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Penny Camfield Wed Dec 13, 2000
Looking for any information regarding Ira Patrick MAUPIN and Ila Reid MAUPIN who lived in Laplata, Mo.

Their son, Lee Roy MAUPIN was born in LapLata in 1897. He was an only child. They migrated to the coastal region of Texas.

This information was taken from the death certificate of my grandfather and is all I have to work with. This family surname for our branch ended with the death of Lee Roy MAUPIN.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Theresa Bunn Wed Dec 13, 2000
I am looking for information on the REED family that lived in Macon Co. in 1910.

Alice REED had the following sons:

1. Guy 2. Maude 3. J.C. 4. Frances 5. Charles Henry

Charles lived with an aunt Parralee MASSENGALE. Parralee is buried in the Oakwood Cemetary.

Alice had a daughter named Parralee REED that was born Sept. 25, 1895 and she died Oct. 29, 1910. She is buried in the Antioch Cemetary.

I need to know what happened to the rest of Alice's kids and where they are buried. All of them were born in Tennessee.

Alice's ex-husband, Ewell Jackson REED was a brother to my great grandfather.

I would appreciate any help on these names.

Thanks in advance.

Sheryl Franklin Morgan Wed Dec 13, 2000
I'm looking for descendant of a Mrs. Robert W. BARROW who lived at 942 North Jackson in Macon in 1951.

She had a sister, Mrs. Ben (Grace) FRANKLIN who had died and was to be buried in Macon.

There were also two other sisters; Miss Lucy SIMMONS and Mrs. Walter W. RECE, both from Kirksville and one brother Dr. E. J. SIMMONS of New Orleans, LA.

Also, where can I find the records for the Albert Skinner Home for Funerals in Macon?


Bobby Swain Wed Dec 13, 2000
These families lived in Macon Co. Mo.

The Robert Green THOMPSON married Nancy Elizabeth LISTER.

Their children are:
1. John Henderson,
2. Robert Lee,
3. Will

Now, Nancy Elizabeth LISTER's family. Her father John L. LISTER, died 1863 or 64, married Louise ??

Their children are:

1. Charles
2. Daniel
3. Francis
4. George
5. Sarah H. m. ?? WALKER
6. Lewis
7. Peter A.
8. Nancy E. m Robert Green THOMPSON
9. William Edward
10. David James
11. John T.M.

Thanks for you help.

Shirley Wilson Wed Dec 13, 2000
Just started working on the family tree (mother's side) she was a BURNS.

Her mother was Delia HERRIN and her father was John Rollin BURNS. I think they were married on 2/1/1880 Bevier,MO.

His fathers name was Ignatius W. BURNS and I have found two different names for Ignatius wife. It was either Elizabeth BAILEY or Jane WRIGHT.

They came into MO from Kentucky. Delia HERRIN's father was Charles G. HERRIN and her mother's name was Sophia AGEE.

Would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you.

Nora Tocus Wed Dec 13, 2000
Searching for GIPSON in Macon Co., any date.

I have Elijah S GIPSON buying federal land in Macon Co in 1840.

If you have GIPSON in Macon Co, please contact direct.


Pam Schmidtberger Wed Dec 13, 2000
Am looking for PORTER relatives in Macon county.

Grandfather Aaron Miller PORTER, son of John G. and Louisa(Miller) PORTER.

Aaron Miller PORTER was born in Macon Co, Mo in 1902. Thanks.

Marilyn Hendrix Wed Dec 13, 2000
I am looking for a MOORE family that had two grandchildren by the surname of CLARY. They were in Macon around 1843 though the 50's.

Can anyone help?

Lorene Thiessen Sat Dec 2, 2000
I am looking for information for James and Elizabeth Rodley WILLOWS.

They lived in Macon County around 1869.

They had the following children: George, Margaret, Mary Ann, James, William,John, Naomi, Harriet, Ellen ( my great grandmother), Thomas, Leona, Amelia, Sara Alice.

Harriet, Ellen, and Thomas were all born in Macon County.

Does anyone have any information on this WILLOWS family.

I have some information but am interested in James occupation and where they lived in Macon county. I believe James was a miner.

Any information would be appreciated.

Scott Talbot Sat Dec 2, 2000
I would like to get some information about my LISTER ancestors.

Mary Jane FAULKNER and Granville Thompson LISTER were both from Anabel and Clarence, MO.

They moved to Nebraska, I believe, after about 46 years in Clarence. He was a blacksmith in town.

Mary was originally from Lynn County.

Any help would be appreciated.

Conner Family Sat Dec 2, 2000
I would like any info on Charles P. and Nancy HARDGROVE. Also their parents.

I think that they lived in the Atlanta, MO area.

Any thing would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Cheryl Hedges Sat Dec 2, 2000
I am searching grandmother's lineage:

Annie Mabel HARREN born Feb 11,1899, LaPlata,Mo.

Parents: James Edward HARREN born Mar 8,1868 Burnely?,Ontario married Apr married Apr 9,1895 in Missouri to Anna Brown PEARCE born Feb 14,1868 in Missouri.

James died Nov 20,1929. Anna died Jul 8,1950. Both are buried in Penzance, Sask, Canada.

Anna Brown PEARCE: Parents (father) Isaac D. PEARCE born Feb 12,1838, Clark Co, Ohio, married Oct 31,1860 in Macon Co. to Mary E. WINGATE, born?

Isaac died Aug 14,1909. Mary died Aug 19,1871. Both are buried in Missouri (?)

Any help would be appreciated.

Leslie Coombes Sat Dec 2, 2000
I am looking for information on Della and Molly FARMER (sisters) who both married a William Harvey COOMBES.

They were in the Macon or Atlanta area in the 1860-1880 period.

The FARMER women had brothers named Jim and Monroe.

The marriage of one of the women and Willam Harvey COOMBES produced children Sarah, James Harvey, Linc, Bill, and John.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Peggy Atteberry Sat Dec 2, 2000
I am trying to find out the parents of James Pierce ATTEBERRY, ATTERBERRY, ATTEBURYwho died February 15, 1897 in Macon Co., MO and to my knowledge is buried in La Plata cemetery.

He was married to Elizabeth BERNARD ATTEBERRY, who is also buried in that cemetery. They came from Barren Co., KY to Macon Co. in 1838 and with their children, settled in or about Elmer.

My father Claude B ATTEBERRY, my grandfather, John S. ATTEBERRY, and my gr grandfather, William E. ATTEBERRY, all lived in Elmer. I was born in Bucklin.

Any information about this ATTEBERRY (ATTERBERRY, ATTEBURY) clan will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Peggy Atteberry Sat Dec 2, 2000
In looking through my "Elmer Community History" book I found pictures of Elmer High School 1923-1924 students. Listed for one of the pictures is the name Lafie KELLISON.

Is there anyone that can give me any information on this KELLISON?

Thank you in advance.

Peggy Atteberry Sat Dec 2, 2000
I am seeking any information on the children of William E. and Cynthia English CAMPBELL ATTEBERRY.

They were married October 4, 1855 in Macon Co. MO and according to William's obituary they had eight (8) children.

I only know 6 of them:
John S. and Lewis of Elmer, Willie ATTEBERRY JOHNSON and Bertha (may be Beatrice) ATTEBERRY MORGAN of Belle Fouche, SD were listed as still living. I also have the names Mary Anne and James. I would very much like to have the dates of birth, death etc. for all of the children of William and Cynthia.

Any help on this Macon Co. ATTEBERRY family would be most appreciated.

Thank You

Jeannie Owens Fri Oct 20, 2000
I am looking for any information on a Dora WRIGHT age 12 in 1870, and William WRIGHT age 6 in 1870. They were the daughter & son of Henry B. WRIGHT and Lucinda SUMMERS.

If you have any info on them please contact me. I am even looking for an obit on them.

Thank you!

Carol Carroll Fri Oct 20, 2000
Researching David E. AMBROSE who married Emma M. EDWARDS, 23 Dec 1883 in Macon Co. MO.

Anyone know who their parents were?

Bevra Birchard Sat Oct 7, 2000
My grandfather Seth D. HARRIS lived in Macon Co., Hudson Twp., section 5 P.O. box Macon - 1885. The family was in 1900 US census. They lived there until sometime after 1905.

Seth married Emma RICHARDSON in IL 1883.

To this union they had:
Frank b. 1884 IL m. Ada VADER
Frederick W. b. 1887 Macon d. in Macon year ?
Roy T. b. 1889 Macon
Eve b. 1891 Macon m. Walter HAYDEN
Alvin J. b. 1894 Macon
Daisy B. b. 1896 Macon
Loren D. b. 1899 Macon
John C. b. 1902 Macon
Joe Maude b. 1904 Macon d. 1905 in Macon

Would like information on the death of Frederick W. HARRIS. He met with an accident, from a powered threshing machine that exploded, some time between 1905 and 1909. The family moved to ND, except for Frank and Eva.

Thank for any information,

Laura Tasset Koehn Fri Oct 6, 2000
I would like to hear from anyone familiar with the HINES family of Macon County, MO:

Descendants of Henry HINES - 3 Oct 2000

1-Henry HINES b: 1792 in VA
sp: Elisabeth b: 1800 in NC
. . . . 2-Thomas B. HINES b: c1828 in MO
. . . . 2-Newton HINES b: c1829 in MO
. . . . 2-Francis M. HINES b: abt 1831 in , , MO
. . . . sp: Louisa (wife of Francis)b: abt 1830 in KY
. . . . . . . . 3-Jno. L. HINES b: c1652 in MO
. . . . . . . . 3-Lucinda HINES b: c1854 in MO
. . . . . . . . 3-James D. HINES b: Jun 1858 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . sp: Margaret Belle "Maggie" MASON
. . . . . . . . b: Mar 1865 in Charitan or Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . m: 11 Sep 1880 in Macon, Macon, MO d: in Macon, Macon, MO?
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Nellie HINES b: 3 May 1889 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . d: 9 Dec 1936 in Kirksville, Adair, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Charles HINES b: May 1885 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . d: 8 Dec 1933
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-James G. HINES b: Jun 1883 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Richard HINES b: Jan 1887 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Gussie HINES b: Apr 1892 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Allie HINES b: May 1890 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Clara HINES b: Oct 1895 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Ralph HINES b: Mar 1898 in Macon, Macon, MO
. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-Infant HINES b: in Macon, Macon, MO d: bef 1900
. . . . . . . . 3-Siegel Lincoln HINES b: abt 1860 d: 19 Oct 1899
. . . . . . . . sp: Emeline MASON b: 1869 in Macon County, MO m: 29 Nov
. . . . . . . . 1885
. . . . 2-Allen P. HINES b: c1835 in MO
. . . . 2-Joel H. HINES b: c1836 in MO
. . . . 2-Polly C. HINES b: c1839 in MO
. . . . 2-Samuel HINES b: c1841 in MO
. . . . 2-David J. HINES b: c1844 in MO

Mary Lee Gentry Fri Oct 6, 2000
I am looking for information on the Nelson M. RIDINGS family that was in Narrows Township in the 1900 census.

He was born in 1827 in Tennessee. Per what I have, he was married to Sarah A. "Annie" Harris in 1855.

Thanks for any help.

Dale W. Mason Sat Sep 23, 2000
Henry MASON, born August 6, 1875, was the son of William MASON. He died in 1939 and is buried at Bevier.

Henry was married to Levina COOLEY, January 21, 1898.

Levina had been previosly married and had a daughter, Jennie.

Jennie is believed to have married Roy CARR and they are belived to have lived at both New Cambria and Bevier.

Henry and Levina also had a daughter, Bertha or Bertie that is belived to have married a Mr. LEATHERS.

Can anyone supply additional information on Henry and Levina's daughters?

Bevra Birchard Sat Sep 23, 2000
Looking for information on the Joseph RICHARDSON family who came to Missouri in 1869.

They resided in Shelby and Macon Co.

Joseph died 10 March 1897 and is buried in Baker Cemetery.

Their childern:

John C.RICHARDSON - m. Elizabeth G. SUMPTER
Robert M. RICHARDSON - m. ?
Nathan J. RICHARDSON - m. ?
Justin RICHARDSON - m. Richard LEWIS

Ruth RICHARDSON, his wife was still alive in the 1900 census, living with her son John C. RICHARDSON in the township of Ten Mile.

Thank you for any information.

Sally Richardson Goehring Fri Sep 8, 2000
Searching information on Burrell B. RICHARDSON, born KY, June 1827, married Nancy J. RILEY May 28, 1854, probably in Macon Co., MO.

They appear on the 1860 Macon Co., Easley Twp. census,
along with his son W. James or James W. RICHARDSON.

James married his wife, Addie, after 1870 and they appear on the 1880 census of Easley Twp. along with their children:
1. Nelia
2. Jesse E.

Their son Jesse Emmett was born in Ethel, Macon County in 1880 and married Bertha Frances Brown ca. 1908.

Their son, my father, Jesse Owen, was born in Iowa in 1913. Owen had no sons, just the two of us girls born 1934 and 1938.

Would like to trade information on this family.

C. Realing Wed Aug 30, 2000
I am trying to trace my husbands family history.

His father's name was Herbert Antonio McCLELLANREALING, born in Macon, Mo in 1913.

Any help is appreciated.

Norman L. Dillman Wed Aug 30, 2000
Looking for information on my great grandfather Mitchel E. BUSTER, born between 1830 and 1850 in Macon Co. MO.

The father of Mitchel was Michael who married a woman with last name of BLACK. Mitchel married a Margaret ELDER and sired a son named Charles Marshall.

Any information may point me to the right lineage.

Glenn L. Crawford Wed Aug 30, 2000
My ancestry in Macon county start's in the late 1700's and early 1800's with Rhodam SIMS and Mary STARK my gr gr gr gr gr Grandparent's on one side in there move to Rall's Co. MO from Botetourt, VA.

Their son, William Stark SIMS, married Euphumia PARADISE.

My gr gr gr gr Grandparents on the other side, James CRAWFORD and Jane McCLELLAN, came from Botetourt, VA.

They had a son, Wilkinson CRAWFORD (supposedly found Huck Finn's Cave ((Lore))) He married Nancy SIMS, William and Euphumia's daughter.

Their son Jonathan CRAWFORD, my gr gr grandfather, married Susan Catherine KILLINGER, my gr gr grandmother.

Their son, Jefferson Davis CRAWFORD married Annie GRADY, my gr grandparent's.

Their son Joseph Glenn CRAWFORD married Irene Georgina NELSON, my grandparent's.

Their son an only child, Theadore Joseph CRAWFORD married Florence Norene MORRIS. my parent's.

I think that Irene's mother was Hildur PETERSON. Hildur I think married John Theadore NELSON Both Hildur and John died at an early age and my grandmother was raised by step parent's after Irene died in 1921.

My father was passed from pillar to post but primarily while my grandfather was out grieving the loss of his wife and trying to make a living. At the same time my gr gr grandmother PETERSON was raising my dad.

They were Swedish because all my dad spoke was Swede until he went to school.

I know I have had relatives in Macon for a long time Ima Gene PORTER was one Sophronia Arabelle THOMPSON/JOHNSON (I'm not sure which name it was) were two of them. One being a cousin and the other was a great aunt. It seems that all of the grandmother's except for Nancy SIMS are impossible to find anything about! Nor can I get beyond James CRAWFORD. I think his father was Alexandar but I can't Prove it!

I know that my gr grandmother, Annie GRADY CRAWFORD, died the year I was born 1948. Somewhere in this great migration the CRAWFORD's ended up in Macon Co. I have a 1918 Plat map by Geo. Ogle and Son's showing quite a bit of acreage owned by my grandfather, uncles and cousin's.

My Grandfather sold out to bring Irene to a New Mexico sanitarium for tuberculosis. She died on the way in Clovis New Mexico.

Any one that has an inkling of this story or who my grandmother's step-parent's were or can help me trace the family history and the lost CRAWFORD women and one grandfather please contact me.

Thank you

Dale W. Mason Fri Aug 25, 2000
Earnest Clinton MASON married Minnie LEWIS in Macon Co, April 16, 1907.

Minnie's father supposedly was R.T. LEWIS.

Minnie and Earnest were later divorced. Can anyone supply any information on Minnie's parents or brothers and sisters? Did Minnie remarry after her divorce from Earnest?

Can you help me?

Janice South Tue Aug 22, 2000
Researching the family of James C. OWEN b. 1807 KY, m. Mary McCONNELL (?).

Children were:
1. William 1834,
2. James C. 1838,
3. John F. 1841,
4. Sarah 1844,
5. Jessie M. 1848,
6. Decatur Ford b. May 24, 1851 Macon Co near Ethel,

Decatur m. Elvira Virginia WINDLE Sep 11, 1873 Macon County,
their children were:
a) Jennie 1874,
b) Ollie (Townsend) 1876,
c) Ada 1878,
d) Ezra 1882 Macon, Co. near Ethel,
e) Archie D. 1885 m. Effie
f) Zedikiah N., 1886 Macon Co near Ethel, Valley Twp,
g) Minnie Gurtrude 1891,
h) Leslie Owen 1893 Sweet Springs, MO.

Any info appreciated and would love to be contacted by any cousins out there.

Laura Koehn Tue Aug 22, 2000
Seeking information on the HINES brothers who married MASON sisters:

James D. HINES b. Jun 1858 Macon, Macon, MO, md. 11 Sep 1880 to Margaret Belle MASON, d. date/place unknown.

Sigel/Siegel Lincoln HINES b. c1860 place unknown, d. 19 Oct 1899 place unknown, md. 29 Nov 1885 place unknown to Emeline MASON.

Margaret Belle and Emeline MASON were the daughters of William and Nancy (Grishem) MASON.

I would like to learn the names of James' and Siegel's parents.

Thanks for any help.

Ann Bolin Kirkman Sun Aug 20, 2000
Looking for BOLIN relatives in the Macon - Ten Mile area.

They came from VA, PA, IN to Macon area. Great Great Grandfather - MONFORD (MOUNTFORD Mac) married Alice GRIFFITH.

Most of the family moved to Roundup, MT. My Grandfather, John L., lived in Moberly.

My father was Kenneth Lee BOLIN, City Manager of Moberly.

Any help would be appreciated

Grace Gipson Mon Aug 14, 2000
I am trying to locate, Margaret Armanda DANNER, my husband's grandmother's parents.

Margaret was born 1-23-1910 in Mo. She may have been born in Macon Co. as I understand alot of the DANNER's were in Macon County.

Any help appreciated.

Betty Sue (Barry) Reynolds Thur Aug 10, 2000
Looking for descendants of the MOSS family. Manerva Mackey MOSS was my ggrandmother.

I believe she married Frances BARRY.

If anyone is doing research on this Macon Co. family I would like to be contacted.

Betty Sue (Barry) Reynolds Thur Aug 10, 2000
I am descendant of Benjamin STREIGHT. I know a little about descendants, but I would like to know more.

If anyone is doing research on this Macon Co. family I would like to be contacted.

Lu Smith Tue Aug 8, 2000
Searching for info on James DISHION/DISHON and his family listed in the 1850 Macon Co. census on pg 131.

His wife is listed as Helen (it is actually Holland) with their first five children. This family was in Cooper Co. by 1860 where they died.

I have been unable to find marriage records for them. Holland's married name was supposed to be ADAMS but I can not find her parents names. They were living next door to a family by the name of Jeremiah ADAMS---any connections??? Also another ADAMS family followed them to Cooper Co., a E.P. ADAMS (I believe this to be Eli P. who is buried in a cem. close to where this family is buried).

Any leads on this family would be most appreciated. I would love to swap info if you can connect.

Carol Jean Gaffney Mon Jul 31, 2000
I am researching the KISOR brothers:

1. David,
2. Jacob,
3. Andrew,
4. Daniel.

These are the sons of David and Lydia KISOR .

All were born in Ohio and lived in Macon Co from 1855 on.

I would be interested in communicating with any KISOR relatives. I understand there was a Mayor in Macon Co that was a KISOR .

Thank you,

Jane Moffett Wed Jul 26, 2000
I am researching the RICHARDSON family.

My Grandfather is Albert Henry RICHARDSON who married Martha Magdeline DAVENPORT.

Albert Henry RICHARDSON was born in Elmer, Missouri his father is Ona Hull Woodward RICHARDSON who married Hattie Ellen DENNIS.

Ona's father is Steven Calvin RICHARDSON who married Caroline Elizabeth UNKNOWN.

I would appreciate any information on Caroline or any RICHARDSON'S from Macon County.

Joseph Meyer Wed Jul 26, 2000
I am looking for the marriage date of George or Thaddeus LEWIS to Jeanette DeHEER about 1903.

Any other information would be very helpful also

Sally Goehring Wed Jul 26, 2000
James W. or W. James RICHARDSON born in Macon County ca. 1855 and married Nancy J.

His parents were B. B. and Addie RICHARDSON. B. B. was born in KY in June of 1827. They appear on the Macon County census for 1860, 1870 and 1880. B. B. also died in Macon County.

James and Addie had a number of children, one of whom was Jesse Emmett, my grandfather.

Would like to exchange information.

Marsha (Mullinix) Ingebretson Wed Jul 26, 2000
Margaret Elizabeth SEARS, was my ggrandma.

She married John Thomas MULLINIX on 4/3/1878 in Macon Co. Her children's birth records in Chariton Co. indicate that she was born between 1855 & 1861 in Macon Co. There were lots of Sears in and around Macon Co.

Can anyone connect my ggrandma to their family?

If you have any clues, I sure would like to hear from you. Thank-you!!!!!

Ann Bolin Kirkman Wed Jul 26, 2000
I am searching for the parents of Samuel Lee MONTGOMERY born 1833 and died in 1916.

I think Johnathan was his father. Johnathan was born in Maryland in 1807 died July 17, 1886 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery. He lived in Ten Mile on a farm. I don't know his wife's name.

The article I have says only that he had a large family of sons.

I am trying to link Samuel and Johnathan and trace Johnathan to his parents.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jocelynn Gillette Knight Wed Jul 26, 2000
I am looking for the LANDRAM family:

Father: James E. LANDRAM b. 28 SEP 1838 KY
Mother: Martha C. RAY b. 10 MAY 1838

1. Emma Dora LANDRAM, b. 29 MAR 1858 Macon Co, MO, d. 30 JUL 1859
2. Finis LANDRAM, b. 04 SEP 1861 Macon Co, MO, d. 21 JUN 1863
3. L. D. LANDRAM, b. 18 OCT 1863 Macon Co, MO, m. 16 JAN 1887, d. 13 JUL 1924
4. William Edgar LANDRAM (this is my ggrandfather) I know lots about him
5. Porter LANDRAM, b. 21 JUN 1871 Macon Co, MO, d. 18 MAR 1876
6. F. H. (Herbert?) LANDRAM, b. 05 JAN 1877 Macon Co., m. 05 JAN 1898, d. 07 MAR 1933

Thanks a lot.

Jim Lowary Fri Jul 21, 2000
My Grandfather Robert Ernest COURTNEY was born in Elmer, MO in 1898. His father was William Franklin and mother was Luella Esteline (STONEKING) COURTNEY.

In 1902 his brother Cecil Earl was born there, and in 1904 his sister Minnie Mae, another sister Millie born in 1908, might have been born there as well, but she died at a very young age so hard to tell. Or she might have been born in Macon City as that is where the next sister, Rose Etta was born in 1912, and finialy his last sister, Dorothey Lorraine also was born in Macon City in 1914. I have found this family in Atlanta, MO in 1910 census.

I guess the whole point of this, I'm looking for information on this family along any step of the way, and what the area was like, and what William Franklin might have been doing to support his family. I've heard that Elmer was kind of wild and wooly back then, and that he might have worked on the Rail Road? I know My grandfather did, but in Brunswick, MO according to his SSN application.

Other members of the COURTNEY clan that William Franklin was from, Emmanuel & Elizabeth (WOOD) COURTNEY (father and mother) lived in southern Adair Co. near the county line. His grandparents were Pete and Nancy Ann (WISENBERGER) COURTNEY from Berkeley Co, VA (now Morgan Co. WV). Peter was a farmer and ferryboat operator and died in 1874 crossing the Chariton river that winter in an ice jam. Also there is some PRATHER mixed in with this family as well.

Thanks for your time and good luck on your searches!! Would like to hear from anyone that has crossed paths with any of these families, and I'm willing to share what info I do have on them.


Charles Hess Wed Jul 5, 2000
I am looking for the parents of William Arthur ENYART born in Macon County about 1872.

He died in 1959 and according to his obit had two brothers living at the time John and Irvin.

I appreciate any assistance.

JoLynne Baber Sun Jul 2, 2000
My grandmother was a McCAMMON and was born in 1906.

Her name is Edith Pearle (McCAMMON) (ARMSTRONG) STERLING. She was born in Callao, which I just learned about.

Does anyone have any information on this family. We attended a reunion in July 1992, in Cope, Colo. at the family homestead. I have some info that my cousin found, but would like to know if there is anything else.

I appreciate any info I can get. Especially on my grandmother.

Thank you for your time.

Ideana Hickle Sun Jul 2, 2000
Does anyone know of a Swanie PAYNE?

She married George Francis BRYANT in Aledo, Mercer Co., Illinois. She is related to a woman named Cynthia Ann LANE and would like to talk to Swanie about her ancestor. Swanie was born in Macon County, MO in 1934.


Ada Rasmusson Sun Jun 25, 2000
My maiden name is RATLIFF and many of my ancestors are from Macon, Co.

One of my grandfathers came to Macon Co. in 1830, if your interested I will send you my Genealogy from James RATLIFF and Martha HINDS.

They had 14 children.

I am looking for James ROBINSON's wife maiden name. She was born in Ind. We can't seem to find her name anywhere we have looked. One of their children is my ggrandmother, a Nancy ROBINSON, married a Horation Hoffit SWINK.

My nephew is putting out a book on the Horation Hoffit SWINK line and he sent me a file of 654 names just from this line. I am wondering if you have any info on these lines?

I thank you for your time and listening to me.

Lois Hunziker Mon Jun 18, 2000
Searching for information on the Frank and Emma (HUNZIKER) BERGMAN and Charles and Louisa (HUNZIKER) BERGMAN families that once lived in the Macon County area.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Gene H. Rhodes Mon Jun 18, 2000
I am looking for information on Wesley HOWARD, born 11 Nov 1805 in NC,
died 2 Sep 1892 in Valley twp, Macon Co., MO and is buried in the Howard Cemetery, Macon Co., MO.

He married Sarah ? and they had 6 children:

1. James,
2. Lyda,
3. Marinda Grace,
4. Elizabeth,
5. Malisa Angeline,
6. Sarah Jane

Lyda HOWARD married Samuel COOK , 16 March 1854 in Rush Co., Indiana, and was my great grandmother.

Any information about Wesley HOWARD and/or his wife's ancesters would be greatly appreciated. Also if any information is available on their children, please let me know.


JB Baugher Sat Jun 17, 2000
I am looking for information on Rufus Green MILES and Sarah SIMS.

They were married in Macon County, Missouri on Feb. 12, 1865.

Would like information on who Rufus MILES parents were and where they were born. I think they may have come from Tennessee to Missouri. They may have been born in Ireland, came to Tennessee and then on to Missouri.

Rufus had a Son, named Ernest Pomeroy MILES.

Thanks for any help you can give us. Any family information will help.

Viola Beamer Sat Jun 17, 2000
William Gray ANDREWS was born to David S and Jane (GRAY) ANDREWS on September 21, 1869. He died July 9, 1929.

I am not sure when William ANDREWS lost his leg, but I do know it was in a minning accident. I am not sure which mine he worked. It may have been close to Bevier.

William's daughter, Florence, was born December 4, 1893 and died June 3, 1989. She married William V. BRANDOW on July 30, 1915. There was also another daughter named Elizabeth.

Can you give me any more information? Thanks in advance.

Jerry Patterson Mon May 29, 2000
I am looking for any information concerning my grandfather Silas Anthony PATTERSON. Where and when Silas was born? I am also trying to find his father's name.

I do know that he was married in 1885 to Minnie Winkworth KINGSNORTH.

From stories he told to me when I was a young boy, he was born in southern Illinois where his father was a sheriff. He lived most of his life in Macon where he died sometime in the late 1930's I believe.

One other fact I do know is that they lived on Duff St. where I visited often as a young lad.

He ran a men's clothing store in Macon for many years. My father, Don Denham PATTERSON, was born in Macon in 1896.

I would greatly appreciate any help that you might be able to give.

Pamela Carico Mon May 29, 2000
I am researching George Franklin SLIGHTOM who was born 10/10/1849 and married Sarah Elizabeth GROSS 9/15/1875 all in Macon Co. MO.

George's father was James Oliver SLIGHTOM, but I don't have any info on him.

Your help would be appreciated.

Doris Dykes Mon May 29, 2000
I am looking for information on the Henderson TERRY family.

They lived in Macon Co., but I'm not sure of the year. The census report is confusing, but I think some of their children were born in Macon Co.

They had a son Jefferson J. TERRY who was a school teacher in Macon Co. abt 1850.

Any information will be appreciated.

Joseph Broom Mon May 29, 2000
Seeking information on the family of Rev. Jesse BRUNER (1836-1907) and his wives (1) Eliza HEDGES and (2) Susan MILES.


1. Andrew J. BRUNER - m. Mahala GOODRICH
2. William L. BRUNER - m. Nannie/Mamie TUGGLE
3. Emma Lou BRUNER - m. William A. MOSS
4. Elias S. BRUNER - b. Martha Frances RIDGEWAY
5. Russer D. BRUNER - b. Ruth A. DAWSON
6. Belle Zeda BRUNER - b. Henry Tillman MERRILL
7. girl
8. girl
9. George BRUNER
10. Georganne BRUNER

Also, Jesse's brother Daniel BRUNER and his wives (1) Mary LOWERY and
(2) Jurian MOOR.

1. William A. BRUNER
2. D. Frank BRUNER
3. Jesse BRUNER - b. ca. 1875
4. Charles BRUNER - b. ca. 1881
5. Mary BRUNER - b. ca. 1883
6. John BRUNER - b. ca. 1885

Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated. I will be happy to share/exchange information.

Bernadine Crews Sat Apr 29, 2000
I need any information about Gynand SCOTT married about 1862 to Mary Elizabeth PERRY.

They lived at Macon Co. and their children were:
1. Daniel born about 1864,
2. James Monroe born 1870, Keota, Macon Co.
3. Joseph born 1871 Macon.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bernadine Crews Sat Apr 29, 2000
Looking for any information about Richard Owen MASON born about 1834 probably Perry Co. IN.

He married Mary Elizabeth Perry SCOTT 1871 at Macon, Macon Co.

Their children all born at Macon were:
1. John Lemuel MASON born 1873,
2. Mary Margaret born 1878
3. Richard Owen MASON born 1879.

Any help would be appreciated.

Brenda Slaughter Mon Apr 17, 2000
I am looking for any information on the DALLAS family from Callao, Mo.

All I have at the current time is Ezra Putnam DALLAS was my great-great Grandfather.

Any information would be helpful.

Paula Yount Tue Apr 11, 2000
Am seeking any information on Jonathon W. RALSTON and his wife, Margarette E. (FOGLESONG) RALSTON, who were residing in Macon County, MO in 1899.

Jonathon and Margarette were married in Schuyler Co. MO, 31 Jan 1878, but were listed as residents of Macon County at the time of probate for Margarette's father in 1899.

Would like to know what became of Margarette, and complete her family group sheet.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Dale W. Mason Thur Apr 6, 2000
George BROWN and wife Mary ("Polly") lived in Macon Co.

George BROWN is believed to have died ca 1883 and his wife Mary died January 20, 1903.

They had a son A.J. BROWN of Round Grove Twp in Macon Co.

Is George the sister of Nancy BROWN (b. July 4, 1809 d. Mar 18, 1878) the wife of Thomas WINN?

Henrietta Jean Thur Apr 6, 2000
Need info on Henrietta (ABBOTT) ELLIOTT who was living in Macon Co. in 1928.

Husband John, and children on 1910 census are:

George, Pearl, Mabel, Esther, Carrie, and Cecil.

Until genealogy research, no one seemed to know of Henrietta, who was born 6 months after her father, Richard ABBOTT, Iowa, was killed in the civil war.

Her brother, John ABBOTT, is my grandfather.

JoAnn Campbell Fri Mar 24, 2000
I am seeking information regarding:


that was located in the Village of College Mound, Macon County, MO.

My father, Arthur NEWBERRY was a resident there in 1909 or 1910 through 1917.

My deepest thanks to anyone that can help.

Paul R. Wilson Sat Mar 11, 2000
I am trying to locate information on my grandfather's family, Aaron Blackborn WILSON.

He was born in Laplata, MO November 27, 1889 and married Sallie Elizabeth WALLEN from Ethel on May 23, 1910 in Kirksville, MO.

Three children were born in Laplata:
1. Hubert Aaron WILSON b. November 21, 1911;
2. Anna Louise WILSON b. December 3, 1913;
3. James Steven WILSON b. February 7, 1915.

They moved to Moore, MT 1915-1917. My greatgrand father _______ WILSON may have lived with them in Moore, MT for a short time before returning to Laplata.

Any information on this WILSON family would be greatly appreciated.

Gary Mohrman Tue Mar 7, 2000
Seeking information on the family of J. Dudley TOBIN, b. 1844, Macon Co, MO.

He married Sarah J. TAYLOR 17 Feb 1864 in Knox Co, MO.

They had 3 children:

1. Eva Lee,
2. James Dudley,
3. John Albert (possibly Alfred),

All were born in the Macon/Shelby Co. area.

If you can help please contact me.

Donald Matson Wed Mar 1, 2000
Looking for all descendants of Nicholas TULL b. 1802 Hardin Co., Ky.

His wife's name is unknown.

On 1850 Hardin Co.,Ky. census he had children:
1. Mary E. b. ca. 1825,
2. Horace b. ca. 1831,
3. Hester,
4. Amanda,
5. William,
6. Frederick,
7. Frances,
8. George,
9. Alonzo
10. Laura A.

This family was on the 1860 Macon Co.,Mo. census, but I don't have statistics.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ed Troutt Sun Feb 27, 2000
I am looking for more information about the John Franklin TROUTT line.

John Franklin TROUTT  was born February 20, 1831 in Ohio, and died September 02, 1899 in Macon County, Missouri. He married Helen Victoria COLLINS April 30, 1856 in Macon Co Mo or Knox Co. Mo, daughter of John COLLINS and Elizabeth JOHNSTON. She was born February 20, 1841 in Giles Co. Tennessee, and died July 17, 1906 in Macon Co. Mo.

Children of John TROUTT and Helen COLLINS are:
3. i. Cora Virlinda TROUTT, b. Unknown, Mo.; d. Unknown, Laplata, Macon Co. Mo..
4. ii. Ollie Helen TROUTT, b. Unknown, Mo.; d. 1952, LaPlata, Macon Co. Mo..
5. iii. Elizabeth Virginia TROUTT, b. March 08, 1859, Macon Co. Mo.; d. October 30, 1939, Mt.Tabor Cem..
6. iv. John Collins TROUTT, b. March 16, 1861, Macon County, Missouri; d. April 21, 1915, buried in Bird City KS..
7. v. Joseph Cambell TROUTT, b. October 26, 1863, Mo.; d. August 19, 1941, Oklahoma.
vi. James Frank TROUTT, b. November 07, 1866, Mo.; d. January 03, 1872, Buried in New Harmony Cem. Knox Co. Mo..
vii. Infant Dau. TROUTT, b. February 09, 1872; d. February 20, 1872, buried in New Harmony cem..
8. viii. Forest Rose TROUTT, b. November 06, 1875, Mo.; d. June 01, 1952, San Juan, Texas.
9. ix. Laura Patience TROUTT, b. December 1877, 9 miles east of LaPlata Mo.; d. LaPlata, Macon Co. Mo..
10. x. Myrtle Ann Mariah TROUTT, b. December 23, 1878, Mo.; d. Buried in Edina, Linville Cem..
11. xi. Charles TROUTT, b. 1882, Mo.; d. Bured in Columba Mo..
xii. Infant TROUTT, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
xiii. Infant TROUTT, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
xiv. Infant TROUTT, b. Unknown.

Can any one connect with any of these names?


Joyce Dawson Rogers Tue Feb 22, 2000
I need help in locating information on Harry Gardner DAWSON, born in England in 1880 to William and Mary DAWSON and come to US in or around 1885 went to pennsylvania.

In 1901 married to Sarah HILL, daughter of Thomas HILL and Margaret COILS in Macon, MO. They lived in Bevier until their deaths, Harry - 1965 and Sarah - 1967.

Any info on the DAWSON children would be appreciated.

Joyce Dawson Rogers Tue Feb 22, 2000
Looking for info on Luis (Louis???) JOHNSTON, died 1918 Macon county , married to Lillian Gertrude POAGUE. Her parents were William P. POAGUE and Louiza BURNS. Lillian Gertrude was born on April 8, 1892 and died december 20, 1975.

She remarried to Roy LUNSFORD in Macon county after the death of Luis.

I would really like to find out more about Luis Johnston and his parents, also children from his marriage to Lillian Gertrude.

Nancy Hugo Tue Feb 22, 2000
John MIKEL and wife Sarah moved to Macon County in 1838. By 1850 they were in the newly formed Adair Co.

Does anyone have information on their children or other family members?

Nancy Hugo Tue Feb 22, 2000
Lorenzo Dow BUNCH and wife Cinthia moved to Macon Co. in 1838. Anyone have more information about their parents or children? They were still in Macon Co in 1870.

Any information would be welcome.

Nancy Hugo Tue Feb 22, 2000
Samuel MIKEL married Tabitha SOUTHERN in Macon Co on 20 June 1845. They later moved to LaBette Co. Kansas.

Does anyone have information on who their parents or children are?

Nancy Hugo Tue Feb 22, 2000
Amanda BUNCH MILLER is listed in the 1870 census, and is apparently a widow. Does anyone know who her husband was, or more about their family? I do not yet have a marriage date and place for them, but would like information about it.

Her children according to the census are:
1. Hugh D.,
2. Cinetia,
3. George,
4. Henry C.

Any more info?

Nancy Hugo Tue Feb 22, 2000
Lorenzo D. MILLER married Mary Ann MIKEL in Macon Co. on 20 Oct 1840.

I am trying to figure out if this is my family. I would love to correspond with anyone with infomation on this couple.


Peggy Tooley Taylor Fri Feb 18, 2000
I am seeking info on family of George TOOLEY and wife Eliza Ann FORD who had family in Macon and Linn Co. in 1850 and 1860.

I am their gggrdghtr from their son James A., b. 1856 there. Charles P. and John TOOLEY lived nearby. They were all from KY & VA.

I will share info that I have.

Marian Chapman Fri Feb 18, 2000
I am looking for information on Nathan DABNEY, a medical Dr., and wife Kezzia (ELLIS).

They moved to Macon Co. from Wayne Co., KY in 1828 and lived the remainder of their lives in Macon Co.

They had 9 children:
1. J.W. an undertaker in Atlanta, MO.
2. E. B.,
3. Mercena,
4. Nathan,
5. J. W.,
6. Irena,
7. William Proctor a medical doctor who practiced in Polk Co. and in Stone Co.,
8. Andrew J.,

William Proctor DABNEY married Martha SEARS, daughter of Martin SEARS, a Macon Co. farmer.

Information as to the cemetary in which they are buried and dates of birth and death would be appreciated.

Jan Hager Fri Feb 18, 2000
I am researching Elijah HOWARD, b. 10 May 1842 Ill. d. 31 Jan 1924 in Huntsville, Mo married to Rebecca JENNINGS.

Elijah living in Randolph Co 1920, buried in Rice Cemetery at Lagonda, Mo.

Children of Elijah and Rebecca were:
1. Jackson,
2. Malinda Jane,
3. Elvira,
4. Clate,
5. Mary,
6. Roy,
7. Alta,
8. George,
9. Rosa.

All have lived in Randolph, Adair, Macon, Chariton , and Benton Co in Missouri.


Towns associated were Calleo, Huntsville, Clifton Hill, Nind, Lagonda, where many are buried.

Elijah owned a portable sawmill but no land.

Any information welcome.

Mary Lewis Fri Feb 18, 2000
I am searching for information on the Absalom DAY Family. Absalom was born in Pendleton County, WV.

He married Caroline CHITWOOD, May 6, 1853 in Macon County, Mo.

Wife number two was Anna BARTHENA March 5, 1870 in Macon County, Mo.

Absalom was the son of Absalom DAY and Leah TEETER from Pendleton County, WV.

Any information would be appreciated.

Marty Crull Fri Feb 18, 2000
I would like information on Charles SHOWERS, born about 1860 and died about 1951.

His wife was Rosina M. SMITH born about 1868 and died 23 Jun 1894. They are buried in Ethel cemetery, Macon co., MO

There children are:
1. Jimmie;
2. Henry;
3. Anna;
4. Pina
5. and 6. unknown.


Dinah McDonald Fri Feb 18, 2000
Seeking information on Norman and Levi LAMPHIER who were living in Goshen township in the 1840 Macon Co. census.

Thank you for any help.

Becky Black Fri Feb 18, 2000
I am searching for any information on the MARTIN surname.

William Franklin MARTIN
b. 02-09-1877, Callao
m. 05-20-1905, Kirksville to Jennie Myrtle SULLIVAN
d.10-27-1939, Callao

I would like any information on his parents or siblings.

His son, George Albert MARTIN was my GGrandpa.
b. 10-20-1913, Keyota
m. 09-03-1933, New Cambria to Dorothy R. PHIPPS
d. 02-01-1985, Macon (buried in Callao)

Thanks in advance!

Edgar Miller Fri Feb 18, 2000
Researching David BROWN, who married Nancy E. PENNELL in Clark Co. 1852. He was living in Macon, Co,in 1860.

There children are:
1. Mary,
2. John,
3. Martha

I would like any information on them.

LaVerne McMahan Fri Feb 18, 2000
Need information on Joseph and Priscilla MOORE, BARRY, MAGERS. They lived in Macon Co. MO in 1860's.

Also would like to make contact with others researching these lines.

Charlotte Haris Wed Jan 5, 2000
Have a photo of family of George Franklin WHITNEY (1884-1970) and Anna Frances ASHLOCK.

1. Romaine Wright WHITNEY,
2. Roberta Jane WHITNEY,
3. George Greatreaks WHITNEY
(two dead)
5. Persyk WHITNEY

Roberta married HAMILL. Mother Anna Frances was the daughter of George ASHLOCK and Sarah WRIGHT.

Would love to contact descendants.

Barbara Schan Wed Jan 5, 2000
I am looking for information on James KASEY (possibly born in Ky around 1849).

He married Martha (Mattie) GROSS on Feb. 22, 1872 in Hardin Co, Ky. Martha died on August 23, 1873 in Kaseyville, Missouri.

Looking for connection to Missouri KASEY's. Wondering about her death.


Richard Atkins Wed Jan 5, 2000
I am seeking information on Sarah (Sally) RICHARDSON my g.g. grandmother who married to Henry King SMEDLEY.

They lived in Macon County after their marriage on 9 Jun 1842. Sarah's father name was William RICHARDSON. I believe that William RICHARDSON was married to Sally GIBSON, 15 Nov 1806 Pulaski, Kentucky. Sometime between 1820 and 1830 I believe they moved to Macon County near Ethel.

I cannot find any information regarding names of William and Sally's children and thus cannot make the connection directly to Sarah RICHARDSON.

Any information on the RICHARDSON's, GIBSON's or SMEDLEY's would be appreciated.

Shelley Way Wed Jan 5, 2000
Need information on Mary Ann (Polly) GROCE.
She died in Macon Co. before March 23, 1886.
Only known child was Armilda GROSS who married 1st Charles Franklin TILLOTSON and 2nd George CAIN.
Only known grandchild was Claborn P. TILLERSON. Related to Elizabeth GROSS who married Aaron KING.
Thanks for any help.

Gary James Sat Jan 1, 2000
I need help. Family legend tells me that my GGGrandfather, William JAMES, lived out his final days, and died (1867), in Macon Mo. -- I'm seeking confirmation of that.

As the family migrated across the continent from Utica, NY, two of his sons (one of which was my ggrandfather) and a daughter remained in Muscatine Co., Iowa . He and the rest of the children, William Jr, Stephen, John & David apparently moved on as the family has lost all track of them.

He was a farmer, so the statement might mean Macon Co. rather than the city of Macon. I just don't know.

Thanks in advance for any assist.

Naomi Cavender Washburn Sat Jan 1 2000
I would like to show my progress and ask your assistance regarding my:

"Descendants of William H. CAVENDER"

Generation No. 1


Had a sister in Wiscons in 1833 William CAVENDER & family move to the "White River Settlement" in northern Dubois County, Indiana William CAVENDER becomes a Justice of the Peace

ii. JAMES WESLEY CAVENDER, b. December 13, 1833, Michigan; d. September 30, 1910, Macon Co Mo..
iii. THOMAS CAVENDER, b. Michigan; d. White Oak Mo.
iv. ELLA, m. LOVERN.

1905-1920 Graduates of Blytedale High School - Blythedale, Harrison County, Missouri Graduating class of 1907 Cavender, Ethel Crouch, Ben (?)
(might be Len)Crouch, Leah (?) Mitchell, *oats Mitchell, *etha Smith, *ovell Walton, *ern (could be Fern or Vern)

Graduation: 1907, Blytedale High School

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES WESLEY5 CAVENDER (WILLIAM H., CHARLES, JOHN, EDWARD) was born December 13, 1833 in Michigan, and died September 30, 1910 in Macon Co Mo.. He married (1) MARINDA GRACE HOWARD August 25, 1864 in Macon, Missouri, daughter of WESLEY HOWARD and SARAH. He married (2) LUCINDA SENEY October 27, 1869 in Macon Mo., daughter of IRA SENEY and SUSANNAH SLEETH.

Was in the Union Army During war times he came to Missouri and Married Marinda Howard

1870 CAVENDER MARINDA Macon County MO 137 Liberty Twp Federal Population Schedule MO 1870 Federal Census Index MO30130497
1870 CAVENDER MARINDA Macon County MO 137 Liberty Twp Federal Population Schedule MO 1870 Federal Census Index MO30130498


i. WILLIAM HENRY CAVENDER, b. July 07, 1865; d. June 29, 1944.
ii. ARTHUR CAVENDER, b. November 30, 1866; d. July 11, 1945.
iii. MARINDA CAVENDER, b. August 12, 1868; d. November 1948.

iv. MARTHA CAVENDER, b. September 08, 1870; d. 1914, Hull Cem., Macon Co.
v. WESLEY CAVENDER, b. December 18, 1876; d. 1951.
vi. JOHN CAVENDER, b. 1878; d. 1898.
vii. STEVEN CAVENDER, b. September 01, 1880.

3. THOMAS CAVENDER (WILLIAM H., CHARLES, JOHN, EDWARD) was born in Michigan, and died in White Oak Mo. He married JANE RAMSEY February 25, 1858 in Calhoun, Michigan.

Settled on farm in Macon Co several miles west of the Charston rive was buried White Oak



Brother to James Wesle Cavender

Children of WILLIAM CAVENDER and CURTIS are:
i. WILLIAM CAVENDER, m. ORPHA GENETTE CODINGTON, November 20, 1867, Branch, Michigan.
ii. ELISABETH CAVENDER, d. 1930, Sherwood Michigan.
iii. MATTIE CAVENDER, d. Sherwood Michigan.

Generation No. 3

5. WILLIAM HENRY CAVENDER (JAMES WESLEY, WILLIAM H., CHARLES, JOHN, EDWARD) was born July 07, 1865, and died June 29, 1944. He married (1) CYNTHIA ANN THAYER, daughter of SELAH THAYER and HARRIET SENEY. He married (2) ORPHA GENETTE CODINGTON November 20, 1867 in Branch, Michigan.

i. NAOMI CAVENDER, b. April 13, 1903; m. GRIMSHAW.
ii. WILLIAM T. CAVENDER, b. September 04, 1911.

6. ARTHUR CAVENDER (JAMES WESLEY, WILLIAM H., CHARLES, JOHN, EDWARD) was born November 30, 1866, and died July 11, 1945. He married SUSAN FAUGHT, daughter of JOHN FAUGHT and MARY WIGGANS.


7. MARINDA CAVENDER (JAMES WESLEY, WILLIAM H., CHARLES, JOHN, EDWARD) was born August 12, 1868, and died November 1948. She married WILLIAM H LEA.

i. ALBERTA LEA, b. 1887; m. SMITH.
ii. NORA LEA, m. BURK.
iii. ADA LEA, b. 1891; m. BURK.
v. RAY LEA, b. October 1900.
vi. ROY LEA, b. October 1900.
vii. LULA LEA, b. October 1903; m. RATHBURN.
viii. IDA LEA, b. April 08, 1907.

8. MARTHA CAVENDER (JAMES WESLEY, WILLIAM H., CHARLES, JOHN, EDWARD) was born September 08, 1870, and died 1914 in Hull Cem., Macon Co. She married HOMER E. LEMMONS, son of JOSIAH LEHMAN and REBECCA SHANK.

Thomas Jefferson Lemmon b:9/16/1836 in KY m:11/25/1863 to Frances Shannon Crown b:10/19/1842 in OH and had 9 children. Some of the children were born in IL. The family moved to MO and lived around the St. Joseph (Buchanan County) and Savannah (Andrew County) area. Thomas and Frances both died in Bolckow, MO. Would like info on where they are buried. Children were Edward Thomas, Jefferson William, Laura Jane ANDERSON,(hubby's maternal grandmother), Harriet PROUGH, Floreida WHITLEY, Louella (died in infancy), Mary Ella REVIS, Charles and Robert. Would appreciate any information on this family, both past and present. Thanks!



i. JOHN HOBERT CAVENDER, b. February 16, 1903.
ii. ELMER CAVENDER, b. October 31, 1904; d. November 1963.
iii. FLOYD CAVENDER, b. April 14, 1907.
iv. PAUL CAVENDER, b. August 31, 1908; d. May 17, 1977.
v. GILBERT CAVENDER, b. March 23, 1910.

vii. OLA CAVENDER, b. March 11, 1918.





Generation No. 4


i. WILLIAM RENE CAVENDER, b. August 17, 1935; d. August 23, 1976; m. SUE HINES.


Children of HOWARD CAVENDER are:
i. EUGENE8 CAVENDER, b. December 10, 1928.
ii. LAVON CAVENDER, b. May 07, 1931.
iii. BERNITA SUE CAVENDER, b. February 01, 1939.
iv. DORIS JUNE CAVENDER, b. September 1940.




i. DELLA LOU CAVENDER, b. July 17, 1940; m. (1) DON CARMEAN; m. (2) EDWARD EDDIE HAYS.
ii. JOHNNIE JAMES CAVENDER, b. January 09, 1948.
iii. NAOMI RUTH CAVENDER, b. January 10, 1952, Fruita Colorado; m. (2) STEPHEN PRESTON WASHBURN, June 17, 1985, Santa Cruz Ca..
iv. DAVID OTHNEIL CAVENDER, b. July 10, 1955.

Earnie R. Breeding Sat Jan 1 2000
Seeking any info on James BREEDING and family who moved to Randolph Co in 1832.Known members of the family are:

James BREEDING b. 1802 NC d ?
Margaret YOUNG b. 1805 VA Marr 12/30/1824 Morgan Co., AL d. 5/25/1895 College Mound, Macon Co., MO
John Manual BREEDING b. Morgan Co., AL 1830 Md. Mary Melissa DYAS, Randolph Co. 1/22/1858 d. 5/2/1870
Joseph CAVENDERBREEDING b. 1830 place unknown
Barbara BREEDING b. 1833 Randolph Co.
Anne BREEDING b. 1833 Randolph Co.
Mary BREEDING b. 1837 Randolph Co.
Margaret BREEDING b. 1839 Randolph Co
Louisa BREEDING b. 1843 Randolph Co
Rebecca BREEDING b. 1845 Randolph Co. Md. George W. CRAWFORD 9/15/1870 Macon Co., MO

Any help would be appreciated.

Mitchell K. Muse Sat Jan 1 2000
Trying to confirm the birth of GGAunt:

Malvira B. RICHARDSMUSE abt 1860

Parents Isaac MUSE and Nancy J. Shepherd MUSE


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