Information on Richard Owen Mason Family



Christle Scheuber

These are letters of information sent to my Uncle about Great Grandpa Mason. Below is a letter and several census reports 1860, 1870, and 1880 on his first family and second family. All of the information has been proven except the relationship to Charles Henry Mason. Still trying to find exactly where Richard was born Illinois or Indiana and who his parents were and if he had siblings. After reading about Richard if you have any additional information I would be happy to hear from you.

Dec. 20, 1977

Dear Mr. Mason,

I am sorry to have been so long in sending you this information, but I finally
have found the time to get it together for you.  Enclosed is a family groupsheet
showing what I have on Richard Owen MASON.  Just recently Marsha PARRETT sent me
copies of the pension claim papers of Richards 2nd wife, Mary E. PERKEY.  After
studying these papers, I have found the following information from them.
Richard Owen MASON died in Macon Co. Mo. Drake township, as testified by
Calvin RATLIFF and William GARTON who were both present at the time of his
death.  Calvin RATLIFF stating that he actually saw Mr. MASON die.  The
attending physician was H. MITCHELL who was practicing medicine at "old" new
Boston, which was located in Macon Co., Mo. near Linn Co.  line about 4 miles
west of the present town of G ldsberry, Mo.  Calvin RATLIFF was a brother to
Margaret Ratliff MASON the 1st wife of R.O. MASON.  William GARTON was a
neighbor, living near New Boston.  He was the furture father in law of both
Floyd and Andrew MASON.  Calvin RATLIFF lived in White township, just south of
the Drake township line, about 2 1/2 miles directly west of present residence at
the time of his death somewhere near this area.

These papers also brought out that R.O. MASON was a resident of Adair Co., Mo.
before and for sometime after his service in the Civil War.  This probably
explains the reason I have been unable to find he and family in the 1860 and
1870 census records of Ma on Co.  I will look at the Adair Co., Mo.  census
records for these dates at my first opportunity.Margaret his first wife, died
sometime after June 21, 1867 when the final settlement of her fathers estate was
made.  (Couldn't make out this line)

In 1880, when Margarets mother,Martha Hind RATLIFF died, it is shown that
Margaret was deceased and her share of the mothers estate is awarded equally to
the 4 children, Idress, Floyd, Andrew J. and Thursa MASON So she must have died
sometime after June 21, 1867 and before Nov. 1871 when R.O. MASON was married
for the 2nd time to Mrs. Mary Elizabeth SCOTT.

The Helton Cemetery is located about 4 miles northwest of Goldsbury, Mo.  in
Drake township.  This is also about 2 miles directly north of where Calvin
RATLIFF lived.  In this Cemetery, James RATLIFF and his wife, and most of his
children are buried.  there are many unmarked graves in an area just east of
where James Ratliff and his wife are buried.  I would guess that Margaret
Ratliff MASON is probably buried there, also this would be the most likely place
of burial of Richard Owen MASON. I do not know if anyone has a plot map of this
part of the cemetery which might show who might be buried there, but I shall
make inqueries and if I should find anything of value to you, I will let you

As for the Benton Barracks Hospital, mentioned in the pension claim papers, I
gathered that it was somewhere close by to St.  Louis and according to their
papers, Richard Owen MASON was only there from Nov 1862 to Jan 28, 1863.  I
suggested to Marsha that she contact the St. Louis Genealogy Society to find
the exact location of this hospital during the Civil War.  I also sent Marsha a
letter I had from a member of another Mason family who lived in this same area
of Macon Co., Mo. at that time.  Charles Henry MASON and his brother, James
MASON lived about 2 miles south of Goldsberry (Goldsburg not sure of spelling)
and both families are buried in the Helton Cemetery.  Some children and
grandchildren of Charles Henry MASON are buried in a small family cemetery near
their homesite and this cemetery is called the Mason Cem.  This woman, a great
granddaughter of Charles Henry MASON is now living in Roseville, Ill. and she
is researching this Mason family background.  I suggested to Marsha that she
contact this lady.  Possibly there may be a relationship.

There are several Mason families living near LaPlata, Mo.  and also in the
Kirksville, Mo.  area.  I know of no relationship of these Masons to the
R.O.MASON family but if you desire, I can send you addresses of some of these

Also, on the back of the family groupsheet enclosed is a copy of the 1880 census
record for the Macon Co., Mo. listing the children of Richard Owen MASON.
Since I did not find Idress listed, she must have been away somewhere else
working.  Also all record I have found (U.S. census and the Pension claim
paper) list your father as Richard M. MASON.  Maybe he later preferred to go by
the name Richard Owen MASON as you mentioned to me before.

I hope the enclosed information will help you.  Pleas let me know if I can help
you in anyway.  Marsha sent me a copy of a picture of Margaret Ratliff MASON and
her daughter Sarah Idress MASON From the size of Idress in the picture, I would
say that this picture must have been made just a short time before Margarets

My interest in the Richard Owen MASON family is through the RATLIFF line.  My
great grandfather was Stephen RATLIFF a brother of Margarets.  I am trying to
gather a history of all the descendants of "elder" James RATLIFF who was a
pioneer Primitive Baptist preacher in this area.  He helped to establish many of
the early churches in this region.  Well so much for now,

                       Hope you & your family have a happy
                                Holiday Season--

                               Victor E. __________
                                   Ethel, Mo.
(this is a copy of the letter sent to my uncle Robert who lives in Ok.)

(This was also sent by Victor)1977

R. O. MASON is shown as owning 40 acres in section 21, township 59 No.  range
17, West of the 5th principal Meridian also a dwelling house is shown on their
property, so this is where he and his family lived in 1875.  This is about 4
miles directly west and 1 mile north of the present town of Ethel, Mo.  His and
J.F. KINGS grist and sawmill was located about 1 mile directly west of his
residence and on Mussle Fork Creek.  My Williams grandparents and many of the
RATLIFF families lived about 1 1/2 miles north from R.O. MASON'S residence.
Also note that R.O. Mason is shown as coming to Macon Co. Mo. in the year
1854--probably from Illinois since this Atlas shows that as his birthplace.

Macon Co., Mo. mortality schedules from 1880 Us Census ending June 1, 1880.
(White and Drake Township) R. O. MASON age 47-male-miller-died Aug.  1879, Born
in Indiana, his father born in Kentucky and his mother born in Ky. died of
Pulmonary Congestion, contracted while in St. Louis, Mo.  He had lived in Macon
Co., Mo. for 9 years. attending physcian--Dr. Henry MITCHELL

Mary Margaret MASON was living at the time of the 6th and final settlement of
her father James RATLIFF estate on June 21, 1867--from Probabe court records of
Macon Co., Mo.  She is shown as deceased in 1880 when her mothers estate was

Page 2  from Victor(1977)

        U. S. Census--Adair Co. Mo. --1860

(Page 94)
Family # 749- Was Calvin RATLIFF, farmer and family.
     (note: he was a brother to Margaret M.(Ratliff) MASON

Family # 751- George PERKEY  -44-    male   farmer born( PA.)
              Anna PERKEY    -30-    female        born (Ind)
              Daniel PERKEY  -17-    male          born (Ohio)
             *Marion PERKEY   -3-    male          born (Mo.)
              Malissa  PERKEY -6-    female        born (Ill)
              Minerva PERKEY  -2/12- female        born (MO)

Family # 752  Richard  MASON -26-    male  farmer  born (IND)
              Margaret MASON -25-    female        born (MO)
              Alexander MASON -2-    male          born (MO)
              Sarah MASON     -8/12- female        born (MO)

Note These three families were close neighbors-at that time (1860) Liberty
township, took in much more area than it now is.  It included present
Walnut Twp, which is in the SW corner of Adair Co., Mo.  and next to
present Drake Twp in Macon Co.  The PERKE family owned about 40 acres in
section 23-twp 61 N. range 17 west of the 5th principal meridian.  This is
about 91/2 miles directly North of present Goldsberry, Mo.  on Mo.  Hwy#
149.  Drake twp in Macon Co., Mo.  is T60 N-R17 West- White twp, Macon Co.,
Mo is T59 N.-R17 West.  New Boston, Linn Co., Mo.  is over the Linn Co.
Line from the SW corner of Drake twp and NW corner of White twp.  Macon
Co., Mo.

Page 3(sent by Victor)

                           U.S. Census     Adair Co., Mo.   1870
            Post Office-Linderville-Walnut Township    Aug. 18, 1870

Page 121

Family #89--Richard MASON       36-M- Day Laborer   (ILL)
            Alexander MASON     12-M-               (MO)
            Idress MASON        11-F-               (MO)
            Andrew J.MASON       7-M-               (MO)
            Thursa MASON         5-F-               (MO)

Family #90---Gynand SCOTT       35-M- Works on Farm (Ohio)
            *Mary SCOTT         28-F- Keeps House   (MO)
             Daniel M. SCOTT     7-M-               (MO)
             James SCOTT         1-M-               (MO)

Family #91---George W. PERKEY   54-M- Farmer        (PA)
             Anna PERKEY        40-F- Keeps House   (IND)
             Melissa PERKEY     16-F-               (ILL)
            *Marion PERKEY      13-M-               (MO)
             Monroe PERKEY      10-M-               (MO)
             George PERKEY       2-M-               (MO)

All were neighbors in 1870

page 4  (sent by Victor)

              U S census    Adair Co., Mo.    1880   Walnut Township

Page 12

                                       Born    Self  Dad  Mom

Family #101  Annie PERKEY       50-F- widow     Ind. Ind. Ind.
             Malissa PERKEY     26-F- daughter  Ill.  Pa. Ind.
             George W. PERKEY   12-M- son       Mo.   Pa. Ind.
             Clarence E. PERKEY  3-M- son       Mo.   Pa. Ind.


          U S census     Macon Co., Mo.  Drake Township June 16, 1880

Married within the year
Marion PERKEY    -23-M-   Laborer         Mo.        Pa.        Ind.
Mary E. PERKEY   -36-F    wife            Oh.      Mass.         Ny.
Daniel M. SCOTT  -16-M    stepson         Mo.        Oh.         Oh.
James SCOTT      -10-M    stepson         Mo.        Oh.         Oh.
Joseph SCOTT     -9-M     stepson         Mo.        Oh.         Oh.
Floyd MASON      -22-M    stepson         Mo.       Ind.         Mo.
John L. MASON    -7-M     stepson         Mo.       Ind.         Mo.
Mary M. MASON    -2-F     step daughter   Mo.       Ind.         Mo.
Richard M. MASON -6/12-M  stepson(12/1879 Mo.       Ind.         Mo.

Note::  In the 1880 US census of Macon Co., Mo.  Andrew J. MASON is shown
as a farm hand for his cousin William H. RATLIFF (white township)

Thursa MASON is shown as a worker in the household of Martin H. ABBOTT in
Goldsberry, Mo.

Sarah Idress MASON had already gone to the Kansas City area probably since
she is not found in the Macon Co., 1880 census.

Ernie Miles