Lincoln Co. MO Marriages (1922)

Transcribed from the Troy Free Press, Friday, Jan. 19, 1923, page 7, by Rob. Taylor

[Transcriber's Note:  Although the article mentions 121 licenses issued, I only count
120. This one is in a slightly different format from the last one. It
doesn't give specific dates or the minister's name.

One Hundred and Twenty-One Licenses Issued in Year-September Banner Month

Recorder of Deeds, J.W. Willis, issued 121 marriage licenses during 1922
of which 114 were issued to white couples and seven to colored couples.
September was the banner month with seventeen licenses issued that month
and October was second with fifteen. May and August each had fourteen
applicants and the month of June, Bride's Month, fell to fifth place with
thirteen licenses issued. March had the least number, only three.
Following is a list of the licenses issued in Lincoln County for the
year 1922:


Frank D. Duff and Lorene Mitchell;
Powell Palmer and Georgia White;
Doris Edward Ligon and Mary Ellen Gray;
Emmet Shafer and Mabel Clare;
Clayton V. Callaway and Ruth Clowers;
Ira A. Hombs and Opal T. Cox.


Wm. Hope Hooton and Mary J. Harvey;
John L. Grothaus and Etta M. Whittier;
Dollie S. Creech and Margaret N. Colesworthy;
William Richard Harrell and Geneva Day;
Charles J. LaRue and Ethel Shields;
Louis Reckert and Carrie Bounarens.


Floyd A. McCoy and Floy E. Tucker.
Albert W. Karrenbrock and Annie S. Schmidt;
George S. Seay and Sophia Bracht.


Lowell R. Baker and Helena T. Dyer;
David Burns and Mary V. Robinson;
Edward B. Reller and Anna A. Vitte;
Raymond Coffman and Mary McGhee;
Benj. W. Burkemper and Theresa A. eeler.


Albert H. Rahmeier and Hulda W. Freese;
Thomas J. Uptegrove and Elsie M. Shoemaker;
Fred Crouch and Mary Brown;
Louis A. O'Donnell and Callie Guion;
Ferman S. Cannon and Beulah P. Martin;
Wm. S. Hill and Emma M. Gooch;
Marcus G. Henke and Beatrice P. Presley;
John Johnson and Denie Bankhead;
Spencer A Merrell and Lela Clark;
Talbot M. Bragg and Victoria Jeans;
Hubert Shafer and Jessie May Gladney;
A.A. Smith and Edith Koester;
Claire F. Humphrey and Margaret King;
Percy R. Dillender and Cecil Carlberg.


J.A. Buchner (Col.) and Beulah Morgan (col.);
John C. Ziegelmeyer and Fredrique Zigre;
Charles Cecil Marsh and Jennie Dee Stirmlinger;
Albert H. Gerdeman and Hilta Schaper;
Earl F. Williamson and Ruth DeGarmo;
Rainford S. Davis and Oneita L. Hobbs;
R.E. Gililland and Della Giles;
Lindley L. LaRue and Catherine Borgelt;
John Robert Day and Elsie Martin;
Gilbert Eugene Martin and Delia Lois Luckett;
Kinnaird Owings Duncan and Laura Louida Henton;
C. Milo Martin and Esther Leland Wilkinson;
W.T. Thurmond and Margaret A. Elliott.


Clinton Ross (Col.) and Onelia Shannon, (Col.);
Pendleton Marsh and Mary Elizabeth Stephanek;
J.C. Trail and Grace Nicklin;
Carroll L. Luckett and Elois A. Dixon;
Obe C. Sitton and Patience Elizabeth Dixon;
John Cecil Duncan and Lois Eleanor Logan;
William T. Young and Maggie Bufford;
George Washington Clark, (Col.) and Cloradee A. Boone, (Col.).


John E. Cox and Della E. Vaughn;
Paul Redmond, (Col.) and Lucille Lanster, (Col.);
Clark Howell and Grace Barbee;
Ogden D. Williamson and Mrs. Anna Carson;
Gilmer L. Page and Goldie Fry;
George O. Smith and Celesta A. Bierman;
James Luckett and Clara Bell Colbert;
G.T. Carter and Neta B. Hill;
James Washington, (Col.) and Ruby Morris, (Col.);
Everett J. Dunard and Ruby K. Foster;
Irwin Clark Talbott and Mary B. Fischer;
William Porter Talbott and Victory Lowry;
Allen B. Branch and Rosa H. Livesay;
Roy Lareombe Schroeder and Leona Aileen Hickman.


Erwin Stugard and Jessie E. Martindale;
George Luckett and Lilly May Davis;
Philip C. Moseley and Mary C. Henry;
Frank S. Witte and Loretta R. Neumann;
Harry Colbert and Bessie Duff;
Ben D. Royster and Beatrice Donley;
Homer Cox and Laura Belle Creech;
William B. Kuhne and Mary S. Schmidt;
Raymond W. Thompson, (Col.) and Thelma Edwards, (Col.);
William G. Schacher and Eva B. Skinner;
Elmer C. Mitchell and Wilma Tagtmeier;
Dick D. Goodrich and Lillian B. Monegan;
Claude S. Robinson and L. Dona Lemery;
Foy F. Cook and Alberta C. Browning;
Stanley M. McMahan and Nell Crouch;
Robert M. Gililland and Dona V. Burgess;
Harry L. Whipple, Jr., and M. Catherine Lester.


George Porter and Lena Johnson;
Raymond Cropp and Maudie Mary Pryor;
Steve Witte and Martina Fanning;
Lewis Benjamin Houston and Nannie L. Baskett;
Clyde D. Montgomery and Anna Belle Luckett;
William H. Van Beek and Mary Dorothea Mudd;
Austin R. Parker and Collie L. Sitton;
Raymond E. Ellis and Bessie M. Wilson;
Freddie D. Bacon and Melissa A. Turnbull;
Allie R. Heck and Alpha L. Shelker;
J. Olin Mudd and Mary Ann Miller;
Joe Colbert and Gertrude Haddock;
Paul B. Kinscherff and Osee V. Borrowman;
Martin G. Mullen and Ruth Ellgood;
Ryeburn Ralston and Nora E. Brower.


John Seymore, (Col.) and Etta Ross, (Col.);
Roy Bacon and Ella Turnbull;
Robert Smith and Lottie Rose;
George W. Hess and Willie V. Gilkin;
Eugene G. Kientzy and Anna P. Morris;
Claude W. Todd and Margie R. Rosa;
Omer F. Richardson and Jessie B. Creech;
Arthur G. Brown and Bernice Luckett;
George A. Beekman and Lucille V. Anderson;
Wallace Hammack and Juanita Lester;
Lewis C. Eickerman and Bessie M. Ryan.


Eugene Graven and Mattie Carl;
Merl M. Meyers and Pearl J. Caldwell;
Hugh D. Trail and Goldie M. Rinaman;
Fred L. Dreyschner and Dixie D. Hill;
William H. Creech and Flora Witte;
Earl F. Jones and Myrtle Borgelt;
Robert E. Weitkamp and Anna Lou Miller;
J. Frank Fry and Virgil Townsend.

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