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Leslie (Bridges) Kohler Sun Dec 28, 2008

After a wonderful Christmas, I thought I would check in to see if there are new people here who might connect to my husband's family.

Ella KOEHLER and William A JENKINS married in Macon County, Missouri in 1900.

She, the daughter of Christian & Sophia KOEHLER.
He, the son of Arthur and Mary J JENKINS.

According to the records that I have checked, they had at least 6 children. And, they must have divorced between 1920 and 1930.

In 1930, Ella was living (along with their son, Ralph) in the household of L A WILLIAMS, in Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri. She is listed as being the housekeeper.

Anyway, the names I have found for their 6 children are:

Arthur - born 1903
Irene - born 1906
Violet - born ca 1908/1909
George - born ca 1911/1912
G???? (female) - born ca 1913/1914
Ralph - born ca 1917/1918

It would be wonderful to communicate with any of the descendants of the children, so I could send them information concerning Ella's brother and his descendants.

Nadine Snider Mon Dec 8, 2008

We had a great find the other night. My husbands great grandfather was George Washington SNIDER born 1844 in Orange County, Indiana, but lived shortly after that in Crawford, County, Indiana.

We knew little of his childhood and knew that he spent his early adult life in the Macon County, Missouri area.

We decided to go to Indiana and see if we could find anything. We knew his mothers first name was Matilda and that she had later married a RUBERSON. We hit a gold mine in Indiana and found not only is fathers first name George, Sr., but we found land and probate records and drove close to where land records showed the familles land to have been. We found that his father had died when he was two months old, but that he also had an older brother named Daniel F. (never knew he had a brother)

While there we joined the Crawford County Historical society and in reading the last issue Friday night discovered a reprint of an article written in 1914 telling of a visit by Daniel F. SNIDER to his boyhood home telling how his father had died and when he was about 8 years he had moved West to live with relatives. We knew that Matilda had remarried Jonah RUBERSON in 1848 and the family had moved to Missouri by 1850. The Daniel SNIDER visiting in 1914 said he was living in Montana. Did a little investigating ancestry.com and discovered this has to be my husbands great grand uncle. Now trying to get in touch with the person who submitted the information to ancestry and see if we can make more links. The towns he mentioned and the areas he mentioned visiting, match the land areas that we saw. We also discovered that Daniel and our ancestor George had been living in the same are of Macon Missouri (Ten Mile) for most of their lives. Daniel had moved to Montana after the 1900 census and we think that George had moved to Kansas about the same time.

We think we found that Daniel and George's grandparents were David and Barbara SNIDER. David had died shortly before his son George died and Barbara appears to have married a Mr. BLACK after that. We also think now that we have the family traced back to a Melchoir SCHNEIDER who originally came in the 1600-1700s first settling in Maine and then going to NC and Indiana in the 1820s -- 1840s.

We are so grateful that we joined the Crawford County Historical society never would have found this information if we had not.

Other names that might include TYREE and PENDOCK, PENDOCH, PENROD etc.

A relative indicated that Matilda George's mother was a Penrod. The Indiana records show Matilda BLEVINS marrying George SNIDER in 1840 and the former Matilda SNIDER marrying Jonah RUBERSON in 1848. But, a search on familysearch.org found a Matilda PENROD marrying Jonah same date and place. But, the newspaper article mentioned the name PENDOCH. We know that Matilda was widowed in 1844 but did not marry Jonah until 1948. Was she living with other relatives in the meantime? Was there another marriage? How is this PENROD, PENDOCH name connected.

Ah more questions to ask and puzzle pieces to find. Can you help?

Thanks for any help.

William Ostenberg Fri Oct 10, 2008

On Feb. 2, 1872, William and Mary WARES sold Elting DICKINSON, 10 acres of land in Macon Co.

Elting DICKINSON was married to Evaline DICKINSON.

Evaline is believed to be burried at the LaPlata Cemetery.

There son, James DICKINSON, married Louella ATTERBURY, who was born in Macon Co.

I am looking for any information in regard to DICKINSON and ATTERBURY.

Thank you so much.

Martha Cutsinger Stoelting Thur Oct 2, 2008

My children and myself are the only living descendants of Nat M. LACY.

He was an attorney in Macon. I am not sure of the dates but I am sure early in the 1900's. My family and I visited his widow, Daisy Strickler LACY, there in the late 1950's. She lived across the street from the courthouse.

Both are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana, their hometown.

They had no children. My grandmother, Mary Elizabeth LACY CUTSINGER was Nat's younger sister.

It is my understanding that Nat was an assistant attorney general of the United States under President's Harding and Coolidge.

He and Aunt Day lived in Virginia during that time but returned to Macon. She wintered in Phoenix.

Any information you might have on the couple would be appreciated.

Martha Cutsinger Stoelting
601 N. Lake St.
Syracuse, In 46567
(574) 457-8111

Glenda Massay Tue Sept 2, 2008

I am researching the W. O. MAGRUDER family in Macon 1897.

Daughter Ellen m. J. C. WHITE in Elmer 3-15-1897.

I am trying to find the family of J. C. White b. 1874 in Ill. d. 3-15-1923 in Muskogee, OK.

Jim and Ellen moved to Okla. Indian Terr. in 1897.


Charles Orbit b. 1897 Indian Terr. d. 1899
Lawrence Willie b. 3-17-1899 Indian Terr. d. 1972 Ok. Cy, OK
Cecil b. 6-30-1902 Indian Terr.. d. 3-25-1956 Seminole, OK
Glen Arthur b. 5-18-1907 Indian Terr. d. 7-5-1972 Seminole, OK
Ollie Lee b. 8-20-1910 Shawnee, OK d. 7-26-1982 Orange Co. Calif
Baby White b. 1-24-1913 Shawnee, OK. d. 1-26-1913 Shawnee, OK

Thank you for any information.

Art Burch Fri Aug 8, 2008

Seeking information about the families of William H. and Nancy Virginia (BELCHER) BURCH.
William H. BURCH was born 10/1862 in Macon Co., Missouri, a son of Francis M. and Charity L. ( HAIL) BURCH.
William H. BURCH married Nancy Virginia BELCHER (born 2/1860) about 1881 in Macon Co. Missouri.
William and Nancy had 5 children, all born in Macon Co.:

1) Lillian Edith BURCH, born 10/31/1883, married Charles J. RHOADS 2/17/1904, died 12/27/1935 in Saline Co., MO.
2) Ora E. BURCH, born 2/1885, married Roscoe RHOADS 11/23/1904.
3) Mami I. BURCH, born 1/1888.
4) Holland F. BURCH, born 12/1888, migrated to Iowa and married Sarah B. CUTKOMP.
5) Joseph H. BURCH, born 11/1891 ... no further info

Would like to learn more about William H. BURCH's parents (born, married, died).
Would like to know if William H. had any siblings.
Would like to learn identities of Nancy Virginia BELCHER's parents.
Would like to know what became of William and Nancy's 5 children.

It appears that Nancy Virginia (BELCHER) BURCH may have died between 1900 and 1906, as I see in the 1910, 1920, & 1930 Census's that William H. BURCH (born 1862) is married to a Lena B. (LNU) abt 1906. They have a daughter Harriet Lois BURCH, born abt 1909. Would also like to learn more about this 2nd marriage.

Any information greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Daniel Nowlan Sat Aug 2, 2008

I have been researching my Grandfather Lewis NOWLAN. He lived in Bevier from about 1876 to 1923.

He was Station Agent for the C,B& Q Railroad. I remember stories about him from my father and one thing that he told me was that Lewis was the first mayor of Bevier.

I have an article from the Quincy Journal Nov 1922 that refers to his serving as mayor. I also have a communication the there was an article with picture in the Bevier Black Diamond Jubilee published in 1958 stating he served from 1889-1897. One copy was found but the owner said that her copy was damaged in water and that some of you, researchers, might know someone that could provide me a copy of the article or you might be able to tell me how I might obtain a copy of the jubilee.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide,

Leonard Fox Mon Jul 21, 2008

I am looking for relatives of George Roscoe ANDREWS.

He lived in Macon and was born in 1888 and died in 1955.

My mother just informed me that he was her father and therefore my Grandfather.

I would like to know if any of his children are still alive.

He met my grandmother Myrtle (May-Mae) Drayer in 1929 while she was separated from her husband. She had returned home to live with her parents, Father, Joshua Cornelius Drayer, Mother, Estella Cora McDaniels

Her married name was Parsons at the time.

Thank you.

Nancy Jane Stapp McCurdy Fri Jul 18, 2008

This is some information on a former person who lived in Bevier, Missouri and several of his children were born there. Jenny for sure and possibly William. Hope you enjoy this tidbit on a former Beverian person.

My great-great grandfather, Professor D.W. ROBERTS was living in Bevier, Macon County, MO in 1880 according to the census.

His children were:

1. Rachel (who is said to have died as a teenager and is buried in perhaps the Oakwood Cemetery, if there is one named that.)
2. Elizabeth,
3. William D,
4. Evan F.,
5. Martha,
6. Jane (Jennie) born 26 March 1875 in Bevier, Macon County, MO.

Professor D.W. ROBERTS was born in Wales, lived in Ohio, and for a little while, Bevier, Macon Co. MO. By 1889 he had moved to Mahaska County, Iowa (Givin, Iowa I believe).

After living in Mahaska County for a while he moved to Polk County, Iowa where he passed away.

I do know that he was quite active in the Welsh Eisteddfods in Iowa and he seemed to well known in many places from family lore.

Here are the only two items that I have about him:

ROBERTs, --Word was received in the city this morning of the death of Professor David ROBERTS, a former well known resident of Oskaloosa. The old gentleman died at the Methodist Hospital of pneumonia, after an illness of only six days. The funeral will take place at Des Moines Sunday.

The wife preceded him to the other side by only a couple months. A family of about six children survive the aged parents. Professor ROBERTS was a native of Wales. He came to this country and for years was engaged in coal mining at the coal camps near the city. He was for years located in the Welsh colony at Givin. In his declining years he gained a livlihood in this city by conducting a retail oil delivery. He and his wife removed to Des Moines about four years ago to be nearer relatives. Professor ROBERTS, as he was known by everyone, was perhaps one of the best known. He was a singing master and chorus director of wide repute and was himself a singer of considerable ability. he had the rare power of interpretation of party and chorus music and his knowledge of direction was little less than remarkable. The old gentleman was in his element in the work of the EISTEDDFOD when it was at its height in this city.

He was one of its staunchest reporters and hardest workers. He has won many large prizes for superior chorus work and he has received unstinted praise from the loftiest critics in the country.

David ROBERTS did a world of good in his time and he merits a rich reward. His death will cause deepest regret among hundreds of Oskaloosa friends. Rev. Lloyd WILLIAMS of this city goes to Des Moines Saturday morning to conduct the funeral and interment.

12 January 1899 David ROBERTS to-day received a copy of the Uruguay News Letter of November 27, 1898 sent him by Col. SWALM at Monte Video. It is the first paper from that country which we have seen that is printed in English, and barring the grammar and spelling, it is a creditable publication. Mr.SWALM, wanting to make sure that Mr. ROBERTS would receive the paper added to the address "the man who sings"

Is there anyone else researching this ROBERTS family?

Thank you for your time and attention to this.

Hope you all enjoyed this and if there are any relatives or any persons who know about this person, I would enjoy hearing from them. I can be contacted  by clicking on my name above.

Thank you.

Ms. Billie Crump Sat Jun 28, 2008

Seeking information on my Great Grandmother, Mary Ellen CHRISMAN, born 1850 Laganda, married Ethelder Jordan REYNOLDS.

He died 1905 in Bevier, but don't know what happened to Mary Ellen.


LaDonna Webb Fri Jun 27, 2008

I am researching several members of the COX family of Macon County who were members of the Friendship Church, many of whom are buried in the cemetery there.

The Cox's that are said to be buried in Friendship Cemetary include:

Cox, James C. b.1829 NC, d.1894 Macon, MO m. 1854 to Vansickle, Sarah in Macon, MO b.1831 in Indiana d.?

Cox, Steward M. b. 1862 in Macon, MO d. 1943 in Macon, MO m. 1884 to Cox, Bidzy b. 1865 in Macon, d. 1942 in Macon.

two of their children:
Mason , 1887-1948
Henry, 1889 - 1972

Cox, William D. b. 1844 Tenn, d. 1916 in Macon, MO m. 1865 to Miles, Mary J. b. 1844 NC. d. unknown in Macon MO?

Does the church still exist? Anyone have a picture?

Can you help?

Ray Bracey Thur Apr 17, 2008

I am trying to determine if James Preston COOLEY (b. 1849/50), d.1933) may have briefly resided in the NC area in the late 1860s/early 1870s. He may have worked in the turpentine industry in Robeson Co., NC.

The 1880 Census shows him living in Bevier Township, Macon Co., MO with wife Mary (whose parents were born in NC, age 31) and sons William, 3 and Sidney, 1.

Any help will be appreciated.

Your help will be greatly appreciated

David Dlouhy Sat Mar 29, 2008

I am researching George Lasley WOODSMALL Jr. Primitive Baptists, Macon Co.

Columbia, Missouri Herald 22 Nov 1895, reports George Lasley WOODSMALL, Jr., formerly a Primitive Baptist Preacher, died in Macon and his remains were transported to Brown’s Station, Boone Co.

Seeking information on WOODSMALL in Macon: property, church affiliation, funeral home.

Your help will be greatly appreciated

Cedric Norton Sat Mar 7, 2008

Looking for Info on my Great-Grand Mother who is buried in Macon, MO.

Her maiden name was Ellen RYAN, Her married name was Ellen CARR.She was married to a man named Michael CARR.

I don't know exactly when she died. I got this information from her husbands request for a Civil War Pension. I believe this must have been a period between 1860 - 1870.

Was hoping you people in Macon may have catologed tombstone names or some other way of identifying who's buried in your cemetery's. I know its a lot to ask, but I'm clutching for straws. I'm working on my genealogy project and have hit a brick wall.

I'd be happy for any idea's you might have. How old do your death records go? Any thing you might think of.

Any help You can give me will be greatly appreciated

Donna Clark Sun Jan 27, 2008

My great grandfather, Sherrod SOLOMON, last lived in Macon County, Mo. in the 1860's.

We know he was listed in the 1860 Macon Co. census; and his youngest child was 5 in 1870.

Sherrod was not listed in the 1870 census, so he must have died between 1865 and 1870.

I am trying to find out if anyone knew of Sherrod SOLOMON's family, or if you have information on how to locate a record of his death.

Thank you,

Rose Mary Lawson Wed Nov 28, 2007

Richard and Lydia WEST were in the 1860 census of Russell township, Macon county with one child, Samuel J.

Samuel married Nancy? date unknown but before 1878. By 1878 son Calvert/Calvin West was born, all in Russell township. Calvert born Aug 29, 1878 married Clara Ellen TARPENNING on March 29, 1899 and died June 22, 1969.

I have the data on Calvert and Clara but wish to know more about his parents and grandparents. Where were they buried? Samuel and Nancy were in 1920 census but not 1930.

Can anyone help me with this family?

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