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Carol Cummings Thur Dec 5, 2001

The 1880 Federal Census (per the UGC CD-Rom index) shows the CUMMINGS family in Hudson Township, Macon County, MO:

CUMMINGS, Albert, b. 1825, VA;
wife Mary, age 36, b. England;
dau Elmina CUMMINGS age 2 mos.

I believe this Albert CUMMINGS is identical with the Albert CUMMINGS, son of Robert CUMMINGS, who resided in Jasper County, Iowa from 1849 until some time after 1860.

My questions are:
1. Did he die in Macon County; if so, when, and where was he buried?
2. Did Elmina live to adulthood,
3. Did she have any siblings,
4. Are there/were there any descendants living in Macon County?

I would like very much to locate a descendant of this line of the family.

Ruth Walton Sun Dec 2, 2001

Lewis GREEN and Nancy GROSS had 9 children.

One son was Wilson Roger who married Sarah Elizabeth KITCHEN.

They lived around College Mound in Macon County.

Wilson and Sarah had 11 children including, Celia Frances, born April 29, 1859 and died February 19, 1949.

She was married to James Elder LUCAS on July 4, 1878.

They were the parents of:
1. Wm W,
2. Fannie Isabel,
3. Cora Frances,
4. Gilbert Albert,
5. Lonnie R,
6. Hughie J.,
7. Ora Elizabeth,
8. Arnold V,
9. Adolphus G {Spud},
10. Alberta Ellen,
11. Forest Lee,
12. Hazel

I do have the birthdates for these people.

I also have BROWNS in Macon County John BROWN of Ky had a son George of Mercer County, KY. He was married to Sarah COLE and later married her sister Mary {Pollie} COLE.

George and Sarah {Sallie} were the parents of:
1. Ellen Rachael,
2. Amira,
3. Margaret,
4. Sallie,
5. John,
6. Robert,
7. George W.

George BROWN and Mary COLE were the parents of Andrew.

Ellen Rachael is my connection. I do not have much information on other BROWN's living in Macon County.

If this fits with your family please let me know and I will give you the other dates.

Marsha (Mullinix) Ingebretson Sun Dec 2, 2001

My grandma was Lucy (WHITE) MULLINIX, born in Chariton Co., Mo. and later lived in Macon Co.

She taught school for about 6 years at the Forrest School which I understand was near Callao. This was probably around 1902 to 1907.

Does anyone have any info on this school or know where I might check?

Thank you.

Ben McCune Sun Dec 2, 2001

Does anyone around Bevier have a Annie MATHIS married to a SENEY maybe 1850-1880?

This is all the info I have.

Any help is appreciated.

Laura Koehn Wed Oct 17, 2001

Seeking Louisa HOLLYFREE born c 1830 in KY; md. 20 Nov 1851 in Macon, MO to Francis M. HINES born c 1831 in MO.

I'd appreciate information on any members of the HOLLYFREE family.

Thanks for any help.

Raeann Lenzini Sun Oct 14, 2001

I am looking for information on Green SMITH and his wife Alice.

In the 1870 census they were living in Richland Township, Macon County. Also in that household was my gggrandmother Mary MAYS/MAYES and her children William H. age 16 and a daughter Eliza, age 13.

1880 census for Easley Township, Macon County, shows Green SMITH and wife Alice along with son William, age 9 and daughter Tlitha age 4.

I am trying to find the link between MAYES/SMITH. Is Alice the married daughter of Mary MAYES? Anyone related to this SMITH family? The MAYES?


Becky Parrish Wed Oct 3, 2001

I'm looking for any PARRISH's that lived in Macon Co.

I'm specifically looking for an Ansolum PARRISH who married an Ora Jane SAGASSER. However, I'm looking for Ansolum's father, mother, etc. In other words only his lineage.

Ansolum PARRISH was in Monroe, Macon, and I believe he lived in Adair county too. I know he was born in Monroe and lived in Macon. He was a pastor of the New Salem Baptist church too.

Thank You.

Shelley Cardiel Wed Oct 3, 2001

I've "rescued" a WILLIAMS Family Photograph of Tom WILLIAMS taken at the J.A. Cook Studio in Macon, Missouri.

On the back of the photograph the initials "P.M." appear after Tom's name along with the town name "Bevier" and the year "1896". I don't believe this is the year the photograph was taken, more likely taken in 1870's or early 1880's. Tom appears to be in his 40's or 50's at the time.

I'm hoping to find someone from this family so that the photograph can be returned. If you are a member of this family or you know someone who might be, please contact me.


Kitten Moore Mon Sept 17, 2001

Looking for info on a Frank E. SPENCER, born 1-30-1906 in Callao, Mo.

Any info on him or his family and parents would be great, I have been working on this line for several years with no info at all.

Thank you.

Joan Hahn Mon Sept 17, 2001

I am trying to research the HUBBLE family in Macon County.

My great great grandmother was Mary Ellen HUBBLE whose parents were David HUBBLE and Evaline ?. She married William BURROUGHS and they lived in Macon County (I think near Atlanta) for a period of time.

They had some of their children in Macon County before moving to Nebraska. I have pictures of their graves sites in Hastings, Nebraska.

The only information I have is from the 1850 census.

David HUBBLE.........age 42.........Born VA
Evaline (wife)....................35...................VA
John (child)........................11...................VA
Farah or Sarah....................7....................MO
Mary Ellen...........................1...................MO

Mary Ellen was my great grandmother and mother of Anna Julia who married William BURROUGHS on September 12, 1867 in Macon County. The lived in Macon County until, at least, 1872. I have a lot of information on the BURROUGHS, but not the Hubbles.

Any leads you could give me would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Elinore Baker Mon Sept 10, 2001

Am looking for descendents of Fountain BAKER & Melissa (HICKERSON) SAMPSON of Macon Co.

They died in 1871 & 1869 and are buried in Mt. Tabor Cemetery east of Atlanta. They were my 3 greats grand parents.

I also am descended from their son, Elijah, of the Millard area. I may be able to furnish information to anyone researching their Macon Co & Adair Co SAMPSON line.

Thanks for any help.

Suzanne Thrasher Schmidt Tue Sept 4, 2001

I am looking for anyone in the area who may have attended Kirksville State Teacher's College in the late 1940's with my Father, Ora Burnell THRASHER, who lettered in both Football and Track and Field.

I appreciate all your help!

Vicki Snyder Mon Sept 3, 2001

Seeking info on Mae ALVORD's mother and father's line.

Since the posting, I have recieved more leads from obituaries an angel found for me!

Mae ALVORD's father was Cyrus J. ALVORD d. 8 January 1917. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Clarennce MO, Sullivan Co. He was road commissioner of Macon County. One of his wives was Polly DAVIS married 27 October 1875 in Macon Co. His children are:

1. Clarence ALVORD b. 1853 in Monroe Co.

2. Frank ALVORD of north Macon (had son Rudolph)

3. Mae ALVORD b. Macon, m. Ernest F SNYDER, d. New Mexico 1920-22, buried Macon Co.

4. Amelia ALVORD. m. 3 Feb. 1878 to Isaac FULLMER of Mahal, SD


6. Mrs. Thomas M. DOUGHERTY of San Antonio, TX

7. Minnie M. ALVORD. m 30 April 1890 in Independence MO. to George DUTRO of Kansas City

8. Daisy ALVORD. daughter of Polly DAVIS. m. George WILLEY of Clarence MO. had 2 kids Ralph and Kenneth who were living in Detroit Michigan in 1929. George died 24 Jan 1923 in Clarence, MO.

9. Eva ALVORD. d. 21 Mar 1922 west of Kellogg. m. John MARCH in 1882. From North Macon. Had 6 kids.

10. Bess ALVORD. Daughter of Polly DAVIS. Died in Adair,Co, Kirksville Mo. m. W. H WREIDT of Macon. WREIDT is from Denmark. His father buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

11. Mrs. J H FAULKNER of Mohall N. D.

Mae ALVORD SNYDER's husband Ernest SNYDER would go to Iowa and Missouri, and for $100, bring farmers back to Nara Visa, New Mexico and help them homestead there. In 1917, during WWI, the government talked everyone into buying cattle to help feed the people. In the winter of 1918, a big snowstorm killed all the cattle and the farmers either starved or went back.

I hope someone finds their line in this information, and if you can add to any of this information, please contact me!

Stan and Linda Sun Sept 2, 2001

I'm currently researching:

1. The family of Abraham SELBY who married Lucinda DABNEY.

2. His son Pearle married Minnie MORROW.

3. Pearle's son Alva J. SELBY.

Alva married Nina Feline KRAWL Dec. 8, 1919 Fort Madison, Iowa. Their family home was listed as Tenmile, Missouri. They were divorced in 1924 at Macon, Macon County, MO.

Two children were born to Alva and Nina.
1. Paul was born Sept. 30, 1920,
2. Pauline Veora was born Oct. 23, 1921 at Macon.

I would love to hear from living decendants of Abraham and Lucinda DABNEY, SELBY; Pearle and Minnie MORROW, SELBY, and Alva J. SELBY.

Vicki Snyder Sun Sept 2, 2001

I am seeking information on Mae ALVORD SNYDER.

She was born in Macon or Kirksville MO and buried in Macon, MO around 1918 or 1919.

She was the wife of Ernest Foggen SNYDER born 21 Jun 1880 in Brooklyn, IA. She died in childbirth and is buried with her twin sons in Macon County Missouri.

She left behind two living children:
1. Ernest Foggen SNYDER, Jr.
2. Pauline Elizabeth SNYDER who later married Dr. Roland P. STANLEY.

She had two brothers: Clarence ALVORD (wife Daisy), Frank ALVORD (son Rudolph) had a big farm in Clarence, Mo; and a sister: Bess ALVORD WRIGHT, who was a nurse and died in Kirksville, MO. Bess had a son Lyle WRIGHT.

Mae ALVORD SNYDER's husband Ernest SNYDER would go to Iowa and Missouri, and for $100, bring farmers back to Nara Visa, New Mexico and help them homestead there. In 1917, during WWI, the government talked everyone into buying cattle to help feed the people. In the winter of 1918, a big snowstorm killed all the cattle and the farmers either starved or went back.

If you recognize any of this information, contact me.

Kay Stenzel Sun Sept 2, 2001

John Charles MASON born 1923 MO, died 1979 Macon married Willah Mae THOMAS in 1947.

They had John Thomas 1948 (Mary KELLEY) and Scott Lee 1959.

John C.'s parents were Wm. Alger MASON and Julalia Fidelia COONS.

Willah's parents were John Wm. THOMAS and Anna Mary BARR


Maurla White Sun Sept 2, 2001

I am looking for SCHWENK family surname who lived in the Bloomington area and especially for Maria Barbara LIEB SCHWENK who died in 1878 near Bloomington and was buried, according to folk lore, in the little cemetery just 1/2 mile west of the town.

Kim Harris Sun Sept 2, 2001

I am interested in locating information on the following families.

William T. BURKHART married to Maggie BEALL in January of 1898. had 7 children:

2. William,
3. Ethell,
4. Alva,
5. Mabel,
6. Flossie,
7. Floyd.

Mabel was my grandmother and married Harvey Ralph LAMB 9/8/1923.

James Madison LAMB and Lurilda KIRKPATRICK married in 1857.

They had 10 kids:
1. Martha,
2. John,
3. Sarah,
4. Mary,
5. Susan,
6. William,
7. Effie,
8. Louretta,
9. James,
10. Luther.

Any info on the kids would be great.

My line is through James who married Mary Anna FIFER and the kids were:
1. Lee Weldon
2. Harvey Ralph.

Harvey Ralph married Mabel BURKHART and then Catherine SMITH. He had three sons: Ralph Leroy, James Leon and John Luther. All from farm land surrounding Macon.

John Evet SKINNER and Lavica WINKLER. John ied in Bevier in 1927. My grandmother says the SKINNERs lived in the area forever.
Their children were:
1. Homer Lee,
2. Everette,
3. Charles Otis.

Charles married Effie Ethel FRAZIER and their kids were:
1. Otis Oral
2. Margaret Lucille.

Margaret married Ben Boardman WESTERN on 9/13/1914.

Carlos Boardman WESTERN from Linneus, MO (I have a great deal of info on his family) married to Susa Catherine ORMISTON of Brookfield, MO.

I also have a great deal of info on the ORMISTONs. I am looking for information on both of these people's mother's side of the family which would be Nancy Jane KIRBY for Carlos and Elizabeth NORTHCOTT for Susa.

Carlos and Susa WESTERN had three children who lived in Macon, MO for most of their lives:
1. Ben Boardman WESTERN,
3. Emily Nell WESTERN PURDY.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Darlene Garrity Sun Aug 12, 2001

Searching for any information on Burton BARNES and wife Barbara WINGERT BARNES.

They came to Macon Co. from Michigan sometime after 1860. I believe they lived near Jackson Township. Burton died in 1868 and Barbara died in 1880. They are both buried in the Mt. Tabor Cemetery east of Atlanta, MO.

They were original members of the Mt. Zion Methodist church.

They had seven children. At least these three lived in Macon Co. They are:

1. Henry L.
2. Beonard B.
3. Almira who married Alvin RUSSEL.

Other children were:
4. William Wingert (my ancestor)
5. Emily (HUNT),
6. Mary (PRATT),
7. Eleanor (TOBY).

Until very recently, all I had on Burton was his name and birthdate.

Above information is ALL I have. Is there any one else researching this line?

Joyce Richardson Thur Jul 12, 2001

I am looking for information on Harold Maurice RICHARDSON who lived in Macon during the 1930s - 1940s.

He married Francis M. BASS and had three children by her. He was killed in WW2.

Thanks for any help.

Donna Percer Tue Jul 10, 2001

My grandfather, Carl WEEKS, b. Nov 22 1896 Ardmore, Macon Co, MO., died 1972 in Corpus Christi, TX, used to pitch for the Brown's (?), a minor league, in or around Macon County.

The time frame on the baseball team would have been 1910 to 1917....and I'm not positive that it was the Brown's but I think that's what they were called. From Macon or Atlanta or somewhere nearby...

I can't seem to find any news about it and wondered if you could help me out.

Sandra Stanton Tue Jul 10, 2001

Missouri SUMMERS was born ca. 1858 in Macon County.

She is listed with her parents, George and Martha SUMMERS, on the 1860 census. By the time of the 1870 census for Macon County she is listed living in the home of Alexander WILSON as a 11 year old. What happened to her after this? What happened to her parents? Did she have a middle name?

In the 1880 census for Macon County Alexander WILSON is listed as 82 years old and grandfather living in the home of Nelse and Alice JOHNSON. The age would fit for this Alice to be the Missouri SUMMERS in the 1860 and 1870 census.

Does anyone know if it is the same one?

Laura Koehn Mon Jun 18, 2001

I'm seeking additions, corrections, and comments regarding the following lineage:


1. Nellie HINES: born on 3 May 1889 in Macon, Macon, MO; died on 9 Dec 1936 in Kirksville, Adair, MO


2. James D. HINES: born in Jun 1858 in Macon, Macon, MO; married on 11 Sep 1880 in Macon, Macon, MO
3. Margaret Belle "Maggie" MASON: born in Mar 1865 in Charitan or Macon, MO; died in Macon, Macon, MO


4. Francis M. HINES: born about 1831 in MO
5. Louisa (wife of Francis): born about 1830 in KY


8. Henry HINES: born in 1792 in VA
9. Elisabeth BLACKSTONE (POSSIBLY): born in 1800 in NC

Any help is appreciated.

Faith Wong Sun Jun 10, 2001

I am looking for information on William Henry Harrison HEATER b. 1840 OH and wife Esther STEWARD HEATER b. 1844 IN. They married in 1860 in Vermilion Co., IL and moved to Macon Co., MO in 1880.

Their children included:

1. Geneva Isabel who md. Peter PENDRY
2. Alonzo D.
3. John Franklin who md. Callie Virginia MOUNCE
4. Annie M. who md. Joseph Henry HAYWARD
5. William Gilbert who md. Myrtie BARNES
6. Marion Curtis who md. May COOLEY
7. Charley T.
8. Hurbert R.
9. Ivy Pearl who md. Thomas Joseph OATES & Harry DEARDUFF
10. Emma M. who md. Emery DEARDUFF
11. Lula E.
12. Lydia Alice who md. Elmo Clarence HAYWARD

William died 1909 and Esther died 1922; both are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Macon Co.

I am hoping to learn the names of William HEATER'S parents and would love to hear from anyone researching this line.

Sandra Stanton Sun Jun 10, 2001

Alexander WILSON was born in VA and lived in Pulaski Co., KY until about 1840 when he came to Macon County, MO. The last years of his life he lived with a granddaughter Alice JOHNSON.

I have the following as possible children for him:
1. Mary Ann WILSON married Hezekiah SNEED;
2. Elizabeth WILSON married Elijah ROE;
3. John T. WILSON married to a Mary;
4. George W. WILSON;
5. Hiram WILSON;
6. William WILSON;
7. Martha WILSON
8. Sarah WILSON.

Does anyone know if these are Alexander WILSON's children and if he had any others?

Would like to hear from anyone researching this family.

Marsha (Millinix) Ingebretson Sat Jun 9, 2001

Anyone have a listing of the WHITE Cemetery in White Twp., Macon Co.?

Looking for Wm. J. WHITE, also known as Jack. He probably died about 1861 and was born 1815.

Also looking for my ggrandpa, Joseph B. WHITE who died between 1890 & 1895.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Sally Richardson Goehring Wed May 30, 2001

Searching for information on Andrew Jackson BROWN and wife America HAMMOND both born TN.

Andrew (Jack?) and America had 9 children.

Son Willard born KY ca. 1863 married 1st Sarah McGRUDER/Sallie MEGRUTTA and 2nd Melvina ? in Macon Co.

Willard's daughter Bertha Frances BROWN (my grandmother) born 1886 in Elmer, Macon Co., MO, married Jesse Emmett RICHARDSDON in Macon Co. and later moved to Iowa.

Would appreciate any help and willing to share my information.

Jo Ann De Tienne Mallette Wed May 30, 2001

Mary Frances BAKER was born in Macon Co. 1866, a daughter of Edward Tyre BAKER and Angletta Jane RAMSEY BAKER.

John B. BABGY married Mary Frances BAKER, 1887 in Macon Co.

They had 3 children:
1. Nora b 1888 d 1938;
2. Clarence ?;
3. Walter b 1892 d 1944

She later married (2) Anton D. DE TIENNE 1898 in Huntsville.

They had 2 children:
1.Joseph W. DE TIENNE b Apr 1907 d 1971
2. Minnie Pearl DE TIENNE b 1910 d 1994.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Paul Zebe Wed May 30, 2001

Looking for any and all information on the following three men or their descendants:

(1) John MILES (1807-1884) of Caswell County, NC, and Macon County, MO. John married:
1) unknown (I suspect Nancy EVANS) (?-c.1840) in Caswell County,
2) Martha LUNSFORD (c.1805-c.1855) in Caswell County, and
3) Susan GEE (1825-1890) in Macon County.

(2) Uriah MILES (c.1815-1865) of Caswell County, NC, and Macon County, MO. Uriah married Irena RUDD (1813-1866) in Caswell County.

(3) James MILES Jr. (c.1813-1889) of Caswell County, NC, Richardson County, TN, Macon County, MO, and Randolph County, MO. James married Malinda RUDD (1812-bef 1870) in Caswell County.

Laura Koehn Wed May 30, 2001

I would like to hear from anyone familiar with the HINES family of Macon County, MO

1-Henry HINES
b: 1792 in VA
sp: Elisabeth
b: 1800 in NC
. . . . 2-Thomas B. HINES
. . . . b: c1828 in MO
. . . . 2-Newton HINES
. . . . b: c1829 in MO
. . . . 2-Francis M. HINES
. . . . b: abt 1831 in , , MO
. . . . sp: Louisa (wife of Francis)
. . . . b: abt 1830 in KY
. . . . . . . . 3-Jno. L. HINES
. . . . . . . . b: c1652 in MO
. . . . . . . . 3-Lucinda HINES
. . . . . . . . b: c1854 in MO
. . . . . . . . 3-James D. HINES
. . . . . . . . b: Jun 1858 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . sp: Margaret Belle "Maggie" MASON
. . . . . . . . b: Mar 1865 in Charitan or Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . m: 11 Sep 1880 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . d: in Macon, Macon, MO?
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Nellie HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: 3 May 1889 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . d: 9 Dec 1936 in Kirksville, Adair, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Charles HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: May 1885 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . d: 8 Dec 1933
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-James G. HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: Jun 1883 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Richard HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: Jan 1887 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Gussie HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: Apr 1892 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Allie HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: May 1890 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Clara HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: Oct 1895 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Ralph HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: Mar 1898 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Infant HINES
. . . . . . . . . . . . b: in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . d: bef 1900
. . . . . . . . 3-Siegel Lincoln HINES
. . . . . . . . b: abt 1860
. . . . . . . . d: 19 Oct 1899
. . . . . . . . sp: Emeline MASON
. . . . . . . . b: 1869 in Macon County, MO
. . . . . . . . m: 29 Nov 1885
. . . . 2-Allen P. HINES
. . . . b: c1835 in MO
. . . . 2-Joel H. HINES
. . . . b: c1836 in MO
. . . . 2-Polly C. HINES
. . . . b: c1839 in MO
. . . . 2-Samuel HINES
. . . . b: c1841 in MO
. . . . 2-David J. HINES
. . . . b: c1844 in MO

Any help would be appreciated.

Faith Wong Wed May 30, 2001

I am looking for the parents of John McWILLIAMS b. abt. 1805 KY and his wife, Sarah Elizabeth (ROWE) McWILLIAMS b. abt. 1825 KY who were living in Ten Mile Twp. in 1870.

Their three children were:
1. John b. 1850 IN who was living in Shelby Co. in 1905;
2. Mary C. b. abt. 1852 IN who m. Joseph OATES in Macon Co. 1870;
3. Nancy A. b. abt. 1856 IN who m. Paul Michael BORRON in Macon Co. 1871 and lived in Lyda Twp.

John McWILLIAMS was first md. to Maria CRUISE abt. 1828 (probably KY).
They had:
1. Elijah,
2. Ingo who m. Angeline SEARS,
3. Dulcenia who m. Robert STILL,
4. Susan who m. a RAPER,
5. Patty.

After John's death in 1870, Sarah Elizabeth m. Richard F. TILLER in 1874 in Macon Co. It is believed that her father was John ROWE.

I would love to hear from anyone researching this line.

Don J Wiggers Wed May 30, 2001

My grandmother, DAWSON, was born in Macon MO.

Her father was Emmett DAWSON married to a Sylvia REYNOLDS. They both died in 1930 for Sylvia and 1936 for Emmett from TB.

My Grandmothers birthdate was Dec 12, 1921 and I have no idea where Emmett or Sylvia are buried or where they are from, I need help.

I've been working on this for two months have been all over this internet can you please help me.

Dale W. Mason Wed May 30, 2001

Homer Carl BAKER and Edith Irene WINN were married in Macon Co MO on February 21, 1918.

Edith was born May 27, 1900, probably in Macon Co.

Can anyone supply the name of Irene's parents?

Barbara Randolph Wed May 30, 2001

Searching for information on a Samuel Benjamin Franklin CALDWELL who was possibly a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

He was born in 1804, no date of death ,but know he died in Macon Co. MO.

I do not have a full name for his wife, but it could be Harriet____?___ CALDWELL.

Samuel was born in Logan County, KY.

Any information or help will be appreciated.

Dolores Strem Wed May 30, 2001

I would like info on my grandfather, Elijah SUMMERS.

I only know he was born in Bevier MO. He married Catherine Rosetta AMERMON in 1896 at Schuyler Co. MO. They had two sons, the first one died when a few days old and second, my dad, was Lester Harlan SUMMERS. He lived till he was 62 years old. I went to the library and only could find Elijah SUMMERS married to Rosa SUMMERS which was Catherine Rosetta Amermon's nick name, Rosa.

I would like to know Elijah SUMMERS famiy names and if there is any sisters and brothers.

Another thing, he was married a second time to a Goldie.

Hope you can help me. Thanks.

Austin Condon Tue May 22, 2001

Researching my father, Ermon W. CONDON, who was born in 1910 near Excello, Macon Co.

My grandfather, David Franklin CONDON, inherited the HALLETT farm 1907 from his Aunt Eliza HALLET, which was near Macon and Excello. He worked for Riechel Motors in at least 1912 & 1913, and banked at the State Exchange Bank of Macon.

My father and his brother, Howard, attended Union Grove School (I have Howard's 1918 'perfect attendance' certificate).

I am trying to narrow down some locations before coming to Missouri to search for the HALLETT graves and the old farm location.

Thank you from Estes Park, Colorado

Lillian (Griffin) Brayton Thur May 17 2001

I would like information on Capt. Wm. GRIFFIN, or his oldest son Wm. Griffin who came to California during the gold rush.

My father, also Wm. Griffin, was the son of the Wm. GRIFFIN who came to CA. Other than these facts, I am lost.

I understand there was an article in one of the paper, maybe in 1905. Any information would be very helpful.

Where did Capt. Wm. GRIFFIN come from? Who did he marry as I know he was maried twice?

Who were his parents and where did they come from?

Where can I obtain a copy of the book, "The Early Settlers of Macon Co. and the Lives of the Pioneer?

Thank you for any help.

Bill Parker Fri Apr 13 2001

Reasearching Martha J. FERGUSON (FURGUSON) listed in 1850 Census for Macon County, 52nd District.

If she is the person for whom I am searching, she married John WILSON who was killed by bushwhackers during the Civil War and later married a man named HODGES.

Any information about this woman would be appreciated.

Jim Niewold Fri Apr 6 2001

Searching for information on the Janus S. MITCHELL family of Macon Mo. in the 1870s thru 1890s.
Janus married Sarah R. BOURKE about 1852.
Their six children:
1. Frank,
2. Herbert,
3. Minnie,
4. Lena,
5. Charles
6. Ernest
Herbert is my great grandfather but I know little of him and his family or where they went.
Any help would be appreciated.

Mary Fleming Thur Apr 5, 2001
I am searching information on James Franklin ROBERTS born in Macon County, Mo. in the town of Bevier, born August 2, 1859. I need information on his parentage.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

David Warford Thur Apr 5, 2001
Looking for information on Brightwell LITTLE, who came to Macon County, MO by 1850 at the age of 23, when he bought 40 acres of land.

He married Margaret POOLE and had 6 children between 1850-1864.

He is shown in the 1850 and 1860 censuses, but completely disappears by 1870 from all census records (in all states).

He was not in the Civil War, and I can find no records of his or his wife's deaths. He apparently went by the first name of Bright. His son, John Perry LITTLE, was born in Macon in 1864 and moved to Shelby County by 1896. This is my line.

Any information on Bright LITTLE would be greatly appreciated.

Ann Bolin Kirkman Fri Mar 30, 2001
Looking for information on Mary EAGLE wife of Jonathan MONTGOMERY. This family came from Wayne Co. OH

They owned a farm in Ten Mile Twp., Macon Co MO beginning 1863 and remaining till he moved into Macon City unable to manage the farm. He died some months later in 1886.

Mary's brother was Dr. T. A. EAGLE. Was Eagle township named after the EAGLE family? Mary died in 1891 at her brother's (Dr. T. A. EAGLE's home).

The MONTGOMERY children were:
William, Isaiah, Samuel (my ggrandfather), Henry, Rudolph, Edward R, and Elliott H.

I am trying to find Samuel's brothers. There was a Dr. W E MONTGOMERY who died in Manhattan, KS and H.A. who lived in Macon and a William E. who lived there too. There were more: Isaiah, Rudolph & Henry.

I think the farm remained in the family for a long time - as a child I remember going to the "Homeplace". My Dad inherited the farm and then deeded it to a cousin with the MONTGOMERY name.

Thank you for any help.

Bill McQuary Sat Mar 24, 2001
I’m seeking information about the family of James Otis McQUARY (b. 1 Dec 1890, Pulaski Co., KY - d. 30 Oct 1960, Centerville, Appanose Co., IA) He may have spelled the surname McQUEARY while he lived in Macon County.

James Otis, known as Otis or J. O., was the son of Clint Christopher Green “Clint” McQUEARY (b. 21 Sep 1855, Pulaski Co., KY - d. 4 Dec 1937, St. Louis Co., MO) and Louise Mary CATRON (b. 9 Mar 1861, Pulaski Co., KY - d. 7 Dec 1947). His parents were married on 20 Sep 1876 in Pulaski Co., KY. They moved to Macon County when James Otis, my grandfather, was 11 years old, about 1901.

Although I don’t know if the entire family moved to Macon County, James Otis had the following siblings when the move was made:

1. Hattie Christian McQUEARY (b. 20 Aug 1877, KY - d. 11 Feb 1933, KY). Hattie married Daniel F. MILLER on 26 Jul 1893.

2. Miranda Dean McQUEARY (b. 25 Oct 1897, Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY - d. 7 Aug 1957, St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO). Dean married Charles GRAGG, possibly in Macon County.

3. Hiram Sumner McQUARY (b. 30 Mar 1881, Pulaski Co., KY - d. 13 Sep 1942, Dexter, MO). Sumner married Lulu Frances BROYLES (b. 15 May 1886 - d. 23 Oct 1943) on 18 Jun 1902, possibly in Macon County. Note that Sumner adopted a different spelling of his surname than the one his father used.

4. John S. McQUEARY (b. 14 Jan 1883, Pulaski Co., KY - d. 26 Aug 1965, Whittier, CA) John married Mae Bell WATSON (b. 9 May 1891 - d. 23 Oct 1943), possibly in Macon County.

5. William Payton McQUEARY (b. 5 Jun 1885, Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY - d. 16 Dec 1950, Rockford, IL). William PAYTON married Pauline SCHMIZ, possibly in Macon County. 6. Hyde Orland McQUEARY (b. 19 Nov 1886, Plato, KY - d. Unk).

7. Charles Frederick McQUEARY (b. 24 Mar 1889, KY - d. 18 Jan 1947).

8. Thomas Parker McQUEARY (b. 15 Jan 1893, Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY - d. 1 May 1963). Tom married Ethel CONATY on 5 Feb 1913, possibly in Macon County.

9. Wayne Opal McQUEARY (b. 20 Nov 1894, KY - d. 21 Dec 1973. Wayne married and his wife’s given name was Margaret.

James OTIS, my grandfather, married Virgie Elizabeth VARNS (b. 5 Sep 1891, Macon Co., MO - d. 17 Jun 1974, Claremore, Rogers Co., OK) on 5 Sep 1910 in Macon Co., MO. She was the youngest child and only daughter of Charles W. VARNS (1856 - 1958) and Sarah Frances “Fannie” RICHARDSON of Macon, Co., MO, who reportedly eloped on horseback when Fannie was 16 years old. Virgie had five brothers: John, Frank, Clarence Charles , David and Bob.

My grandparents, James OTIS and Vergie Elizabeth had five children who were all born in Macon County:

1. Charles Virgil McQUARY (b. 20 Sep 1911, d. 26 Dec 1999, Pittsburgh, Allegeny Co., PA). Charles Virgil was my father.

2. Ruth Francis McQUARY (b. 18 Feb 1915, d. Mar 1978).

3. James Otis McQUARY Jr. (b. 30 Mar 1918, d. 4 Mar 1960, Cole Co., MO.

4. Warren Harding McQUARY (b, 5 Jun 1920; d. 1 Aug 1981).

5. John Paul McQUARY (b. 25 Aug 1921, still living).

Sometime after John Paul was born my grandparents moved their family to a house just outside of Bethany, Harrison Co., MO. I have a newspaper clipping, from an unknown publication, that includes a photograph of the Redman School, class of 1919-1920. I don’t know whether the Redman School was in Macon or Harrison County MO. However my father is one of the students in the class photo.

The odd thing is that the photo’s caption identifies three other children in the class as McQUARYs: Bonnie Gene, Clair and Lestal. My uncle, John Paul McQUARY has no idea who those children are or whether they are related to our family.

My research indicates that other members of the McQUARY/McQUEARY family moved from Kentucky to Macon Co., MO almost 50 years before my grandfather did. These include Ulysses Simpson Grant McQUARY (1863 - 1940) of Atlanta, Macon Co., MO and his wife Harriet Margaret GRADY (1867 - 1924). They had several children including a daughter, Mollie Claire, who may be identifiable as the “Clair McQUARY” in the Redman School photograph.

Anyone with information about my family while its members resided in Macon County please contact me. Thanks in advance,

Randy Neel Sat Mar 24, 2001
I am looking for information on my gr gr granddad, Mark NELSON, (Mads NEILSEN).

He came to Macon Co. in 1873 from Denmark and worked on the GURLEY farm where he married Alice GURLEY. They had a daughter by the name of Hanna Lucille NELSON and she married James Adam SACKETT.

I think that Mark NELSON had some cousins there in Macon when he came there. He may have also had brothers and sisters. Christian NELSON and Katie NELSON?

There was an article in the Hannibal Courier Post on his 80th birthday there that said he had 47 relatives celebrating with him. These are all the names that I have.

If anyone has more info I would be very appreciative. Thank you.

Charles D. Brammer Tue Mar 6, 2001
Seeking vital statistics on children and grandchildren of following families:

Shadrack BRAMMER and Frances TUGG had the following children:
1. Henry BRAMMER (1814-1854) and Lucinda Hurt/Amy BAKER;
2. David BRAMMER (1822-1876) and Sallie PETERSON;
3. William BRAMMER (c.1807-1890) and Rachel SIMPSON.

I do not have Macon Co. roots but am distantly related to the BRAMMERs who are from there. I am a BRAMMER genealogical researcher and am gathering information for an article for the quarterly newsletter I publish, the BRAMMER Branches.

Any help would be appreciated.

Colleen Campbell Taylor Tue Mar 6, 2001
I am researching my father's CAMPBELL family of Macon County, Missouri.

First, I would like to know where to write to get a copy of a deed for property in Macon County in 1852.

My great, great, great grandparents, Darnel (sometimes spelled Darniel, Darnal or even Daniel) CAMPBELL and Mary Ann (Polly) ( CASHION) CAMPBELL move to Macon County, Missouri from Greene County, Illinois in the early 1850's.

Is anyone else on this mailing list researching any CAMPBELL's?


Mark Perry Sat Mar 3, 2001
Looking for any information on Joseph Wayett THOMPSON and his wife, Elizabeth Frances BUTLER, who were married in Macon Co. around 1850.

Their daughter Miranda Emorine THOMPSON was born in Macon Co. on February 10, 1851, and in 1872 she married George WADDLE (or WADDLE). She died in Macon on October 16, 1920.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Mark Perry Sat Mar 3, 2001
Looking for information on the family of Josephine (Josey) PETERSON, born 1861, died 1903.

Married Thomas William (TW) CLARKE or CLARK of Macon Co sometime prior to 1885. Had at least one son, Harry Raymond CLARKE (1885-1971) and possibly a second son Ernest CLARKE. The CLARKE's lived in the Anabel Area.

Both TW and Josey Peterson CLARKE are buried in Ewing Cemetery in Round Grove Twp.

Any information would be appreciated.

Karen Chezum Sat Mar 3, 2001
In going through a box of old pictures given to me by an aunt, Corene DUCKWORTH, in Macon, MO, I found the following obituary. I have no idea of the name of the paper it was taken from or the date it appeared!


"Mrs. ROBERTSON, 89, Dies at Home Near Huntsville.

Mrs. J. B. ROBERTSON, 89, died at 7 o'clock this morning at her home south of Huntsville.

Mrs. ROBERTSON, the former Miss Marian WALKER, was born in Randolph County on Jan. 21, 1860, and was married about 67 years ago. She spent her entire life in this county. She was a member of Eads Chapel Methodist Church.

She is survived by four children, W.M. ROBERTSON, Cairo, Mrs. G.E. BROWN, Springfield, IL; Mrs. George ALLEN, Huntsville, and Willard ROBERTSON of the home; ten grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren. Mr. ROBERTSON died July 10, 1940.

The body will be at the home in Huntsville until the funeral hour. Funeral service s will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at Eads Chapel. Burial will be at Eads Chapel Cemetery.


In Larry SUMPTER's Database of Death's in Randolph Co. I found the following: Marian ROBERTSON 1861-1949, Eads Chapel Cem. James B. ROBERTSON 1856-1942, Eads Chapel Cem. Willard S. ROBERTSON d. Jul 1963, Eads Chapel Cem.

Also in Eads Chapel Cemetery William and Caroline CALDWELL ROBERTSON are buried, are they connected in any way to the proceeding ROBERTSON's? I assume the James B. was Marian's husband and that Willard was her son that was named in her obit.

I believe that G. E. BROWN is George E. BROWN the s/o John Thomas and Mary SUMMERS BROWN. George E. died in Springfield, IL. Is the W.M. ROBERTSON listed in the obit the Willie ROBERTSON who married Susie BROWN d/o John Thomas and Mary SUMMERS BROWN?

In the box of old pictures I found pictures identified on the back as Mrs. Mary & Willard ROBERTSON, another that has compliments of Willie ROBERTSON written on the back and another picture that my aunt identified as Willie ROBERTSON, Susie BROWN's husband.

My great-grandfather, George M. BROWN married Flora (Florida) ROBERTSON and lived in Narrows Twp. of Macon Co. I would like to know if the individuals listed below are related to her. Flora's parents are also buried in Eads Chapel Cemetery.

If you connect with any of the individuals listed here please help me. I would be glad to share my information.

Kaye (Perry) Kaberlein Sat Mar 3, 2001
I am looking for information on Mark PERRY, born 1873-74, at Sue City, Macon Co. MO.

He was the son of Dudley Dennis PERRY and Lucy Ellen (PETREE) PERRY. He was last mentioned in the 1900 census as living with Dudley and Lucy PERRY, in Macon County. He was listed as being 26 years old.

Any information on Mark or any other Missouri PERRY's will be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Robert J. Smith Sat Feb 24, 2001
My ancestors resided in Macon, Hudson Twp. and were farmers with a coal mine on the farm. Many family ancestors are buried in Macon at Mt. Olive and Vickory cemeteries. The following is a short account of my ancestry as I know it.

Father's side of family:"
Benedict SMITH-great grandfather
Anna (FITES) SMITH-great grandmother
George E. SMITH-grandfather
Anna (GRIMSHAW) SMITH-grandmother
John W. SMITH-father
Nona M. (LAMBERSON) SMITH-mother

Mother's side of family
John L. LAMBERSON-grandfather-Salt River township, Knox County
Della (HAYS)-grandmother
J. S. HAYS-great grandfather
S. A. HAYS-great grandmother

The family resided in Macon until the 1920's and had several deaths from what they thought was TB. This seemed to have scattered the family mostly westward. I was born in Arizona in 1932.

I have met with a Freeman GRIMSHAW in Macon and spent several hours with him.

If you have any further info on any of the relatives above, I would appreciate it.

Gene Box Sat Feb 24, 2001
My great grandfather, Niklas BOX b. Feb 8, 1823, emigrated to the US in 1870 and his destination was Macon. They later ended up in Bucklin, Linn Co. MO.

Niklas left Sweden Nov. 4, 1870. He came with his wife, Maria, son August, and daughters Christina, Maria and Emma.

My grandfathers brother, Johan Patrick BOX, emigrated to the US in 1869.

I wonder if there is any information on him.

Dolores Strem Thur Feb 22, 2001
I am looking for info about Elijah SUMMERS who was married in 1896 to Catherine Rosetta AMERON at Schuyler Co. MO or Bevier MO.


John William Chapman Wed Feb 21, 2001
Henry CHAPMAN, was born Macon Co. 1870's.

I am looking for information on his parents, brothers or sisters.

They moved to Commanche Co. KS in about 1885.

Any help would be appreciated.

Dale W. Mason Wed Feb 21, 2001
I am researching the WILSON family.

Stephen A. WILSON, b. 12/26/1847, died 10/27/1931in La Plata, Missouri. Johanna GRISHAM, the wife of Stephen WILSON, b. 9/9/1852, died in La Plata, 7/13/1929. Both are buried in unmarked graves at La Plata Cemetary.

Can anyone supply information on any of their children:
1. Dora,
2. Callie,
3. Nellie,
4. Luzada,
5. Dempsey May,
6. Anna,
7. Jennie,
8. Zadie
9. Aaron Blackborn(?)

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Virgel Cain Tue Feb 20, 2001
I am searching for my Macon Co. MO relatives, Jonathan FORD and Mary EMDEE.

They moved to Macon Co. about 1860 or so from Bartholomew Co., Indiana. They were for sure in Macon Co. for the 1870 Census. I have them in Sumner Co., Kansas in 1880. It sounds like they lived in Macon Co. for 15 +  years or so.

Their children were (born in Indiana between 1850-59):
Elisha, Noah, David, Sarah Christine (my maternal great-grandmother), & Lizzie (or Elizabeth) FORD.

The following children were born in Macon Co. Missouri from 1860-1872:
William, Charles, & Edmund FORD.

Any assistance that you may provide will be greatly appreciated.

Nancy Jane Stapp Tue Feb 20, 2001
My great-great grandfather, Professor D.W. ROBERTS was living in Bevier, Macon County, MO in 1880 according to the census.

His children were:
1. Rachel (who is said to have died as a teenager and is buried in perhaps the Oakwood Cemetery, if there is one named that.
2. Elizabeth,
3. William D,
4. Evan F.,
5. Martha,
6. Jane (Jennie) born 26 March 1875 in Bevier, Macon County, MO.

Professor D.W. ROBERTS was born in Wales, lived in Ohio, and for a little while, Bevier, Macon Co. MO. By 1889 he had moved to Mahaska County, Iowa (Givin, Iowa I believe).

After living in Mahaska County for a while he moved to Polk County, Iowa where he passed away.

I do know that he was quite active in the Welsh Eisteddfods in Iowa and he seemed to well known in many places from family lore.

Here are the only two items that I have about him:

ROBERTs, --Word was received in the city this morning of the death of Professor David ROBERTS, a former well known resident of Oskaloosa. The old gentleman died at the Methodist Hospital of pneumonia, after an illness of only six days. The funeral will take place at Des Moines Sunday.

The wife preceded him to the other side by only a couple months. A family of about six children survive the aged parents. Professor ROBERTS was a native of Wales. He came to this country and for years was engaged in coal mining at the coal camps near the city. He was for years located in the Welsh colony at Givin. In his declining years he gained a livlihood in this city by conducting a retail oil delivery. He and his wife removed to Des Moines about four years ago to be nearer relatives. Professor ROBERTS, as he was known by everyone, was perhaps one of the best known. He was a singing master and chorus director of wide repute and was himself a singer of considerable ability. he had the rare power of interpretation of party and chorus music and his knowledge of direction was little less than remarkable. The old gentleman was in his element in the work of the EISTEDDFOD when it was at its height in this city.

He was one of its staunchest reporters and hardest workers. He has won many large prizes for superior chorus work and he has received unstinted praise from the loftiest critics in the country.

David ROBERTS did a world of good in his time and he merits a rich reward. His death will cause deepest regret among hundreds of Oskaloosa friends. Rev. Lloyd WILLIAMS of this city goes to Des Moines Saturday morning to conduct the funeral and interment.

12 January 1899 David ROBERTS to-day received a copy of the Uruguay News Letter of November 27, 1898 sent him by Col. SWALM at Monte Video. It is the first paper from that country which we have seen that is printed in English, and barring the grammar and spelling, it is a creditable publication. Mr.SWALM, wanting to make sure that Mr. ROBERTS would receive the paper added to the address "the man who sings"

Is there anyone else researching this ROBERTS family?

Thank you for your time and attention to this.

Sherry Poole Tue Feb 20, 2001
Interested in information regarding my GGrandmother, Rosalie D. BRYAN, born 12/15/1862 in Macon County, Missouri.

Parents were William A. BRYAN and M. CLARK.

Thank you.

Liz Brown Thur Feb 1, 2001
I am looking for David WILKES, born Macon 3-28-1868 and Mary E. SMITH-WILKES, born Macon 12-5-1876.

I think they lived in Callao and are my great grandparents.

Can you help?

Thank you.

Carol Willhite Wed Jan 31, 2001
My grandmother Clara Enid APPERSON HARRAH was born in Atlanta MO Mar. 30, 1895. Her father William Thomas Alexander APPERSON was born in Atlanta Sept. 5, 1869 and died in Atlanta Jan. 7, 1916.

I have information on his fathers family but not his mothers. Her name was Catherine MORROW. Any information on her would be greatly appriciated.

Next my g-grandmother was Theodocia Ellen FARMER, born Nov 7, 1877 and died Apr. 7, 1969 both in Macon County, she is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetary. I am trying to find out anything I can about her parents Charles FARMER and Mary Catherine PHILLIPS. I do not know when or where they were born only that they should both be buried somewhere in Macon County.

Can you help?

William Howard Pixley Wed Jan 31, 2001
I am researching the family of Jacob THATCHER and, his wife, Margaret SERENS THATCHER, who migrated from Harwich, Kent, Ontario, Canada to Macon County, MO, between 1865-1870 where Jacob is shown in the 1870 Census Index in Callao Twp.

Margaret SERENS THATCHER died 26 Aug 1887, probably in Macon Co. Jacob THATCHER d. 20 Apr 1889 in Knox Co., MO, where his oldest son,
(1) John Edmond THATCHER (M. Sarah REED, had Jacob Alton THATCHER) resided.

The third child,
(3) Mary Jane THATCHER TANNEY, lived the rest of her life (d. 22 Jul 1926) in Atlanta, MO (had Merrill Bird, Olive, Jacob, Olivia, Frederick, John, Nannie Mehitable, and Roscoe TANNEY).

Other children were:
(2) Margaret Anne BEAUDRIAU,
(4) Alzura EARLY, from whom I descend,
(5) Frederick Stephen THATCHER, b. Ont., Aug 1849, lived Detroit, MI,
(6) Jacob Sidney THATCHER, m. Violet FIX,
had daus. Maggie May THATCHER, and Emma THATCHER TRUNK, who lived, Tulsa, OK,
(7) George Washington THATCHER, b. Feb 1855, m. Alice MORSE, had son Frank THATCHER,
(8) Isaac THATCHER, b. 12 Apr 1857 Ont, m. Nancy FOSTER, had daughter, Jessie BROOKS, son, Lyle THATCHER, grandson, Kenneth BROOKS,
(9) Thomas Almore THATCHER, m. Anna, had dau., Marguerite THATCHER.

I am interested in sharing information with descendants of the above.

Thank You.

Barbara J. Beaudette Wed Jan 31, 2001
William Daniel ROBIRDS or McROBIRDS born 2/16/1842 in Macon County, MO. Looking for ANY info on this family.

William's siblings:
1. Isaac
2. John
3. Joe
4. Anne
5. Betsy
6. Chloe

Parents names unknown.

Thank you!

Sharon Roach Wed Jan 31, 2001
Does anyone have any information on O'BRIEN/O'BRYAN etc. or DUNN?

my GG-G-parents were William O'BRIAN b: ca 1830-38 ? md: 13 Jun 1857 in Macon Co. MO. to Nancy Ann DUNN... dau of Mark DUNN and Charlotte FRANKLIN (?)

Nothing else is know of William O'BRIEN...Help !!!


Jack Chapman Wed Jan 31, 2001
I am trying to back track my CHAPMAN Grandfather back to West Virginia.

I beleive my grand parents moved to Macon County from West Virginia in mid to late 1800's.

I belive they were traveling with the HOLDERBY family as my grandmother May HOLDERBY married Henry CHAPMAN maybe in Macon County.

The two families then moved to Commanche County Kansas.

Any help is appreciated.

Lorin Gardner Wed Jan 31, 2001
Am researching the families of RICKER and GRINDEL who lived in Bevier, Macon County, beginning in late 1890s.

I an a son of Mildred RICKER GARDNER .

Thank you for any information.

Verna Dinkins Wed Jan 31, 2001
Looking for anyone reasearching the WELCH/WELSH surname in Macon and Reynolds Counties, MO. I am looking for Carl/Carrol WELCH/WELSH.

Carol WELCH [b. 1858 Macon Co.] married Nannie A. KING 22 Feb 1883 in Reynolds Co., MO. They had a daughter, Emily WELCH, my grandmother. There is a Carl WELSH, along with Isabella WELCH buried in the WELSH family Cemetery, Redford, Reynolds Co., MO.

Was Carl married twice and who were his parents?

Thanking you in advance.

Alice Fry Wed Jan 31, 2001
I am seeking information on the James Enos HALL family.

He was born about 1892 in Walnut, Macon Co. He married Stella Nancy BARNES/BARREN who was born near Atlanta, Mo.

They had 3 children, one of whom is James Alfred HALL, b. 1/24/1919.

Would welcome any and all help on this family.

Thanks for any help.

Martha Ames Wed Jan 31, 2001
I'm looking for a Charles Samuel AMES died about 1920's thought to have been buried at Excello, Mo.

He had a son Samuel that was born at Ardmore,Mo, May of 1901.

I would appreciated any help finding the obituary of Charles Sameul AMES.

Marsha (Mullinix) Ingebretson Wed Jan 31, 2001
Grandpa Edgar E. MULLINIX had a sister named Gertie. She was married to Tom J. WHITE in Chariton Co. at the residence of John MILLER on 3/1/1900. The Rev. James HISE of Bynumville officiated. The license was obtained in Macon Co., and indicates that Tom lived in New Cambria, and Gertie lived in Hammack.

They are listed on the 1900 census of Macon Co. in Lingo Twp. Info. from the census says that Tom was born 2.1878 in Mo. He was a farmer, and his parents were both born in Mo. Gertie died in Dec. that year of consumption.

Does anyone know who the parents of Tom were, or if he remarried?

Did he stay in Macon Co.? Did he stay on the farm?

Would like to know more about him.

Pam Gazlay Wed Jan 31, 2001
Trying to find a Thomas and Elizabeth GOOD(E).

They were born 1790-1810 in VA and may have been in Macon Co. anywhere between 1830 and ?.

I believe their daughter, Elizabeth Mildred, may have met her future husband (John W. HENDREN) there before 1848.

Any information welcome.

Thank you.

Linda Sodergren Wed Jan 31, 2001
I am researching John Edward SODERGREN, born Sept 12, 1871, Cottage, Macon Co., MO.

He married Clara Jane ALFORD. They moved to Dillon, Beaverhead, Montana.

Any info appreciated on parents, siblings or their entrance onto the US.

Benny Bell Wed Jan 31, 2001
Jacob BELL who died at the age of 90 is buried in Oakwood cemetery.

I am researching his family. He is my great great great grand father.

Bonnie Cullison Wed Jan 31, 2001
I am looking for information on the DEMORY family in Macon Co., MO.

Josiah DEMORY, was born about 1810 in Loudoun Co, VA.

Josiah and his wife, Mary A. EVANS moved to Macon County, MO, from OH before 1865.

Josiah died Mar 1885 and is buried in the Old Milam Church Cem. Mary A. DEMORY died Feb.1894 and is buried in Wellington, KS.

I would like information on any of the DEMORY children:

1. Sarah
2. Jane
3. Jacob
4. Luther
5. James
6. Charles.

Suzanne Thrasher Schmidt Wed Jan 31, 2001
I am looking for Cumberland Presbyterian church records such as births, christenings, marriages and burials.

I am researching my ancestors, the PATTON family.

I am specifically inquiring about Henry W. PATTON, son of N.H. PATTON and husband to Nancy Jane PATTON (nee FOSTER). He was born 4/1840 in Randolph County and died 5/15/1905 in Macon. He is buried at Chapel Hill cemetary.

Thank You,

David Scott Wed Jan 31, 2001
Mary J. MULLINIX, born 1870, married John B. Rice.

Rice later remarried.

What happen to mary J.?

Where there any children?

Paula Yount Tue Jan 23, 2001
Seeking information on family of Taylor and Belle MYERS that resided in Drake Twp, Macon Co., MO in 1900. Taylor may have died between 1906 and 1910, as Belle is listed as a widow on the 1910 Macon Co census. Taylor may have went by Zachariah Taylor MYERS, or Henry Taylor MYERS.

He was born about 1846 in MO, a son of William and Catherine (REEVES) MYERS and resided in Schuyler County for many years.

He was married five times, Belle being his fifth wife. Belle may have remarried a GIER, but have no dates nor other info on surname.

Taylor's children include:
1. Fredrick born 11 Apr 1890;
2. Dora born Apr 1891;
3. Mary E, born Oct 1892;
4. Phillipi R,born Feb 1894;
5. Vernie, born Mar 1896;
6. Hernie, born 27 Oct 1897;
7. Fannie, born Oct 1898.

His children by previous marriages include:
1. Benjamin, born ca 1872;
2. Peter, born ca 1878;
3. Lulu born 17 Dec 1879;
4.&5. William, and Russell, born 22 June 1881.

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

E. Curtis Dutton Tue Jan 23, 2001
Searching for Mary Ann WILSON.

May have been born in La Plata in May, 1860, may have had a brother named Will. No other family info known.

She married Louis (Franz Heinrich Aloysius) SIEVERS who although born in Germany lived in Macon County at least during the Spring of 1875.

Mary Ann was married by 1877 (I also need marriage info--may have occurred on 19 May 1876/77 in Shelbyville).

They are shown living in Saling, Audrain County during the 1880, 1890, and 1900 censuses before moving to eastern Idaho with their children.

Can you help?

Pamela Creighton Tue Jan 23, 2001
I am trying to locate info on a Henry T. LAMBERSON who wed Mary M. SELBY on 20-Dec-1883 in Sue City.

The marriage was recorded in Knox Co.

Mary M. appears to be the daughter of Elisha and Charity ( BAUGHER) SELBY as a child, Fannie M LAMBERSON, is buried next to Elisha and Charity in Knox.

I would like to know what happened to Henry and Mary.

Anyone with any info on the LAMBERSON family could be of help in this search.

Thank you!

Rayman Deuce Tue Jan 23, 2001
Looking for information on Hiram MILLARD.

He died March 13, 1876 around Macon, leaving a widow Hannah and 8 children who moved to Bynumville,Chariton,MO.

Also his parents-in-law, Jacob & Elizabeth NEARS, who lived in New Cambria or Keyesville area.


Mark Perry Tue Jan 23, 2001
Looking for information concerning the WADDELL Family who moved to the Macon County area some time between 1880 and 1910 from Kentucky.

The family settled in the Anabel area. Mary Catherine WADDELL married Harry R. CLARKE of Macon Co around 1915, and her cousin, Mary Etta WADDELL married Ernest Arnold MEANS at about the same time.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Sally Richardson Goehring Tue Jan 23, 2001
Seeking information on Willard BROWN and wife Malvina.

I have no further information on either of them, other than the fact that I have a photograph of Willard taken in Mojave, CA in 1937 or so. The notation on the back of the photo says that he died in 1937.

I believe that Malvina died in a mental hospital in Clarinda, IA, sometime after 1934. Their daughter, Bertha Frances BROWN, is my paternal grandmother. Bertha was born in Elmer, Macon Co., 6/24/1886, and married Jesse Emmett RICHARDSON ca. 1908, probably in Missouri. They later moved to Des Moines, Iowa, where they lived until their deaths in 1961 and 1966, respectively. Willard and Malvina also had at least two sons, Claude and Jack.

This has been my brick wall for 40 years and I would be thrilled with any information anyone can give me.

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