The Daughters of Union Veterans
Tent Project for Jo Morrow

A new Tent of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 has been established and instituted in Macon, Macon County Missouri.

The new Tent is named Josephine Garlock Morrow Tent #23 in honor of the late Jo Morrow, local historian and genealogist of Macon County, Missouri.

National DUV approved the naming of the new Tent because of the documented evidence that Jo Morrow had provided so much to find the history and document the history of the Veterans from not just Macon County, Missouri, but, all of the veterans in northeast Missouri.

We are accepting applications for new members into this Tent.

Applications can be obtained from Donna Lester or Donna Ayers. contact email addresses are:

Linda Haley

Donna Ayers

Please mention DUV in the subject
so I will know to open your note.
I will not answer other requests.

Any suggestions please contact me.
Ernie Miles