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Harold J. Alldredge Jr. Tue Oct 8, 2002

I am doing some research on the Bevier & Southern Railroad Co., original name "Kansas & Texas Coal Railway", reorganized in May 5, 1889 as the "Missouri & Lousiana Railroad. In Sept 1914 the present name was adopted. This research is mostly for my private use.

Can you tell me when the Bevier Platt Map of Bevier Township (Created by Claudia Minor) Macon County Mo. was first made?

I was in Bevier in 1958 when I first saw the railroad. My Grandfather, George E. (Peck) ALLDREDGE, worked in one of the coal mines served by the B&SRR in the early 1900's.

Since I am always interested in my roots and very interested in railroads. I would like to obtain any and all information I can on this short line, ie. photos, track maps ,history, first hand stories ect.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and any information or other places to look, you could offer me.

If there is any cost for any of this information please let me know.

Harold J. Alldredge Jr.
3049 10th. Ave.
Grand Marsh, WI, 53936

Thank you for any help.

Tracy (Kimbal) Brantner Tue Oct 8, 2002

I am searching for information on the Jacob KIMBAL family (may also be spelled KIMBALL, KIMBLE or KIMBOL).

The Jacob KIMBAL family were residents of Russel Township, Macon Co., Missouri - arriving from Perry Co. Ohio sometime in the late 1860's. Jacob, and his wife, Eleanor (BRINDLEY) had three children: Caroline, born around 1860; Samuel Thomas, born December 4, 1865; and Maria, born around 1870.

Jacob, Eleanor and Samuel are all buried a Pleasant Grove Cemetery (north) Linn Co. Missouri.

More specifically, I am looking for information on Caroline and Maria. Did they marry? If so, who? when? Where did they spend their lives? When did they pass? and Where are they buried?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for any help.

Sandra Kerschner Green Sun Sept 29, 2002

I am trying to find information on Simely GREEN (Millie) born 1817 in WV, but moved to KY when she was 2.

She had a twin brother named William GREEN.

Simely GREEN married a John MURRAY.

I believe they were living in Macon County in the 1830s.

From what I understand they had a large family and there maybe some of their descendants still living in Macon Co. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows of this family.

Thank you for any help.

Bruce Borey Sun Sept 29, 2002

I am researching Faye SIEN.

She was enumerated in the 1920 US cansus of Macon County, Missouri with her husband, Julius SIEN and their four children.

In the 1930 US census she is an inmate at the Missouri State Penitentiary in Cole County, Missouri.

She is listed as a laborer on the prison farm.

I can find no record of her husband and children.

To whom do I write to find out how/why she was sent to prison?

Thank you so very much.

Juanita Whittecar Sun Sept 29, 2002

I am looking for any information on Mahlon HOCKETT, son of Zadock and Catherine BLIZZARD,
b. 10-24-1831 in Cherry Grove MM, Randolph, IN.

Mahlon married Abigail SMITH.

Moved to Macon, MO late 1879 or 1880 from Illinois.

Daughter Myrtle Marie HOCKETT married J. Frank NEWTON in Macon, 2-18-1897.

Mahlon is a brother of Jonathan HOCKETT, (my ggrandfather).

Jonathan Hockett was born in Blooming, IN August 21, 1837 and died in Macon Co., January 21, 1915. He is buried in College Mound Cemetery, Macon Co.

Thank you so very much.

Bernice Ettner Enstad Sun Sept 29, 2002

Researching the family or John Andrew and Martha ( HERBOLDT) TETTNER.

They were married 1890 - 92. Their wedding photo was done by Nottingham at 118 Vine Street in Macon Missouri.

If you are able to find any information on my grandparents in Macon, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you so very much.

Candice Buchanan Thur Sept 12, 2002

I need help finding a marriage record for Samuel Arthur PATTON and Jenny WRIGHT.

They married in Macon, MO, on 26 Sept. 1894.

I need to check the original record for two reasons:

1) I do not know Jenny's parents and am hoping they may be listed in the record,

2) I really need the official book and page number so I can document the marriage.

Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!

Millie Conrad Thur Sept 12, 2002

Researching the following families that are related and may all have lived in Macon Co. part of their lives.

Willima Henry LONDON b. VA 1775. Son William Turner LONDON b. 1803 in Tenn. md. Pricilla BAILEY who family records have as being born in Macon Co. and died 19 Aug 1896 in Macon Co. I've never found a record of her death or birth. (She married 2. DICKENS)

William and Pricilla's child, Sue Frances LONDON born College Mound, 7 Jan 1851. She is buried in Chariton Co. MO. Family history says William T. and Pricilla LONDON are buried in Chariton Co., but I've never found them. I suspect it was Kitchen Cemetery.

Robert Thomas RUTLEDGE born McDonough Co., IL md. Sue Frances LONDON in 1876 in Chariton Co.

Henry RUTLEDGE b. WVA 1816 married Fulton Co., IL 1844 and died 1889 - don't know where buried. Have family history Emily Rutledge is buried in either Chariton Co. or Macon Co.

Henry CONRAD b. 1816 PA, had son William Henry b. 1848 in PA and died 1937 in Higbee, Howard Co., MO. Buried in Prairie Hill Cemetery, Chariton Co., MO.

Thomas GRAVES b. 1787.
1. Daughter, Palina GRAVES b. 1811 in VA and married William JACKSON in VA.
2. Son Thomas Jefferson JACKSON b. VA. in 1858 married Jan 1, 1856 Mildred Ann TERRY b. 1840 in Randolph Co. MO.

Thank you for any help.

LaVina Sumter Quam Wed Sept 4, 2002

I need information regarding Rev. Fielding SUMPTER and his wife Cynthia BLACK.

He was a preacher in Southern Methodist Church.

He and his wife are buried at Old Cemtery adjacent to Campground in Mound College, Mo. I also believe he was a preacher there in Mound College.

I just know of one son Sam. I would appreciate any help in locating information on this family.

Thank You.

Becky Shelmadine Thur Aug 15, 2002

Can anyone tell me how I can get or buy the 4 volume set of obits 1874-1933 by Phyllis Mears?

Thank You.

Becky Shelmadine Thur Aug 15, 2002

Mary MOORE was born around Bevier, Mo. And I assume was raised around there too.

She married an ALDRIDGE and in 1936 was living in Salem, Arkansas.

Want to know who she married, and anything else I can find out.

Where and when she married, if she had any children and whether they stayed in Arkansas until they died or just plain what happened to them.

Thank You.

L. A. Fisher Fri Aug 2, 2002

My mother told me there use to be a GRAVES Family Reunion around Labor Day at GRAVES Chapel in Macon, MO.

Does anyone know if this reunion still exists?

My mother, who's grandmother was Mary GRAVES, would like to attend if anyone has any details.

We would appreciate any help.

Gregory Anderson Tue July 30, 2002

I believe my maternal grandfather, Franklin PERRIN, was born in Callao, Macon County, Missouri in 1883.

He moved to Lyon County, Iowa where he married and raised a family until his death in 1957.

I do not know the year he left Macon County.

We would appreciate any help.

Joe McGee Wed July 24, 2002

I am looking for ancestors or decendants of my gg grandparents William (Billy) BINDER b.Germany and Susan (Susie) MCGREW b.Missouri.

It is believed they were married in Macon MO in Aug 25, 1885.

They had three children (based on LSD archives):
1. Irvine,
2. Roger(s)
3. Spencer.

Roger Franklin BINDER was born Mar 04, 1903 in Macon MO. This leads me to believe they may have lived in Macon during this period.

Roger was working for Willard's Studio, in Kirksville MO. He was living at 115 Illinois ST, Kirksville MO 12/1/1937. Roger married Violet May POLITE but I have no details of when or where.

I have been able to find some others researching the POLITE and MCGREW branches but not BINDER.

We would appreciate any help you could give us.

Mary Rogers Wed July 24, 2002

My Father, John Henry LUNSFORD is 89 years old and would have graduated from Macon High School in 1930.

He did not complete his high school education, but has been wondering if any of his class-mates are still living and if so, where?

Can you help us with this?

It would mean a lot to my father. He remembers one person that may still be living, John SHAE.

We would appreciate any help you could give us.

Rebecca Shelmadine Mon July 22, 2002

Looking for information on Fred GRINDEL and Stella REFFITT GRINDEL who lived in Bevier, Mo. and is buried in the West Oakwood cemetery.

Thanks for any information.

Rebecca Shelmadine Mon July 22, 2002

Looking for obit of Lillie Mae KINKADE who was the daughter of Samuel and Nancy Druzilla MOORE REFFITT .

She was born May 1, 1885 and died March 18, 1932.

She was married to George Delbert KINKADE and they lived in Bevier, Missouri.

Thanks for any information.

Rebecca Shelmadine Mon July 22, 2002

Mrs. Emma MOORE, wife of Wm. MOORE, died Nov.1887.

She had been a bride for only four weeks. She was a member of the 2nd Baptist church of Bevier.

What was her maiden name?

And what did she die from?

Thanks for any information.

Rebecca Shelmadine Mon July 22, 2002

Looking for information on Miss Sarah MOORE who married Joseph HACKLER in 1888 at Macon, Missouri.

Thanks for any information.

Rebecca Shelmadine Mon July 22, 2002

Looking for information on Pauline MOORE of Bevier, MO who married Arthur Daniel HURST on Dec. 21, 1913 in McNairy, Tennessee.

Thanks for any information.

Rebecca Shelmadine Mon July 22, 2002

Looking for information on Alice Jane DAWSON and Rober P. TOWNER who were married Nov. 17, 1884 at Macon, Mo.

Thanks for any information.

Rebecca Shelmadine Mon July 22, 2002

Looking for information on John TULLEY.

He lived with his grandparents Amos and Sarah Jane Burke MOORE in Bevier, Missouri.

Need to know who his parents are and why he lived with his grandparents.

Thanks for any information.

Jonathan Ward Fri July 19, 2002

Looking for information on William WARD b. 1804 in Virgina (just not sure where) lived in Valley Township.

He married Phebe GREENSTREET Nov. 15, 1828 in Green County, Kentucky.

They moved to Missouri in 1837.

He is said to be the first settler in Valley Township. There children are:
1. Benjamin b. 1830,
2. Alaphair b. abt 1840,
3. Martha b. 1842,
4. Sarah b. 1843,
5. Phebe b. 1845,
6. Howard (I actually think this is Hammond) b.1847,
7. Drusilla b. 1849,
8. John b. 1836.

Died in 1875 and is buried at the Old Chariton Cementary.

Would also like to know if there are any pictures of the Ward School.

I believe it was a small school house on William Ward's property.

Thanks for any information.

Jane Day Wisdom Thur July 18, 2002

I am searching for information on the James DAY family that moved into Macon County about 1866.

My great grandfather is his son, Theodore.

There were three older siblings named Mary, Sarah and John Wesley. We do not know where they married, moved or whatever.

James Day's first wife was named Elizabeth FULMER. Her brother, Andrew FULMER moved into Macon County in the 1850s in the Atlanta area.

Elizabeth died in Jefferson county, Iowa before the James DAY family moved to Macon, but we would like to know more about the Andrew FULMER family and what happened to them.

Thanks for any help and especially to the wonderful volunteers in Macon County.

Harry R. Alexander Tue July 16, 2002

I have and I am seeking information on The Moses ALEXANDER and Sara BIRD families and their relation as well as the William F. HENRY and Margaret C. COOLEY families and their relation.

Children of the Moses ALEXANDER and Sara BIRD Marriage were:
1. Henry Clay,
2. James L.,
3. John,
4. Julia,
5. Mary,
6. Daniel,

The family migrated to Macon Co. MO from Shelby Co. Indiana cira,.1860.

Children of the William F. HENRY Margaret COOLEY Marriage were:
1. Mary E.,
2. Henry,
3. Elvira,
4. John,
5. Drury,
6. Ann C,
7. Missouri S,
8. Arthur W,
9. Benjamin,
10. George,
11. Joseph M,
12. Josephine.

The family came to Missouri from Kentucky and the Cooley line can be traced back to 1600s in New Ansterdam, NY.

These families and relation were in Macon and Putnam County in the middle and late 1800s.

I have much information that I wish to share and exchange.

Thank you for any help.

Stewart Goesch Sun July 14, 2002

I am trying to find the location of the old Ewing Presbyterian Church records.

The church closed perhaps in the 1940s or 50s. The cemetery of the Ewing church still exists.

My ancestors whose records are undoubtedly contained in the Ewing register are my father, William J. HAMILTON, mother, Minnie FETTER.

1. Edwin, 1882;
2. Samuel, 1883;
3. Edith, (or is it Edyth) 1886;
4. Jessie, 1888;
5. Emma, 1892;
6. Joseph, 1894;
7. Helen 1900.

Any help in locating the whereabouts of the Ewing Church records would be greatly appreciated.

Stewart Goesch
11823 Antietam Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Thank you for any help.

Ronald L. Tomson Mon July 8, 2002

Looking for any information on Lamont E. FREEMAN, born in Elmer, MO August 11, 1928.

His father was a Paul A. FREEMAN, born in Arkansas on June 2, 1898, and Fern was his wife who was a HOFFMAN (her parents were Lewis R. HOFFMAN born October 10, 1879 and Della HOFFMAN or Pure Aire, MO).

Any information on any of the above would be appreciated and if you can, do you know where Pure Aire, Missouri was; it doesn't seem to exist in any info data bases I have searched so far.

Thank you for any help.

Janie Hulett Sun July 7, 2002

I am looking for information on the old Mt. Zion Church and cemetery in Macon County.

The HULETT stones are in a fenced corner of a wooded area. Family legend said that the others were moved but the farmer was told "they better not touch the HULETT plot."

My ggrandfather Christopher HULETT (deceased 1911) is buried there along with some HULETT children.

I would like any information on when this cemetery was moved or closed. I recently received some information from a helpful adventurer who was in Callao and even found the old cemetery and sent me some pictures of the stones. I am also interested in finding out where Christopher's wife Rebecca HULETT is buried as she died in 1925, she had remarried a King David WRIGHT and divorced shortly after, so she may be buried as a WRIGHT.


Thank you for any help.

Linda Wisdom Mon July 1, 2002

Looking for any information on William B. FARRAR or FARR married to Mary D. B. YOUNGBLOOD, March 18, 1858 in Macon MO.

They moved to Arkansas and on the 1880 census it has:
William, 47 born in Indiana,
Mary D.B., 40, born in Illinois,
A.J. Chester, 21, born in MO,
Elizabeth D., 19 ,born in MO
Melissa Carylon., 18, born in MO
William G., 13, born in Indiana
Ida M., 10, born in MO
Mary S., born in Illinois
James W., 2, born in MO

Brothers of William Sr. also listed:
1. George, 17, born in Indiana
2. John Jacob, 16, born in Indiana

Also listed in the household:
A.J.Chester FARRAR married Melissa YOUNGBLOOD [ she is from Jeremiah YOUNGBLOOD.] They had a child John H. FARRAR He was born in Ark. and was only 7 months old in the 1880 census.

It was stated in family that they all came from MO around Walnut Creek Twp. I have FARRAR and YOUNGBLOOD info. I have a picture of Melissa C.FARRAR and a group picture of YOUNGBLOODS.

I have found a few of the YOUNGBLOOD's but I have not been able to find a FARRAR connection. My grandmother was Florence Susan YOUNGBLOOD, her parents were M.F. YOUNGBLOOD and Malissa C. FARRAR.

M.F. YOUNGBLOOD's father was James [Jim] YOUNGBLOOD. His father was William.

Malissa's mother was Mary YOUNGBLOOD married William FARRAR. Do you know any of these people? I'm trying to do my family tree for my grandchildren.

Any info or help on these families is greatly appreciated.

Cindi (Slightom) Grim Mon July 1, 2002

The Macon County marriage index has a listing for the following: James SLITEM / Elizabeth THOMAS , 15 Dec 1844 (book A, page 54)

This surname is slaughtered quite a lot. It's actually my gg-grandfather, James Oliver SLIGHTOM. What I've been trying to establish for a long time is the name of my gg-grandmother, and it looks as though Elizabeth is the one. I believe she may have been called "Fannie" and died an early death. Would love to know her parents names, birth/death dates, siblings, etc.

James married Catherine "Kate" SMITH-HAMMETT-COLLINS on February 26, 1854 in Macon County, and they raised my great-grandfather George Franklin SLIGHTOM (born 1847) and his sister, Mary Margaret (born 1849). Would love to verify that Elizabeth is their natural mother.

Thanks for any help!

Carol Nation Sun June 30, 2002

Searching for John McNUTT and his daughter, Darcus Jane.

John came from Ireland by way of PA.

He lived in Macon Co prior to and beyond 1830. That's all I know about him. Darcus Jane was born Dec 14, 1816 in PA. She married James Patterson THOMPSON Aug 21, 1838 in Allegheny Co. PA. Darcus Jane died July 6, 1850 in Meigs Co. OH.

Their children were:
John b: 1840/PA;
Henry Clay b: 1841/PA;
Rebecca b: 1843/OH;
Nancy Jane b: 1845/OH;
Sarah Melissa b:1846/OH;
Sarah Ellen b: 1849/OH.

Anyone searching this line of McNUTT's?

I would be happy to share the limited info I have, and any info I may come across. Thanks!

Jane Wisdom Sat June 29, 2002

We are searching for connections and history of the brothers and sisters of Bobby GIPSON.

Bobby brought his family to Macon and Randolph Counties in the early 1800s and we think some of his siblings also found their way to Mo.

I have found connections to Larkin, Bobby's half brother. If anyone has information about others, several of us doing research are interested.

In his book, he referred to his brother, John. However, we do not know what happened to him or any of the others - just Bobby and Larkin. They were born in Randolph Co. North Carolina in late 1700s and some of them moved to Wayne Co., Ky. before coming to Mo.

And we are still interested in making more connections to the families of Bobby GIPSON's descendents. The list is growing daily.

Your help would be apprecitated.

Leslie Granat Thur June 27, 2002

Researching Robert L. GIPSON whose autobiography can be found at


Robert L. GIPSON was quite a colorful character! By his account he was born on Christmas Day in 1766, which would have made him nearly 120 when he died in 1886. He says he married Gracie SMITH when he was 35 years of age, and they had 16 children. This would appear to account for most GIPSONs, as he also stated that in 1884 he had 105 grandchildren, 190 great-grandchildren and 10 gg-granchildren. Including his 16 children, that was 321 descendants in 1884! Imagine how many there must be today!

While this autobiography, and others written about him make for very interesting reading, the dates just don't add up.

Information shows that his wife, Gracie SMITH, was born in 1794.

If "Uncle Bobby" as he was known married her when he was 35, poor Gracie would have only been about 7 years of age at the time of their marriage!

Information I have (from other researchers) indicates their marriage took place in 1812, with the oldest child, Stephen, born in 1813 and their youngest, a daughter, Hezekiah, born in 1841. Counting backwards from 1812, and assuming that he was 35 at the time of their marriage, this places his birth year at about 1776-77. However, researchers seem to agree that his birth date was most likely Dec. 25, 1882.

His biography, as published in the "History of Macon County," written about 1884, also seems to have several irregular dates and ages of children.

Is there anyone out there who has studied this information and has primary sources with which to place relatively accurate dates of births and deaths of the 16 children of this remarkable person?

Your help would be apprecitated.

Patricia Fuentes Wed June 26, 2002

I am seeking information on the family of Elizabeth TRUITT, the daughter of Tyre TRUITT and Sarah BURNS of Macon County.

Elizabeth was born 19 Nov 1856, she died 22 Nov 1885 and is buried in the White Cemetery at Ethel, Missouri.

She married Lewis J. LYLE on 17 Oct 1875 in Macon County.

I have no further information on Lewis.

According to the 1880 census of Macon Co. Elizabeth and Lewis had two children:
1. William
2. Tyre

Lewis is not listed in the census and Elizabeth is listed as Lizzie LILE, her son Tyre is listed as "Pet."

Also starting to research the BURNS family and any help in this area would be appreciated.

I would welcome any information on either family.

Mona Upah Thur June 20, 2002

Looking for information on Ellis NICHOLS.

All I know is his children were:
1. Dora,
2. William,
3. George
4. Ruby.

Ellis NICHOLS is my great great grand father. His daughter Dora A. NICHOLS is my great grandmother.

They lived near Atlanta, Missouri in 1869.

Thank You

Claudette Peters Whitefield Wed June 12, 2002

I am looking for any family of William Henry CHITWOOD b. 1843 in MO (probably Macon Co.) to Archibald CHITWOOD and Caroline SHERRON. He m. Rachel B. TAYLOR on 13 January 1869 in Macon Co., MO.

They had three known children:
1. William Archabel CHITWOOD b. 1869,
2. Marcus CHITWOOD b. 1873,
3. Moses CHITWOOD b. 1877,
all in Macon Co., Mo.

Need more info regarding any of these people.

Thank You

Linda XXX Tue June 11, 2002

I am searching for information on my great-grandmother, Rosetta Ann SEVIER TETER WALLACE.

Her maiden name was SEVIER. She married a TETER, and had 2 children; Henry and Elsie.

She then married William WALLACE, and had Maggie, Georgiann, Rose Belle, Lucretia, Thomas, and Grace.

All I know is Rosetta is buried in the TETER cemetary.

Would appreciate any information on her. Her Mother's name was Lucretia Jane (ATWELL) SEVIER.

Thank You

Margie Anderson Sat June 1, 2002

I'm trying to find a list of names in the Elmer Cemetery, or if there is more than one.

I'm trying to find Lydia H. KISOR, born 1873 and died 1895.

She also went by the name of Anna. She was the daughter of Jacob and Hannah KISOR.

Thank you.

Judith Estes Thur May 23, 2002

I am looking for the family of Henry SCHWEER.

He was born Aug, 1838 in MO. He died in Atlanta, MO July 16, 1886.

He was married to Emma WALKER born Indianapolis, IN.

He was a carpenter and the death record said buried at Hawkins Cemetery. I can not locate this cemetery.

Also need help locating children of the family. They are:
1. Sarah Caroline,
2. Edith Agret,
3. Anna,
4. Charley.

Thank you.

Judith Estes Thur May 23, 2002

I am looking for Lafayette FORD born in IN. son of Isaac W. FORD, born TN.

Lafayette married Martha M ATTERBURY daughter of Martin ATTERBURY and wife Elizabeth Frances WEATHERFORD, on the 29th day of Jan., 1865, Macon Co., MO.

Lafayette and Martha have two sons.

1. Allen Guy, born the 7th of Jan, 1869, Atlanta, MO,
2. Martin 1872, Atlanta, MO.

Allen Guy married Sarah Caroline SCHWEER and had eight daughter. The only record I could find on Martin was he was a Pvt. E 44th Missouri Infantry.

Allen and wife Sarah moved to KS in around late 1891. I think Martha Ford must have lost her husband by then as I can find no other reference to him anywhere. Would appreciate any help anyone can give on information on this family.

Thank you.

Ann Wells Mon Apr 29, 2002

Searching for John ROGERS and Ethel CAFFEE dau. of Ezra CAFFEE and Anna TORRENCE of Jones Co. Iowa.

They were in Macon Co. during 1880-1890.

They were in WA state in 1900.

Thank you for your help.

Donna Percer Mon Apr 29, 2002

Mary MORGAN b. Sept 25, 1835 Merthyr Tydfil, S. Wales moved to Ohio, USA 1860's. Lived 1866 in Mineral Ridge, Ohio.

Her mother's maiden name may have been WILLIAMS. She married David E. EVANS, son of John EVANS of S. Wales.

She died July 9, 1895 of Asthma, at Bevier, Macon County, Missouri.

Among her children was John T. EVANS and David EVANS.

She had a brother, John J. MORGAN

Thank You.

Bruce Borey Mon Apr 29, 2002

I am looking for a record of the marriage of Julius SIEN to Faye (maiden name POWERS).

They are enumerated in the 1920 federal census as residents of Macon County, Missouri.

Each had children from prior marriages.

They were married some time between 1910 and 1920, however, I suspect their marriage was closer to 1920, and took place in Macon County.

Can anybody help me?

Thank You.

Becky Shelmadine Thur Apr 25, 2002

I am looking for the obituaries of Rueben and Jane DAWSON, birth and death dates unknown.

Also for Amos MOORE, his son James Franklin MOORE who died in 1921, and his wife Lavina Dawson MOORE who died in 1929.

They all lived in Bevier in Macon County.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

Becky Shelmadine Thur Apr 25, 2002

I am looking for information on James Franklin MOORE who lived in Bevier.

He was born May 5,1862 and died at Bevier August 16, 1921.

He married Lavina DAWSON and they had 3 children:
1. Jessie MOORE who was adopted
2. Nora MOORE and
3. Susie Ann MOORE who was my grandmother.

Any information on any of these would be appreciated. Thank You.

Ruth Ann Ristow Sun Apr 21, 2002

I am looking for information regarding Robert LOVERN b. 8-10-1863, in Macon Co. MO, d. 9-10-1917, who was married Aug 10, 1890 to Eve Justine ROBINSON, b.1867 in Macon Co., MO.

I believe that they went to Colorado and lived in Canon City.

Thank you for any help.

Bernice Ettner Enstad Fri Apr 19, 2002

Lookiong for information on my grand parents, John Andrew and Martha (HERBOLDT) ETTNER, Married 1890 - 92.

Their wedding photo by Nottingham at 118 Vine Street in Macon Missouri.

If you are able to find any information on my grandparents in Macon, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you so very much.

DeAnna Wright Sun Apr 14 2002

Looking for information on Stephen Boswith JOHNSON and wife (Anna Marie NEWLIN possibly) who had son Samuel Washington Johnson April 21, 1866 in Macon county.

Other children were:
1. Charles,
2. Florence,
3. Mabel.

Thank you for any help.

Rose Fields Sat Apr 13, 2002

Looking for info on FIELDS that had a family member by the name of Charles. Also Fields tied to cook family in Linn county. please reply

Thank you.

Judy Morgan Stone Sat Apr 13, 2002

Looking for information about William MORGAN. William was born Jan 1895 or 1896 to David and margaret MORGAN.

William was born at Bevier, MO and was one of 7 children including:

1. Tillie MORGAN Thomas b. 11/1882
2. Elizabeth MORGAN Patrick b. 9/1888
3. James MORGAN b. 4/1884
4. Agnes MORGAN Parks b. 2/1897
5. Harry MORGAN b. 1901
6. Ruth MORGAN Durham b. 7/1905

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Bruce Borey Sat Apr 13, 2002

I am looking for a record of the marriage of Julius SIEN to Faye (maiden name POWERS).

They are enumerated in the 1920 federal census as residents of Macon County, Missouri.

Each had children from prior marriages.

They were married some time between 1910 and 1920, however, I suspect their marriage was closer to 1920, and took place in Macon County.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you for any help.

Jane Wisdom Sat Apr 13, 2002

Both the LDS and the Ancestry.Com lists the birth of Robert L. GIPSON as 1782 in Randolph County, N.C. not 1766 as all our family has been led to believe thru the book written in 1884.

Does anyone in Macon or Randolph County have any information on this matter?

How could this be when he himself said in the book that he was born in 1766 and honored as so at the County Fair?

Thanks for any help.

Marsha (Mullinix) Ingebretson Sat Apr 13, 2002

Trying to find out who the parents were of John M. WILKES who was born 8/27/1875 and died 4/12/1926.

He is buried at Locust Grove Cemetery in Macon Co. with his wife Cordie.

Cordie was Cordelia MULLINIX the daughter of John Thomas MULLINIX and Margaret Elizabeth SEARS. She was born 2/18/1886 in Chariton Co., Mo. and died in Brookfield, Linn Co., Mo. on 7/13/1912.

Wondering if John's mother may have been Eliza J. MORROW.

Thanks for any help.

Ron & Brenda Perkins Sat Apr 13, 2002

I am looking for my Grandpa and my Father, Lloyd Cromwell PERKINS born May 1898 in Macon Co. Mo and died July 16, 1958.

He married Nancy Ann PUTNAM of Checotah Ok. on April 12 1921. She was born Aug 18, 1902 and died April 10, 1956 in Illinois.

My Grandfather: Edgar Adrain PERKINS was born March 16, 1864-1866 in Macon, Co Mo. He died Oct. 29, 1939 in Illinois.

He married Adra Alice SNEAD on May 25, 1898 in Macon Co Mo.

She was born Jan. 21 1866 in Bevier Mo. She died Aug 7, 1954 in Illinois.

If anyone would have any information pretaining to my Father and Mother, and Grandfather and Grandmother please contact me.

Cindi (Slightom) Grim Sat Apr 13, 2002

I am seeking information on Blandymon SMITH, who was born October 1, 1776 and died November 10, 1869. He was described in his obituary as, "one of the earliest settlers of Huntsville."

His daughter, Catherine "Kate," was born in Randolph County on January 31, 1823. She married three times...the last marriage to my gg-grandfather, James Oliver SLIGHTOM of Bevier. All three of them were buried in the SLIGHTOM family cemetery in Bloomington. Their headstone was a four-sided stone. The fourth panel has the name of Mary ABBOTT, born January 5, 1813, died June 23, 1888. I have no idea who she is...possibly a married sibling of Catherine, but I am not certain.

I am seeking the wife of Blandymon, any stories or recollections about him; also former spouses and siblings of Catherine...and of course, I'd like to know who the heck Mary ABBOTT was.

I thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Cindi (Slightom) Grim Sat Apr 13, 2002

I am seeking information on Sarah Elizabeth GROSS, my great-grandmother. She married George Franklin SLIGHTOM in Macon County (I have 3 marriage dates...1874, 1875 and 1878) and they lived on a farm near Bloomington.

Sarah's parents were Levi GROSS and Martha POSEY. The IGI has their marriage listed as December 1, 1855 in Macon.

This is all I know of my great-grandmother and her family. I would appreciate any information you can help provide.

Thank You,

Kitty Wright Beckett Sat Apr 13 2002

I am looking for birth, marriage or death records of Charles WRIGHT.

He and his wife were buried in Macon sometime between 1955 and 1970's.

Would like to make contact with anyone working on this family.

Thank You,

Sandy Stanton Sat Apr 13, 2002

On 19 May 1842 in Macon County Elizabeth WILSON and Elijah ROE were married. I can not find them on the 1850 census for Macon co.

Where did they go?

Did they have any children?

Would like to make contact with anyone working on this family.

Jeannine Burks Sat Apr 13, 2002

I'm searching for parents/siblings of Elijah BAILEY (b.10-26-1860) his wife, Eliz. DOWDING (b. 6-22-1860) in England. They were married 1-8-1892.

From another researcher, her parents came to US on their honeymoon & stayed (unknown date).

I'm also looking for 's parents/siblings of Nancy Ann LAMB & Richard SIMPSON VANSKIKE (possibly Narrows Twp) Macon Co, MO. They were mar'27 Dec. 1860. They had 6 children (can supply names/dates).

The above are both sets of my gr'gr'parents, any info most welcome and appreciated.

Faith Wong Sat Mar 16, 2002

I am interested in connecting with other descendants of John and Mary Ann ROGERS/RODGERS WINKLER. John was b. 1827, Estill Co., KY to Henry WINKLER II and Jane ABNER WINKLER; Mary Ann was b. 1832 KY to Uriah and Eleanor PATRICK ROGERS (or RODGERS); John and Mary Ann married in Macon Co., MO in 1847. In the 1850 census they were living in Ranolph Co., MO. Mary Ann died some time between the birth of their last child (1862) and 1870. She is not listed with John in the 1870 census of Macon Co.--Morrow Twp.

Their children included:

Susan b. abt. 1848 md. a DURHAM and lived in Randolph Co., MO in 1880.

Thomas Marion b. abt. 1849 md. Anna Eliza DURHAM.

John Bert b. 1853 md. Susan Lear HALL.

Martha ("Dave") b. abt. 1858 md. one BATES and another BATES (Bill and Jim, I think).

Eugenia b. 1859 md. John Wesley FOSTER and lived in Macon Co., MO.

Sarah Siegel (or C.?) ("Sallie") b. abt. 1860-1861 md. William S. DEAN 1880 Randolph Co., MO.

Fannie b. abt. 1861-1862 md. Allen BOWMAN 1880 in Randolph Co., MO.

Nathaniel Lyon(s) b. 1862 md. Olive Nytha THATCHER and lived in Macon Co.

Over the years I've collected information from several WINKLER-ROGERS descendants who have graciously shared their findings. I'd be interested in exchanging information with others descended from John and Mary Ann WINKLER.

Thank you so much.

J. Anne Brammer Bell Thur Mar 14, 2002

I am a novice at this geneology business but must begin somewhere.

My grandparents: George Washington BRAMMER married Mary Elizabeth TETER in the early 1870's and lived in Bevier.

They had six children:
1. Melissa Anne,
2. Oscer Lee,
3. James,
4. Albert,
5. David Allen,
6. John Thomas.

Grand-mother had a daughter Effie SUMMERS in an earlier marriage. Effie married a TRACY. She had several children among which was Omer TRACY, who lived in Springfield, MO.

Some of my relatives in and around Bevier are:
TUTTLE, OVERBY & RILEY. Any available information is most welcome. My father was John Thomas BRAMMER b.1891. He married Margaret GREGSON in 1932 in IL. They lived all of their married lives in Clinton, IN.

Thank you so much.

Linda Brown Tue Mar 12, 2002

I am trying to locate information on Nancy Jane STINSON WHITE ROBERTS.

She was listed in the Macon Co census of 1870 as head of household.

She was mother to Bemjamin Franklin WHITE b 1841. She was fist married to Robert Lewis WHITE and second to Rayne ROBERTS.

Thank you.

James R. Marshall Sun Mar 10, 2002

I wish to correspond with people who are researching the MARSHALL, SUMMERS, GREEN, and NICHOLS families of Macon County, Missouri.

Caroline MARSHALL and her children moved from Cole County, Missouri to Macon County about 1844. Her husband, William, was never found in Macon County and is believed to have died in Cole County before their move.

Their children are as follows:
1.James H. (1825-1883)
2.John W. (1826-1909)
3.Andrew J. (1828-1909)
4.Mary, b.1830/1831
5.William W., b.1831/1832
6.Rebecca, b.1833/1834
7.Henry S., (1838-1879)
8.Newton B., 1839/1840
9.Eliza P., (1842-1899)
10.Rachel, b.1843/1844

My great, great, grandfather, John Wesley MARSHALL, married Mary Jane SUMMERS on 10 October 1848 in Macon County. Mary Jane's parents were Johnson SUMMERS and Sarah GREEN. Robert GREEN was Sarah's father. He died about 1832 in Randolph County, Missouri.

In the 1850 Missouri Census for Macon County, Caroline and her family were listed as living next to the Robert NICHOLS family (NICHOLS was incorrectly listed as Nicholas in this census). This NICHOLS family came from Sevier County, Tennessee. I believe that the MARSHALL family also originated from this county. I'm curious if there's a connection between the families.

Thank you.

Jane Wisdom Thur Feb 28, 2002

I am beginning to do research on 2 of my ancestoral grandfathers of Macon County.

Pleasant CALHOUN is one grandfather, born in 1833 but do not know where.

Another gggg grandfather is Bobby GIPSON. I have found things about him, including the book he did. I know he was born in 1766 in Randolph County, N.C. and went first to Kentucky and then into Missouri about 1826. He had 16 children including my ggg grandfather, Stephen, but I don't know the rest of his children's names.

Has anyone in Macon County researched this family?

I know I have many relatives still in the Macon area and get there often. Can you help me with my genealogy?

Thanks so much.

Shirley Lenocker Thur Feb 28, 2002

I am looking for information on the PARRISH family, my mothers side of the family. Cora Francis PARRISH, my mother, was born in Macon Co. in 1893.

Her grand-parents were Augustin (Augustus) W. PARRISH and Eliza T. Francis ( CRAWFORD) PARRISH. They were married in October 1857 in Monroe County.

They had 4 living children:
1. Ancel McCullough PARRISH
2. William Leroy PARRISH (my grandad)
3. Virginia Frances PARRISH
4. Edward Baxter PARRISH

My grandfather William Leroy PARRISH married Artie BAKER and they had 4 children:
1. Augustus Hadden PARRISH born 6/10/1892,
2. Cora Francis PARRISH 7/8/1893 (my mother),
3. Charles Norris PARRISH born 12/09/1894,
4. Sanford Brown PARRISH born 2/22/1899.

Cora Francis married Robert Earl SENEY in May of 1920 and they moved to the state of Washington.

If anyone has any information on this PARRISH family I would greatly appreciate you sharing it.

Thanks so much.

Bob Heber Wed Feb 27 2002

I have a newspaper article that does not show the paper or the year. It reads as follows: Died - On the 25th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth CORLIES, wife of George D. CORLIES of Macon, Missouri, age 31.

Mrs. CORLIES was killed instantly by the falling east wall of the Masonic Temple, that destroyed the house of H. S. GLAZE, during the storm of Friday.

The following beautiful lines are from the gifted pen of our fellow townsman, Dr. KIRKUP, the long time friend and physician of the deceased lady.

Then follows a poem.

Can anyone tell me more about this incident - when - where (Macon?), more information on the deceased, etc.

Thank you.

Jim Miller Wed Feb 27, 2002

Seeking info and descendants of Marion A. HATCH, son of Henry L. HATCH & Lois STEVENS, b. 31 January 1862, Madison Co., IA and was living as late as 1930 in Sheridan, Macon Co., MO.

Thank you.

Jean Yocum Boze Sun Feb 24, 2002

My Grandparents, George & Clara YOCUM ran YOCUM's Boarding House from early 1800's to 1945.

The Yocum's came here from Kentucky and settled in Bevier Twp. Bevier.

They had daughters:
1. Lorene,
2. Irene,
and sons:
3. Leo
4. Delbert,

My father, Delbert, married Hazel Ruch who was raised by her grandmother Cecile SIMONS.

Does anyone have any additional information on these families?

Thank you.

Frances Plumb Sun Feb 24, 2002

I am researching the family of my Great Grandfather, Malon WILSON.

They lived in Macon, MO from 1892 to abt. 1930. He married Mincie BLANKENSHIP in 1892 and died in Macon on January 21, 1923 in Macon.

Mincie remarried a R.L. PERKINS, and she died in 1929.

Malon and Mincie WILSON had ten childern:
1. George,
2. Eva (BRUMBACK),
3. Minnie (HAYES or CLAUS),
4. Charles E.,
5. Laura E. (SLOAN) my grandmother,
6. Sarah (STUERZENBURGER {sp?}),
7. Woodrow,
8. Robert,
9. John
10. William.

I would appreciate any information possible.

I am researching any possible Cherokee Indian ties.

Thank you greatly!

Keith Mitchell Tue Feb 19 2002

I need info of what happened to Perlina (Paulina) TOOLEY TRACY, wife of John W. TRACY after husband John died.

Perlina was born KY abt 1819. She may have remarried or is buried likely in Macon Co. John W. TRACY is buried at 10 mile Cem in Macon Co. She may be beside him and not accounted for.

Their children, all born in KY are:
1. Emma Elizebeth,
2. John T (Shelby Co. life resident),
3. James Tracy of Macon,
4. Wm W.

I also need birth records of the children of John T TRACY and Mary E. LAMKIN TRACY, they were:
1. John Ricketts,
2. Laura Belle,
3. Oscar Thomas,
4. William Ezra
5. Edna Mae.
All born after 1870 apparently in Macon Co.

I need also, Complete death date and burial site for Uriah Ezra LAMKIN. I have the info for 1st wife Mary Ann REED, but he remarried another Mary ? from Macon Co. and died there reportedly in 1893.

His children by 1st wife were:
1. Harrison,
2. Edwin,
3. Olive,
4. Augusta,
5. Mary Eliza,
6. John.

I believe only John and Mary left Rising Sun IN and came with parents to Mo. John inherited and then moved to Casper Wyoming, I have his obituary.

All of these people lived on or around the border of Macon and Shelby Co's 1868 +.

I was in Macon a couple of years ago, but could get no info from the courthouse as it was being renivated and records were stored. Has the info been made available now.

Please feel free to email me.

Thank you.

Arnold Saaf Tue Feb 19, 2002

I am trying to locate a BELL that was once in College Mound, Missouri.

It may have been purchased originally for the college back in the mid 1800s.

The bell would have been cast in St. Louis and should bear the name CAUGHLAN. It may have been cast by David CAUGHLAN and his brother John Wesley CAUGHLAN, under the name CAUGHLAN & Brother circa 1855.

Any information regarding the College Mound bell would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Sue Yount Sat Feb 16, 2002

I am looking for my great grandparents, Charles William BADGEROW descendants.
Charles William BADGEROW was born 17 Jan 1861 and died 2 Apr 1946.
He married Sarah Elizabeth GATES on 13 June 1880. Sarah Elizabeth was born 4 Mar 1859 and died 24 Jan 1947.
My sources say Charles William was orphaned, and raised by his mothers brother.
I also need information on Charles' parents.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Sue Yount Sat Feb 16, 2002

Searching for ancestors of George Edward ALLDREDGE born 3 June 1891 in
Bevier, MO.
He married Lottie RILEY, in Bevier, 8 Dec 1911.
George Edward's father was Oliver Perry ALLDREDGE d. 20 Aug 1936.
He married Mary Ann BUNTON, 30 Oct 1885 in Macon, MO.
Thanks in advance for any information on this family.

Sue Yount Sat Feb 16, 2002

Searching for ancestors of George CLARK b. 19 July 1868 d. 10 July 1927.
Buried in East Oakwood Cemetery, Bevier, MO.
He married Anna SCURRAH 1877(?) - 1939(?) also buried in East Oakwood.

Thomas CLARK, b. 3 March 1910 Grace IURO b. 4, Apr. 1913
Pansy HARTMAN b. 3 Dec 1915 Mabel MOORE b. 11 Sept 1903
Willard CLARK, Robert William CLARK,
George Rogers CLARK,
b. 3 Mar 8 1895 d. 23 Mar 1967
Hannah CLARK
b. 20 Oct 1899 d. 12 Nov 1920
Buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Thanks in advance for any information on this family.

Judy Morgan Stone Tue Feb 11, 2002

Looking for information about a family with the last name MAIN that lived in the Macon, Mo area in the 1930's.

There was a daughter that had a Miss Morgan for a teacher that said they were cousins.

Are their any MAIN families that would know about this information?

Could also have been Bevier, Mo.

Thanks for any help.

Wayne Wickham Tue Jan 29, 2002

I am looking for information about William W. BURWICK who was married to Lucy Ann GLENN on 19 Sept. 1860 in Macon, Macon County.

I would like info on any children from this union.

Thanks for any help.

Joni Graeff Mon Jan 28, 2002

I found an obit for John Quincy MATTHEWS in an old family Bible.

He was born Sept 14, 1828 in Marion Co., MO, lived in Macon Co. from age 9 to death, and died Nov 9, 1912 at his daughter's home-Mrs. William CLARK.

He was married to Martha DAVIDSON.

1. J.H. MATTHEW (sic),
2. Calvin MATTHEW (sic),
3. Mrs. W. M. CLARK
4. Mrs. W. P. THURMAN.

I would like to find out his connection to the CLARK family.

If you know about the William CLARK family, it may help me with a brick wall!

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Judy Morgan Stone Sun Jan 27, 2002

looking for information on Otho NISBETH who married Mildred MORGAN. Mildred was born about 1906 to William R. and Eleanor (ROBERTS) MORGAN at Bevier, Mo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Judy Morgan Stone Sun Jan 27, 2002

Looking for information about John and Margaret MORGAN DAVIES.

They lived in New Cambria from 1870 until she died about 1910.

Survived by a son John Jr. and a daughter Margaret J. BEVAN of New Cambria.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Judy Morgan Stone Sun Jan 27, 2002

Researching James FUGATE, in Macon 1829-1839 or longer.

Looking for this person as he married my gg-grandmother Margaret MORGAN after my gg-grandfather David E. MORGAN died.

Thank you.

Carol Cummings Thur Dec 5, 2001

The 1880 Federal Census (per the UGC CD-Rom index) shows the CUMMINGS family in Hudson Township, Macon County, MO:

CUMMINGS, Albert, b. 1825, VA;
wife Mary, age 36, b. England;
dau Elmina CUMMINGS age 2 mos.

I believe this Albert CUMMINGS is identical with the Albert CUMMINGS, son of Robert CUMMINGS, who resided in Jasper County, Iowa from 1849 until some time after 1860.

My questions are:
1. Did he die in Macon County; if so, when, and where was he buried?
2. Did Elmina live to adulthood,
3. Did she have any siblings,
4. Are there/were there any descendants living in Macon County?

I would like very much to locate a descendant of this line of the family.

Ruth Walton Sun Dec 2, 2001

Lewis GREEN and Nancy GROSS had 9 children.

One son was Wilson Roger who married Sarah Elizabeth KITCHEN.

They lived around College Mound in Macon County.

Wilson and Sarah had 11 children including, Celia Frances, born April 29, 1859 and died February 19, 1949.

She was married to James Elder LUCAS on July 4, 1878.

They were the parents of:
1. Wm W,
2. Fannie Isabel,
3. Cora Frances,
4. Gilbert Albert,
5. Lonnie R,
6. Hughie J.,
7. Ora Elizabeth,
8. Arnold V,
9. Adolphus G {Spud},
10. Alberta Ellen,
11. Forest Lee,
12. Hazel

I do have the birthdates for these people.

I also have BROWNS in Macon County John BROWN of Ky had a son George of Mercer County, KY. He was married to Sarah COLE and later married her sister Mary {Pollie} COLE.

George and Sarah {Sallie} were the parents of:
1. Ellen Rachael,
2. Amira,
3. Margaret,
4. Sallie,
5. John,
6. Robert,
7. George W.

George BROWN and Mary COLE were the parents of Andrew.

Ellen Rachael is my connection. I do not have much information on other BROWN's living in Macon County.

If this fits with your family please let me know and I will give you the other dates.

Marsha (Mullinix) Ingebretson Sun Dec 2, 2001

My grandma was Lucy (WHITE) MULLINIX, born in Chariton Co., Mo. and later lived in Macon Co.

She taught school for about 6 years at the Forrest School which I understand was near Callao. This was probably around 1902 to 1907.

Does anyone have any info on this school or know where I might check?

Thank you.

Ben McCune Sun Dec 2, 2001

Does anyone around Bevier have a Annie MATHIS married to a SENEY maybe 1850-1880?

This is all the info I have.

Any help is appreciated.

Laura Koehn Wed Oct 17, 2001

Seeking Louisa HOLLYFREE born c 1830 in KY; md. 20 Nov 1851 in Macon, MO to Francis M. HINES born c 1831 in MO.

I'd appreciate information on any members of the HOLLYFREE family.

Thanks for any help.

Raeann Lenzini Sun Oct 14, 2001

I am looking for information on Green SMITH and his wife Alice.

In the 1870 census they were living in Richland Township, Macon County. Also in that household was my gggrandmother Mary MAYS/MAYES and her children William H. age 16 and a daughter Eliza, age 13.

1880 census for Easley Township, Macon County, shows Green SMITH and wife Alice along with son William, age 9 and daughter Tlitha age 4.

I am trying to find the link between MAYES/SMITH. Is Alice the married daughter of Mary MAYES? Anyone related to this SMITH family? The MAYES?


Becky Parrish Wed Oct 3, 2001

I'm looking for any PARRISH's that lived in Macon Co.

I'm specifically looking for an Ansolum PARRISH who married an Ora Jane SAGASSER. However, I'm looking for Ansolum's father, mother, etc. In other words only his lineage.

Ansolum PARRISH was in Monroe, Macon, and I believe he lived in Adair county too. I know he was born in Monroe and lived in Macon. He was a pastor of the New Salem Baptist church too.

Thank You.

Shelley Cardiel Wed Oct 3, 2001

I've "rescued" a WILLIAMS Family Photograph of Tom WILLIAMS taken at the J.A. Cook Studio in Macon, Missouri.

On the back of the photograph the initials "P.M." appear after Tom's name along with the town name "Bevier" and the year "1896". I don't believe this is the year the photograph was taken, more likely taken in 1870's or early 1880's. Tom appears to be in his 40's or 50's at the time.

I'm hoping to find someone from this family so that the photograph can be returned. If you are a member of this family or you know someone who might be, please contact me.


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