Macon County Cemetery Locations

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Cindy Moore


Agee Walnut Creek
Amish Ten Mile
Antioch Bevier
Baity/Shores Richland
Bailey/Elliston Richland
Basler Liberty
Bear Creek Jackson
Bell Easley
Bell White
Bellview Eagle
Bethel Ten Mile
Bethlehem Round Grove
Bloomington Liberty
Brush Creek Russell
Bunce Walnut Creek
Burkhardt Middle Fork
Cane White
Cash Russell
Catholic New Cambria
Chapel Hill Narrows
Chariton Grove Easley
College Mound Chariton
Concord Bevier
Condon Lingo/Callao
Cook’s Chapel Independence
Cox Middle Fork
Davis Drake
Dent LaPlata
Dodson Callao
East Oakwood Bevier
Elmer Walnut Creek
Enon Liberty
Ewing Round Grove
Ethel Walnut Creek
Fairview Middle Fork
Friendship Narrows
Gaunt/Bear Narrows
Glaston Walnut Creek
Graves Chapel Middle Fork
Halley Narrows
Hammock Callao
Hardgrove LaPlata
Hertzler Independence
Hebron Morrow
Helton Drake
Hess/Old Bloomington Liberty
High Hill Lingo
Hillcrest Memorial Gardens Hudson
Hopewell Independence
Howard Middle Fork
Hull Walnut Creek
Humphrey/Phipps Valley
Kellogg Lyda
King White
Kitchen Chariton
Lamb Narrows
Liberty Eagle
Lingo Town Lingo
Locust Grove Callao
Milam Chapel Liberty
Miles Lyda (39 54.920 N 92 26.005 W)
Miller Bevier
Miller/Shortridge LaPlata
Moore Drake
Morris/Murry Richland
Mt. Olive Bevier
Mt. Olivet/Nickleton Jackson
Mt. Salem Jackson
Mt. Salem Narrows
Mt. Tabor Lyda
Mt. Zion Ten Mile
Murry/Morris Richland
New Harmony Johnston
Nickleton/Mt. Olivet Jackson
New Cambria Lingo
New Chariton Valley
New Lingo Lingo
New Salem Morrow-Chariton
Oakwood Hudson
Ogren Easley
Old Callao Bevier
Old Chariton Valley
Old Lingo Lingo
Old Ray Narrows
Pennick/Powell Eagle
Pleasant Hill Middle Fork
Powell/Pennick Eagle
Redman Ten Mile
Richardsdale Bevier
Ritchmond Middle Fork
Rose Valley
Rowland Middle Fork
Shake Rag Middle Fork
Shiloh Lyda
Shirley Walnut Creek
St. Charles Bevier
St. Mary’s Hudson
St. Mary’s Catholic Lingo
Steele Independence
Still Independence
Sue City Johnston
Ten Mile Ten Mile
Teter Chariton
Tuttle Russell
Union Chapel/Whisenand White
West Oakwood Bevier
Whisenand/Union Chapel White
White White
White Oak White
White Oak Valley
Wilson Russell
Woodlawn Hudson
Woodville Middle Fork
Wright Richland
Wright Callao

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