Lincoln Co. MO Marriages (1916)

Transcribed from the Troy Free Press, Friday, Jan. 19, 1917, page 8, by Rob. Taylor

[Transcriber's Note:  Although the article says there were 138, I
only count 128 - I guess there were more unreadable ones than I thought.
It looked like the edge of the paper was turned under when they did the

Only 138 Couples Were Married in Lincoln County in 1916.
The little God of Love was not so busy as usual in Lincoln county in the
year 1916. Recorder Rinaman issued only 138 marriage licenses during the
year. The following is a list of the licenses granted on the dates given,
together with the name of the minister or justice of the peace who
officiated at the wedding:


Day Couple  Official
Jan. 1 Charley Kitson and Myrtle Koster married by James Linahan.
Jan. 10 Toney Baker and Rosie Wing by Rev. Peter Polousky.
Jan. 10 George Watson and Vernie Harding by Rev. Fenton Bartine.
Jan. 15 Charles W. Creech and Viola Crouch by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
Jan. 15 James Copher and Rosy Asply by James Linahan.
Jan. 22 Geo. R. Jennings and Jessie Mae Barnes by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
Jan. 24 Jobe Powelson and Oma Admire by Rev. T.J. Phillips.
Jan. 25 Everett E. Lemery and Viola M. Knollhoff by C.S. Huckstep.
Jan. 29 R.J. Tuggle and Mrs. Letha Lake by C.S. Huckstep.
Jan. 31 J.B. Fanning and Kathryn Brevator by Rev. J.G. Sudeik


Feb. 7 L.L. Parsons and Edith Houston by Rev. W.H. Utter.
Feb. 7 Arthur Williams and Dena Bruning by Rev. Eugene Goetz.
Feb. 12 Nide Davis, col. and Beatrice Redmond, col. by E. W. Hannah
Feb. 12 Harry C. Gladney and Neta Wagoner by Rev. T.J. Phillips.
Feb. 14 Harry Atkinson and Littie Gray by Jos. R. Palmer.
Feb. 21 Floyd Norton and Virginia Hammett by Rev. Wm. F. Carr.
Feb. 21 Wm. P. McHugh and Maria Angela Jackson by Rev. L.F. Schlathoelter
Feb. 21 Wm. E. Trower and Anna L. Carter by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
Feb. 23 Coby Palmer and Hallie McMahill by C.S. Huckstep.
Feb. 24 Forest A. Cannon, col. and Adell Harvey, col. by W. R. Rivere
Feb. 26 Willie Brinkman and Alve Beck by Rev. J.S. Eames.
Feb. 29 T. Scott Shipp and Genevieve Omohundro by Rev. T.J. Phillips


March 6 J.W. Farrell and Floy Elizabeth Barnes by Rev. W.C. Russell.
March 15 August Rahmer and Selma Osthoff by Rev. H.E. Koenig.
March 16 E.G. Twellmann and Dora Lee Brown by Rev. H.E. Koenig.
March 20 E.A. Trimble and Romie Mankel by Rev. D.H. Arbuthnot.
March 27 Tim V. Scott and Edna L. Cox by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
March 28 G.H. Riddle and Matilda Schibley by Rev. J.S. Eames.


April 3 William Miller and Anna Fredde by H.W. Dinkmeyer.
April 3 Wm. D. Wiemann and Maud Schneider by Rev. H.E. Koenig.
April 4 Joseph Herring and Edna Willis by Rev. W.H. Utter.
April 5 Pearl W. Oney and Mrs. Stella Lee Stuckey by Rev. D.H. Arbuthnot.
April 7 Hamor Evans and Mary House by Rev. C.B. Tucker.
April 8 Everett Harrell and Annie Montgomery by Rev. J.B. Allen.
April 17 Clifton L. McAfee and Nellie Lee Bufford by Rev. W.N. Giddens.
April 18 S.L. Terry and Cora Lena Linthicum by Rev. Grant A. Robbins.
April 21 John Lewis and Irene Barber by John F. Whiteside.
April 22 Will M. Miller and Christina Boehm by Rev. H.E. Koenig.
April 21 Charlie Levengood and Opel L. Cannon by Rev. W.N. Giddens.
April 22 Fred W. Hausgen and Bernice Sheffler by Rev. R.N. Hunter.
April 24 James M. Brunk and Mrs. Heady Norton by Rev. Fenton Bartine.
April 25 Ignatz Burkember and Dorothea Witte by Rev. J.G. Sudeik.
April 29 James E. Rhoades and Rosie A. Calvin by C.S. Huckstep.
April 29 Wm. T. Long and Callie B. Reid by Rev. W.N. Giddens.


May 2 Frank H. Wood and Elizabeth E. McKay by Rev. L.F. Schlathoelter.
May 3 Lawrence Burkemper and Barbara Henningfeld by Rev. J.C. Sudeik.
May 5 R. Lee Summers and Ida Lawson by Rev. M.D. Dudley.
May 8 Paul Bauer and Apollonia Driesewerd by Rev. J.G. Sudeik.
May 9 Walter Behmen and Katy Eilerman by Rev. C.B. Tucker.
May 10 Iva S. LaRue and Ethel Parsons by Rev. Johnston P. Meyers.
May 13 Wheeler W. Trevey and Gertie L. Trail by Rev. W.N. Giddens.
May 13 Edgar Mills and Rosie Harrison by C.S. Huckstep.
May 20 Demetrius Wright and Bertha Carter by Rev. I.T. Nash.
May 22 Wm. Walton and Mrs. Bessie Shoutts by B.H. Wommack.
(---- microfilm unreadable and at least one couple's names are obscured)
(date and groom's name unreadable) and Florence French by L.W. McCreary


June 1 R.W. Johnson and Gertrude Luckett by Rev. I.T. Nash.
June 2 W.L. Magruder and Mary Ima Harlow by Rev. W.N. Maupin.
June 3 Paschal Scott and Bessie Kleiver by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
June 3 William Turner and Mary Starkey by Rev. M.D. Dudley.
May 29 James E. Colbert and Lillie M. Allen by Rev. J.B. Allen.
June 7 Robert Jamison and Lula West by Edward W. Hannah.
June 10 Essel Williams and Eda Louise Margaret Twellmann by Rev. H. E. Koenig
June 13 Fred L. Smith and Minnie E. Colbert by Rev. J.S. Eames.
June 17 Floyd J. Bass and Lois H. Crouch by Rev. W.H. Utter.
June 19 Percy E. Mason and Margaret Norris by Rev. W. N. Giddens.
June 22 R.B. Dwyer and Oro Lee Edelyn by Rev. C.E. Byrne.
June 27 Edgar B. Elliot and Ruby Wommack by Rev. M.D. Dudley.
June 27 Frank A. Finley and Mamie E. Tucker by Rev. M.A. West.


July 3 Claude Stacy and Eva Haddock by Rev. W.N. Giddens.
July 5 E.I. Howdeshell and Ruby E. Ellis by Rev. M.D. Dudley.
July 12 John L. Kohler and Irene C. Budde by Rev. W.F. Carr.
July 15 Sherman Johnson, col. and Loraine Guinn, col. by C. S. Huckstep
July 29 Thomas D. Kemper, Jr. and Adeline E. Carwell by Rev. O. A. Gordon.


August 3 E.T. Wade and Essie E. Weeks by Rev. I.T. Nash.
August 10 Chas. T. Hines and Anabel Myers by Rev. J.W. Callaway.
August 10 Crosby O. Bruminger and Russie E. Durr by Rev. J.E. Todd.
August 14 Wilmer Colbert and Sylvia Stephens by Jos. N. Boyd.
August 17 Milford A. Teague and Pauline R. Reed by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
August 18 Alvin Long and Lucille Hutchison by W.A. Ellis.
August 19 George Howland and Eugenia Hammack by Rev W.N. Giddens.
August 21 Henry Grant and Buance E. Mankel by Rev. D.H. Arbuthnot.
August 26 Thomas Whitworth and Lillian M. Strother by Rev. C.B. Tucker.
August 28 Ovie Nathaniel Overall and Opal Davis by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
August 31 George Teasley and Idabelle Crouch by Rev. C.B. Tucker.
August 31 R.O. Birkhead and Cora Parker by Rev. M.D. Dudley.


Sept. 11 S.W. Liles and Mrs. Lucy Tillotson by Rev. W.A. Bibb.
Sept. 13 Dan Watts, col. and Sarah Thornton, col. by W. R. Rivere.
Sept. 14 Roger Q. Shaw and Missouri V. Kelly by Rev. M.D. Dudley.
Sept. 18 H.J. Mennemeyer and Mary Freise by Rev. J.G. Sudeik.
Sept. 22 Wm. T. Colbert and Lottie Davis by Rev. G.M.C. Okes.
Sept. 23 Irl V. Pollard and Mamie M. Hill by Rev. M.D. Dudley.
Sept. 25 Henry Wing and Mamie Shramek by Rev. C.A. Blehay.
Sept. 27 Walter C. Noe and Nettie Pennington by Rev. W.C. Russell.
Sept. 26 Raymond Graves and Myrtle Montgomery by H.L. Foster.
Sept. 30 David R. Williams and Josephine Brady by Rev. John T. Mason.
Sept. 30 Griffith Wright, col. and Delia Lewis, col. by Rev. W. R. Rivere.


October 2 Humboldt Mitchell and Annie Rooney Linahan by Rev. T.J. Phillips
October 11 Marion Edwards, col. and Sylvia Bailey, col. by Rev. J. B. Allen
October 13 Solomon R. Patterson and Mary E. Conley by Rev. C.B. Tucker
October 14 Grover Blakey and Beatrice Broyles by Rev. D.M. Warren.
October 19 E. T. Frazier and Osie Gertrude Dodson by Rev. W.H. Utter.
October 19 L.D. Blackmore and Mary E. Dodson by Rev. W.H. Utter.
October 23 Eugene W. Lawson and Minnie Baugh by C.S. Huckstep.
October 25 W.F. Rahmeyer and Laura Koelling by Rev. W.A. Dahlem.
October 28 John Jacob Coose and Orel Sampson by Rev. J.S. Goehring.


November 1 Walter Raney and Dee Crume by Rev. I.T. Nash.
November 6 Fred Robinson, col. and Mary Thornhill, col. by W. R. Rivere.
November 7 Thomas J. Frink and Anna K.W. Twellmann by Rev. H.E. Koenig
November 7 Harry K. Cunningham and Mary Ethel Kennedy (name unreadable)
(---- microfilm unreadable and at least one couple's names are obscured)
November 22 Wm. Bardet and Hazel Overstreet by Rev. M.D. Dudley.
November 23 Albert. F. Braunga- and Flora M. Schloeman by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
November 25 C.W. Begeman and Barbara M. Gibson by Rev. W.A. Dahlem.
November 25 Harry L. Thurman and Ruby L. Howell by Rev. M.D. Dudley.
November 28 Emmett Evans and Edith Estes by Rev. W.C. Russell.
November 28 Wm. Webster, col. and Della Johnson, col. by E. W. Hannah.
November 29 Carver Hutt, col. and Lena Monroe, col. by Rev. J. B. Allen.
November 29 A.H. Eversmeyer and Hattie L. Haines by Rev. Chas. O. McMullen.
November 29 Henry R. Hiler and Birdie Anderson by Rev. M.D. Dudley.


December 2 Porter L. Crouse and Hattie E. Tucker by Rev. W.C. Russell.
December 4 Walter Dickmeier and Sophia Unfer by Rev. G. Hoffman.
December 16 Clark Howdeshell and Rosa York by Rev. J.S. Eames.
December 20 Efton Mozier and Lora D. Calvin by C.S. Huckstep
December 22 Forest A. Myers and Dorothy Behrens by Rev. H.E. Koenig.
December 23 E.J. Rinaman and Della Janes by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
December 23 J.W. Sitton and Myrtle M. Dixon by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
December 28 Oscar Partridge and Martha Perry by John F. Whiteside.
December 28 Roy B. Duey and Flora B. Hutchens by Rev. O.A. Gordon.
December 29 John T. Lindsay and Eva D. Walker by Rev. M.D. Dudley.

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