Lincoln Co. MO Marriages (1923)

Transcribed from the Troy Free Press, Friday, Jan. 25, 1924, page 7, by Rob. Taylor

[Transcriber's Note:  You may notice I skipped a few years - I checked
them but didn't find lists every year.  This time I agree with the 103 licenses
mentioned in the article.]

County Recorder Myrtle Raney Issues 103 Certificates in Year.
During the year of 1923 Miss Myrtle Raney, County Recorder of Deeds,
issued a total of 103 marriage licenses. The month of September and
October were the favorite months with the applicants as during each of
these months were sixteen licenses issued. During July only three were
In 1922 there were 121 licenses issued in Lincoln county and the 1923
list shows a decrease of eighteen. Miss Raney says that she has a good
supply of licenses and wold [sic] be glad to make this a banner year in the sale
of same and that her office is open every day.
Below we give a complete list of the marriage licenses issued during


Arthur F. Tomek and Anna Virginia Downing.
J.E. Thompson and Adelaide I. Decker.
Charles A. Waggoner and Mae Delphine Lynch.
Charles Wheeler East and Mary Lovelace.
Lagoria A. White and Della U. Nagle.


George Domazlicky and Mary C. Folta.
George W. Sanderson and Ruby M. Strador.
Carl R. Detwieler and Mabel A. Eversmeyer.
Louis T. Reese and Rosa M. Sanker.
R.W. Gentle and Mildred Schmitt.
William H. Duncan and Ruth Pendleton Howell.


Charles G. White and Mary E. Humphrey.
Donivan Irvine and Velma Hardin.
Richard H.C. Sydnor, Jr. and Manetta B. Webster (col.).
Fred G. Pollein and Lydia W. Sanker.
David H. Childs and Anna Wilkinson.
Frank Waechter and Leona F. Mattie.
Henry Beckman, Jr., and Flossie Tillotson.
James H. Norman and M. Mable Barnes.


Casper Owen Anderson and Helen B. Hill.
Charles W. Jaggie and Josephine M. Smith.
Edward Shilharvey and Rosa Shramek.
Ferdinand C. Burkemper and Mary Mense.
Jasper Morris and Ellen Branham.
Robert Earl Robinson and Juanieta Belle Pollard.
Frank Ledbetter and Melissa Metts.
J.E. Schroeder and Kathryn Bickel.
Virgle Lee Florence and Mary K. Thorton, (col.).
William G. Beckmeier and Josephine Young.
Walter R. Bockhorst and Floy L. Watson.


Claude Schaeffer and Hilda H. Kuna.
Charles H. Mehs and Frieda K. Freese.
Philip T. Hopkins and Nettie Vaughn.
Russell Martin and Ada Berger.
Isaac C. Copher and Oma D. Thompson.
Walter L. Cox and Mary E. Cox.
Olon A. Gray and Lilia L. Graham.
Reggie Llewellyn and Rose May Hutt.


William Floyd Hutton and Dena Neumann.
Chas. L. Wright and Mrs. Mattie A. Ellis.
Ben Gerdimen and Luella Armstrong.
W.A. Mudd and Ellen T. Mudd.
C.H. Koehler and Carrie M. Hampel.


Arthur W. Brockmeyer and Adela Garland.
Levi R. Wilson and Florence M. Minor.
Miles Lewis Hall and Mary Dawson.


Albert M. Werges and Zelma H. Elizabeth Sievert.
O.H. Burbridge and Bessie A. Greene, (col.).
Roy Moore and Elma M. Thorton.
William C. Kruger and Pearl Bufka
Stanley F. Tilking and Minnie A. Sievert.


Morris B. Turpin and Ollie Forshey.
R.H. Neale and Talitha C. Truitt.
Henry T. Luck and Goldie Harmon.
Allie Keen and Cora Carter, (col.).
John Charles Shilharvey and Sylvia Virgina Kadlec.
Frank William Shilharvey and Mary Anna Kadlec.
Fred H. Schacher and Nora C. Dickbernd.
James Washington and Catherine Fulghem, (col.)
Fred P. Hanes and Velma E. Cannon.
Chris Bowles and Izetta Hall, (col.)
Chas. H. Russell and Lithia E. Johnson.
Anderson A. Dudley and Jessie L. Livesay.
Guy C. Pollard and Bessie M. Aden.
Herman Rathert and Mrs. Lizzie B. Kelly.
W.H. Dyer and Cora L. Hemmersmeyer.
A. Aubrey Tucker and Clara Lorene Eversmeyer.


Ollie Davis and Ruth B. Hoover.
George H. Van Horne and Lucille M. Moore.
Porter T. Owen and Viola P. Meister.
Eddie Lee Stark and Dasie Scott.
John Boyd Houston and Irene Delene Broyles.
Willis J. Hanebery and Alice F. Schluster.
Herbert A. Heimberger and Clara Penn Cottle.
Robert L. Norton and Nellie A. Donley.
Silas Norton and Ollie R. Murphy.
Charles Lathan Henkey and Bula Alice Bennett.
Harry H. Arnhold and Clara L. Filsinger.
Leo. C. Mennemeier and Leona C. Burkemper.
Geo. W. Wommack and Florence D. Murphy.
Cecil M. Tucker and Dorothy Duey.
Geo. P. Ryan and Catherine Forst.
Edward B. Hoelting and Leona Hemmersmeyer.


Albert A. Sigmund and Lillian A. Wagner.
Herman J. Witte and Anna M. Reller.
Thomas W. Mozier and Irene Cregger.
S.B. Maxwell and Bessie Williams.
Fred C. Weitkamp and Laura F. Klein.
J. Howard Teague and Elsie Rector.


Robert Neirkirk and Helen L. Magruder.
Owen T. Dameron and Vecie E. Wells.
Clarence B. Roctor and Elizabeth Teague.
Arthur B. Carlton and Myrtle Harrison.
Frank Atchley and Mary Vaughn.
Roy L. Cooper and Carrie L. Sitton.
Joel W. Argent and Aletha Stout.
Lawrence B. Kennedy and Capitola Black.
A.B. Chandler and Ruth Imogene Taylor.
A. Mortimer Hamilton and Lilly T. Holmes.
Roy A. Magruder and Berniece Turnbull.
Clarence A. Talbot and Christina M. Douse.
Charles N. Simmons and Hattie Starkey.
Charles T. Mayes and Margaret B. Omohundro.

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