Cemeteries in Lincoln County, Missouri
Smith Cemetery I
Source:  Gone But Not Forgotten, Vol. I, pp. 83-85.
Census by: 
Wm. L. Douglas Jr. & Merle M. Jackson, May 1980.

Location in GBNF:  Go north on Highway (61) from Troy, Mo. to the junction of Highway (61) and Highway (B) turn right on (B) and go the junction of Highway (B) and Highway (W) turn left on (W) and go 5.5 miles, cemetery sits on the right on the backside of a field about 1/4 of a mile. Field is about 1/4 of a mile before the junction of Highways (CC) & (F).


Andrew-Born Jan. 29, 1802-Died May 21, 1872 Aged-70 Ys. 3 Ms. 22 ds. Footstone-A.A.
Margaret-Wife of A. Ashbaugh Born May 30, 1814-Died March 17, 1905 Aged-90 Ys. 9 M's 17 ds. Andrew & Margaret on same stone.



Laura Purda-Daughter of Thos. L. & M.E. Ashbugh Died July 25, 1883 Aged- 1 Yr. 1 M. 9 d. (Gone home to join the angels) Footstone L.P.A. (Notice difference in spelling of name than above)



Melzenia-Daughter of B. & N.O. Bannon Died Aug. 30, 1860 Aged-22 Yrs. 10 Ms. 21 d. (Dear friends weep not for me).



Mary J.-Wife of John G. Barnes Died May 29, 1879 Aged-55 Yrs. 7 Mos. (Marker broken & illegible) (In Heaven)

Levi O.-Son of J.G. & M.J. Barnes died Sept. 6, 1852 Aged-1 Yr. 10 Ms.

Edmond M.-Son of D.D. & M.T. Barnes Born Aug. 10, 1856 Died Aug. 9, 1857

Missourie L-In Memory of Missourie L. Daughter of D.D. & M.T. Barnes (Rest of stone missing) Footstone M.L.B.



John D.-Son of R.L. & Nancy M. Damron Died Sept. 11, 1855 Aged-1 Yr. 6 M's Footstone J.D.D.



Betty J.-Wife of T.S. Elsberry Died Oct. 20, 1863 Aged-20 Yrs. 4 Mos. 18 Ds. (Gone but not forgotten)



Willie Frank-Son of J.M. & B.C. Green Died July 28, 1897 Aged-1 Yr. 7 M's 6 D's Footstone W.F.G.



John E.-Born Mar. 9, 1812 Died Aug. 21, 1889 Aged-77 Y's 1 Mo. 12 ds.
Mary F.-Born Sept. 2, 1819 Died May 5, 1889 Aged-70 Yrs. 7 Ms. 13 ds. John & Mary on same stone-Footstone M.F.H.


Cyntha Ann-Wife of James A. Ivans Died Apr. 7, 1876 Age-21 Yrs. 5 Mos. 24 ds.



Sarah M.-Daughter of P.E. & M.E. Kidd Born July 15, 1863 Died Sept. 26, 1864 Aged-1 Y. 2 M. 10 d. (BABY)

George M.-Son of P.E. & M.E. Kidd Born Dec. 21, 1871 Died Nov. 16, 1875 Aged-3 Y. 10 M. 25 d.

Pleasant L.-Son of P.E. & M.E. Kidd Born Apr. 4, 1867 Died Apr. 6, 1867 (Stone is broken off)



Edward-Son of W. & F. Lilley Died July 29, 1850 Aged-10 Mos. & 2 ds. Footstone E.L.



Nancy K.-The grave of Nancy K. Martin Wife of J.P. Martin Died Feb. 19, 1847 Aged-19 Yrs. & 3 Months (This grave inside of a iron fence) Stone worded exactly as written



J.C.-Born May 18, 1847 Died May 1, 1905-57 Ys. 11 Ms. 13 ds.

Mary-Died April the 10th 1817 (Could be 1877) Mary McQueen Aged-2 Years 2 Months 25 days

Thomas-Died Dec. 24, 1847 Aged-30 Y's 11 Mos. 7 ds. (Though lost to sight to memory dear)

Henry C.-Died Nov. 12, 1872 Aged-28 Ys. 9 Ms. 25 ds. Footstone H.C.M.

Thomas-Died Jan. 11, 1879 Aged-27 Ys. 5 Ms. 9 Dy



Noah-Died Dec. 6, 1876 Aged-80 Yrs.
Jane-Wife of N. Roberson Died Feb. 15, 1855 Aged-72 Ys. 3 Ms. & 27 ds. Noah & Jane on same stone

Infant-Daughter of N.M. & Frances Roberson Born Feb. 15, 1876 Died Mar. 20, 1876 Aged-3 Weeks (Note discrepency in age by dates child would have been 1 Mo. 5 Days not 3 weeks)



Levi-Born Sept. 21, 1817 Died (No dates given) Footstone L.S.
Eliza-Born Oct. 15, 1819 Died Jan. 28, 1879 Footstone E.S. Levi & Eliza on same stone

Selaus Price-Son of W. & M.T. ShuckBorn Mar. 9, 1872 Died May 8, 1872

Missourie H.-Daughter of C. & E.A. Shuck Died Aug. 27, 1874 Aged-9 Ms. 18 ds.

Ellen A.-Wife of C. Shuck Died Dec. 4, 1885 Aged-48 Years 2 Mo. 3 days



James-Born June 1, 1799 Died Apr. 1, 1867 Aged-67 Ys. 10 Ms.

Elizabeth-Wife of James Smith Born Dec. 20, 1802 Died Mar. 8, 1877 Aged-74 Ys. (Stone Broken) (In Heaven)

Abram F.-Son of J. & E. Smith Died July 12, 1831 Aged-1 Yr. 6 M's

Ellen F.-Daughter of J. & E. Smith Died July 29, 1844 Aged-7 Yrs. 8 Mos. 15 Ds.

Narcissa B.-Daughter of L.M. & M. Smith Born Dec. 1, 1856 Died Apr. 24, 1857 Aged-4 Mo. 23 days Footstone N.B.S.

Elizabeth Ann-In Memory of Elizabeth Ann Daughter of David M. & Narcissa B. Smith Born June 4th 1851 Died July the 9 1852

Infant Son-Born Oct. 24, 1870 Died (illegible) 1870
Infant Daughter-Born & Died Sept. 16, 1872 (Children of W.L. & Fannie L. Smith) (One Marker)


Enumerator Notes:  Cemetery is poor condition, abandoned.

Transcribed and submitted by Kelly Setzer.  Prepared by Patricia SummersSmith. 

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