Hepple Family Profile

Submitted by: Donna Weeks Percer

Bessie Eileen Hepple b. August 8, 1899 Bevier, Macon County, MO. md. Carl Weeks December 13, 1917 Bevier, MO. Died 24 May 1989 Macon, MO.

Eileen Weeks b. 1920 Feb. 13
Donald Weeks b. 1922 May 5

Thomas Hepple b. 1858 Durham County, Burnhope Colliery near Lancaster, England. M. Mary Richards at Irwin Station, PA., USA. Thomas, or Dad Hepple as he was known, migrated to USA at age 24 in the year 1882, locating first at Stoneboro, PA with his Uncle John Hall. His sweetheart Mary Richards, daughter of John E. Richards came to America about one year peior to Dad Hepple. They were married in the year 1883 and in the fall of the year 1886 they moved to Bevier, Macon County, MO, where they resided all of their lives. His beloved wife Mary, died of stomach cancer 16 October 1915. They were married 32 years. Dad Hepple passed away 15 February 1946 Bevier, MO.
Note: as far as the family knows, he was the only one in his immediate family to migrate to America.
George Hepple b. 7 May 1884 Irwin Station, PA. died 1950 Bevier, MO.
Dora Hepple b. 7 June 1886 Braceville, Illinois. died 1963.
John “Midge” Hepple b. 25 Feb. 1890 Bevier, MO.
Willie Hepple b. 27 May 1893 Bevier, MO. died age 17, 22 Feb. 1910.
Benjamin Hepple b. 3 Sept 1895 Bevier, MO. died 18 July 1962. M. Rose Lilly.
Bessie Eileen Hepple b. 8 August 1899 Bevier, MO. died May 1989 Macon, MO.
Lydia Hepple b. 25 November 1902 Bevier, MO. died Feb. 1990 Huntsville, MO. M. Rhodes Burton.
Damon Hepple b. 26 November 1905 Bevier, MO. died Independence, MO.
Notes: all the boys were coal miners.

George Hepple b. 12 November 1839 Gateshead, Low Fell, Durham, England. Md. Isabella Hall sister of John Hall of Stoneboro, PA. USA, daughter of Henry and Mary Foster Hall of Newburn Northumberland, England. She died 8 January 1862.

Children by Isabella Hall:
Thomas Hepple b. 2 December 1858
Mary Jane Hepple 18 March 1861
Notes: Thomas and Mary Jane went to live with their grandparents, Henry Hall and Mary Foster at Newburn, Northumberland, England after their mother died. In 1865 their father remarried and they returned home.

Children by Isabella Seymour:
Note: Isabella Seymour had 3 brothers and three sisters: Sarah, Lizzie, Maggie, Thomas, John, Joseph.
Benjamin Seymour Hepple b. 2 October 1865
Matthew Hepple b. 27 October 1857. Died before adulthood.
Sarah Hepple b. 30 August 1869
Lizzie Hepple b. 15 October 1871
Margaret Ann Hepple b. 17 November 1873
Joseph Hepple b. 1875. Died before adulthood.
Charles Edward Steele Hepple, b. 8 January 1877

Thomas Hepple b. 1800 England. M. Elizabeth “Betty” Steele who was of Scotch ancestry. She was known throughout the mining community of her charity and healing salves for their occupational injuries. Her family kept a private school at Low Fell, Gateshead, England. Thomas was a mining engineer by profession. Thomas was killed in an accident 25 October 1856 (I believe it was a railroad accident).
Thomas Hepple, a school teacher.
Charlie Hepple, a mining engineer
George Hepple b. 12 Nov 1838 Gateshead, Low Fell of Durham England.
He was a blacksmith by trade but followed the occupation of sinking coal mines.
Joseph Hepple, coal miner and lived at Spittle Tongue on outskirts of Newcastle, England.
William Hepple, coal miner and Barber. Lived Bythorne, Lyndhurst Crescent, Gateshead, Low Fell, England.
Elizabeth Hepple md. John Graham.
Isabella Hepple md. John Harris who was killed on the railroad. md. 2nd William Best.

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