Missouri” c1836. William GODDARD and his wife, Hannah HUFFMAN, appear on the 1820 Greene County, PA census, but are not found after that date. They had lived for a very brief time, just over the border, in Virginia (now West Virginia), before moving to Greene county. On the 1820 census they have two sons and five daughters. This couple married in Monongalia County, (W)VA in 1807.

The following families appear on various census records in Macon county:

Eli N. GODDARD, born 1808 VA. He is shown on the 1860 Macon County Census with his wife, Mary E.

Mary GODDARD ROGERS, born c1814 PA. She appears on the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census with husband, David ROGERS and several children.

Rebecca GODDARD FLETCHER, born c1816 PA. She appears on the 1850 census with husband, John FLETCHER and two children, Harvey and Wm. M.

Note: Not absolutely sure Rebecca is a GODDARD, but she and her family are living next door to Mary GODDARD ROGERS and family in 1850, and Rebecca is also born in PA.

Sarah K. GODDARD GEE, born c1818 PA. She appears on the 1860 and 1870 Macon County Census with husband, Alfred GEE and several children.

William H. GODDARD, born c1823 PA. He appears on the 1860 census with wife, Elen, born in IN.

Are these five GODDARDs siblings? Their ages certainly fit to be children of William and Hannah (HUFFMAN) GODDARD. Was there a William GODDARD who settled early in Macon county? Are there any descendants of these families out there willing to share info? I would truly appreciate any help. I have been searching for info on this family for more than 30 years!!

Thank you.

I should have many relatives in the Macon Co. area and would like to make contact with them and share my data?

Tamra Pitts Wed May 26, 2010

I am researching the LENE and PERRY families.

My understanding is they came to America in the mid or late 1880s (some records showed 1889 entering America) and settled in MO shortly after.

There was 2 brothers Joseph Jackson LENE and Andy V LENE. Joseph Jackson married a Sarah E or C last name unknown and is buried in Elmer, MO and died around the early 1940s. Andy LENE married a Sarrah Christine HENRY in the mid 1890s and is also buried in Elmer, MO died somewhere around 1938. Sarrah's parents were Jasper and Harriet A (HACKLER) HENRY but was not from that area. Andy and Sarrah moved shortly after marriage to the area.

I do know that Joseph and Andy had adjoining farms and at some point Joseph acquired Andy's land. I still have a ton of family in and around what would have been Richland, Walnut Creek and Laplata townships now known as Laplata and Elmer, MO.

I have census records still showing them in the same area even into 1910, 1920 and part of 1930. I hope it helps some.

On the grid for Richland township there is a large print and bolded 30 on a line and on the lower left corner what appears to be 20 by each name, now I assume that means 20 acres but later on looking at other plat maps Joseph LENE shows same spot but with a 160 which again I assume means 160 acres?

I should have many relatives in the Macon Co. area and would like to make contact with them and share my data?

Teresa Mott Wed May 26, 2010

I have been trying for years to find any ref to my great-grandfather. Daddy knew very little: name of John, killed on rr track somewhere in Macon County. I hit gold with the following entry:

Compiled by: Monell Koger

(taken from MACON COUNTY OBITUARIES compiled by Phyllis Mears)

John Mott, 39, was found dead on the Burlington railroad track west of Bucklin 17 June 1910. He had lived in Elmer for a number of years and was an employee of Santa Fe. He leaves a wife, Edna and little son, Carl, besides his parents, Dick and Mary Mott of Nind and a brother, William Mott and sisters, Ada Walker, Mola Lynch, Susie Pyles. Internment in Bunce Cemetery.

I found muliple lists with the names of William MOTT, and Mary MOTT. And I believe Edwin MOTT was the son of William but I’m not for sure. I did not recognize any of the other MOTT names so I don’t know if they are related or not.

Could you please send any information to me. I am interested in all information, on persons living or dead. Please inform me if there is any cost generated.

Can anyone help me?

Jane Wisdom Sat Apr 24, 2010

I am working on the history of the Randolph WHITE family.

Jane WHITE is the daughter of Randolph and Margaret Kirkland WHITE.

I am inquiring for information on the marriage of James COOLEY and Jane WHITE. When and where were they married and when did they die? Where are they buried?

Did James and Jane COOLEY have more than two children and did she remarry? I have Alzada COOLEY as a child and she married Burrell ROBERTS but I don't know if there are other children for Jane and James. I see they are in the 1830 census in Randolph County but I cannot find anything for either after that.

Thanks so much for your help.

Mary Childress Sat Apr 24, 2010

I am researching Shan M. RICHARDS/RICHARDSON, born Mar 1862 in MO, died 20 May 1925 in Dickens County, TX.

He married Ann SANDERS on 3 Mar 1898 in Barry County, MO. Ann SANDERS was born Nov 1882 in MO and died between 1908 and 1925.

Shan and Annie had at least one child, Albert Green RICHARDS, born 2 Jun 1908 in Washburn, Barry County, MO & died 15 Mar 1984 in Hutchinson County, TX.

In 1880, Shan was living with his mother and siblings in Macon County, MO; no father was present. A George SANDERS family was living next door. The family went by Richardson on that census. The mother's name was given as S. A. RICHARDSON, age 39. The children were Shan, age 18; Mary T., age 16; Milton, age 14; and Smith, age 10.

In 1900, Shan was living in Barry County, MO with his wife Annie and grandfather William J. DALTON, age 81, born in IN.

My understanding is that Shan and Annie's son, Albert, grew up in the home of an aunt. I do not know if Shan and Annie had other children. Shan was about 20 years older than Annie, so I don't know if he had been married previously.

I have not been able to find a 1910 or 1920 census schedule for this family, or an 1870 schedule for any of them.

I live in California. The enquiry is on behalf of my sister [half-sister] Charlotte GAYLE who was born to Albert Green RICHARDS. Her parents divorced when she was small, and she knows nothing about her father's family.

The family was in Ash Township in 1900. They are known to have been in Barry County as of 1912--there was a news article, to wit:

February 22, 1912, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO
Mayflower News: Bob DALTON and brother, Ed, who lives near Bentonville Ark., visited at Shan RICHARDS Friday night.

Any help you can give in identifying this family, especially Shan's father and Annie's parents, would be very much appreciated.

Andy Lester Wed Apr 21, 2010

Any information on George LESTER (LASTER) (LUSTER)? George was born in Virginia abt. 1829.

He was apprenticed out in Caswell County, NC in 1838 to Stephen MUNDAY. He lived with Stephen Munday in Macon County in 1850.

He married Mary Ann POWELL, daughter of Pleasant and Winifred Powell. George and Mary Ann's first child was James born in 1856 or 1857 in North Carolina. I am looking for George and Mary Ann's marriage date and any other info on them or the Powells.

In 1860, they are shown on the Census in Winston County, Alabama.

He died in 1910 in Cullman County, AL where he is buried. Mary Ann's mother, Winifred, moved to Alabama with them. I am not sure what happened to her father, Pleasant.

Any help would be appreciated.

Christle Scheuber Wed Apr 7, 2010

Looking for information on my great grandfather Richard Owen MASON, first marriage to Margaret RATTLIFF.

Trying to find who his siblings and parents were.

Know quite alot about him from when he married Margaret on down but not before.

He was born in Perry, Indiana in 1832 or 34. Have papers when he was discharged from civil war and why he couldn't get his pension but would like to have information on before 1856.

Thanks for any help.

Jean Goff Sat Feb 6, 2010

I am looking for decendants of Asher MOXLEY b. Apr 1829 d, Jul 26 1899 buried at New Cambria Cemetery, with his 1st of 3 wives, Elizabeth FINNEL. They had 4 children:

1. Mary Jane MOXLEY married George Washington HEATH in Macon Co. Dec 21 1868. I know nothing else about her.

2. Lucinda MOXLEY married John Franklin WHITE, Sep 24 1871 Macon Co., MO. Lucinda was still living in 1905. John's death cert says he was divorced. Children were: Mattie Elizabeth that married Benjamin BAKER, Daughter that married James COLLINS, Daughter that married NS GROFF, Daughter that married William FRAZIER, and Daughter that married JD SPIKER.

3. Geroge MOXLEY married Nancy A. DOWELL, they had 7 children. 2 died by 1900, Horace and Charles Deal died as Children, Rufus MOXLEY divorced Bobbie BUNDRIN, he lived in Colorado and was living 1930, Dora MOXLEY married Emmitt GRIFFFEN May 23 1902, and Quinn MOXLEY died in CA.

4. Susan MOXLEY married John George SMALL. They had a son died in 1905 buried in New Cambria Cemetery and a daughter, Emma.

Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Diana Bailey Smith Sat Jan 16, 2010

I am interested in obtaining information about the parents of Francis H. BARRY or BERRY.

The 1900 census of Macon County lists him as a BARRY and that he was born in Missouri, May 1847.

His parents were listed as being from Kentucky.

I have found a Richard Berry in Washington Co., Ky.

I am wondering if there is a connection? Francis married Manerva ? in c. 1871 in Missouri. I have not been able to obtain any other information about these two.

Any help would be appreciated.

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