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Page from Sarah Griffith Jones' Welsh Bible Family Record of Robert and Sarah Jones

Mariag. 1873. March 21. In Wrexham. Denbighsher. North Wales

father Robert. David. Jones Was Born Sep 11th 1851 in a palase call Rhosllanerihrugog ----in a place called Rhosllanerchrugog

Mother. Sarah Jones Born Jauly 1854 Rhos John. Edwin. Jones Born May 31ts 1875 Rhos Richard. Thomas. Jones Born Dec 3 1876 Rhos Dide Ogst 13. 1880 in Shenandoah. Pa----Died August

Sarah Jones Born Ogst 26. 1878 ---Born August Dide Nov 23. 1879 Tyldesley Englan --Died ....England

Joseph Thomas Jones Born in Bevier. Mo June 25 1882

Mary Lizzie Jones Born Ogst 9th 1889 --August in Lingo Macon. Co Mo

Sarah Emley Jones Born feb 19th 1894 in Bevier Macon. Co Mo

Edwad. Emel Jones Born feb 19th 1894 - Edward didn't copy in Bevier Macon. Co Mo

They came from Rhosllanerchrugog Wales to Bevier,

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