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Thousands of Macon Co. Family Obits

Obituaries Contributed by:

Cindi (Slightom) Grim

Early Bevier Obituaries
and some marriages

Donated Obituaries

Joseph M. Andrews
Lawrence J. Andrews
Judge Aden Combs Atterberry
Collins Family
Arra (Patrick) Lawmaster
James Lingo
Judge Samuel Sanders Lingo
Oates Family
Woods Family

Elmer Obituaries Donated by: Monell Koger


Elmer Obituaries Donated by:
Maureen Speer Trafton


Various Macon Co. Obituaries Donated by: Cheryl Bell

Clare Atteberry, Alice Lee Barry, Ethel Barry, Everet R. Barry, George Barry, James Barry, Mary Willson Barry, Sarah Barry, William A. Barry, Will Bragg, Jack Brown, Martha F. Bunch, William Cabeen, W.P. Coffey, James Leonard Cress, Mary A. Cress, John Elliot, John Emdee

Ezekiel Gasaway, Javes Samuel Gasaway, Leota Joy Gasaway, Mary E. Gasaway (2 obits), Oliver Gasaway, Samuel Gasaway, William Gasaway, Elizabeth Gaunt, Henry Gibson, S.S. Greer, William Henry Greer (2 obits)

Arminta Hawkings, George Hawkins, Harley Hawkins, Maude Hawkins, Alice Heitman (2 obits), James Edward Hubble, James T. Huntsman, Walter David Johnson, Doris Jane Jones, William S. Jones, Myrtle Keyte, Jerry M. Kinkade, Mrs. Jerry Kinkade, Lloyd Leathers

I.M. McGee, Mary J Magee, Sarah C. Magee, Mrs Will Magee, W.J. Magee, William Magee, Dell Magers, J.G. Magers, J.K. Magers, John D. Magers, Joseph G. Magers, Lavins Herrin Magers, Mary Ann Magers

Mrs. D.S. Matkins, David T. Madkins/Matkins, Harry W. Matkins, Harry Matkins, Lawrence Matkins, Margaret Josephine Matkin (3 obits), William S. Matkin, Ann Matkins, Martha W. Matkins, Ermine Terrell McCarty, J.M. McCarty, Angeline D. McGrew, Norah May McGrew, Mrs. S.M. McGrew

Estella Moncrief, James Moody, D.A. Moore, Robert Lee Moore (2 obits), Amos Morris, Ben Morris, Mary Elizabeth Morris, Mary E. Morrison, Mrs. G.W. Newkirk, Joseph Oliver, Rev. Joseph Oliver, Leroy Oliver (3 obits), John Larkin Peasley, Sarah Pollard, Ada V. Ralston, Martha M. Rutledge, Wylie Rutledge

Liza Sagaser, Laura (Magee) Scrutchfield, Mrs. C.B. Sever, Mrs. Nat McShelton, Carrie T. Skinner, Ed Skinner, John T. Skinner Sarah Jane Skinner, Hanna Smith, Harry Snodgrass, Urmin Snodgrass, Viola Story, Henry Sulhoff, Verla M. Sutton (3 obits)

Anna M. Terrell (2 obits), Arthur B. Terrell, Joel Jackson Terrell, Robert Terrell, Cora Cleveland Waddell, William Green Waddell, Isham M. Walker, Lafe Walker, Mrs. George Whitehead, J Leona Whitehead, Richard Whitehead, William Whitehead, Mrs. J.W. Wiggans, Susanna Wiley, Maggie Windle


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