Lincoln Co. MO Marriages (1884)

Transcribed from the Troy Free Press, Friday, Jan. 2, 1885, page 3, column 5 by Rob. Taylor

The following is a list of marriage licenses granted in this county
during the year 1884:


Isaac H. Bratton and E.J. Bratton
George R. Harvey and Rilla Shannon
John Page and Cassie Galloway
Cyrus Finley and Sarah M. Finley
Peter Yeates and Sallie Burges
G.T. Elliott and Charlotte Cropper
E.J. Crider and Kate Flynn
W. Crank and Maggie Springston
M.L. Murphy and Georgie Robey
N. Ashley and E. Lewis
Weston Ives and M.V. Hammett
Chas. Hammond and Fannie Hutt
G.J. Gravens and P. Gravens


C.T. Magruder and Bettie A. Archer
S.M. Gravens and Annie F. Jamison
Jack Keith and Lou Jynette
L.C. Henry and S.A. Jeans
Geo. L. Black and Mollie Z. Bardon
Albert Harrison and Fannie Hayes
W.T. Shelton and Josephine Hunter
B.S. Beauchamp and Kitty B. Reynolds
L.H. Green and Emma Rynaman
Chas. Clark and Cary Ross
Robt. Salmon and Annie Palmer
W.D. Trail and M.E. Trail
C.J. Wohler and Rosie Pollien
Jas. W. Henry and Bertha A. Knox
Jeff Briscoe and Agnes Morris


Joseph Price and Dora Slavens
Henry Pettig and Mary Niemeler
G.A.Y. Reeds and S.E. Trail
Herman Korth and Mina Runti (?)
W.H. Pearl (col.) and E. Dorsey (col.)
C.D. Avery and M.E. Blackamore
S.P. Freed and C.L. McCoskey


R.E. Gillum (col.) and E. Basey (col.)
C.E. Haddock and N.E. Chaslen
J.S. Cannon and H.B. Elsberry
Newton Janes and Ada Robinson
Geo. Carter and Lucy Ball
John D. Watts and M.A. Martin
Dedrick Burkamper and Anna Kafman
J.W. Watson and Anna McMahill
Samuel White and Mary Harrison
J.H. McGinnis and Lillie Bammett
H. Irving (col.) and L. Douglass (col.)
D.H. Mudd and Lottie Spalding
Bart Hubbard and Belle Gr(??)n
Henry Stock and Kate Muth


Alex Kennedy and Rhoda Williams
T.L. Carter and N.E. Huston
W.H. Bain and Minnie East
J.F. Whiteside and S.F. Pendleton
A.G. Chewning and M.E. Crenshaw
H.G. Magruder and Mary Crenshaw
Tim Cummins and E. Elder
W.F. Allen and Maggie Rush


E.W. Dorsey and E.A. Birkhead
W.F. Allen and Maggie Rush


Perry T. Houston and L.S. White
Chas. J. Hill and Martha E. Exentine
Jas. G. Garner and Evalina Robinson


Clark S. Ellis and Virgie Wilson
J.H. Voorhis and Annie Seaton
J.W. Damron and Fannie Mulherin
W.D. Bonfils and Izora Sedlacek
J.W. Harris and Ida L. Creech


Joseph H. Crouch and Ella Early
W.S. Reeves and Lettia Worsham
E. Hannon and F.E. Jones
H.F. Barrett and N.J. Hark
H.W. Ostendorf and mary Fable
S.B. Smith and A.B. Berger
Louis Phillips and Josephine Shaden


Geo. W. Elder and Ella Mahoney
J.L. Hickerson and M.C. Janes
Wm. Pennington and Rebecca Huston
J.W. Wilson and Mary E. McCulloch
D.G. Leonard and Alma Noel
W.A. Cannon and N.B. Jamison
J.D. Danner and Ida E. Davis
Geo. E. Koch and Amelia Jarand
Jno. W. Schaper and Carrie Stranmeyer
F.L. Dawson and M.J. Thomas
Glenn McCleaster and M. Garner
Luther McKay and Gertrude Hull
John E. Worsham and Sallie E. Avery
A. Burkamper and G.F. Handbrink
Isaac Logan and L.J. Webster
Jacob Gumbertus and Annie Kline
C.H.W. Graff and Emily Hammer
J. Ball and A. Edwards
R.E. Hayes and Sallie Pendleton
W.S. Moore and Missouri Harper
S.H. Washington and L.A. Harris
John C. Myer and Clara Caylor


W.E. Jeans and M.E. Brown
Joseph H. Siegel and Amanda Stephens
T.J. Moarning and Lucy J. Cox
H.T. Ballard and Annie Kruser
L.N. Spalding and C.E. Bragg
Samuel Swan and Hattie Moser
Richard Verdier and Delia Palmer
Jack Du(???) and Sarah Briscoe
Samuel Briscoe and Mattie Barnes
R.C. Kelly and C.E. Parsons
Jos. W. Cook and Valinda Sanders
H.A. Evans and Annie Wagner
W.M. Suddarth and E.C. Palmer
Newt Milner and Lola Whiteside
J.M. Carter and Alice Chadwick
Peter Thurman and Georgia Taylor
F. Dahnebosdel and Mary Long
Rufus McMurray and C. Jackson
Wm. Evans (col.) and Lucy Morris (col.)


George Harrell and Rosetta Shade
J.K. King and Fannie Waters
Davis Harrison and Margaret Logan
Wm. Moore and E.R. Ransdell
Jno. W. Hall and Mary A. Owen
J.W. Bradley and Louisa Thompson
L. Starkey and Alice Jennings
G.W. Joiner and Mary H. Ingram
E.F. Bouldin and Mary E. Kercheval
W.A. Harmen and Louisa M. Galloway
Jas. J. Porter and Annie Gililland
Jno. H. Hammett and Eunice Daken

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