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Craig Nelson Mon Dec 20, 2004

Researching Lewis WALTERS and his wife Elizabeth (STACY) WALTERS.

They left Pulaski / Russell County KY about 1835 and came to Macon Co., MO.

Lewis WALTERS mother was Mary "Polly" HARDGROVE WALTERS Sneed. Polly's husband, Richard WALTERS, died in 1815 in Pulaski Co., KY, so she was widowed with three children. The following year she married a Mr. John SNEED.

In the mid-1830's, she and John SNEED and part of their "blended" family came to Macon County, MO. Polly had another son named Linzey WALTERS who remained in KY when his brother Lewis and mother and step-father all moved to Macon Co., MO.

I descend directly from Linzey WALTERS, the brother who remained in KY. I don't know specifically what part of Macon County they settled in. Polly died 1861 and is buried in the SNEED - JOHNSON cemetery (I think west of Bevier). If you have any other questions ... just let me know.

Thanks again for any help?

Valley Pierce Tue Dec 7, 2004

Seeking others looking for information on following family:

Joseph BURK Born: 05 July 1818 Canada
wife: Mary Ann Elizabeth ROBINSON born: 03 November 1822 Ky.
Married: 09 April 1840 Sangamon County, Illinois


James JASPER 1841-1888 m. Sarah Elliott
Margaret Jane 1843-1892 m. Mordeica McDANIEL and Perry BRAMMER
Homer Nuton Born 1845 and married Julia TEETER
Martha Ann Born 1847
Joseph Edwin Born 1849
Adelia Born 1850 and married James ROBERTS
George Whitfield Born 1854 and married Almira AUSTIN
Nancy Sheba 1857-1892 and married William SCHOOLING
John Sanford Born 1859
Charles Monroe Born 1862
Thomas Franklin Born 1863
Sidwell Born 1866

James Jasper BURK, first child of Joseph and Mary Ann Elizabeth ROBINSON BURK moved to Pettis County, Missouri where he died in 1888.

I found the family in Macon County, Missouri, 1850 52nd District, 1860 and 1870 Russell Tsp., 1880 in Callao.

Joseph BURK (BURKE) married Mary Ann Elizabeth ROBINSON 1840 in Sangamon County, Illinois.

Mary Ann ROBINSON's father, James ROBINSON, and mother, Martha CROWDER ROBINSON, moved over from Sangamon County to Macon and Linn Counties, Missouri all at the same time - ca 1842.

Joseph BURK is mentioned as a carpenter in Lingo Twp. and as having come to Macon County 1842 in the Macon County - Patrons of Atlas of 1875.

I have no idea where he and his wife are buried or when they died. They are listed as living in Callao with their 14 year old son, Sidwell in the 1880 census and that is the last date I have for them.

Can you help?

Lorraine Llewellyn Fri Dec 3, 2004

I have been reasearching my husband family and this web site for Macon does not have a listing for Macon Baptist Association.

Sorry to bother you but didn't know what else to do, Samuel (Sam) Oscar DONOVAN (my husbands ggrandfather) was a Baptist Minster in Macon Co. in 1923~1928 maybe near Novinger.

This referral came from "familysearch.org" with a clickable web site attached which does not have a correct URL or at least an current one.

I know you may not be able to help me, but please be so kind as to pass it along to the one who would be able to help. What I need is an address to be able to find this man and his history.

Thank you so very much.

Any help would be appreciated.

Lorraine Llewellyn Fri Dec 3, 2004

I am researching William VESTAL and his marriage to Millie Jane GIPSON in 1842, Macon Co. Mo.

I find them on the 1850 census but can not find them after.

I would like for a look-up of their marriage record, and any other information you would be willing to research for me.

I believe one of their sons William M. VESTAL is the father of Elza C. VESTAL.

Any help appreciated and I thank you for you time.

Pat Kantzer Sun Nov 28, 2004

Looking for information on George GREENSTREET, son of Franklin "Doc" GREENSTREET and Ann Eliza NAGEL.

He was born 25 Sep 1872 in Missouri died 26 Sep 1904.

He was married 1 Nov 1899 to a Clara\Cecilia KENT born abt Jun 1878. In 1900 they are listed in White Twp, Macon County Mo.

Have not been able to find them in other census records

Can you help.

Ernest Duncan Tue Nov 23, 2004

I am looking for heirs or information on a William HAMMACK/HAMMOCK of Macon County.

He was involved in logging, operated a sawmill off the river and a school off of Hwy P. I believe that he was in Macon County MO from late 1880s to 1930s or 1940s.

This is all I know first hand. As some of the older people I have already talked to seem to indicate that he was a prominant citizen.

I was able to talk to another person who gave me some names that she thinks may be relatives of William HAMMOCK.

Fannie M & J H HARLAN
Sarah M & George W CRAVENS
Jenny L & C C FURR
Martha & F O DAMERON

I Think these are the spellings as the source is older and is not entirely sure of all the facts.

I need as much historical info as possible. Any help would be appreciated.

Suzanne Trice Mon Nov 22, 2004

We are looking for information and/or descendants of the TRICE family that lived in the Anabel, Round Grove area beginning in the 1860's.

If anyone knows about the ancestry please let us know.

Mel Kelly Sat Oct 9, 2004

We are looking for information on the MARKS, JELINEK, and BLEW families.

Joseph MARKS was married to Barbara (JELINEK) MARKS and lived in the Lingo, Bevier area.
His son: Lawrence Joseph MARKS, born: Jan. 3, 1873, died: Jan. 26, 1945

Lawrence Joseph MARKS married Dora Ann BLEW, born Nov. 22, 1878

John George MARKS, born Feb. 11, 1906
Larry Joseph MARKS, born Jan. 5, 1903
William Frederick MARKS, born May 30, 1894

If anyone knows about the ancestry on these families, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Hatmaker Thur Oct 7, 2004

Looking for information about Isaac D. HATMAKER and wife Melinda, both born TN about 1805-1810.


Mary (married Jesse HELTON April 18, 1862 in Macon County)
William H

All born in MO except John and Mary who were born in TN 1837 and 1839.

1860 Census shows them at Walnut Creek, New Boston P.O. Have found no trace of them after that.

Please help.

Dale W. Mason Sat Oct 2, 2004

Hiram LUCAS is listed in the 1880 census as father of Homer LUCAS.

Can anyone provide additional information on Hiram?

Donna Lester Sun Sept 19, 2004

I am searching for the family of Bruce MASON who was in the area of Callao, Macon Co., MO during the 1950's. At that time he was a truck driver.

We believe he had family in the Callao and Salisbury, Chariton Co., MO areas. We don't know a birth date or death for him or even if he is dead. We only know that he would, probably be, in his sixties or older in present time.

This query is being sent because Bruce MASON had a son that he didn't know about. This son has died and the family is searching for medical information about the family.

Any response sent to me will be held in strict confidence. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

Dale W. Mason Fri Aug 20, 2004

Researching Burrell ROBERTS, b. Oct 29, 1825, d. Nov 19, 1906, who married Alzeda COOLEY in Macon Co MO (1846).
They had children:
1. Thomas J.,
2. Mahulda Jane,
3. Mary E.,
4. James W.,
5. Sarah E.,
6. Francis Luther,
7. Martha E.

Burrell ROBERTS was born in North Carolina. Verbal tradition says he was carried to Wayne Co. Ky as a small child. By the 1840's he had made his way to Macon Co. Missouri.

I am a descendent of Burrell ROBERTS through his daughter Mahulda Jane who married James L. BAKER. James L. BAKER is the grandfather of my Grandmother Leana Pearl (BAKER) MASON.

I would like to hear from others researching the Burrell ROBERTS family line, and specifically would like to prove the parents of Burrell ROBERTS.

Dale W. Mason Fri Aug 20, 2004

William A. MASON was born October 1827 in Knox Co Ky.
He was married Sept 15, 1851 in Kentucky to Nancy L. GRESHAM, the daughter of Joseph B. GRESHAM and Johanna GOODIN.
He later returned to KY where he died, March 6, 1910.
William was blinded during the Civil War while serving in Missouri.

William migrated to northeast MO in 1853.
William and Nancy had children:
1. William A.R.,
2. Elizabeth Mallisa,
3. Joseph B.,
4. James Anderson,
5. Milly A.,
6. Margaret Belle,
7. Emeline,
8. John Thomas.
William A.R. died near Bevier in 1935. James Anderson was killed in a coal mine accident near Excello in 1892.

I am the son of Alvis MASON, grandson of Fred MASON, and great grandson of James Anderson MASON. I have considerable information on this MASON line which I am prepared to share with other family members.
I would like to hear from any of the descendents of William and Nancy.

Dale W. Mason Fri Aug 20, 2004

I am a descendent of the Henry HALLEY family of Macon Co.
I descend from Mary Prudence HALLEY, dau of John William HALLEY and Adeline Winn, the son of John P. HALLEY and Louisa Ann Thompson.
I would like to corrospond with other HALLEY family members.

Dale W. Mason Fri Aug 20, 2004

Some of the earliest settlers of Macon Co. were William PHIPPS
(b. Sept 9, 1808, d. Nov 4, 1900) and Lavina VESTAL, his first wife.
Lavina and William were married in Randolph Co, Dec 25, 1829.
They had children:
1. Margaret E.,
2. Jasper Clinton,
3. Angeletta,
4. Sephonia,
5. Melissa P.,
6. Joshua E.,
7. Martha,
8. Isaac B.

I believe Lavina's father was John VESTAL and that Lavina had a sister Rebecca. I would like to hear from any researchers that can share information on the John Vestal family; specifically who were John's parents?

Dale W. Mason Fri Aug 20, 2004

Elizabeth JOHNSON, (b. 1820, d. Mar 29, 1895)
was the wife of Isaac BAKER (b. Feb 22, 1811, d. Sept 4, 1875).
They are both buried in the Old Gaunt Cemetary in Macon Co.
They had children:
1. James L.,
2. John,
3. Andrew,
4. Sarah M.,
5. Elijah,
6. William,
7. Mary,
8. Elizabeth,
9. Jennie.

I need the parents of Elizabeth. Isaac and Elizabeth were married in Monroe Co in 1835. A Major JOHNSON owned land adjacent to Isaac and Elizabeth in Macon County but I have been unable to establish a relationship and Elizabeth.
Any information would be appreciaetd.

Dale W. Mason Fri Aug 20, 2004

I am a descendent of Solomon SHOEMAKER and Elizabeth TUTTLE (Dau of Nicholas TUTTLE).
Children of Solomon and Elizabeth:
1. Minerva J.,
2. Mary M.,
3. Anna Louisa,
4. Telitha,
5. Elizabeth,
6. Legrand Grimes,
7. Henry T.,
8. William I.,
9. Thomas,
10. Frances,
11. Sarah,
12. Rebecca.

I would like to correspond with researchers that can provide information on the descendents of Solomon and Elizabeth.

Georges Brennet Fri Aug 13, 2004

In search of the connection between the European and the North-American BRENNET families

The story starts with documents from 1520 in a tiny town in Belgium : Marbais. One soldier joins the German-Austrian Empire army in 1620 : Jean BRENNET (His family signs a deed to preserve one of the estates for when he returns)

He probably settles in Germany (Prussia-Poland), from where the 18th and 19th century settlers emigrate to the USA.

The first Documented fact in the USA is Corporal Benjamin BRENNET, in Captain John T. Chunn’s company, Kentucky Infantry, commanded by Colonel John Miller. (Kentucky war)

Also Banner BRENNET was an Indiana Farmer in 1850 (Benton , Monroe Co), age 63.

They might have been brothers…

My research is nationwide.

My Macon Co. research is about Ben BRENNET and his wife Mary, living in Bevier in 1920 (According to the 1920 Census). He was an English immigrant.

Did they have children or other family members ?

Thanks in advance for any bit of information!

Connie Beck Sat Aug 7, 2004

I would love to find out more about one of my dead relives.

Lucy LAWRENCE never married as far as I know. She came to visit my husband's relative, Alice LAWRENCE who m. Thomas OLESON, of Taylor and Adams Co., Iowa. Alice was born in Illinois. I think that Alice and Lucy had fathers who were brothers.

We think that Lucy had a bother, Harvey, and a sister, Louise. Because I haven't found her in a census, I wonder if Louise wasn't her mother. I would imagine that Lucy lived from about l870 to about l930. My husband's uncle said that Lucy lived in Macon Co., Missouri.

Could someone give me some information about her, such as her parents or siblings' names? her date of birth? anything???

Raeann Lenzini Fri July 30, 2004

Looking for information on Grace MAGRUDER daughter of David A MAGRUDER who married J. M. TUCKER of Novelty (east of Atlanta).

She was 17 in 1900.

Please contact me if you have any knowledge of her.

Thanks in advance

Charles E. Carroll Sat July 24 2004

Searching for the burial location of Henry K. CUNNINGHAM, died 1920 in La Plata, MO; his wife Cynthia S. CUNNINGHAM, died 1924; and daughter Annie F. McCAW, died 1910.


Claudia Minor Wed July 21 2004

Researching the family of Noah and Mary Alma (CLOREN) JONESof Bevier. My Great Grandparents.

Descendants of Ebenezer Jones

1. Ebenezer2 JONES (Thomas1) was born July 26, 1835 in Georgetown, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales, and died December 31, 1898 in Bevier, MO. He married Margaret DAVIES December 26, 1857 in Georgetown, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales. She was born in Probably Wales.

Children of Ebenezer
JONES and Margaret DAVIES are:

2. Noah3 JONES (Ebenezer2, Thomas1) was born 1866 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan Wales, and died 1965 in Bevier, Missouri. He married Mary Alma CLOREN 1891, daughter of John CLOREN and Janet MILNES. She was born April 20, 1869 in Rock Springs, MO., and died in Bevier, Missouri. Noah came to Bevier around 1877 (12 years old). He worked as a coal miner until he was 75. He lived to be 99. Grandma and Grandpa Jones didn't drive but they liked to go to town. They would walk or hitch a ride with the egg man into town. They would frequent Tony's in Bevier, meeting there after shopping, have a few beers before hitching a ride back home with the feed man. One time Tony put Grandma Jones name in to win a pony and she did! Mary worked in a pet store in Springfield, Ill, at one time. She loved animals. For payment of work she was given a parrot. She named him Al after Al Smith who was running for president at the time. We were always scared of the parrot. Grandpa Minor would tell us that it would bite. Mary and Noah would let the parrot outside and it would fly around always returning. Al out lived Mary, Noah and all their children. Ernest kept the parrot after his parents died, when Ernest died, some one in the Bevier area took the parrot. I heard recently that the parrot was still living near Bevier. If you know the whereabouts of Al, please let me know.
Children of Noah JONES and Mary CLOREN are:
6. Geneva Winifer4 JONES (Noah3, Ebenezer2, Thomas1) was born October 10, 1898 in Ardmore, Missouri, and died September 28, 1977 in hospital, Columbia, Mo. buried in Kirksville, MO. She married James Emerson MINOR July 17, 1919, son of William MINOR and Hannah HALDEMAN. He was born July 28, 1897 in LaBelle, Missouri, and died December 10, 1978 in Kirksville, Mo. Geneva JONES and James MINOR had 2 children. One is my dad.
ii. Ernest
JONES, b. June 1892. never married and remained in Bevier after living for a time in CA.
7. Isabelle4
JONES (Noah3, Ebenezer2, Thomas1) was born December 1893. She married M. Clarence HOWARD. Lived Windsor, MO.
Children of Isabelle
JONES and M. HOWARD had 4 children.
iv. George JONES, m. Martha ?. No children, lived in California,
v. John
JONES, m. Mildred DODSON. No children, lived in Springfield, IL.
8. Sterling4
JONES (Noah3, Ebenezer2, Thomas1) was born January 1895. He married Grace KRINER. Lived in Novinger.
Children of Sterling
JONES and Grace KRINER had 3 children.

3. ii. Mary E. JONES, b. September 19, 1858, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales; d. November 1, 1912, Furley, Sedgwick, KS. M. William W. THOMAS. They had 6-7 children.
4. iii. Rease
JONES, b. September 1870, Pennsylvania. M. Bula ? They had 2 children.
iv. William
JONES, b. Abt. 1879.
v. Kate
JONES, b. Abt. 1874, Illinois.
vi. Lizzie
JONES, b. Abt. 1876, Illinois.
5. vii. Bill
JONES, b. Abt. 1860, Glamorganshire, Wales; d. January 26, 1935, San Francisco, CA. M. Hannah ? They had 7 children.

Descendants of John Patrick Cloren - May have been spelled Killorn at one time.

1. John Patrick2 CLOREN (John1) was born June 20, 1846 in Killarney, Sligo County, Ireland, and died November 19, 1908 in Novinger, Missouri; Adair County. He married Janet Ann MILNES June 1868, daughter of John MILNES and Mary DICKERSON. She was born February 12, 1847 in Arbela, Mo. Scotland County, and died December 3, 1932 in Novinger, Missouri; Adair County.

Children of John
CLOREN and Janet MILNES are:

2. Mary Alma3 CLOREN (John Pathrick2, John1) was born April 20, 1869 in Rock Springs, MO., and died in Bevier, Missouri. She married NOAH JONES 1891, son of Ebenezer JONES and Margaret DAVIES. Noah was born 1866 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan Wales, and died 1965 in Bevier, Missouri.
CLOREN and Noah JONES had 6 children. (see Jones for more info)
ii. Katherine Bell
CLOREN, b. May 28, 1871, Knobnoster, Missouri; Johnson County; d. January 19, 1935; m. (1) William Mcray WEYMOUTH; b. January 12, 1880;
d. July 7, 1951; m. (2) Joseph
3. iii. Janet Ann
CHEVIS, b. July 10, 1873, Rich Hill, Missouri; Bates County; d. June 28, 1928, Springfield, Illinois; Sangamon County. She married Alfred KIRBY. They had 5 children.
4. iv. Elizabeth Josephine
CLOREN, b. April 4, 1876, Missouri. She married David SHAW. They had one child.
5. v. Eleanor
CLOREN, b. October 25, 1879, Missouri. She married Richard DALE. They had 4 children.
6. vi. Margaret W.
CLOREN, b. June 13, 1881, Rock Springs, MO.; d. November 20, 1942. She married Lew BOWEN. They had 5 children.
vii. Agnes L.
CLOREN, b. October 21, 1884, Missouri; m. Joe MILLARD.
viii. John P.
CLOREN, b. November 1, 1886, Missouri; m. ROSE ?; b. October 10, 1892; d. September 1973, 62702.
ix. Joseph A.
CLOREN, b. June 18, 1889, Missouri; d. May 23, 1942; m. Margaret JOYCE.
x. Bertha E.
CLOREN, b. July 22, 1890, Ardmore, Missouri; m. Alexander MUIR.

Any information would be appreciated on any of the above individuals. Even "AL".


Denise (Brawner) Childs Tue Jul 13, 2004

William M. "Bill" SMITH b.02/22/1857 married to "Molly" ? but I think this was a nickname. I don't have any proof otherwise of this, but I can't seem to find her listed in any census by the name of Molly.

William and Molly had at least 2 children:

1) George W. SMITH b. 06/24/1882 in Macon County, Mo.
2) Laura Etta SMITH b. 11/02/1883, also of Macon County, Mo.

William had at least one sister:

Anna "Annie" SMITH, unknown birth
Spouse: William O. MAGRUDER
married: 05/18/1873 in Macon County, Mo.

My connection is through Laura SMITH. She was my gr-grandmother. The family moved to Oklahoma sometime in or around 1893, where she married O.E. SARGENT.

Anna and William O. MAGRUDER also moved to Oklahoma.

I am looking for other siblings, dates. etc. of William M. SMITH and his parents if possible.

Thank You. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Lynn Ham Sun Jul 4, 2004

Need help on family of Caleb M COLYER b ca 1814 KY a Baptist minister.

Wife was Mary Polly OSBOURNE.

Also lived Sullivan Co MO for a while.

He lived in Macon as did his brother Jeremiah COLYER, another minister. Have no idea of what part of Macon County they lived in.

Jeremiah married Macon Co Apr 1858.

Heard from a cousin that they show up in the Macon Co Mo 1860 census and that Jeremiah died there.

Any help on children or his burial place, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Kate Taylor/Elliott Sat Jun 19, 2004

In the 1880 US Federal Census is a Dr. George D. TAYLOR, his wife Nancy and their 5 children... Ida, Vena, Levi, Georgeann, George W. These are my relatives.

They were living in Richland Township District 134.

I don't know when, but they moved to Chillicothe, Livingston, County Missouri where most of them are buried, but we don't know what happened to Dr. George.

It was rumored he went to California and upon his return his wife wouldn't move with him. His wife's name was Nancy Emily Elliott.

His parents were born in New York(father) and Ohio(mother). Her parents were born in South Carolina(father) and Indiana(mother).

Dr. George was born in Indiana and Nancy Emily Taylor in Missouri.

Thanx for all your help.

Neil Block Sat Jun 19, 2004

Looking for info on John L. MOSS who was in Middle Fork Twp. in 1880.

He moved to Moberly around 1904.

His youngest daughter Lulu died in Macon Co. around 1920. She has an obit, but I don't have it yet.

Trying to find John L.'s burial site as well as his two older children who he might have lived with after his wife, "Laura", died in 1903, buried in Moberly.

Thanks for any help.

Joyce Nash-Wafford Sat May 29, 2004

I have just gotten information from a cousin's elderly Aunt, that I can find some of my NASH family in Macon County, Missouri.

This is the first that I have ever heard of this county. She says that a lot of our NASH family lived in Macon County and that there are quite a few of them buried there.

Some of my family names are as follows:

John W. "Jackson" NASH born Kentucky 1800-1815
Hannah NASH wife born Virginia 1808-1820
Daniel NASH 1838 Illinois or Indiana
Jeremiah "Jerry" NASH 1840 Illinois
Henry NASH born 1846 Missouri
Thomas NASH born 1846 Missouri
Martha NASH born 1849 Missouri
Amanda NASH born 1850 Missouri
Johnson NASH born 1852 Missouri
John Wesley NASH, Sr. born 1854 Missouri
Clinton NASH born 1856 Missouri
William Riley NASH born 1856 Missouri
Marvin Lee NASH born 1861 Missouri

Amanda NASH married Claiborne NASH born 1835 in Illinois. His parents were William NASH and Louvina (maiden name unknown). I have found Louvina NASH in Richland County, Illinois in 1847, married to second husband, Richard M. Pierce. Evidently William NASH died sometime after 1838 but before 1847. Since William and Louvina NASH had five children, (I believe all were born in Richland County, Illinois area), and I assume that William died in that area. These children are:

Henry NASH born 1827
Elizabeth NASH born 1832
Claiborne "Clabe" NASH born 1835 Illinois
James NASH born 1837 Illinois
Mary NASH born 1838 Illinois

Does anyone in Macon County, Missouri, know of any NASH families in the area, 1870 to present, that may be family members? I am sorry I have no idea of any first names of these family members.

Thank you for any help or suggestions on where I may start.

Carolyn Steele Sat May 15, 2004

The ELLIS family appear to have came from Casey Co., KY to Macon Co., MO about 1838-1840.

The 1860 census shows them living in the Narrows Township. Isaac ELLIS married Eliza A _____ probably in Macon. Their oldest child was Martha Jane ELLIS who married Nathan FLANAGAN.

Does anyone have record of the marriage of Isaac ELLIS or his daughter Martha Jane ELLIS? Also, does anyone have the maiden name of Eliza A?

Thanks for any information.

Sandy Norris Mon May 3, 2004

Looking for family information on Oliver HUGHES, Medal of Honor recipient from the Civil War, born in Fentress Co., TN, died and buried in Macon Co., MO.

I am writing a story on Cpl. HUGHES as he was the first MOH recipient from Fentress Co. His parents were Hardy and Martha HUGHES. Hardy was from NC and Martha from KY.

I would like to correspond with any person or descendant of the HUGHES' family.

I live in the Upper Cumberland area of TN and will be publishing a quarterly genealogical/historical magazine pertaining to this area. I am particularly interested in families that migrated from this area of TN and KY and settled in MO. I can be contacted at: http://www.uppercumberlandwanderer.com

Thanks for any information.

Harry R. Alexander Thur Apr 22, 2004

Searching information on Benjamin F. HENRY born 1831 Green County Illinois??

Married Susan MOORE 1853 Macon County ,MO

Brother of William F. HENRY Macon, County, MO. William F. was a Civil War Vet.

Any information is appreciated.

Christi Williams Wed Apr 21, 2004

I am searching for information on Lena WILL who grew up in Macon County, MO and married William LATCHFORD with whom she had two children, Grace and Romie.

She married a second time to someone with the surname, SALYER.

Sometime before 1933, they had moved to Galesburg, Illinois.

Does anyone have additional information about Lena or her descendants?

Vernon E. Powell Sat Apr 10, 2004

I am searching for information on family members who were in Macon County about 1850.

Don't have much information about either of these families, but will try to connect them as much as possible.

Charles A. HATFIELD born 11 Oct. 1834 - Tenn, Died 10 April 1913- Seminole, Ok.

James MAZE born 7 April 1828- Tenn, Died 12 Sept. 1893- Bevier, Mo.

Charles A. & Sarah (MURRY) HATFIELD- Great grandparents, moved from Macon Co., Mo. around 1900 to settle at Crescent, Ok.

Children: Maybe others, don't know how many of them had children.

Jefferson W. HATFIELD
Lucy Ann HATFIELD- md. William Edward MAZE, on Sept 23, 1884, Macon Co., Mo. My grandparents.

They had the following children:

Grover Cleveland MAZE (B. 29 Sept. 1885 D. 1 July 1921)
Nina E. MAZE ( B. 12 July 1889 )
Dave W. MAZE ( B.8 Sept 1891 )
Naomi Ruth MAZE, B. 8 June 1897, in Bevier, MO, D. 9 Feb. 1963.
Alfred John MAZE, B. 21 May 1903, D. 9 Feb 1989.
Albert Thomas MAZE, B. 21 May 1903, D. 23 Aug. 1995.

My mother, Naomi, was the only one of her siblings to have children, and I am the only one still living.

James & Harriet Maze - great grandparents

William Edward MAZE, my grandfather, born 12 FEB 1851, Died 7 July 1922- Enid, Ok. Md. Lucy Ann HATFIELD (My Grandparents)

John D. MAZE, born 11 June 1855- LaPlata, Mo. Died 8 Feb. 1925, Cameron, Mo.


There could have been other children also.

Any information would be appreciated.

Jim Williamson Sat Apr 10, 2004

Interested in finding who were the parents of S.A. WILLIAMSON who was married to Mary H WILLIAMSON who died 28 July 1888.

She was 26 years and 6 days old at the time of her death. She was well known in Atlanta,MO. having lived there during her childhood. Her mother was Mrs. Mc MARRAM.

Would appreciate any dates or any information on any of these people mentioned or any links to them.

James H. Williamson Mon Mar 22, 2004

Looking for information on Michael SWEENEY; Ann LINAGHAN SWEENEY and John W SWEENEY.

1860 census shows that they were living in Macon, City Mo. at that time running a boarding house.

To the best of my knowledge both Michael and Ann were born in Ireland.

As I said it listed a son as John in the 1860 census but my grand father always show his date of birth as 15-04-1863 couldn't make out age on census.

John married Laura Francis ENIS on 03-11-1887 in Conception, Nodaway Co. Mo.

Would appericate any dates or any information on any of these people mentioned or any links to them.

Sheila Bowman Sun Mar 14, 2004

Am searching records and info on MANKEY, Henry died Jun 1978 Callao, or Kaseyville, Macon, MO and his wife MANKAY, ANNA died 25 Mar 1979 same location.

They are both suppose to be buried in Callao.

Henry was born 11 July 1906 and Anna on 23 Aug 1912 in Sardis, MS.

Any info will help. Thank you and God bless.

Linda Priestley wed Mar 3, 2004

I am interested in finding any information about my great grandparents, John W. ANDREWS (born in Iowa, but location unknown) in October 1850.....his father was born in Alabama and his mother was born in Kentucky, and Rachel ANDREWS, his wife, (also born in Iowa, but location unknown ) born December 1854 (her mother and father both born in Indiana, exact location unknown). The ANDREWS family lived in Bevier MO. according to the 1900 Macon County MO Federal Census.. The census shows they had 5 children, one of which is my grandmother.

Their children's names and birthdates are:

Mike ANDREWS born June 1877

Nellie ANDREWS born October 1883 (my grandmother) (married Edward WARDELL, but I have no date or location)

Florence ANDREWS born October 1885 (her married name I believe is ROBERTS)

Carlos ANDREWS born February 1887

John ANDREWS born February 1889

The census also lists Frank ANDREWS as a brother to John W. ANDREWS born April 1866 and living with the family.

I'm interested in marriage dates for John and Rachel ANDREWS, her maiden name if known, and dates of their deaths.

Any information would greatly be appreciated.

Barbara L Richardson Sat Feb 28, 2004

Can anyone tell me where to look for a death record for Barnhart HALL & Henry TOLADY?

I found them listed in the 1870 Census in Macon Co., MO but not in the 1880 census.

I found the mother/wife listed with a daughter and son in law.

I have looked and looked on the Macon County website until I'm blue in the face! I live in Indiana so a trip there is not possible.

Would anyone have a book that they could look it up? Would just like to know where my GrGrGrGrandfather and step GrGreat Uncle are buried.

Thanks a bunch for any help anyone can give me.

Didi Muir Sat Feb 28, 2004

I am looking for information on my ancestor, Isaac WINN, was married to an Abigail. Their son, Edmund, was my gg-grandfather, who married Beadie FLETCHER in Feb. 1875.

Isaac and Abigail WINN were in Saline co. Missouri in the 1870 census, Jefferson township. Their son Edmund is sometimes called Edward in census.

Edmund married Bedy/Beadie J. FLETCHER Feb. 23, 1875, in Saline county.

In the 1880 census Edward and Beadie are in Macon Co. Missouri.

In 1870 cencus it says that Isaac was born in NC. and Abigail born in Ohio.

In the 1880 census Edmund is listed as "Edward" and he says that his parents were born in Canada.

I know that Ed and Beadie WINN are buried in Frankford, Pike Co., Missouri in Fairview Cemetery.

Does anyone have any info. on this family?

Becky Shelmadine Fri Feb 13, 2004

Am looking for information on Annie Rebecca MOORE, who married LeRoy TILLEY
May 3, 1883 in Bevier, MO.

They had 3 children:

Lester Hedge TILLEY,
John Franklin TILLEY

Hedge TILLEY had a daughter Kivia (not known if spelling is right) Anna TILLEY.

Sarah TILLEY married ? McCARTY and had two children, Stephen and Laura Anna McCARTY.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on this family.

James H Williamson Fri Feb 13, 2004

Researching Arthur WILLIAMSON (b)Jan. 19, 1802 in KY. 1st. marriage was to Sarah (Sally) ATTEBERRY Oct. 24,1822 Barren Co. KY. they had three children:

1. William S (b) ca.1824;
2. John Arthur (b) ca. 1830 ;
3. Ellen (b) May 03, 1831.

Arthur second wife was Mary Belle HARMAN (b) Dec. 08, 1814 ,(d) Feb. 16, 1881, (m) March 02,1833 Hopkins county, KY. They had the following children:

(1) Anson P. (b) Abt. 1835;
(2) Aborn M (b) Abt. 1836;
(3) Henry H Abt. 1837;
(4) Joseph B Abt1838;
(5) Sarah Ann (b)Abt.1840;
(6) Theodore (b) Abt.1842;
(7) Michael J (b) Abt.1844;
(8) Mary A (b) Abt.1846;
(9) Leonard K (b) Abt. 1848;
(10) Laura E (b) Abt, 1849

Arthur and Mary are both buried in the LaPlata Cemetery, LaPlata,Mo. Arthur has one known brother, William WILLIAMSON.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on this family.

Sandra Stiles-Roberts Wed Feb 11, 2004

I looking for information on John T. MORGAN who married Margaret ROBINSON
in Macon Missouri May 17, 1872.

I would like to find out who there parents were.

They had a son, Joseph MORGAN, born in Missouri, February 7, 1873.

Any help would be appreciated.

Susan Welham Wed Feb 4, 2004

I am trying to trace Evan MADDY emigrated to Bevier Macon Missouri in 1869-70 from I believe Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

He had a son James born Merthyr Tydfil South Wales around 1867 and was married to Ann. They had two further children in Bevier Macon Missouri namely Mary and Maggie.

Would like to be able to get in touch with any siblings of these relations.

Evan MADDY was my great uncle and I have a family tree which I am sure they would be interested in.

Our MADDY name is at least 7 generations Welsh.

Best wishes.

Tom Simpson & Janet Crain Mon Feb 2, 2004

We are searching for the relationship between George FRAME, our great-grandfather, and Joshua FRAME.

In the 1880 census they were neighbors in Bevier.

We are also searching for the relationship, if any, between John Alexander (Alex) SIMPSON and either, William SIMPSON or Robert H. SIMPSON.

They were farmers in either Russell or Eagle Township.

Thanks for any help.

??????? Thur Jan 22, 2004

I am looking for a book:

"The History of Randolph and Macon Counties in Missouri"
published in 1884 by St. Louis Press.

Does anyone have one for sale or know if the book was ever reprinted?

Appreciate any help.

Rita Wright Thur Jan 22, 2004

Looking for help finding my grandfather and Aunt in Macon County.

Info is as follows from our records:
Male child, Charles Arthur ???( b:13 May 1898) Caleo area(?),
also had older sister Daisy ??? b: 23 Jan 1895-mother Emma Story.

Possible last names for the Father:

After the birth of both Daisy and Charles, they and their mother Emma STORY are located at the home of her parents, Samuel and Rebecca STORY.

In the 1900 Census for Independence Twp., with her new husband James Robert DAVIS, her children are not listed as being with them or with her parents in this census.

James Robert DAVIS also had two sons prior to this marriage, Everett and Elmer, who are also not with them in this 1900 Census.

Any info on birth of these two children gratefully accepted!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Beverly (Himes) Barger Sun Jan 11, 2004

I believe Charles W. CUNNINGHAM & Julia Frances ( SUMMERS) went to La Plata, Macon Co, MO after they married in 1872 in Shelby Co, ILL and were in Missouri until 1900 or shortly after.

They went back from La Plata, Macon Co, Missouri to Illinois to Decatur, Macon Co, IL before 1914.

I have been trying to find names of their children.

Julia SUMMERS was a neice of my 2nd great-grandfather Jacob William HIMES of Shelby Co, IL.

Thank you for your time.

Jacki Lilly Fri Jan 9, 2004

I am seeking information on the GREENE and CAMPBELL familles of Macon County.

Particularly the families of Elihu and Elizabeth GREENE, Harden Martin and Adaline Campbell GREENE, and Edwin and Nancy GREENE.

I beleive Elihu' and Elizabeth's children were:

Joel GREENE b. Sept. 27, 1791 in Madison Co., KY
Westly GREENE b. Dec. 9, 1795 in Madison Co., KY
Willis Elliott GREENE b. Jan 25, 1796 in Madison Co., KY
Allen Duff GREENE b. Apr. 22, 1798 in Madison Co., KY
Dicy GREENE (Douglas) b. Oct 24, 1800 in Madison Co., KY
Rhoda GREENE b. Aug 6, 1803 in Madison Cty, KY
Nancy GREENE (Montgomery) b. Oct 2, 1805 in Madison Cty., KY
Hardin martin GREENE b. Feb 28, 1808
Elizabeth GREENE (Hill) b. July 13, 1810 in Madison Cty., KY
Elihu GREENE Jr b. 1813 in Madison Cty., KY

I beleive Hardin Martin and Adaline Campbell Greene's children were:

Theodore GREENE b. 1839
Ridelia GREENE b 1841
Ann Elizabeth GREENE b. 1843
Edwin GREENE b. 1845
Esabella GREENE b. 1846
Adeline GREENE b. 1850

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Christi Mettes Williams Tue Jan 6, 2004

I am searching for more information on siblings of Lena and Edward WILL.

They were living with their mother and stepfather in the 1880 census for Macon County.

I know Lena lived in Macon for a number of years after marrying William LATCHFORD, with whom she had a son and daughter.

I would like to share additional information about Lena and Edward Will and their descendants.

I appreciate any help.

Louise Hohnberger Ray Mon Jan 5, 2004

Seeking information on HOHNBERGER, SIMMONS, TROEGER

Charles/Carl HOHNBERGER was born January 24, 1867 in Wisconsin, and died Aft. 1947.

He married Alice B. SIMMONS 1901 in Macon County, Missouri, son of John SIMMONS and Sarah HALLEY. She was born February 1884 in Eagle, Macon County, Missouri, and died Aft. 1930 in Macon City, Macon County, Missouri.

Child of Charles HOHNBERGER and Alice SIMMONS is:
Mary Ellen 'Ella' HOHNBERGER, born February 15, 1902 in Neenah, Winnebago County, Wisconsin; died June 30, 1989 in Loch Haven Nursing Home, Macon, Macon County, Missouri. She married Edward TROEGER 1921 in Macon County, Missouri; born December 28, 1896 in Macon, Macon County, Missouri; died June 08, 1965 in Macon, Macon County, Missouri.

Thank you in advance.

Dorothy Cooper Sun Jan 4, 2004

Researching my children's grandfather, John Thomas McNAMARA Sr.

He died in 1937 in Macon, Macon Co. Mo.

I married John Thomas McNAMARA Jr., born in Macon.

His father was John Thomas McNAMARA Sr. (of course) born in Round Grove township. He married Amelia J. BURKHART of the same town. He had Brothers, John, Michael, Patrick and Thomas.

Michel is Their father was Michael McNAMARA and his wife was Mary BEHAN.

Michel's, wife and Michel's brothers were born in Ireland.

I think maybe Michel had a sister Bridget that lived in or around Macon, but think she married a man named WHITE. I still have to confirm this.

Thank you for any thing on this family.

Ada Stanley Sat Nov 22, 2003

In Oct. of 1920 my father Sherman FOX worked putting in lead pipe for water lines into homes.

What company would have been doing the work?

It is possible my Grandfather John FOX may have lived in Macon Co. during the Civil War.

My family lived in Campbell, MO off and on for years.

My Aunt Ada (FRANK) JOHNSON lived there for years.

Thanks for any help.

Marsha (Mullinix) Ingebretson Sat Nov 22, 2003

Can anyone tell me anything about these folks who married in Macon and Randolph Counties?

Anderson N. SHELTON to Allie M. ALEXANDER 2/13/1852

Elippas SHELTON to Elizabeth WILSON 10/6/1844

Austin SHELTON to Mary RATLIFF 8/11/1859

Thanks for any information.

Vicki Weisshaar Wed Nov 12, 2003

I am looking for information on my great great grandparents John Henry FARMER and Missouri Ann SHORES.

They lived in Macon, MO from the 1860's until their death in the 1920's.

They had 6 children: James W, John William, Thomas, Monroe, Elizabeth, and Della.

Any information would be appreciated!

Becky Shelmadine Fri Nov 7, 2003

Henry LENON and Alice (maiden name unknown) LENON had three children, Hettie, George and Rebecca Ellen.

In the 1880 census, it shows them living in Marshall, Mo.

Henry was born about 1847 and Alice about 1852.

Would like to know what happened to them and where they are buried.

Rebecca Ellen, my great grandmother, is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery at Macon, Mo.

Her brother George is buried near Axtell (6 miles north of Macon) in the Powell Cemetery.

Would like to know what happened to their sister, Hettie, born about 1875.

Any information on any of the LENON's is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Becky Shelmadine Tue Nov 4, 2003

Am looking for information on the sons of Peter and Ellen WRIEDT.

They had 4 sons, Peter, John W., Henry, and Fred B.

I have obits for Peter, John and Fred.

Would like to know who John was married to and where she is buried.

Would like to find Henry's obit and where he is buried.

Henry was married to Bess ALVORD at Macon. She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery at Macon beside her son Lyle.

Any information would really be appreciated. Thank You.

Becky Shelmadine Sat Oct 25, 2003

Did Samuel and Drucilla REFFET of Bevier, MO have a daughter named Emma who married William J. MOORE of Bevier?

They were married Oct. 29, 1887 at Bevier by W. A. CLYMANS, JP, and then a few weeks later she died.

Thanks for any assistance.

Rosemary Lovell Sat Oct 11, 2003

Would like to hear from anyone working the lines of RICHARDSON and BUTLER who lived in Macon Co. MO from 1815 through 1850.

Pleasant M. RICHARDSON (1818-1893) was vet of the Mexican War, is buried in Hull Cemetery, Macon Co. MO.

He married Ara Mildred KIRBY and had two children; John William RICHARDSON who married Celia Katherine BUTLER, and Louise RICHARDSON who married John WRIGHT.

Thanks for any assistance.

Jane Wisdom Tue Sept 2, 2003

I am looking for an obituary for Mary Jane Carter FULMER that lived and died in the Atlanta area.

She is still listed in the 1900 census in Macon County so her death would have been sometime after that.

Her husband was Andrew FULMER

She was born 18 June 1828 probably in Washington Co., Indiana where they were married.


Charlie DeVore Mon Sept 1, 2003

I am seeking any information on my GG Grandfather, Joseph Cramer WELCH ( 1839-1925).

He married Jeluma A. WHITE (b. 1842) on 15 Feb. 1863.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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