Cemeteries in Lincoln County, Missouri
Thompson Cemetery
Source:  Gone But Not Forgotten, Vol. I, pp. 95-97.
Census by: 
Wm. L. Douglas Jr. & Merle M. Jackson, May 8, 1980.

Location in GBNF:  Go north on Highway (61) from Troy, Mo. to the junction of highway (61) and highway (B) turn right on (B) and go to the junction of (B) and highway (W) turn left on highway (W) and go 2.8 miles to gravel crossroad, turn right on gravel road cross creek bridge, stop at old log house on left (Abandoned) Cemetery sits behind house in grove of trees on hill about 1/4 mile behind the house.


Joseph W. Son of J.W. & M.T. Armstrong died Nov. 3, 1876 Aged-18 Yrs. 8 Mos. & 26 ds. Footstone-J.W.A.



Lurie M. Dau. of J.E. & Sarah J. Cofer died July 10, 1878 Aged-1 Yrs. 7 ds. (Gone Home) Adieu sweet child Adieu Thy bark is moored above, Thy anchors cast on that bright shore, where all is joy and love. Footstone-embeded in tree.



John D. died Dec. 30, 1882 Aged-49 Y's 4 M's 14 d's Footstone-J.D.D.
Melsena A. Wife of John D. Damron died Apr. 8, 1874 Aged-34 Y's 11 M's 26 d's Footstone-M.A.D. (John D. & Melsena A. on same stone)

James D. Son of J.D. & M.A. Damron died Nov. 14, 1858 Aged-9 D's Footstone-J.D.

J.M. (No other information on this stone)



Joseph Born July 5, 1782 died Oct. 16, 1853

Mary E. Wife of Wm. N. Gibson died Feb. 27, 1867 Aged-26 Ys. 7 Mos. & 27 ds. Footstone M.E.G.

Maggie, Dau. of W.N. & Mary Gibson died June 13, 1878 Aged-12 Ys. 6 Mo. 13 ds. Footstone M.G.



William David Born Dec. 4, 1837 Died Apr. 20, 1928
Cynthia Ann His Wife Born Dec. 5, 1841 Died Mar. 3, 1918 (William David & Cynthia Ann on same stone)

Alfred Son of W.D. & C.A. Jamison died Apr. 18, 1879 Aged-1 Mts. 24 d's

Charlie W. Son of W.D. & C.A. Jamison died Jan. 5, 1872 Aged-3 Ys. 6 Ms. 21 ds.

Edgar Son of W.D. & C.A. Jamison died Jan. 28, 1875 Aged-5 Mos. & 2 ds.

Christopher Son of W.D. & C.A. Jamison died May 16, 1873 Aged-9 Yrs. 9 Mos. 8 ds. (A son an angel that visited the green earth and took the flower away).



Melcena, Wife of J. Kingsberry died Oct. 9, 1851 Aged-35 Yrs. 2 Mos. 17 ds.



Lucinda Wife of M. Thomas born Feb. 22, 1809 died Aug. 8, 1862 Footstone-L.T. (On bottom of stone is J.A. Byrne Clarksville) Most likely the stone Mason.

Douglas M. Son of A.M. & L. Thomas died May 15, 1859 Aged-13 Yrs. 7 Mo. & 4 ds.

Jessie Son of A.M. & M.T. Thomas died Dec. 6, 1873 Aged-7 Mos. & 19 ds. (The fairest bud that flowery nature knows, oft'neer unfolds but withers as it blows.)



Martin G. Jan. 28, 1828-Oct. 10, 1907 Footstone M.G.T.
Timandra His Wife, May 16, 1840-Aug. 13, 1921 (Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, from which none ever wake to weep) (Thompson) (Martin G. & Timandra on same stone)

Vollie D. Son of M.G. & T. Thompson Born Dec. 28, 1873 died Jan. 17, 1896 Footstone-V.D.T.

Gentry E. Born Oct. 21, 1861 Died May 16, 1891

Edward H. died Oct. 9, 1872 Footstone-E.H.T.

Infant Daughter of M.G. & T. Thompson died Feb. 26, 1858

John Died Feb. 1, 1864 Aged-79 Yrs. 9 Mos. Footstone-J.T. This stone is inside of a wrought iron enclosure.

Mary Born Oct. 25, 1784 died Nov. 25, 1858 Footstone-M.T. This stone is inside of a wrought iron enclosure.

Emma J. daughter of M.G. & T. Thompson born Oct. 18, 1859 died Sept. 26, 1861 Footstone-E.J.T.

Christopher Columbus Son of G. & F.H. Thompson Born July 14, 1845 died Dec. 14, 1862

Mabel daughter of C.F. & P.E. Thompson died July 23, 1897 Aged-7 Ms. 27 ds. (A little flower of love that blossomed but to die.)

Jessie W. Died Oct. 30, 1872 Aged-19 Ys. 6 M's 20 d's

Sidney J.C. Son of J. & M. Thompson Born Jan. 19, 1852 died Mar. 17, 1852 Footstone-S.J.C.T.

Mary Ellen Dau. of J. & M. Thompson born Jan. 4, 1850 died Jan. 8, 1851 Footstone-M.E.T.

Louisa Ann Dau. of J. & M. Thompson Born Apr. 22, 1841 died Dec. 26, 1841

Frances H. Wife of G. Thompson died Oct. 30, 1872 Aged-51 Yrs. 5 Mos. & 15 ds.

Gabriel, died Oct. 24, 1872 Aged-55 Yrs. 8 Mos. & 26 ds.

J.M. died Oct. 24, 1872 18 Yrs. 11 Mos. & 8 ds. Footstone-J.M.T. This stone was broken and the name was missing but the footstone at this grave was very clear J.M.T.

William M. Died Oct. 24, 1872 Aged-22 Yrs. 4 Mos. & 4 ds. Footstone-W.M.T.

W.R. This grave only had a footstone-W.R.T.



William J.R. Son of D. & D. Uilery Born July 22, 1838 Died May 18, 1866

Enumerator Notes:  Many creekstone markers-Cemetery abandoned in poor shape 

Transcribed and submitted by Kelly Setzer.  Prepared by Patricia SummersSmith. 

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