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Andrew D. Weisenborn Tue Oct 1, 2009

I have come across a photo album I believe to have belonged to my grandmother, Lola WEISENBORN.

There is a presentation page in the front that says, “Presented to Charles BRUNER, by his teacher Clara A. ENGLEHART, March 23, 1883.”

If you have information regarding any of these three persons it would be appreciated.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Mary Lou (Dorian) Aalbers Tue Sept 22, 2009

I am looking for information on my great grandparents, David MOORE and Mary Eliza (RUSSELL) MOORE. He was born in Indiana about 1830, and she was born in Kentucky, but I am not sure of a date. I believe they lived near Ten-Mile, Clarence/Macon.

They were married on March 17, 1864, in Macon, and I think they lived there the rest of their lives.

They had six children: Cordelia, James E., Auskie, Thomas, Arminta and Charles Luther (My grandfather).

My grandfather married Anna RESA in Macon on October 29, 1900 and lived all their lives in Clarence.

They had two children: Chester MOORE and Lovie Mae (MOORE) DORIAN, my mother.

My grandparents are buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Clarence, but I am not sure where my great grandparents are buried.

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Glenn G. Glasgow Sat Aug 29, 2009

I am doing research on my grandfather, William GLASGOW.

William's grandparents: John GLASGOW, born in 1784, married Isabella, born in Ireland, did much to populate the Ohio frontier. John died in 1839 in Belmont Co. Ohio. Isabella died is 1858 and was buried in also buried Belmont Co. Ohio.

Their children were:
John, born in Pennsylvania in 1805, died in 1858 in Adair County MO.
William GLASGOW born in 1824 in Virginia,

John GLASGOW, also married a lady by the name of Isabella. Of this union was born James Glasgow who married Micha Chapman. This union resulted in the birth of William GLASGOW in Kirksville, MO December 3 1863. He died on November 30, 1942 in Macon, MO.

He was married to Anna Margaret Mitten, born on Oct 5, 1862 in Millersberg, Ohio. She died Nov 8, 1944 in Macon MO.

Of this marriage was born:
George Winfield GLASGOW on April 7, 1866 in Gibbs MO,
Zelma Pearl GLASGOW on November 27,1891
Homer Glenn GLASGOW on December 30, 1896 on Bear Creek, probably Adair County.

William lived in Macon Missouri with his wife Margaret, three children; George, Zelma, and Homer, my dad.

He served on the Macon City Council, also was Chief of Police. He ran for county sheriff, but did not win.

William was employed as a special agent for the Burlington Railroad at one time. I have his railroad pass and badge.

William migrated from Ohio, lived in Adair County and then to Macon Co. where he died in 1942. This branch of the tree started in Scotland in 1705.

I have much more information I can share with you.

Thank you for any help.

John Glasgow born in 1805 also married a lady by the name of Isabella. Of this union was born James Glasgow who married Micha Chapman . This union resulted in the birth of WILLIAM GLASGOW in Kirksville Missouri December 3 1863 He died on November 30, 1942 in Macon Missouri. He was married to Anna Margaret Mitten who was born on October 5 1862 in Millersberg Ohio. She died on Nov 8, 1944 in Macon MO of this marriage was born, George Winfield Glasgow on April 7, 1866 in Gibbs Misssouri, Zelma Pearl Glasgow on November 27,1891 and Homer Glenn Glasgow on December 30 1896 on Bear Creek, probably Adair County. William Glasgow served as the elected City Marshal of Macon, MO in 1926. At that time he had lived in Macon for about 14years. He also served on the Macon Board of Alderman and was a special agent for the Burlington Railroad.

Bonnie (Zoerner) Johnston Sat Aug 22, 2009

I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather’s Edward James HILL , his siblings; Henry HILL, Thomas HILL, William HILL, James HILL and two sisters. If you have information on any other relatives listed below it would also be appreciated.

My mother’s name is Martha (DAVISON) ZOERNER born 9/28/1928 in Macon, MO. She has a brother named Jack DAVISON born 1930 in Macon, MO

My Maternal Grandparents are:

Ray DAVISON and Merceda (HILL) DAVISON. Ray was born abt 1905 in Macon, MO.
Merceda was born 8/26/1906 in Bevier, MO died 8/16/1977 in Kenosha, WI.

They married in Macon, MO abt 1926 then moved to Kenosha, WI

Ray’s siblings are:

John F DAVISON born abt 1896 in Macon, MO
Eva (DAVISON) GOODALE born abt 1900 in Macon, MO lived in Bevier, MO
Pearl (DAVISON) WALTON born abt 1898 in Macon, MO moved to Kenosha, WI

Merceda’s siblings are:

MaryEllen (?) HILL died giving birth to her first child
Juanita HILL died at 18 months old
Barbara (HILL) MAUPIN born 9/16/1918 in Bevier, MO died 1/26/2004 married Charles Gordon MAUPIN on 3/3/1939 lived in Marshall, MO

My Maternal Great Grandparents are:

John B DAVISON and Susie Francis (TILLER) DAVISON
John was born abt 1853 in (?).
Susie was born 3/9/1876 in Kentucky died 4/3/1956 in Bevier, MO.
They lived in Macon, MO.

Edward James HILL and Effie Mae (OVERBY) HILL.
Edward was born 5/6/1874 in Northumberland, England immigrated with his family to Bevier in approx 1892, died 4/14/1953 in Marshall, MO.

Edward’s siblings are:

Henry HILL
Thomas HILL (moved to Texas)
William HILL
James HILL
(female) HILL
(female) HILL

Effie was born 8/12/1878 in Thomas HILL, MO died 12/1/1944 in Kansas City, MO.. They lived in Bevier, MO

Effie Mae’s siblings are:

George W OVERBY born 9/10/1861 in Jacksonville, MO died 6/6/1938 married Laura (SHOEMAKER) OVERBY born 3/26/1864 Bevier, MO died 2/14/1955
Mary (OVERBY) don’t know her husband’s name or birth/death info
Sallie A (OVERBY) CRUTCHFIELD born 1/1/1867 Jacksonville, MO died 5/16/1922 married W S CRUTCHFIELD on 5/25/1890 they lived in Higbee, MO
Dollie W (OVERBY) FISHER born abt 1876 married John H FISHER born 6/7/1871 died 1/5/1947 then lived in Bevier, MO

My Maternal Great Great Grandparents are:

John DAVISON don’t know his wife’s name or birth/death info
James TILLER and Katherine (?) TILLER
John Edward HILL and Ella (SIMPSON) HILL
William Henry Harrison OVERBY and Lucy (WALKER) OVERBY

My Great Great Grandfather, John Edward HILL, was a miner in England and immigrated to Missouri to work in the mines. None of the sons remained in mining after they immigrated.

My Great Grandfather, Edward James HILL, owned an Overland Car dealership, then a Bakery/Deli in Bevier, MO.

Your help would be appreciated.

Betty Mastain Sat Aug 22, 2009

Does anyone know if there are any type of burial records available from Hebron Cemetery (Macon County) from Jan of 1870.

I'm looking for the names of the parents of an Adam KRIBS/KRIBBS who is buried there.

Thank you for any help .

Linda Goddard Stout Fri Aug 7, 2009

Greetings from Wild Wonderful West Virginia.

I am looking for any descendants of the following family:

1860 Macon County, MO Census
LaPorte Post Office
GODARD, William a. 37 b. PA Farmer
Ellen B. a. 29 b. IN
EVENS, Thomas a. 22 b. MO Miner
ROBERTS, Humphrey a. 25 b. MO Miner

Did William and Ellen have children?

Who were the parents of William GODARD/GODDARD?

Where in Pennsylvania was he born?

Did he have brothers and sisters?

In my GODDARD family of western Pennsylvania, we had one branch who supposedly went to Missouri in the 1830's. The head of that family was named William GODDARD. Could this William GODARD/GODDARD listed here in the 1860 census be from that same family?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I will gladly share family information.

Cyndi Fraser Sun Jul 5, 2009

Looking for guidance on where to find birth records for the following people all born in Macon County.

Emma May KUEHNOEL born 3 Apr 1884
Edith Lizabeth KUEHNOEL born 28 FEB 1886 (my grandmother)
Bertha Alice KUEHNOEL born 18 Jan 1888
Edward Carl KUEHNOEL born 16 Jan 1890

Parents are August Carl and Ernestine KUEHNOEL who lived in the area from around 1880 to 1890. The Missouri online database does not show any results for the last name of KUEHNOEL. Would also like to find the general area they resided. Haven't been able to find them in the census but their name is often misspelled and not sure if they resided in this county during actual census years.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks,

Harold G. Richards Sun Jul 5, 2009

Edward RICHARDS was born in old Lunenburg Co Virginia. At this point I have the names Charles and Janet RICHARDS as his parents. This must be further confirmed.

Edward was on the rolls as one of the earliest settlers in Franklin County VA as it was organized in 1758. He was a landowner/livestock breeder as was the custom of the time. He married Elizabeth STEWART [1742-1812] c1759. Edward enlisted Feb 28, 1778 as a Private in Major Jonathan Clark's Company, 4th VA Regiment, Commanded by Col. James Wood during the Revolutionary War. He also served the position of drum major.

Edward was a fellow soldier with Charles STEWART, his wife's brother. The STEWART family, along with the WARREN, the HODGES, the ENGLAND, the MADDOX and the CARTER families lived in close proximity and gave their children in marriage to each other. Land was sold between families and portions given to sons-in-law as wedding gifts. They no doubt worshiped together. Edward and Elizabeth remained in Virginia and passed on in 1812.

Their children were as follows:

1. Shadrick [1760] Susannah HAMILTON
2. Charity [1763] Charles STEWART
3. Waitman [1765] Nancy HODGES
4. Nancy [1766] John HARGAR
5. Susannah [1769] Robert A. C. JONES
6. Rhoda [1771] Jesse WARREN
7. Elizabeth [1775] Wilson MADDOX
8. Edmund Hendley [1783] Sarah Ann WARREN

After Edward and Elizabeth's deaths in 1812 and the estate was settled, several of these families set out for Tennessee in 1814:

Edmund and Sarah RICHARDS,
Charity and Charles STEWART,
Robert A. C. Jones [wife Susannah died during a still-birth in 1802],
Rhoda and Jesse WARREN,
Elizabeth and Wilson MADDOX.

After 16 years in Robertson Co TN, Edmund and Sarah RICHARDS moved on to Macoupin Co IL with Charity and Charles STEWART.

Rhoda and Jesse WARREN, and Robert A. C. Jones remained in TN.

Elizabeth and Wilson MADDOX moved into KY.

Their son Jesse T. MADDOX [1799] was in Macoupin Co. IL for census of 1840, but was in Vernon Co. MO by later 1840s.

Their second son, Edmond MADDOX [1801], was in Monroe Co. MO by 1832, his first child having been born in KY

One of Jesse T. MADDOX's sons, Ezekiel S. MADDOX [1836-1920], settled in Macon Co MO and raised a family there. They are buried in Bethel Church cemetery north of Anabel.

Any information on this family line or descendants would be greatly appreciated.

Cindy Fuller Wed Jun 3, 2009

I am looking for information about James HOWELL, my 5th Great grandfather.

I know he died in Macon County around 1844 or 1850 depending on source.

He was part of Count Kasimir Pulaski's Continental Army.

I have been trying to find any record related to him, because his father is unknown to me.

I believe he is buried in Shirley Easley Cemetery. He was born in Virginia around 1754 or 1744.

I actually live in Lincoln County, Missouri, and I haven't been able to make a trip up to see grave site.

Any help would be appreciated.

Leslie (Bridges) Kohler Fri May 8, 2009

My husband's great-grandfather was Christian Friedrich Wilhelm KOHLER. And, I am continuing a 35 year ongoing search for information. As you would expect, we have seen his surname spelled a number of different ways. The most common one is KOEHLER, but we have also run across COLER, KAHLER, COULTER, and many others.

This man was born in either Metz or Klinkow in the Federal State of Brandenburg, Prussia, on 22 Sep 1837, but emigrated out to arrive in the USA in 1863.

We know his wife was called Sophia. And, a record of their marriage was found in Wolcottsville, Niagara County, New York, USA. Her full name was Christiane Sophia Dorothea NIEMANN. We have seen her name spelled different ways, too. The most common being NEUMANN. (This is how it is spelled on her parents' grave markers.)

After his service with the Union Army and their marriage, Christian & Sophia migrated to Macon County, Missouri, with (be believe) a stop in northeast Iowa. He lived until 1906; and she, until 1918.

Christian and Sophia now have many living descendants. And, we have much information to share with them.

Christian's parents were Maria BRAND and Christian KOHLER. Do you happen to know if he had siblings? And, if so, did any of them also come to the USA?

I would appreciated any information and will share what I have.

Robert Kilgore
12307 Camberley Ln.
Carmel,In. 46033

Jane Farmer Sun Apr 19, 2009

I am trying to find information about the parents of John William FARMER, born 4/15/1857 in Missouri possibly Macon County. According to census information, his parents were born in Kentucky.

He married Susan V. A. DAVIS on 4/11/1878 in Macon County. She died prior to 1893. I believe she was the daughter of Joshua Lee and Sarah Ann (GARNER) DAVIS. They had two sons, Samuel O. FARMER (1879 - 1950) and Herman E FARMER (1883 - 1960). Both sons married daughters of (Alexander) TURNER and (Virginia) Emeline (WINDLE) ESTEL of Macon County.

John William FARMER worked as a section foreman for the railroad, as did his two sons. His sons moved to Illinois and worked for the Rock Island Railroad.

After Susan's death, he married Minne E. ____ about 1893. After her death, he married Nancy J. LANE, daughter of Sam LANE, about 1904. John and Nancy FARMER had an adopted daughter Juanita.

I know he lived in Macon County most of his life but I can not locate him in the 1860 and 1870 census. Later census show that he was born in Missouri and that he lived in Lyda - 1880, in White - 1900, in Ethel - 1910, in White - 1920 and in Ethel - 1930 shortly before his death. He died on 6/24/1930 in Lebanon, Laclede County. The family appears to have moved from Ethel to Lebanon sometime between April and June 1930.

John William FARMER is my husband's great grandfather.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Cindi Summers Sun Jan 4, 2009

I'm researching the VANCE family history and seeking information from anyone who may have known this family, been related to them as well or would simply like a copy of what I have thus far.

Amos VANCE b. abt. 1814 in TN was married to Nancy GRIFFEN? WHITFIELD? in Chariton County, MO in 1845.

They resided in Macon County, MO for many years according to census information between 1850-1890.

His son, William Newton "Nute" VANCE had a son named John VANCE, who was my great-grandfather. John was married to Lillie LUCAS who is also from the area (as well as many of her relatives still living). John and Lillie lived their entire lives in Bevier before resting in East Oakwood Cemetery.

I have not been able find any information on generations before Amos VANCE. I've also seen death certificates referencing burials in VANCE CEMETERY somewhere in Missouri, if anyone has any information on this. Thank you for your time and help.

Thank you for your time and help.

Leslie (Bridges) Kohler Sun Dec 28, 2008

After a wonderful Christmas, I thought I would check in to see if there are new people here who might connect to my husband's family.

Ella KOEHLER and William A JENKINS married in Macon County, Missouri in 1900.

She, the daughter of Christian & Sophia KOEHLER.
He, the son of Arthur and Mary J JENKINS.

According to the records that I have checked, they had at least 6 children. And, they must have divorced between 1920 and 1930.

In 1930, Ella was living (along with their son, Ralph) in the household of L A WILLIAMS, in Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri. She is listed as being the housekeeper.

Anyway, the names I have found for their 6 children are:

Arthur - born 1903
Irene - born 1906
Violet - born ca 1908/1909
George - born ca 1911/1912
G???? (female) - born ca 1913/1914
Ralph - born ca 1917/1918

It would be wonderful to communicate with any of the descendants of the children, so I could send them information concerning Ella's brother and his descendants.

Nadine Snider Mon Dec 8, 2008

We had a great find the other night. My husbands great grandfather was George Washington SNIDER born 1844 in Orange County, Indiana, but lived shortly after that in Crawford, County, Indiana.

We knew little of his childhood and knew that he spent his early adult life in the Macon County, Missouri area.

We decided to go to Indiana and see if we could find anything. We knew his mothers first name was Matilda and that she had later married a RUBERSON. We hit a gold mine in Indiana and found not only is fathers first name George, Sr., but we found land and probate records and drove close to where land records showed the familles land to have been. We found that his father had died when he was two months old, but that he also had an older brother named Daniel F. (never knew he had a brother)

While there we joined the Crawford County Historical society and in reading the last issue Friday night discovered a reprint of an article written in 1914 telling of a visit by Daniel F. SNIDER to his boyhood home telling how his father had died and when he was about 8 years he had moved West to live with relatives. We knew that Matilda had remarried Jonah RUBERSON in 1848 and the family had moved to Missouri by 1850. The Daniel SNIDER visiting in 1914 said he was living in Montana. Did a little investigating ancestry.com and discovered this has to be my husbands great grand uncle. Now trying to get in touch with the person who submitted the information to ancestry and see if we can make more links. The towns he mentioned and the areas he mentioned visiting, match the land areas that we saw. We also discovered that Daniel and our ancestor George had been living in the same are of Macon Missouri (Ten Mile) for most of their lives. Daniel had moved to Montana after the 1900 census and we think that George had moved to Kansas about the same time.

We think we found that Daniel and George's grandparents were David and Barbara SNIDER. David had died shortly before his son George died and Barbara appears to have married a Mr. BLACK after that. We also think now that we have the family traced back to a Melchoir SCHNEIDER who originally came in the 1600-1700s first settling in Maine and then going to NC and Indiana in the 1820s -- 1840s.

We are so grateful that we joined the Crawford County Historical society never would have found this information if we had not.

Other names that might include TYREE and PENDOCK, PENDOCH, PENROD etc.

A relative indicated that Matilda George's mother was a Penrod. The Indiana records show Matilda BLEVINS marrying George SNIDER in 1840 and the former Matilda SNIDER marrying Jonah RUBERSON in 1848. But, a search on familysearch.org found a Matilda PENROD marrying Jonah same date and place. But, the newspaper article mentioned the name PENDOCH. We know that Matilda was widowed in 1844 but did not marry Jonah until 1948. Was she living with other relatives in the meantime? Was there another marriage? How is this PENROD, PENDOCH name connected.

Ah more questions to ask and puzzle pieces to find. Can you help?

Thanks for any help.

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