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G]-afance C
lg 0 Y"   "
u( / 8
Spedai Culiectwns § 0  
St. Lou¥s County Library /I
1649 South Lindbergh Bhd.
St. Louisjlu 63131-359%

9281 4680
1, `
§he.use of sebnemes began about the year 1000 A
originating probably in Nenmendye Messsurnemes ere, tbere»
fore, at best-only a few hundred_yesre old, and many in theip
¢D¢ 3
modern form have been in use only a few generations.
*The origin ef most surnames is largely e matter of cone.
jeeture, but it is generally conceded that many of them ees  
derivations of given nemes,fsnd=the Mayes name evidently belongs
to this class. `
Bsrdsley speaks as e baptismal name, "the son of
Matthew", but offers es an alternative that it msg be form tee
nickname "Msy". "He is Gorreboreted by Dingksy, who asserts
_that the derivation from Matthew or seeneue, Ole French or
Frisian, is so self evident as to require no further proof.
(History from Marble, by e1ng1ey,e15u2 A,e.>; (biceieesry of
English and Welsh Surnames, by Barnsley, pages 525-52h¢}' Bere _
ber takes practically the same view and considers the name~a_
contraction of Barthelemeeue, or thinks it may have been derived
free "meyeee", e leeam Belgian name. (British Family Nemét,
by Berber, page 19O.) ' s h
e The name eppeers_in all the languages heard along the _
borders of the North See, and Berber gives the following-terms;
English, Mayes, Mays and Mase; Norman, Mesi; Frisian, Mes end
Mews; eerman, Mais and Mess; Dutch, ses, suis, sees, and Meee;
Flemish, Moss, Mess, Mies, Moya and Mugs; banish, Mase ené Mess,
In the First Census, the name ie spelled in a doten different

-I-__________,_____.......s .L
' - B
__ if 1 re e
s follows- Mayes, naY» Heisa Maise* Mays' Haya' 1 y
ways a -
H e G 's of l7903@
sarees, wares, Maze, ser and Mays* iv' S" Gnsu
h lations duo P0SSib1l holinguistic Gharactarisuica
SHG Var s
e Phonetic epeiiins, aides by the tantra; iliteraay of "hi
any- '
_ been handed
= ghpgugh which the? have _
times and the 88H9f3t1°"S
U For example
down are found in §Fa¢t1°all7 all Surn& ea°
' ' _ ts s ellsd
is name appears in the E1'ld3-ig]-'1 docmen p
~ ' it
in twentlessven wal" Vafling f?°m Shaxper to Sha£buT&,=anu
t _ in
is difficult to recognize Sevenoaks in Snoohs, Dinasles
Dissles or Lonschampa in L°ngShankS° D
Judging from all this data as a whole: we are lad Q
- . if t of PUTB
conclude that the name of the American Family, H0 _
English origins had at leaat been g`
thorou hly angiiciaed bl -
, fi t
Centuries of residence in the British Isles, and that #DB rs
in the
of the name who crossed the ocean to try their fortunes
, t
new world set sail iron an English por ~
s-evidenced by th"
That they cane at_a verl earl? sets 1
f ds
_ _in the early colonial recor »
frequent recurrence of the name
form A
_ . »~ ° f the families hearind B°me
and the wide distriouticn 0
the First Bensus, whith ?@P°Tt"
comprising 279 fami"
of the patronym as returned in
ed more than 1500 i"&iVid"a1S of ths mama
lies distributed as follows: '
v Maine
New Hampshire 5
Vermont T
Massachusetts H
Rhode Island
Connecticut 20
New York 8
Pennsylvania M2
Maryland 11
virginia 59
North Caroline 57
South Garolina 25
(Census of 1790)
2 3 .
I"].q r
-~~» - --~»-Unknown
2~aenry-»~~»~c1ee 1765»»~-~--~~-~wseen
62 1850
Very little is known of this Mayes. All tradition rela~
tive to his antecedents and even his name has been lost,
He was living in the state of Pennsylvania at the time of the
birth of his son, Henry, and may have later removed with his
family to Virginia,
His great grandsons differ as to the personnell of his
familye Some give the number of his sons as three and others
place the number at four. No one remembers having heard of any
daughters, One (William Henry, IV~ll) thinks the entire family
moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia; whether with their father
or after his death he does not knows
William Henry(lV~1l) asserted positively that he was an
Englishman and was born in England and imigrated to America
where he settled in the State of Pennsylvania;
Richard Johnson Mayes IU~lh recalls having often heard
his father John Mayes III-5 say his father Henry Mayes L1~2.
was an Englishman. This oorrohorates what Wm, Henry Mayes
IV~11 said about 15 years beforeu Sarepta Anne (IV~29) says
her grandfather spoke perfect English and gave no indication
of German blood as origino
A Mayes family, comtemporary with_this family, originae
ting in the Southeeastern section of Pennsylvania from which
later moved, about lT5O, to the section of the state near
Pittsburgh where Henry was horn, were of Scotch descent. (Crum~
rine*s History of Washington County, Pennsylvania), page 762.
Henry is the only one of his children of whom we have any
recorde The other sons remained in the East or took another
trail in their Western migration, when Charles Addision Mayes
(IV-28) administered on the estate of his father, Raleigh Mayes,
he found among his father*s papers letters from a Mayes liv-
ing in the State of Oregon, and later himself received letters
from hint The man seemed familiar with.all the family nares
and affairs, and said, or at least left the impression, t
he was a descendant of one of the brothers of Henry Mayes
wrote that he expected to visit Missouri, but never camee
Henry Mayes~~- ~--- ~»-»-
~Martin ---- ~~Mar.
1797) 9iT= 1777
February 12,
27, 1;9B~Jun¢ 26, l8T2
ll, 1 oo~sep. 2O*`lBZ6
ao; l8@3"56P¢y35eel8-9
_5i l80heJan¢'l6, 1835 _

Henry Mayes was born in the State of Pennsylvania near
the site of the present city of Pittsburgh. the age at which
he removed to Virginia is uncertain, The family may have
* ' " ' ° ' 1 he was yet a child
been taken to Virginia by his father whi e
or Henry may have gone alone after reaching manhood. Ee was
` "a at the time of his marriage.
undoubtedly living in Virgini
The counties, Fauquier, Culpeper and Rappanhannock converge
at one point. Near this center Henry Mayes was married to
lived until his children
Mary Palmer about 1797, and here he
d th "r ma'ority Two grandsons, Stephen (lv-27) and-
reache ei 3 .
Charles (lv-28) are emphatic in_their statement that Henry
lived in Fauquier County, and the latter gives his place of
' t near Culpeper Court House",
residence as 'Fauquier Conn y,
but as Culpeper Court House is in Culpeper County and is eight
miles from the nearest boundary of Fauquier County, the state-
ment is somewhat enigmatic, However, Richard Johnson hayes
IV~lh. fifteen years later gave Fauquier County, Virginia, near
Culpeper Court House as Henry's residence in Virginia. Another
»ll) "s certain that Henry was married
grandson, who Henry (IV i
in Rappahannock County, but as Rappahannock County was as a
separate county until 1851, many years after Henry's marriage
this statement also is open to explanations
" H ahannook Gounty
In response to an inquiry the Clerk of app
was no record of any marriage of persons
reported that there
of the name of Mayes among the early records of his county, and
that the marriage was probably prior to the formation of his
county. The clerk of ulpeper Gounty was also unablolto find
record of such marriages, Green's Notes on Culpeper Uounty
ke no mention of the Mayes Family. In fact the only rgference
" c r s are
ma _
to the family so far discovered among the Virginia re o
° C r County where the names of John
in the deed books of ulpepe
Mayes and Martin Mayes, the two oédest sons occur as executing
1 2
deeds to land in that county in 3s
The returns from the Census of l79O, which may usually
be relied upon to determine residence during this period, were
destroyed when the British burned the Capitol during the War
of 1812, and many of the county records which might supply the
hiatus were destroyed during the Civil War. lt is possible that
a careful search of local county records, especially those of
d ta which would throw some light
Fauquier County, might uncover a
on the early history of the family, but the probability is hardly
strong enough to justify such a search,
~ mary Palmer was faniliarly known in the family as Molly.
Her father was of pure Teutonic blood, and was born in Germany
and i migrated to America in her early girlhoodo The personnel
of her father's family is almost as uncertain as that of her
father-in~law, but among her brothers are remembered Joseph,
' t Elizabeth known
William, John, and James Palmer, and a sis er ,
married to a Hchinsey, and had two sons John
as Betsy, who was i p
' ° f Elsberr Missouri was a son of
mid Uharleso Charles McKinsey o y, 1
the latter. ~
Henry Mayes remained in Virginia until all his children
t ere married
had reached their majority and three of hem w ,
In l852 his youngest son  oved with his bride to Missouri.
_ ' 5.
and e
the §;2atb§§§ ;u°h éaufind P@P0rts of the new country be 0 Q
'sane aaa 3 ' that tWp'y5arS late" Henry sais his v" Y R
Frank m§§;n°f Fig rersctaltr, and easing with use feggigia
3 1 ' _ , ~B_
on the westernat -50598 and Harriet,   renewed Reiss; 1;-6
from Ona of the ;;§m;PSH§h;S?;?ed1Missouri in 185C and boughé
"*°"a¥d J°h"s°s Mates, (IV-16) m aiiir ?f§ed by his assesses.
Ei gissrirr     si; lmarzilarrw
e remaind f ° BW mi BS
gggrthe household aftgi §heh;;a;;ngfli§§,W§;; slgyes maintain-
ecord at Troy, Missouri, as follows; °' is "lil is
ook 2, Page 559 will Records of Lincoln_County, Missouri
1= Henry Mares. bein ~ b
;;§,g;§§§s;§g memory, racist; ei? Eiiiiiae§hZ§i§@iEhi§§§dthi'""
pre ar r » ` e
and t§Stament aspfol§§w;? €;j;itt3 do make this my last will
st. I leave my ne roab Je
also §g&negr§e;oy §rank§in tgYmyo§§nt§eTZi;§nM§;;;igh Mares;
' VS 0 my son M t" °
      ed 113; airgi.fmcirariiésrrt»
o ' V - _
ballet Mayes andéheg mg"Son John Mayeg one cows and to lasa-
Qwn during her lifstigeliggenhone-half of all the lands I now
har ciildrenn en after her death tg go to
tha and to my dau ht .
msalflii     it 33 §3§i§i"§i31§i§§e1S I    
» e r °
at the highest tiasgi D§f,t§§e§f°P?f"F Owned by me to be sais
ggggogige dollars# use that sumY2a§§n§§ah;r;dit ig? all Sums
6 sec it U 5 wi b d
debtségg b§n;;idJi§n§n;fter.the money collected all 5; 3332
~ d after the coll ~° e
Out at inte t eCb1OH oi the mone I ~
benefit of ;;5bel%§egh;i§;oc§;§S §hereof to goytoigggtusg Egg
life, and after her death if thgréayislior her support through
money left I wish it to be e u 11 'a ` be QHY Sufplous of
children, Q 3 J dlvided among my four
A Q 1 » .
_n astlyp I appoint my son Raleigh Mayes my executor
In testimony wher f 1
this 16th d&y of MaPGh?0AaD.hagZ2hereunto set MY hand and seal
H his
SUT? X Ma .
mark F63 (SEAL)
C# Gras (Clifford G
recess I-In s., c1~§_m,,°:aY)_
This will filed for probate, March 9, 1359

IIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIlIIIIllIIlIII!ll!!IIllIllllIllIIIini:snsnsseases...=ee.....s,,l..... ,1
Clifford Gray owned the Arthur Gray farm adyoining the
Howard farm on the south side and the Bert Turner farm on the
east. Cne of his daughters married Francis Withington and her
° f Ed. Garner
sister, Polly Cray married Garner the father o 1 »
Thomas H. S. Grimes owned the present Howard farm and
f hi dau hters married John Howard, He was the master
two o s g
of the negro Andrew Grimese Gray and Grimaswere important men
in their community. _
Clifford Gray was versed in the primitave methods of heal-
IV 2 ) remembers
ing of the day, and Sarepta Ann Whiteside ( , 9 _A
his being called to treat her mother, Emily Kemper Mayes and!
bleeding her, one of the generally arepted remedies of the tim
Both Henry and Mary are buried in the family cemetery on
this farm. 'Headstones were placed for each of them by Raleigh
III-5; who administered on the estates The exact datea,of
birth are missing, and the inscriptions merely give thefiates
* 1
of death and their ages as 85 and 70 respective y_
' ll d td
Note: Since writing the above attention has been ca e (III
the statement by Stephen rranklin Mayea that Raleigh Mayes
5.) son of Henry Mayes, was born in Norfohh, Norfolk County,
Virginia and was married there, This may furnish the clue to
the whole situation and in the Records of Norfolk County may
b f und the recordsof the marriages deeds or wills which we
e o
have been unable to find in Culpeper and Rappahannock Cguntiese
' - ° ' rn
Later: The family Bible of Raleigh Mayes sayes he was o
in Fauquier County and married in Culpeper Coe This is final,
but Norfolk Co. may at that time have been a part of Fauquier
or-Culpeper Countye
_ 7»
He later joined his father and br th 1 "
Ee remained the Pest of his 1ire.o r8;Saa€e§i§§G8§;tnwE§8e
_oath given in the family Bible do not correspond in a
§§Wt§D1?p0§tant details with those found on the headstones
be co;Pe§fe1F °em@tSPY, but those given above are thought to
Isabelle Randolph (Isa) ueceraiee was born 1
- n Vir " i
(Census Of 1360). She was use eaughuer er William MCO§;;i8k
and Lava staiiara. (B1egrapn1ea1 seeere er st. charles
Lincoln and Warren Counties pa e Q '
Cares Hall Mecca" a tn' 1 E
was a member of this dgmilyi nventor of the plow and reapar
Martin Mayes-----~~s-~_ _._l. Gordel
"""""""'""" ia Palmer
(APT° 7, 1856> see. 15, 1816
Jun. 16, 1900
1 ~Lousetta Cordelia~Apr. 1 18 ag
18-Louvisa Catherine~Apr. 18; 185E-y§;_ lg' igég
9~Joseph Henry----~a3gp_ 25, 13 O_May; 16' 1 OO
20~Mary Francese-~-~~Aug, 5Q, 13u3_Jan 26' 137k
2l~Matthew Jasper~~~~Jan. 9 18h _Nov 1, 18 2
22~America Ann-~-~-~-Jan. 15: 18h8~May ' 1835:
2 ~Alc1nda Jane~---__Jul_ 9 185l_Au ag, 1 22
2 -Martha washington-Cot, 1 J 185uuAug 36, 19 w
A 25~William Duncan-~--Jun_ 13; l857_Ju§ 15: lg Z:
,I I
John Mayes~ ~»--~~ ~~»~ »~~» Isabella Randolph McCormick
(Dec. ll, 1825) Cote 16; 1805
Aug. 16, 1869
g~Laey sarrieee---»~~Nev 22, 182h~May 12, 18 1
"Mary Elizabeth~~-~~Apr 22, 1826eDec 27, 18 6
9~saran aee~-~--~~»-"ree 15, l828~Feb 15, 1828
l0~Eliza Ann --~--~ --~~reb 15, 182Bereb 15, 1828
ll~John Stephen -~»~-- ~Mar 16, 1829-Jun 9, 1907
l2~William Henry ---- e~Jun 15, 1851 Jan 29,' 1911
1 »Jane Catherine ~-~~ ~Jan@ 5, l85h Jan 7, 1867
1 ~Eirdilla Franoes~»~Dec 5, 18 9-Jul 29,l8h7
15~James Randolph ---~- Dec 20, 18 ~May¢ l2,l8h5
16»Richard Johnsone--#Esc 18, l8h5=Feb, 1O,l9hl
John Mayes was born in Virginia (Census of 1860) and
evidently married there although no record of his marriage
has been found. Soon after he seems to have moved to the
State of Indianaa After, a few years he again moved to Ohio
and later followed his father's family to Missourir at his
father's death he bought the home farmo William Henry thinks
he lived in that state about seven years, and the Census of
1860 shows that several of his children were horn theree
Martin Mayes was born in Fee
1 . quier County Vir inia d
znraesreszus  esta 11ars;§s   sd  
ber or the sapt1stcaarcn_wae s ' S was 8 "sm"
Churchs When New Hope eé a Bacon in the Old Union Baptist
gan to develop the h h
;§;;So?n2h;°§;WY§&PS gfter the congregation 30888 t8a8h§8;8dthe
when the vote wasO8;ke8p888ttg8u;8?low¥§;t8nb8a8hPOt present
h~ _ a a h
can§°;r1r;aa;@2:§e;tis;refs; S§°§§deh53§°b5'3»
old name said he would hav 0° a ons 0 tha
been present and thou h tg voted against the change had he
P i d _ J g e action of the church was nov
again; ggsdgegiamggiiienggal Opinion that had the old manegeen
Church to the and M E S name would have remained Union
° aftin is ouried with his family in the
fa "l 1 . _
mi y cemetery on his farm adjoining the farm of his brothsrRa1~
eigagmmeroocu ' d b U ° - _
Eu, 23) 1 Pie y Uilliam Duncan and Martha Washington (Vin
Leuvisgrgiédiepaéggrg (D@¥i"9 daughter of Jenn William anew
(Biogra hical éecord Ognsén Fauquier County, Virginia.
P&d@ 558) (C O ° Chart S: LiH00lH and Warren Count
War of lgia éggsas of 1860). Her grandfather served in the ` yy
ST great-grandfather in the American Revolution.

III-55   "nn" '__~mEmi1y gamgggé
h M es-~"°""""""""""'" F bu 2  
RS1€ig gy (Feb, 3, 1831) A339 25; 1876
_ 333_NOv_ 29, 1392
- E11en»°"""""*"0°t 3°= 1 _ _ 191T
§$»§;;ghen Franklin~~-Oct Eg, §g§%"§;;_ lg; 1918
'28»Ghar1es §ddison-"-'Aug l ? 18390 ISM6
2g~§§§§;";§ §;;;;'?E:::::&e@ 18; leulgag- gg; Q32
,-;l:Laurinda c@unerine~D@° 28";%§g: u ° i l3h6
'J 333532 \';';§;;;:::::i:J9n 13, lwmi. 29, 1929
  Virginia. Th9
_ _ b in Fauquier Gountya _
"""é?¥§_§ ]f?""§§1`§§;r= 3§I§°n@1"@ ""° "mia Séngliiiniigagiia
gggilgositively that he was born in Fauquier °° g
1 , He and his wife WBTB
";r;§"§ziB;"¢£-"taxi"rggssslaaviilgiinaaiaS to come'G0  
_ t Lost Greek ford where
d fi t night in L1n¢@1n G0» 9 the
ggegfcgggg Crogges stayed here several days looking DVS?
u ' lace and at once out logs BU
d than bought hoQB P _ 1~ Q with the
gagggrgaagn; Raleigh and Emily Maygs were so p easet n sec~
'lderness in the eas GP
t- then an untracked W1 _ 1 le to com9
2§2n¢3§nL§géoln GountY» that they-aria; 3236; gi§pKemPer
t and settle with them, and bqt 1 t two years later'
Qgiilies soon followedG;£;m&i;;£;;§n§i;gogig bride in l532,
Raleéghtggyiiirein horseback At the time of his settle-
P ° _ , Th iT
havinihwalgdians were camped all aloné the Bluff nt Qgchard
ienteeséwere numsrous and the mounds in t2eo¥?§;§eigh Mayes:
ogeghe Jacob Ellis Place, Which was a par b
h erl
tract of land are the remains of(§;i;§§d;og§i;S¥?;§ i%i§O}
cf the family now (lglg) liviago S and calls of bhé Indiana \
femambera h&§%§gn;;?§°inT%;ewfgr§su about, and in the fathef S
re fre uen
wiéence gram home the children were frequently kapt in tha
houseSan2P§geAg§;F?I%ig;lbigxgiéers her mighar Emégytigmgiise
ar me #
Mayes telling that frequently Inqians wou co h
1 _ SmmtMws'%S¥
"'""e" `§',ith°§t §§§e2l§2§1§§d1§e@F,@trE§I§S§15§i§en situagedwgggggd"
s e en
iggetg Zastom, apart from Eh;h;6;§T§fp§§ieh3E;iea;he was
would s6atdt§6T;;l§;Ss§§;§ce They never offered offense or
kin an m
coo E ga was always so terrified that
1 t d anything bvi 5 .   1 th house and
Zggrggglg iaave the méal cooking, taka refuge n gi burned.
th to leave while her' BUSY'
33? §§3i3g;P?na£gi§a;;c£§§n wzgé friendlY and were never known
, A heads
to commit depredation after Raleigh settled there PPDW
1 er this
and other Indian relics are still found in profus on GV
d 1 1 tracts of land Game abounded in SHPE? 9bUUd9"°e°
a d a 0 D D
3 " ' h e t down
T25 segond morning after reaching this camp Halelg W n
, 9.
to_the ford an what is new Lost Creek, and waiting thera killed
three deer, the next morning at the same place he killed
two deer. When visitqrs arrived and there was no meat in
the house, he would take his rifle and range through the woods
until he found a deer, hang it up where it was shot and skin
dcwn the hind quarters, out it off there with his hunting
knife and carry it home on his back 1
_ eaving the remainder of
'~~"the~deer to the scafeng§rs»of tha forest, Sarepta,ramembera
having fr 1 -
equant y seen deer pass through the yard and re"
calls that they always retired to the house and watched them
through the windows. The last deer she recalls seeing came
over the hill from the southeast and passed between the twin
blackoaks beside the negro quarters in the backyard of the
present residence at El-Mo farm.
Her brothers Stephen Franklin and Charles Addison caught
a young Fawn and confined it in a log outbuilding. It was a
beautiful '
dappled brown and Wh1tB creature but untamable and
rushed back and forth butting its head against the cracks be~
twegn the logs until it dieé from exhaustion. Hbwever, they
succeeded in taming two other fawns they captured. One
was grown when Mfg Priestfs dogs chased and killed it. The
other was very tame and regularly followed the children to school
;ver§&day and would than come back to accompany tham home in
 he a t
arnoon. They sawed a piece of red flannel about its
neck to prevent hunters from mistaking it for a w%ld deer,
but a neighbor killed it as his slaves later related, out off
the flannel and said nothing.
On one occasion a deer which had been chased b men d
y an
dogs jumped the fence into the yard while Raleigh was absent
from home andin *
some way entangled its antlers 1n the fence,
and on account of its exhausted condition~-perhaps wounded~~
was holds Emily Hamper Mayes seized an ax and with the assis~
tang; of a negro woman, one of her slaves, killed it and dress-
e . '
She heard her mother relate the incident of the killing of
the stag many times,  When the buck entered the yard exhausted
a large mastiff which they kept seized it by the nose and held
it, The negro woman thrust a rail fro  the fence through itsi
branching antlers and twisted its head to the ground while
Emily chopped off its head with an ax. when Raleigh came home
he was much concerned and gave strict instructions that if'
another deer ever appeared they should at once take refuge in
the house as they were dangerous and were known to kill men
who wounded them He said had it not been for the dog the
stag would doubtless have severely injured them both,
Wild turkeys were found in large droves all through the _
woods and no attention was paid to them until larger game ba"
%§n to fa1l.and shot guns came in to supplant the riil
_ es
gn a turkey was wanted the roasting places were visite& at
nlght and any number secured. _
Raleighfs first hpuseQ like all piqneer homes, was built
of roughly hewn logs with clay floor elapboard roof, the cracks
between the logs helm " h" " §
g c lnkeg wit' chips and clay, mortar
being then unknown. It was heaneéé by a great fire place which
J "

_ ` loo
d ith little effect iaost of
oonsu ed large quantities of woo w _ - :,~
the hgat going up the chimneys all of the f}T5t f"Tn1t"TS
was home made. Having no tubs or jePS ln Whl0h be St°F9
the first lard he mega, he out down a hollow tree and made e
trough in which he stored the lard. Practically all the clothe
ing was of home manufacture. Skins were sent to the tan yard
and then manufactured into rough shoes by 10G&1 000b1@TS3 5Q?@@h
times by the slaves. Wool was carded, spun and woven into c o
after which it was fashioned into garments all oy the women of
the family assisted by the slaves, even the beds and blankets
being made in this manner. All clothing both of men and women
hung from the shoulders and none of it was susbanaeg ffgmigggd
waist. Food was plentiful but of little variety an oo
largely of wild meat. There was no fed meat, even the hogs
being raised on mast and allowed to range the woods until needed,
Stoves were unknown and all the food was cooked in the fire place,
either in pots hanging from a crane or in pans or ovens placed
on the coals. Corn bread was served on week days and bgicuigt
on Sunday only as wheat was scarce and the grinding a di 'icu
and expensive operation. The slaves were never given wheat bread
and as a result corn bread, a most valuable ration, became a
social outcast, and it was almost an insult to serve corn bread
when visitors came. There were few vegetables and such as there
were small and ill flavored. There was no method of preserving
fruit except by burying in the ground or drying. Until cane was
planted the only sugar obtainable was maple sugar, and every
farmer maintained his sugar canp where it was regularly made_
for the family use every_spring., hater on loaf sugar came into
use, but as it sold for sl.25 per pound the price was prohibitive,
Nuts were carefully gathered every fall as an important addition
to the winter menu. The use of whiskey was universal. Only
homemade whiskey was to be obtained and it sold for from l2g¢
to 25 ¢ per gallon, and was found on every table. Tobacco was
the principal crop, Ten acres of corn or wheat was considered
an unusually large acrage. Wheat was sown broadcast by hand,
harvested with the reap hook, thrashed out with the flail over
a pen of rails and carried on horseback to Clarksville, where
it was sold three bushels for a dollar, or 55 1/5s per bushel.
As there were few commodities which the pioneer could sell for
cash, money was very scarce and its purchasing power was great.
Although taxes were small, it was a hard struggle for the poorer
people to get sufficient actual money to pay them and as late
as l8hO a debt of two dollars was a burden. Raleigh Hayes was
Constable of Hurricane Township, at that time a place of importance
as it constituted the executive officer of the law in what was
then frontier country. The fees of the office, though small,
gave him a little ready money, and his trips to the county seat
at Troy and his duties as Constable and later as Justice of the
Peace, gave htm the opportunity to buy a great deal of land sold
for taxes. As a result he acquired large tracts of land which
he farmed with his slaves. Slaves were the dividing line between
the aristocracy and the plebian of the times, Slaves labor was al-
' . 11
WEYS Slow and unintelligente The - . _
than a necessity and in later deysywgiegpginiiggllylggiggble
about the house, but at that time they were of real advanta'e
in clearning the land of the dense growths of timber and tiey
added much to Ra1eiEh1o prosperity, making land profitable
which otherwise would not ham pfoguced taX6Sa H9 owned
over twenty slaves st the opening of the Civil War mon
women and children, and in the tex lists of 1850 is named as
Ono of the largest slaveholders in the county. (History of
giacolg G0u"tY» 13355 Ddée 320)» He was President of the
ret card of Directors of what is now the Elsberry School
District No. 16, at that time including all of Township Sl
Reyes 2 and 3 East, and established in 1837. (History of Lin,
gg U G°UHtY¢ 1553,_Daa@ h62), He was active in the organize-
og of, and was director on the first Board of Directors gf
the Agricultureal and Mechanical Sogiety" which initiated the
present Lincoln County Fair, The Board was organized in 1855
and the first fair was held, October l, 1855, (History of,
géncoln County, 1888, page 328)» (Atlas of Lincoln County, '
th79» Pdgo 12, . He was first elected Justice of the Peace '
an Gossidered d bositlon of no little honor and importance
it an election held at the dwelling house of John Galloway '
a§sH;;=m3Jé,a;83?,, anddnezécctset office until the was elimiséses
O r S ecor o ommissi V 1. I ,
of Ligcoln County, MissouriJ Ons, 0 ' page log' Records
n the course of time Raleigh became an i' t t f
in his community and accumulated considerable mgggeigy hglggggs
§n 1860 he was assessed with realty valued at §2h,30O pépgghg
_ 5 _
by $17=850 a total of tHE; l50(Census of 1560) and was
accounted a wealthy man in that times He gave each child at
maffidde S farm of 200 acres of land and other property
H;_HHd hiS wife are buried in a small family burying ground
2 ggh at the time was directly upon the New Hope»Falmouth Road
ort distance from his house, but which through change of
the road is now isolated, His will is on file in the probate
records of Lincoln County at Troy,
Book 3s Fade QH, Will Records of Lincoln County, Missouri
County of Lincoln,
State of Missouri. .
_September 13, 1869
Know all men by these resents, I, R ' .
being of Sound mind do makepthis my last w;ll1§2dMi;;;ament
Gisrosins Of my property in the following manner: "
11 First, My home farm that my son, S. W, Mayes is now
Vind OH, I give and bequeath to my wife Emily Mayes to have

1 h natural life -It as my @sS1P@ Fh&t`mY
ggi gg %21§s§;; gialirkeep said farm in §0$S§;;;°ns and all
that is required of him is to BUQP°rt his mg ~~"n£ baé and
Second, I also give to my Wlfa Emil? Mayes °
f d D a
beddildilliralii Y§`"g1§3§B§Q"$y dgiggver lifes ?§E fY ses
thoue;§§ri;ll§r;;vB to my San S%_p, Méyes one thousand dollars*
Fifth? I givg tg my daughter LK ¢ El1i3 DRB th£H5&B§ _
dollagiéth, I givg tg my daughter Sarepte Whiteside one mare ~
£111 ""
ssa;:.;@§,af;2%. .Q ia   S.,     was    
Fannie and Jennie and all of the farming HU@nS1§S> aggeitign
all of the household furniture that is now in h S D0 ~ °
Eighth the above mentioned farm that I have given to
my wife Emily Mayes, after her death I Siva 3° HY SQH 3°_We h
Mayes during his natural life. After his death I glve it» V-6
f 1 hildren
aaia §§§§§,t§ Eéielsg rargea Kitson une bac and becaina that
h has in use _
S 6 §§§ua The remgincsr of my propsbtr after all MY J"B*
aebts are gala I desire to be sold either private or Publi*
as my executors my think best and theproceeds divided equally
between my five children, namely: Mary Ella" Elsberryg 3° F'
Mayea Q, W, Magee, Sarepta_Whiteside and L. G5 Ellise
i appgint my two sons S. F. Mayes and 0. N. M&Y6§lmY tt_
lawful executors to carry into effect this md last Win l Eh t
ending to all business, to sue and be sued, and I dcsirei a=
no security shall be required of them, and I further deiuri t
that no business rertainins tv mr assets Shall be b"°"§ I n 0
court but that all such business shall be transacted as
would do myself, no letters di administration issued, nothing
save the_reccrding of this my last will and =esham@nt»
c saieign Mayes (seat)
Witness names:
W. H. Priest
G' 0° Ham an" conxcit T0 M  Lass Witt _
September 17, 1869
The farm mentioned in my will above, G0mp0Sin§ W3 first
gift, contains three hundred and sixty acresi more or less,
and being all the land I can there or adgcin ng thereto, I
givezas in manner above stated in my last will dated SsD%@mb@T
Raleigh Mayes (scat)
W; Hg PI'iB§'b
G, O, Hamiltonn
This will was filed for probate December 6, l869
When Martin Kemper came to Missouri he brought to Emily the
slave girl, Riah (pronounced Re~ah), who had attended her from
earliest childhood. Riah was said to be of mixed Negro and Indian
blood, and though she was devoted to "Miss Emily" and obeyed her
every wish, she was of intractable disposition and was constantly
creating dissension among the other slaves. Raleigh admonished her
repeatedly and finally told her if she made trouble in the "quarters"
again he would sell her down South. Riah accepted this as a challenge
and that week created such a violent demonstration that Raleigh with-
out further_discussion put her in an ox cart and took her to Falmouth
where a slave boat was buying for the Southern market and sold her and
she was never heard from again.
But Riah had grown up in the Kemper menage and had served as
one of the house girls from earliest youth and when Martin and Rosa#
mend heard she had been peremptorily sold, they were much hurt and so
indignant that they never spoke to Raleigh again. Sarepta (IV-30)
relates that she would go with her mother, Emily, to visit her grand-
father and grandmother Kemper but her father, Raleigh, never again
visited in the Kemper household.
d Martin rewrote his will substituting another son~in-law, Uncle
Seneca Watts, for Raleigh as executor and leaving Emi1y's share of
his estate to her children, to be paid to them when they married or
became of age. _
Sarepta married at the age of l§, in her father's house, but
much to his displeasure because of her youth. She explained that
she had never dressed herself until she was married. Two housemaids
dressed her_and her sisters every morning.
a The morning after her marriage a Negro boy"came riding up" with
a message from Uncle Seneca asking her and "Ed" to come to see him.
Accordingly, she and her new husband, who had been her teacher at
the Lost Creek School, and who had boarded with the family as her
father was a member of the school board, rode horseback over to call
on Uncle Seneca_and Aunt Nancy, her mother's sister. Uncle Seneca
congratulated them and took from the clock on the mantle a deerskin
bag and gave her two twenty dollar gold pieces, her share of her
grandfather Kemper's estate.
Raleigh was the first man in Lincoln County to free his slaves.
He was a subscriber to the New Ybrk Tribune and when he read the
announcement of President Lincoln*s Emancipation Proclamation, he
directed the houeeboy to ring the big bell. The big bell was mounted
on a tall standard in the side yard and could be heard all over the
farm, marking the noon hour and "quitting time" and such emergencies
as this. The slaves came trooping up from the quarters, men, women
?%dlg?ildren and gathered in a semi~circle in the yard. Ida Glcvina
was visiting at her grandfather's and walked with him out to
the side porch holding to his handa

12 3/u-
Raleigh addressed them from the porch and told them the goverg-
ment at Washington had abolished slavery and they were all freee S
t that those desiring to remain could continue as before and
t ld h
bg Wgulimpgy them wages. All who desired to go might leave when they
wished and were free to take with them their bed clothing and their
personal belongings.
- A scene of utter pandemonium.followed. Many cried and assured
him they would never leave. Others jumped up and down and ran in
circles crying "I', I'm free, I'm free". Some ran through
the front gate or climbed the fence and started running down the
road. and for years after Raleigh would get letters from distant
cities pleading with send so they could come back
home and work for him forever.
Slavery involved considerable responsibility. Raleigh had a long
building for storage of meat with a=high platform porch with scales
where every Saturday the overseer weighed out the meat rations to the
heads of all families in proportion to the number in the family group.
He killed SO hogs at a time and supplemented pork with beef and mutton.
Slave women cardsd and spun the wool and wove the cloth in hand looms
(linsey~woolsey) and made the clothing. One slave was the cobbler
and made all the shoes both for the family and the slaves. But all
slaves went barefooted in summer. Another slave was the blacksmith
with complete shop equipment who shod the horses and repaired all
farm machinery. Slaves were valuable property and a local physician
was contracted and was paid by the year instead of by the visit.
All pioneer houses were built of logs. But when saw mills were
introduced families usually built a new frame house and on practi-
cally every farm during this period were found the abandoned log
house used for storage and the frame house constructed principally
of local timberq The weatherboarding at El-Mo was of walnut and
much`of the original walnut weatherboarding still remains on the south
side of the house. _ _
The frame house era was also accompanied by the replacement of
furniture of local manufacture -- such as the Jacob Steinbaugh furni-
ture ~~ by factory made furniture from the city. Raleigh's first log
house was down near the spring in order to insure an ample supply of
water. His second house was built a short distance away on a slight
elevation. The "front" of the house consisted of four rooms? two
upstairs and two downstairs divided by wide halls. The "Ell' like-
wise consisted of four upstairs rooms and four downstairs rooms »e
bedrooms upstairs and dining room and kitchen downstairs. But in_
later years most of the cooking was done in a separate "cook-house"
in order to protect the family from the noise, odors and flies, andy
the food carried in to the dining room.
. With the furniture bought by Raleigh and shipped from St.`Louis.
to Falmouth by steamboat was a square parlor table finished in mahogany
and a long French mirror framed in the same wood which hung on the, '
wall directly above the table. These two pieces antedated Sarepta's
12 7/8.
marriage and were evidently acquired about 1850. In moving from the
the new frame house most of the furniture was mgved by
Order t° Pf°Vi@@ Special care for the mirror it was
log house to
wagon but in
SGH" by hand bl a Negro man named S -
_ pence. Spen h d
2;§;G;§v;;tclose range in a mirror and on the wg; ug tgetgg gggnhouse
While so enage of the occasion to observe himself in the mirror,
afoased, his foot struck a projecting root in the ath a d
h6 fell forw d ° t t ` _ P U
was sold at tg; e;;c;t0h? mirror Completely' The table
r s sale of the estate and
possession f Id G _ Came lnto the
S H (VIRZ o a_ lovina (V 1O?) and subsequently on down to her
St' Louishl) and is now in the possession of Ida Elizabeth (VII-ull),

Emild Kemper, daughter of Martin Kemper and Rosannah Kemperg
was born in Culpeper County, Virginia (Family Bible)
Sarepta Ann says her father and mother were born in
different countieae-her father in Fauquier County'and her
mother in Culpeper Countyethe two counties adjoineda The
Kemper en 1
_ g_ ea'ogy confirmseulpeper County as the birth place
of her-mother Emily Kemper Mayes. Raleigh was the first to
come to Missouri, he mas fohnwedtv his Qathereinelaw Martin
Kemper who settled on the farm l mile east of New H
- e ape at the
first turn of the old Gravel Road after leaving New Hepa-where
the Kemper Cemetery is found, This account says Raleigh cross
ed the Mississippi at Sai t
p n Louis than a little French villagg
most of the houses built with boards standing on and and that
he could have taken up government land almost anywhere in the
present limits of the city, Raleigh bought 80 acres from John
Marrow and built his log house near spring on present site
of house of R. L, Mayes (VelOh) He made hi E
. , s urniture from
the timber about the house, the hed by driving an upright in
the clay floor and extending pieces from it to the walls and
thrusting them in the cracks between the logs.
Catherine Mayes----~~ ~-»- --~----» »-~~- ~=~John Daniels
Jun. 5, l808
Catherine Mayesfwas born in Virginia (Census of 1860) and
is said to have married there, although Mary Harrison, a fore
mer slave of a neighbor says that she was married in Missouri,
John Daniels, familiarly known as "Uncle rash Daniels",
"~mwas born in Virginia (Census of l8#9) and was a_brother of Same
uelnbaniels, father of Sam. Charle a d T ' '
, y n obe Danielse
Catherine and her husband lived, and were buried, on his
farm north of New Hope near the old Stinebaugh Place now own-
ed hy Wilson, After the death of her husband she lived with
her ne h Ch ' '
p ew arles Addison Mayesa If she was married in Misso~
i h
ur er marriage may be recorded in St, Charles Count E
y as ine
coln was originally a part of St. Charles, County,
Iv"7 Q V
Lucy Harrison Ma es
y ~-- ~~-~ --~---~-William Henry Ritson
(Nov, 9-,, i8L(1) Nev. ac, 11,820
SGPQ 6,  
5h»Mary Frances"-»~Sepa 15, lBh2~Uhknown
55~Martha Jane~»~~~Apr. 5, l8hh»
56»Sarah Catherineemay. Q5, l8h7»
53- Jenn rean1n;1n~-r-aug, 25, igte-
5 -Eliza Priscillaehec. 6, l 5l~
9~James William»~~Apr, 6, l855~
C~Matilda Ann -~~- ~Uhknown- ~Unknown
hlwhenjamin Taylor»Uhhnown----~~-Unknown

 _fn -V
_ me _ee born in Virginia and Wee
marriggcgnggigégigi tgageg. J, Hi5§EEh@5 (maféiadd 3999955
1 2
ef Li%g§%€a§°;§;;§ igggenf §;§Bborn in Kentucky, (Census of
_ mqu__m_,,_,_ --aaJ Green
Mary Elieaheth MayeS~~ (lang) Ugigiwn
1 5
hgadharles Greenemare l3b5"1350"
h M s born in the State of Virginie
and aggigniiizgbggr fggggrwio Missouri, and married in Miesoe
u i' Her husband died on the trip &¢T°S5 the Plains an route
to California during the S015 Push#
Iv-9. 6
Sarah Ann Matea~e~~e-~"--""""'"'""""""""
Twin sister of Eliza Ann Mayes (IV"1U}» Died et bi?th*
IV#10¢ 6
    MayeS"ammnwH'_ '""'°"" "'°""'"'°'°"°""°"""
Twin sister of Sarah Ann (IV~9}» Di9d et birth'
_ -_q___---a,_,-aa---~~~~Franoee A, Hood
John Stephen Mayee Unknown
One adopted daughter named Hattie who married John Clark
and who contested his wdlle
  _ggq ¢v$$§0l$¢Hlh!h'|K nntm ??$"iG|l7li'.*|    
(sep. , m88u> tnanewn
4 »Jenn stephen-Cir. , 1885ac1e. 1895
»Roy Dee~#~»-"Nerf , 1891"
John Stephen Mayes was born in Princeton, Indiana. He _
went to California in the gold rush of 1850 and remained there.
Baptist; Democrat; married both times in California. His
estate inventoried more than $500, OOC.OO. Anna Durham
was the second time married to a Baptist Minieter»and resided
at Dixon, Californian
- William Henry Mayese »~-- ----~Matilda Catherine Watts
(Dec. BM, l85h) Sep. 26, 1853
Oct, 12, l89
h5»John Seneoa~ ~~-~ Mays 6, l856eNov, 29, 1920
h6~Thomas Dudleye-~Feb. 23, l858~Sep. 50, 1952
ng-Richard Martin~~Feb. , 186O~Jan. 9, 1935
A 28 19 5
"Anna Bell-~~~»-eapr. , 1362-
, h9~Nancy Jane~-~---Jan. 19, l86h~Deo, 15, 1951
William Henry Mayes, born in the State of Indiana
(Census of 1860), and accompanied his father to Missouri.
he was married by A. B, King (Marriage Records of Lincoln
County, Vol. B, page ETM),
Matilda Catherine Watts,`denghter of Seneca Watts and Nancy
Kemper, was born in Lincoln County, Missouri.
Both are buried in New Hope Cemetery, ` _
IV~15¢ _
Jane Catherine Mayee-~~~~»ee--~~--~~~-~Joseph Settles
(Oct, 10, 1850) Jan. 51, 1828
Aug; 15, l905
5O~Laura Jane- -»~- --»0ot. 15, 1851~Sep, 22, 1353
5l~Margaret Lieuann~-Apr. 20, 185 ~Feb, , 1 5
52»Susannah Maria---~Jun. 16, 135 ~ - -
5 -Alvin Erett~~~---~Aug. 29, 1828-
»Linna Bell ---- ~-e~Mar. 18 1-Jan. 19, 1872
5 ao
55~a11eaeeen Lenore~~tee. 15: leéheaey. 16, 19h2
Joseph Settles, served in Confederate Army, wounded at
Battle of Pea Ridge, Jefferson County. Joseph Settles was
second time married to Susan'Elizabeth Jefferies (horn September
25, 1857) on November 21, 1867. To this last union one child
was born, Edgar Settles. ~
Ivelhe _
Birdilla Frances Mayes~»~-
No further information,

xv 15 6
Janes Randolph M5Y°5"°"""°°-"_-
Ne inforna t lone
_W*"________Mary Frances B3P@°n
ni hare Johnson Mayer , 3 1) Aug QT, 1553
0 (mbvo 15, 1 7 Jul: lg; 1918
_ _ _ 51a 191k
5e~Harrv Tav1°""""""N°"' 25' $372-gig. 281 1912
-Kht Verona"--~--Aug' 2 ' _ _ 1 l9h5
EE-Joh; Stephen»~~»~Nov, 16, 18 0 Feb 7,
59~ClaudiaoTriP19tt"JBn' la' 1888,
. 'gr
1 Miseourl Demoora ,
Richarg Jbhgaogegggeingaieggrglege pP@@mP";d bl Henry
- me '
§§r;;t%?§f2)a§rom9thS aovefnmenbf
f Abraham Ruddle BePt0H
Y Mary Frances Barton, dauehteg § Rid 6 cemetery
a oietian; e S 'f Linn
d Heater Beauehampe Ch" _ 1 anization 0
"" Bien-J°'=e;n@;1n§2§?§22@°t"te    
Rholl Uhr e lan ° ~
Ioueetta.Condeli& M9Y°S"""m""_*u""""*" Place
Buried in one fami1Y eemeeery GH tha Henry Mayes 9
Iv"   |»
_ _____, t d ffereon Sudd
Loutiea oeenerlne M?§§;; lu, lggggr nay, 51; 1828
3 -N ll 19 9
60-e11>°1°'° Q'§§='-"§§nS"dda""h""§f§§° ggj 1ie2§..M§lfI £11 £23353
nr It ' ng"-H-nu-'-*H*-. . 1 |" I
gg-ggiiiig aibert Sr1v@S"@f"D@°° la* 1862 Jan 3'
- 1 Count?
Louviea Catherine Mayes wan borntinb§i§;3'nA. G' Mitchell
MiB5°""i and was maPTiedeinvg?ate0°;§eg 571). one is buried
(Records of Lincoln G0§§r§1n Mayo; Plaoeo i d to
in fagiégrgeggggggeggoSuddarth was the second time war? S
y 9 Sh one born
Margaret Gladney¢M§D9Q@;@f Jgnuary au' 1866 6
-rn-t 6 18 or l" `r  ` L , Mina; ton cemetery;
§§§é1etonn,u%£nngonegy QountFf»Mieeouri e
Joseph Henry Mayes-~~~»~~»~~--En h i
em a Egeria Reynolda
(Apr, lo, 186251 nn. nt, :Leng
Jul. ll, l9l5o
6 -Eugene Leoraeenpro Q6, 186 "Dent 29, l9h5
6 "teena Anninem-Mart 15, 186 -Mar, 15, 1902
65~Caroline Jane~Feb. 25, l87he
_ 66»Vaecue Alvin~~
Joseph Henry Mayes wee horn in
and was narried by Revo At Go Mitchell (Marriage Records of
Lincoln County, Vol _ 8 ' -
'Q 5, page 7) Baptaet; Democrat; Buried
in family cemetery on Martin Mayen Plaoeo
Euphemia Egeria Reynolda, sent to Fulton Asylum and
died ther d
e an ie buried in Fultone The two daughters
married brothers and moved to the State of North Dakota
LinoolnGounty, Missouri
Mary Frances Mayee~~~»~»~»»-»»~-~ea---~»Mnueh@w Cpgugh
(ree, en, 1870)
6g~Edward Crouch-»~~»Uhknown Unknown
6 ~John Henry Crouohmnprg 10;-l§7§: '
Mary Frances Mayes was born in Missouri d
. an married
there by Rev. Ro G, Mitchell, (Marriage Records of Lincoln
County, Vol, 5, page 218), She ie buried in the family
oametery on the Martin Mayes Farmt
Matthew Jasper Mayee~~----=~_»»~--~n-E1iZab@th Palmer
(oee. 15" l867)Jhl° 28, long
69~Jamee Weeley~~~Nov
7O~David Luther~»»Jan@1n, 187G»
0 Ty l868»Apr¢~~§ l9h2
71-Cicero Jackeon~Jhn0ll, l87l~
72»Matthew Jasper~Mayn3B, 1875-Jul. 16, 1919
Matthew Jasper Mayes was born in Lincoln County, Missouri,
Committed suicide during a period of mental aberation, He is
buried in Boone Gountyy Missouri, where his family resided,
(Deco 25, l86h) Juno 18
` APTQ gg l9§§
P env of Liblfary
Sie 1101;;PGeneal0Bi"a1 Society

-Martin hendren-»*~*F@b° _
»Nora Thurmsn~~-"~*"5uU»
-Jann William-»»~~~~5¢P»
-Joseph Wesnington~»©ct. 139 1376"
-lens r1ize»»~-~-»~~Aue- 1
77 _ 5
78-Lousetta May belle" @P°
80-Cordelia Delores-»-AHE~
73"JeSPer Newton-~-~"'AU&° 29: leéé'
7 28
- B69~
' %871-Ango 22, 1572
18 9~ '
- l8gl-Dec. ae, 1956
, 1ss5~
- 19,
Mary Ellen reyes, was torn in Lincoln County, Missouri
and married by Rev, Samuel S. Ralson. (Married Records of
Lincoln County, Book BQ page 5h)¢ Buried in private cemetery
on the Elsberry Farm.
William Lewis Oandus Elsherry son of William M Elsberr
» Y
and Lydia Pg Owens, was born in Bourbon Gonnty, Kentuckys
He came t M" ' " °
o ulSSOuTl in 185f, Prior to the ner he nes a Whig,
was a Southern Sympsthizer during the war and has since voted
the Democratic ticket. Primitive Baptist; Brother of Robert
Thomas Elsberry the founder of Elsberrg Missouri. Buried
beside his wife in private cemetery on his farms (Biogrsphle
cal Record of St, dharles, Lincoln end Warren Counties, page 5n5)
_ A M 5 bgfn in LiHCOlH Couhtls Miasour
  1§";i;;m§:§B;z;2'@2§ns,     he family Sell
reside. Their post office address is Columbia, MisSouPi»
cotephen Franklin Meyes~~-~e~-~»=Margeret Alcinde Uox
(May 21, 1857) may 10, l8h0
Iv_23_ ' Mar 25, 1859
_ , -_o-- let Palmer 87=Charles Linn»~~~-June 1? 1858--~Ma 19 1359
Alcinde Jens Mayes~--~-rr r Daniel Cha" 1856 » ~ F 3
(Jes. io, 1875> Feb- 29»
_ 2d~~~~~ -~~--- ~--~-Susannah Turner Guy
' C. P_1 - son of Charles Louis Fslmer and (Jun. 28 1860) Febe 2 l8h0
Gsbri§§;.A§;n§i;on§ BigiigtaiRen§b1iG3D&a€?;§9Eéuéfiggfaggég ' Jun.l0; 1390
_ - _ Q . no n an ' '° »
§i§)He°°rd °f,5t har es' 0 §3~Amos Mayer~~~~~~~~=Jul. 20, 1321-Nova 25, 138k
' . L ; c s Missouri 9-Lucy euy csvis»~~-~esy. 12 1 5~Apr 27 1 95
Elsberry' i"°° H °un y' ° 90~Margaret r1izssssn~oee. 16: l865»Dec: 1; 1872
- 91-Clarence Gordon-~--Sep. Eh, 1867»Aug. 19, l3h7
Iv_2u 92~Wetson Elliott~~-»~Sepg Eh, l869~Jan@ 22, 1 92
' 9 -Catherine Cli;ford~Feb¢ 15, 1372-Feb. ll, 1375
Marsha washington Mayes-"°"°""" '*"" """""' o 9 "Gul Hufbsft """"'" "N0V~ 5, 1 T "
- 95~Archie Rawlston~-~~Sep. 10 18 "Apr. 28 1909
Msrtha W. Mayes, lived with her brother, William Duncan 96-Nancy Estelle - ~--- Sep. 7; l8g0-Jul. ln; 1906
(;v.;5> so their fether'S farm, owned J°i"tlY by them*
Elaberry, Lincoln goungys M1SS¢upi Family Cemetery.
william Duncan reyes-~-~-~~~~~~~*~~"""""" o
- D, M li ed with his sister Martha Weshine'
tgn ?%%§;iT on t;g?;2fetXer'S farm, owned Jéintly bY them'
' Elsberry, Lincoln CountY» MiS5°"Tiv Elgberry Cemetery'
9?-Birdie Wells -~----- Bee. 25, 1885~
Stephen Franklin Mayes was born in lincoln tounty,
children to leave the
farm. His father gave him his patrimony in money instead
of lend given the other children and he became e merchant in
New Hope; Later moving to Clarksville where he lived until
Missouri. Hn was the only one of the
a few years before his death when he went t W f
- 1 o lor clk, Virginia,
to reside with his son, Gordon; Clarksville Cemetery.
Margaret Alcinda Cox, daughter of Charles Cox end Alcinda
Waters; Cox Cemetery, New Hope, Missouri.
Susannah Turner Guy, marrded by Rev J J. Errett in Pike
E11 M _-»»-~-~»-William
Mary en 9Y@?Dec. lo' lah?)
B2~Emily A1iGS'"*""""""J"1°
83~Olevis Ann»-1 ---- ~-~0¢t»
8[_!_...Mgg=g3}j*5'h A ¢ 1`-.l.3}]'SS°""""J'L11 ¢
B5»Louise Catherine--"-NOV-
86~Msry willens-~-~~~» Jul, H, 1869
6, 1891-
M, 1395~
I-|<,© 1595-
,-{-.9 1399-°
For further information address Louis Rendell Kitson,
2658%Eine Street, Saint Louis, lH souri,"
Collinsville, Madison County, Illinois.
  5 V '
Matilda Ann Kitson~-~»-~~~-~
Imauurmleaaunmsxmcit '
Died when about two years old. Family Cemetery-on the
Henry Mayes Place.,
Benjamin Taylor Kitson--~~~~-~~~~-~~~-~-
WinfiDied aged about no years, Baptist Cemetery at
eld, Missouri,

V 2
Charles Green
Died when about five years old. IB SHPPUBQQ 5° have
been buried 1n the feniiy cemetery on the Henry Mayes Farm,
Wee killed by e horee when about ten yeare of age.
Roy Dee Mayen
Born and married in D1X§!l , California.
Ada Viola Waters
J hh S M '
O enec& ayeg (Jan. 12, 1882) Feb, 28, £861
Jul. ee, 1898
-»~-»~---»-we-~~-Rachel Temperance Shannen
(MET: 9,     J&1'1o 73  
Oct o    
152-£\=ugue~lu1e William Ieaace-Jun. 12, 1892-
John Seneca Mayes wee born in Lincoln County, Mieeeuri.
He'wae married first time by Rev. W, N. Maupin (Marriage Re-
cords of Lincoln County, Book 5, page59.) Were divorced and
she later married Gharles Edwin Britt, September 25, 1889, ee
which union one daughter, Mary Elizabeth Britt.wee born,
November 19, 1391. §he is buried in the Eleberry Cemetery»
Rachel Temperance Shannon, daughter of Isaac Cannon end
Lucy Wilkinson,
John Stephen Mayee»~~»~-~~~~--~---"@"'""
2d _
Eleberry Cemetery, Lincoln County, Mieeouri
  Q a -}" "" . . _ _
Thomae Dudley Mayee-~-----~--~~-~-~»-Mary Delia Nalley
(Jan, Eh, 1886) Jun. 22, 1365
Jun. 27, 1912
155~Gatherine~Jan. 5, 1896- __c
Mary Delia Nelley known ee "Mollier buried? `New hope#
Cemetery, A` A -
C 25
(June 10, 1888) June 8, 1868
Ave» 27,1950
15h»Leetie T er 2 £88 e 9
155eney W11k§§§§§§§3E~J3g¢2 3 189§eJul 15" 1955
l56»Rueeel1 Teylor~»~~Se - 2, 18 a
l§7eIMcy Catherine-ee-Ju§;2O?plggge
Riehard Martin Mayes b in Li 1 .
Demccratg Baptist; M°WnA' Urn neo n County, Missouri,
wilkigiégebeth Cannon, daughter of Isaac Cannon and Luqy
Eleberry, Cemetery, Lincoln County, Mieeourie
eeee Bell Meree~»~--=»~~~~~~~eeeeie Hebert eeieeeee
8 ger
C fF@b¢ 5, 1335) Sepe re, 186e
' l9§h
l58"AnnS**"'"'°"""""';""'M 1   ]_e1.M ' i ' =
l59=Jennie Dee-~-~~~~~J§¥,1;; l8gB~ ay l?° 1891
l60~Raynon8 Sebeeuien~Mey 10, l901mJun¢ 533 1953
ElSb@P@F Uemateryg Lincoln County, Mieeourio
V§h9e _A ` y
NQHQF Jane M@YS&""~~"""~»e~»George rhomae Blackmore
(N°V¢ 59 1835) Aug, 26, 1860
May 27, 1918
Q léleennie Leie-e--eepe 12, reege
` l62~Rubie Dee--eaegnn 27 l888~
| 1 ewilliam Mayeguy vi lgf lg 0, t
l§E~Robert Peule~eS;p, 2; 1832~Oc Q lg' l9u5
5HH¢r J me e ld e 8
New Hope Cemetergg 0 as mam er' New Bupa B&ptist_Ghur°h '
G@9T8e rhomae Blackmore, New Hope Cemetepyo
V@50° ' C
Ilauran       &°°<* 1¢°"=l-"nuns-uuuwgwu
Jbbn Alexander Grank
(Dee. 12, 1886) rep" 10, 18hQ
  1 we an 1y5='%i

_ 2& 7
` 9 175~Jesepn vene~ --~- may 18 189o~
1es=w1111e Hugs-~0¢t. e, §g9§~Aus- @» 1956 l75"G1edYS H9b90G&~"09U 152 l392°
an Q 2 _I '
12é'é;§§; §§€?;§_§;;, QZZ l533"35¢= lov i955 . 2d»-~-~-~~~-~~---~----e-~~%er1on Gordon Tate
1 7" 1 ' d Jana Settles, (Aug. 7, l89h) ev. ls, 1860
    Seeing;me1:=;12§;"§2§a§1:21n;           le 1951
born Southern Pike 0 Y, S di eater l77~Mery Luoile Tete~Apr,_5C§ l9OC~
Camstgrgn Alexander Crank, b°"" near Lynoggurgi Vg. gon of
1 0 . ' ld in neo H Ov; , Eli b th L- S ttl E t T ' 1 P R C t
gegg §§§;§;"ag§"§§Zi1§a§§;siggdggani? Linn Knoll Christian Church, GlemenC@a§? irizoéaae 63: 0F65 Lawn USm0Pl3 HP eme SPY
0 _ _9 . 4.
oak Ridge oeeeterr»
Margaret Lieuenna 53tt1e3"`*"""
Family Cemetery 99 Henry Mayes Farm
1 1-._,-_-~--J nn william Crank
Susannah Marie Settles---~" °
(Dee. 6, 1371) may 26' lah;
` ,_1 B 18?2-
1e6~wi1l1em F°f@S"" N°"' 2 ' _
169-Pascall Linn-5--*"F@b~ 32' &g;%_ _
170-Richard Alexander-gen# les lB?9_
171~Lu9v 0a@ha"i"e`""*Jug° 5' 188 »Jun. 7, 190k
172"S"5"§ §1"e§a'""'°&r§§° 13; 1883-Aer. lu, 1910
QE 6 QS"f"*'"'"° ° _ `
1;i-JZasereee--~-~--~-Jen' l9» 189"
John William Crank was first married eo Caroline Thomas
Dameron, January 3: 186l°'
Apex, Lincoln GOBHFY: MiS5°uri
Alvin Errett9Settles~~~*"""'""
Resided in the State of Ok1ahomH»
Linna B911 Sett1es»--"~"""'""""'""'
Family Cematery on the Henry Mayes Farme
' ____"____R 1 1 h Ewing Whit6BidB
Elizabeth Lenere 5°t€é;§buéTy Qu' §B%7§ Deo. 30, 1859 ~
JBn| 20: 19U2
Rele1gh Ewzng Whiteside is (V-108) in the direct
line of descent.
For Marion Gordon Tate see No. (V=85),
Clarkdele, Yenepi County, Arizona,
V 56n
Harry Taylor Me9es~-~~»~e-~~~~~~~~E1igebeth May Smith
(Neve 2, 1899) Jun. 21, 1877
J&H» H, 1999
Heny Te Mayes, son of Richard and Mary Frances B t
ar on
Mayes; Oak Ridge Cemetery, Lincoln County, Missouri.
Elizabeth M. Smith, daughter of William L. Smith and
Frances Barnes, born near Demeron, Clay High School in St.
Louis; LaGrange College; Christian; married by Rev W W,
Rnmsey~0eh Ridge Cemetery; & '
Kate Vertne Meyesee-~~~--~~~
(Apre 19, 1896) ree. 1, 187k
Aug.39, 19hh
l78~Claudine Abbey--Oct. 2, l§9§»Jen@ 18, 19lh
1 9 ~
~-~~~~~James Samuel Smith
l;9~Mery Lucilee~~~-Cot. 2,
1 O-Richard Themes-~Feb. Eg, 1905-
i8ieSareh Frences~-=Oet. , 1906
l82~Jemes Taylor -~-- Jun. 29, 1909
Kate Vertne Mayes was born in L° 1 1
, lnoo n County, Missouri.
Member of the Christian Church; She attended William Woods
College at Fulton, Missouri. Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery,
Lincoln County, Missouri,
James Samuel Smith, son of Judge Thomas Jefferson Smith
end Mary Jamison; Enrmer; Bak Ridge Cemetery, Lincdhl County,
V°"*58 |
John Stephen Mayes»~»--~~-ee-~-~~-~-~»Ne1lie Pollock
(Nov. 18, 1907] Aug, 12, 1881

-_ll!l-__-HH-___--U :_
- ._   __ Q-_____`|i
John S. Mayes born-near Slade; died in Nebo,11linoisi1
Dr, John Stephen Magee, graduate of Keokuk, Dental Co ege
D S Oak Rid e Cemetery
Du 4 n' g
' d hter of Anna Elizabeth Fergueon and
re111e Pollock, aug
Dr. Robert K, Pollock; born Nebo, Illinoieé gegleyan Mne1oa1
College in Bloomington; Christian; D.A.R.,
Claudia rriplett Mayes- ----- »--- ~-Rose Eugene Gannon
(Apr. 12, 1911) Jan. 2h, 1389
Claudia T. Mayes, daughter of Richard Mayes & Marr
Frances Barton; Christian Church.
"' " "- G nd Birdie
Rees Cannon, een of W11l1am rranklin annon a
Triplettg Farmer; Elsberry, M1SSOuPle
Albert Quincy Suddarth-~~-Nancy Gatherine Benear
(oct. 11, 1891) Aug. 21, 1361
18'-Laura Cordelia--Ang. M, 1892-
13 »Cora Etta--»----Oct. 20, l89h-Deo. l5,,1912
S dd th een of Robert Jefferson Suddarth
Albert Q. u ar ,
and Louviea-Catherine Mayes; Farmer; Baptist; Democrat; New
Hope Cemetery; born in Eleberry.
Nancy Catherine Benear, daughter of Martin Henry Benear
and Mar Jane Watts; Baptist; Democrat; married in home of bride'e
.` 3' -L
parents by Rev. Halley,
William Martin Suddarth~~---Eunice Caroline Paémer
1 (Nov, 20, 188h) Aug. 15, 18 L
ret. 27, 1950
18Z»Infant Son- ~----~- "-
18 enrchie Duncan Suddarth-Mar. 21, 1387
Eunice G. Palmer, daughter of J. Shelton and Mary Helena
Palmer, born near Star Hope; Baptist; Star Hope Cemetery.
William M, Suddarth, buried at Star Hope Cemetery.
Charles Robert Sylvester u ----»---
2 1866
{l8Bh} Jan. ,
Nev.l7, 191k
S dearth ~-Zula Moore
187~Char1ee Mayes Suddarth-Apr, 29, 1335,
2d*-_""""_"Fm""u"'Ida Ms Robinson W§§man
(oct. 10, 1390) Jul. 14, 1872
Sep' ll, 19h5
188-onar1ee w1111am~reb 2
  le ee-
19O~Lee Nelly-~~»-~-Aug_ gl' l895_
l9l~Howard Pau1»----Jun, 15' 139 _
l92~F1orenoe May»--»App, 9: l90;_
Zula Moore Q" 1 _
married William fhonggraggtgrgg iéggt ?§?;;§§§ 33? s"bS@q"°""l"
- a 1on were born
Emm tt =
e , Ethel, Owen, Bryan, Ruby, Otis and May Watts- Baotist_a
born near Eleberry, 1 1 ,
me-eie§"i'0"§§?'$Z§"e.d~?€f;`§53§§" Sf "Milf-af* re lee and we fine
Star Hope Cemetery, ' ne Son' &e°r5° U9Ym&H3 Eeptietg
Charles R s suaaartn star
i o 9 ' Hope C ' t B
Eleberry, Lincoln Ggunéys Missourigeme er? _
Eugene Leora D ---~-__ .
Hayes ""*'"--»Georg1a Anna Herrin
"g° ¢ 195
1? "Elmer Lero ~--~»---____
§9~"§ertha Almgna---_.--___gE;: gh' igg;
l92"W1}1iam Jennings Bryan-0¢t_ lo' 1899
lg ~g11fton @UgBH6"~~-~-~»_Jul 1' 1902
' 6559 L$S~n~n-~--,____' 5 *
l9g~Anna Lu¢i1e__,1,____,_wO°t' 12: 19QM
1 JUN; 17 l9Q9
99~He1en_Gertrude-------_-Apr 5O' 1912
200~Etta Mae Virginia.--___Feb: 9: l9lT_
201-Mary EVelYn'*'Hun~¢,___Apr 16
' }
Eugene L. Mayes, born New Hopg. qethOdiSt_ GOntPaCtor_
ElSb6r;y_ Ggmetery. 2 - , '
eofgia Anna H r " d M.
. ' Q
V"   Q
Letha'A1mina Mayes
' ~'~~"--~~--~rne W- ~
, feet. 20, 1887) mas Jgg? §fl§§2§1°t
202-Margaret S _
2O5?GTaC& vera3i§§"§S§| 33 §§§?¢AUgo 25, 1889
QI , uu-

Tha mama is usually gpelleo (Poense1ot} but the blank
206~Volly Vincil Moyes--e»»~Nov. 3, 1893»~
gives it ee above. 20;-Gnelmer Martin Mayoe~-~~Mar. 3, 1g95»-
_ _ 20 ~Rionard Harrison Moyes-~Jul 1 1 97~~
Reeided io, A1t°H» NHd1S°" GDHHLY' Illi"°iE' 2o9~Lotner Glenn Mayes ----~- Mer. aef 1899-~
2lO~Mary Elizabeth Mayes ---- Deo. EM, 1901-~
2ll~Lee Otis Mayes--~-»-~»--Jul. 26, 1905--
V 65, 2l2~Martne Lily Meyoe~ -~~-- ~Sep 7, 1907-~
' 2l3~Reymond Mayes~»---
_ M S¢¢___m____,1aa5@ Righard Pointselot   _ _°__n_"___
Caroline Jane &H®(N0v' 26, 1891) Oct" 9, lgéu 21M Daughter Moyes
_ t Calla Lily stone daughter of T. H. and nary Lampton stone
2O%~Me§zo ;oin§e;l§t;;;i;;""§§§°2é' &g3;_ 1 Christian; born near éinton, Missouri; Memorial Park Gometery '
20 -Ve me aze o n '" - 1 2 -
Rollo, Rolotte County: N°"th DaR°ta' I
Vesoue Alvin M2Y@S""""
Fargo, North Dakota.
Edward Crouch"*'""""""
Family Gemetery on the
Jghn Henry GrouGh-"""'""""""""'"""'""'"'
Elgbepry, Lincoln County, MiSS0UPi»
M ____m__,-oo_~~Mettie Wesley Lancaster _ _
James wee1eF eyes (sepi 25, 1895) Mar' ?, i873 V 7n,
Woodlandville, Boone County, Missouri
L Ma ¢_*_ ____ ___,_,_-----»oe11e Lily Stone
David utner Yee (Apr, up 1892) Nov' 29, 1872
o Boone County, MlSSOUPis 5
V""'?l o
Cicero Jackson Mayee~-~ ---~ » - --~-~--~ Margaret
(Auge 7, 1895)
215~Gore Elizabeth Mayes-»~=»
2l6»Cicero Jackson Mayes Jr.--~-»»
216%-James Adolph Mayes-i--~
Matthew Jesper Mayes~~- -~~~~-- -
Halleville, Boone County,
_ -v"'?3a
Jesper Newton Palmer»~--~
2l7~Eula Martin Pa1mer»-~-w-
mu :ummm
Nov. :LT9
may 17|
Jul. 8,
Feb, 26,
Lenora Toalson
Elizabeth Ida Tipton
Q 13, 1690) Feb. 13, 1869
Brown Station, Boone County, Missouri.
Nov. M, 1891
Martin Hendren Palmer ---~ ~---~ -------- - ---~Zora Arte Tipton
(Nov. 20, 1898) Apr, 24, 1821
Brown Station, Boone County, Missouri.

x 32
V»7§. ,
Nora Thurman PSlm5T'"""'""'""'°"'"'*'"_
Family Gemetery on the Martin Magee F&Pm»
J h william Pa1m5r_______,,_,---Mgry EliZ&b9th Kanatzar
0 n _
(nay e, l39T} NSY 5» 1581
218 James Richard-Got. 12, %ggg:
219 Jesse R&Y""'"D6°', '
Brown Station, Boone CouHfY» Mi$3°"Fi'
Joseph Washington Pelmer'*f-*""""""""
Brown Sagion, Boone County; MiSS°"fi
V T5
____-_-_Th Martin Benner
Lousetta May Belle PalmerSep. 21, §Q%E)Oct_ 9, 1571
Map, 20, 1929
G tn ine~Jun. 28' 1906"
552 gggiy ;al;;r---Jul. 21; 1908"
- Beneer and
M tin Beneer son of Martln Henry t
Mar? ggggaaetig; Former; éaptisti Deacon of New Hope BHPtiS
Shure%ou§;£t§0§;YG;§€§;r¥elmert daughter Of James Palmsr and
A erica Ann Me es, born in Lincoln County, Missouri, known in
the family as ¥Seddie"
m Q' _
Llnooln GountY» Mf5S°"Ti
_ ._,___,__-» F
Anne Eliza Pe1mer~~~"'"*"* Emmttt ay
(may, 16, 1925) D- Ma? 1H» 1952
Anne E. Palmer, b°fn in B°°"° County; Columbia Cemetery;
Baptist. t
V"'B0| _
Cordelia Delor6S Palmer-~*"T"""""""`" "
Brown Station' Boone Gounty, M1SSOUPi
william E;soerry»~~~-~--~ee~~»~w-~»»~e~»
Emily Alice Eleberry~~~»~~~#-~»=~»~~~-me
Buried in family cemetery on ner fatner¥e for 
Olevia Ann E1eberry»~-~»~-=-~~»Semuei Tioen Singleton
(Jan, 16, 1877) sep, 20, LBLZ
r May, EL, 1921
222»Boulah Eleberry s.~mev. au, l8g8~ipr. lo, l955»
22 ~Loie Elizabeth S.-»Nov. ll, 18 O~6ot, §, 1957
2 ¢Bnrbee Cendue S,~~-Jen. 28, l889~
Samuel Ticen Singleton, born in Fauquier County, Virginia
Eloberry, Gonotory, ,
Olevie A. Elsberry, Baptist; Elsterry Cemetery.
_ Eloberry, Lincoln County, Missouri.
Margaret Ann Mnyes_Elsherry~-~Mordooei Watts Wilkinson
(Apr, Eh, 1879) Deo. 5, l8g8
Juli 7; 18 5
2d ~---- »~~~ -~~» ~--~ ~-~- "Newton Levi Luokett
(Aug. 5, 1895) Jan, ILE, 1868
» 1956
Mordecai Watts Wilkinson, son of Joepen Conn Wilkinson
and Gabrille Wette Gibson, was born and died in Lincoln County,
Missouri, His death ooourred under tragic oironmstanoes.(His~
tory of Lincoln County. Missouri, 1888). He is buried in the
Watts Cemetery on the §ore&t Reeling Nursery, Eleberty, Mieeour
Newton Levi Luckett, was born in Lincoln County Missouri
Democrat; Baptist; M.W.A,; Farmer and Stookmen. Eloterry 8
Louise Catherine Eleberry~-~-»~--~»-Marion Gordon Tate
(Jun, 16, 1886) Nov. 18, 1860
Jul. 15, 1931
is l

Louise Catherine Elsberry was born in Lincoln County,
Missouri. Attended LaGrange College and Lindenwood Collegee
d i femil cemetery on the Elsberry Farm* On the
Buds rz y- =~ _
headstone ner note is spelled {Louel1o9, out should be (Louise),
Marion Gordon Tate, son of G60TgE Turnbull Tote and Ma y
d Franke
Elizabeth Early, Resred by Aunt Texenne Early Cor on,
ford Missouri. later married to Elizabeth Lenora Settles
(V»5§5 in eieeee Line of eeeeene,
Mary Willena Elsberry~- ~--- ~ -~-- ~~Emmett Emerson Ellis
(Doo, 16, 189L) Sep, 5, 1375
222~Lou A1tne_E111e` ---- »-~-Feb. 17, 1896~
22 ~Reymond Elsberry El1is~Aug. 19, l900»
Mary Willems Elsberry, Eleberry, Cemetery. ywl"
Emmett Emerson Ellis, son of Henry C, Ellis angQnnn "
Johnson Mitchell, His rsndfetner Dunoan Ellis/Eeme to Miss»
ouri from Kentucky in lgné. His Creet.Grandfether Iseoo
Newton Ellis was e Captain in the War of the American Revo»
" ` _ B ki C Come
lution, Democrat; Beptlstg Director of Elsberry an ng
Elsberry, Missouri, Lincoln County.
VEB74 '
Charles Linn Mayes-~ -~-~- ~-»-~~e»~~~»~--
Dieo in infancy, Cox Cemetery near New Hops, Missoun..
Amos Mayer Mayes--~ »~~- ~~-~---»-*~~e~»--
C Clarksville, Cemetery, Clarksville, Missouri.
Lucy Guy Davis Msges----- -~-»~-~Clerenoe Cates Mills;-
Dece lk, 1362
227~Cora Clifton Mills~Nov» 10, 1895-
Minneapolis, Minnesota. `
1 Y H
35. l
v"g0| _E
Marggaret E15-Z8b613i'1 M9y93....~.. ..,_ __,,_____________ w
Burned to death by explosion of lamp. Q
V°'°91-a E
Clarence Gordon Moya5---______m___"""__m__
Clarence G. M h o
viTginia_ His fatggiséesiggdeiisgiigieg Loan Assne in Norfolk, 3
his life, and died thero» uf "E the lest years of l
F e L "
ores own Cemetery, Norfolk, County, Vipg;n13_ 5
V"92¢ 9
Watson   M3yg3........,._.__,_______,___________m"H_Louallg Cook ig!
- (Mes l8, 1891) Aug. 19, 1872 H
2E8»Susenneh Guy Moyes-Moy 5, 1392- Q
MTS- Lousllo M R ¢
abs wrote from RobeiggS§oni§n;?d§;§u§;;b§§ C§3§§Y§ Eontana. %,
teyes Book would be published. And wrote o ein Mas in? when M
slling of her doughterrs marriage* E sroh 2, 1913 lo
' ' "IH
V"`93e Q E
CEtherine C1iffQPd MaY9S_,___"_H~"**_m""_ 3%
C ~ :r
Clerksvmlle Cemetery, Clarksville, Pike County, Missouri, =r
v"9uu _ '
GUY Hubert Meyes~~~-- S
""""""""*"' U9 Fenill Th
(Jane 15, 1896) Jan. 28, 1375 urmond
229~Steohsn Kirke-D , 2 _
230-Marion Luoile-Gig. Zés $338-
` 23l"Clsriee Rosee-Jane 6; 1903_ _
18293 Eest Prairie Avenue, Saint Louis Misgburi
| 3
Archie Ralston Moyes - E
' " """"'"'*""~~~ mme E11 b
(Jun. 33, 1903) Moron 3,ZiB§;h Hopke

- 1
.Q 36'
a5ese11a,e11eeeeee~Jan. ao, 190 »De¢» My 190s
2§§»G1eoys Evelyn»»Doo. 12, 190 ~
Bureed in Clarksville Cemetery, Clarksville, Pike
C unt Missouri, Emme.E1izabeth Mayes the eeoond time merrie
0 F
ea E1 ins and living in Saint louise The daughter Gladys
new living with her grandfather Hopke near Paynesville, Pike
County, Missourie
V 96
Nancy Eseelle Mayes--»-e--»--»~"~'-~"~""""W»~~B»""50X
Clarksville Cemetery, Clarksville, Pike County, Misso
Died in Saint Louis,
V 7
Bireie Wells Mayee~--~~ --~- ~~~e6oseph Carroll Fry
(Deo. 23, 1900) Aug. 8, 1882
25e.ee1ae Elizebeth~Cot¢ 29, 190l~
255~eereen aer;~~~~~Nev, 12, 190§~Feh» ll, 1911
Separated, Ma1oh Zu, 1908* Joseph Carroll Fry is buried
in Clarksville Cemetery, Clarksville, Pike County, Missourie
1720 East 21st Street Los Angeles, Los Angeles County,
»---~~--a--~»»-»~H11ereee eeaae Maey
(Nev. 29, 1911) e
V 93
Walter Mayes »--- ~-_--, .... m______,Ma t E S
ceep. as, wav) rgm J`$§f"§§, §_°§§§
-Margaret Elsie»~-Dee -
2h3~Nelbs Eugenia---_
Daco 20, l9h8
239~Merr Eva- ---- ~~--Jan. 27 1890- C
§§2"H9l1iS "'- - --»- --Sep. 2;: ig3é-§&b, 5, 1892
2h2eGherles Thomas»s-Aug; 11: 1395: ovo 7' 1953
Aug' 9| 1899s
' e
Walter Mayes, ChFiStiBo Church; Greenwood Cemetery,
*Margaret EugSnia'SQOtt daughter f D_ J
§§§t§%i§a?°§h Dame"°"' b°""9PaYH€Svi11§; eigdugigsriggfggtieott
G U G, usio Teacher, Texas and Missouri; Christian.
reenwood cemetery, Clarksville; Sister of Mrs. R. E. Céadiel
V"101e `
Edward Leughtery Mayeg-__, u _
Cox Family Cemetery,
Cora English-Mega5-----_-,,_,_________m_
(Jun, L2, 1888)
2Mu»Orwin Me ee»-e-~~M3 , 12
2H5~Ch&TlSS ¥pgnk11n@M3§, 12:
Thomas Lee Foley
Huge 15, 1661
Sep. 20? 1926
Augn 13; 1910
l89l:Mar. Le, 1930
V 9
2h6#Thomas Elmo-----4Deo, 9, 189§e
R b t D M uummmuwmmunumnmummnmu . '
o ar unoan ayee Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missourio
Thomas L Fole El b _ f _ _»  
teryi Born near Nea¥'NewSHi;;¥ S first Jewelapi Elsberry came'
William Oliver Mayee~~~»»-~~-~»-~Suean Louise Luokeet
(Nov. 25,l880)Aug. 28, 1863 v_lo3
Sep 12, l9§1 °
256 Edward Henderson-Sep. 13, 1381 Auge 1, 195k Hallie Mayes"""'""""""'""'~~~~"»»~=~-»
25 Glare Pearl---»_~Sep, lo, 1385 Jen. 2B,l9OT Cox Cemeter N .
25 Mary 3ueen»~»--~~Jun. 25, 1897 Jun. 2 , 1997 V# "ea" QW H°Pe» Miasouri
Buried in Cox Cemetery; Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri. Q v_10u' .
Heleieh Lewia M9F@S'"""'*°°* ~--- --"Rebecca Virginia Prison
CJHH- M, 1899) ree. 23, 1877

W 38.
2 -Mary Virginia~~~-~Nov. ll 1900"
» 2&8~E1izabeth Frances»Oct° 12; l908~
Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri.
Rebecca V, Briscoe grandaugnter of Dr, Anderson Briscoe
and Rebecca Cleaver who was-daughter General Stephen Cleaver.
"I noticed in'the Press Journal of March 27; that the As~
sistant Librarian of the State Historical Society of Missouri,
desired information with re§erence to the man General Stephen
Cleaver, who represented Pike county in the convention neld
at St. Louis, Mos, on Jule 19, 1820, to ratify the action of
Congress whereby Missouri became a-State~-and tho fiPSt 8180
tion, held in the county in 1819s The Judges of Peso town*
hi wars Dabne Jones Daniel Balls and Rlchard watson and
S P Y '
that the election was Qeld at the house of General Stephen C1ea~
Ser, also surveyed and laid out the town of Frankford,
General Stephen Cleaver was born in Kentucky, May 20, 1766,
-~ssrved in the Indian War, in his native state, was wounded
(shot through the knee) and captured, was held as prisoner for
two years, when he made his escapes He was promoted for brave
ery; nade general and helped drive out the IH&l&DSs
General Cleaver came to Missouri, with his family about
1816, and settled on a farm in Pike County, now Ralls County,
three miles northeast of Frankford, Missouri, on the road known
as the old Salt River routes This route was surveyed by him
from Qt. Louis to Hannibal and Palmyra and is in use to this
88? H. Jack Jones
v""'105o ,
Mary Elsie Mayes-~ ~»---~- ~ ---- ~---- ~Otto Boomer Cannon
(Jens 2, 1900) Jan" 2, 1867
Aus»19, 19MB
2n9»Mary lucy-~----Jun, 8, l9Ol~
25O~Isabelle Mayes~Novn2T, l915~
Otto B. Cannon, son of Isaac Cannon and Lucy Wilkinson,
born in Lincoln County, Missouri, Merchant, Baptist,
Democrat, Odd Fellowg Elgbgyry, Gameteryn
Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouria
Charles Addison Mayes~--~~-~~~-~~~~~~~-~
Died in infancy, Cox Cemetery, New Hope, Missouri
(sara 8, 1878) Sapa 28, 1856
Ango 50,  
25l~Clarence Cannoneapr, ll 18 s
352~Hubs Gannon ~--» »Jnn@ 2Oi 188§ssee, 26 1955
255»csee1 wnieesissaaasc la, l89leSeps 7; 1957
Born at E1»Mo Farm_ Elsberr Missour ° " '
Hope Baptist Church Janéary lg, 5875; Atteideghégggbgéggiggér
A¢&d@m¥ at Troy, Missouri 187 ~18?7; Member of Pike County
Ghapher D» A» R»: Elsbsrrr Charter 0.n°S,; Federated B etsey
Club; and A. In Chapter P.EsO§ Elsberry C@meteP§_
WilkiJohn Randolph Cannon, son of Isaac Cannon and Lucy
ii gsog, born on present site of Cannon Heights, Elsberry
lgng' 8 aunts, Mi5S0UPi§ went to Nebraska in the spring of
R TG 388 again in §SPtember l8T?; In partnership with Ts
g Osdmss and Drs We AsHssuhill_bought ess first general
§l°§° is Elsbsrfr from Janes Co wilainssn, asa so T,
S S SPT? Agril 12, 1880 and moved to Elsberry from his farm
sstsmbsr , 1880, Member of the ries of Ccodman canoes g
gggnasegaill from 1880 as l88l; ceases sas seas, i881»188s;
Gannon &f?§h@PS, 188 »l886; Cannon and Al1oway& 1B86a1B95;
18 63? 2 8 tchell, 1 95~l896; Cannon Dry Goods Company
N69 19 5e88Wss one of the inoorporators of the Village,
El;§er7= é 5a0f the Elsberry School District 1888; of the
of GOm;Y &Hk;US COMPQUY 1891; and of the Elsberry Chamber
B of 53063 9089 Was a charter member of the Board of Trust
gguroh OstV§1lsas of Elsbsrry 1883; of the Elsberry sspeise
ber? éa Eioteg 37, 188g§ of the Board of Deacons of the Elsa
E1sbg%r PS E h8P§hi 1 5; of the Board of Trustees of the
I 0 O FY 5 Dol, l 8 3 of the Trustees of Deadwood Lodge
B; ;i;t°3 9O?' 8838? °f E1Sb9TPY l@35~l833; Clerk of Cuivre
mag from ggocgatlon, é9lh; D@¥OGT&tl? Congressional Committee
1896 lE97"§B §Y@Hth Ongrsssaonal Dlstrict of Missouri, 1895s
inigtr f 9 , United wltn Star Hope Baptist Church under
m Y 0 Revs We Ha Burnham, January 18; 1875; mappied at
ElnMo Farm Elsberry Lincoln Count M' 1 b-
Sabeski Whitesidea glsberry Gametegéa mssour , y Rev. Marcellu
V-108, A
Raleigh Rains Whiteside~»~»Elizabeth Ienora Settles
 Vlul 8
255 Grace l1ene-- Mar 1 . 1905 y 176
L kport will county Illlnols __ _ Gladys Rebecca Whiteaide~--r--e~» -------- Ira Clyde Epley
' oc -, » ' y _
Richard Ale ander Crank Wa§g°n6r
5§§ Daughter
1 3h8#Walter Clifton Lesley-
Lucy Catherine Crank
1 2
Susan Almeda Crank
"M "- bur
Susan A Crank, skill d seamstress, know? £5 "E »
oak Ridge Cemetery, Lincoln Countda Ilssour '
Eva Sejus Crank
Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Lincoln County: MiSS°"Ti
Jo Enett creek, Nurse or. rackeut. Phrsi°ia"»
Springfield, Missouri
Joseph Vane Rnteside
Edwin Vane W
Lenora Jean
nlsie Leila
Gladys iarle
Vera dose
Joseph Lyle
Cheryl Lynn
May 50
Jan 1)-I-3
Au 9
Fe 9
Jan. 12,
1 r 2 ,
k tt
SQ afar Cree €i;;.§22."'
Elsie Jane Clerk
1 16
1 is
1, 1899
' .1 9 _
VI" Toe
1   0
  V1r'T »
EH ____¢_m_____*-,l-a-»~-
dl _ ' e ' _f
ii at "
ms, W- T58
:§*"'l _ '
;$w VI"17ue
vi-175. '
" ¢ _"§§' J 1.
~ ` ¢ """" ' 1 a 3 '
8 gggza ~""T"";:::I:f 51 1 Z
an ~ """'""`" ' t' 92 °
LL2" n\»°I*°°°""'F¥.Ea 9   1 Ll'-'
(Aug. 9, 1910) Jun. 23, 1889
Eng-Clyde Erskine---Jul. 1, l911» ' _
3h -Gladys -------~-- Jun. 6, l9l3-Jun. 6, 1913
Bhoéwendell Mayes~-~Feb. 3, l9l5~Oct. 22, 1983
3h7-William Nayland-May. 8, l9l6-
2d-» ---~------ »» ~-»-- - --e~-- --Walter Lesley
Sep e 6,  
Name_of Epley children legally changed to Lesley.
Box 583, Redding, California. _
Walter Lesley, son of John Carnahan Lesley and Sarah
Ellen Hulse; St. Johns Military Academy; Accountant; Republic
Lions Club.
Mary Lncile Tate -»~---- ~=~»»-Joseph Frederick Reeves, Jr
(dun. 20, 1921) Aug. 15, 1889
3 9»Mary Alice»-Dec. 26, l92M~
3 O-Nancy Lee---Mar. El, 192?-
Ed -~-~-- »--~ -~»»------~-- Lowell Lee Thornton
(Nov. 21, 1958) Nov. 2, 1907
Joseph F. Reeves, Jr., son of Joseph Frederick Reeves,
Sr. and'Donna Anna Nichols; First married Rachel Mcduifin,
one son, Gerald Mcduffin Reeves born Nov. 23, 1917 reared by
Mary Luoile Tate Reeves. Graduated at Annapolis, Commander

U.S. Navy. '
Lowell Lee Thornton, son of Homer Lee Thornton & Mildred
Kinnel, Denver, Colorado. ' _
23§6 West Grant St. Corvallis, Oregon.
Claudine Abbey Smith-» -----~-~-- ~~--~ ~~»
Oak Ridge Cemetery, Lincoln County, Missouri.
Mary Lucile Smith »--- - ---- Horace O, Keef
Kansas City, Missouri.

V1 180,
Richard Thomas o ith- ' Mil5¥9&
Kansas Gity,-Missouri
Soren Frances Smith Es Bradford
K nsas Gity, Missouri
James Taylor $mith_ Jens
551 Mary tee
Z§§-?f§l%E§§ Me ir foe 5%
James T, Smith, Lieutensntis U. Sv An y W. W, II,
Prisoner of Germans; Hetall 1ocor¢
Jens Army Nurse, L1eutonsnt 13 Army Nurse borps, overseas
eervzce in W, W Ile
Kansas City, Missouri,
VI 185
Laura Gordelis Sudoarth John Everett Watson
(Aug 15, 1950) Deco 21, 1382
§55»Ernest Everett Nov. 25, 1920
Laura Ge suddarth g1eduate of Elsherry High School,
Baptist; Housewife, Democrat, School Director, Okste
1 d b Rev W L Hatcher
Extension Glub, History Club, Marr o F » Q
at Elsberry, Missouri
John Evo Watson son of John Robert Watson and Imogene
childs, Baptist, Farm r, Democrat, Hiekory Risge Rural School,
ulqsselassillnnl mm an sea ni! WEB!!
_ Q
an uma u |snunc»u¢ac=o|u9s»m¢nm=|e|smq¢m\mm
- o
'il   s '
'ml' 'Ll as ul na
'""': an , ' d * ' 3 "-
M. ' # h
Tn: _ N ` I
' I'sI ' -'J
_ ||!| _ LT _ 1
` "IDI ' ¢ ' '
l|" slut# I
#ml " `
quill' 9
_ _,g»|||\* _
  1||1* M'
; ~s 1 '
_ ' ",|| -
lla; wmmazuunmnmlauuamnsi a
n _ - ' _
- |
' W 1 -
- 3,
_ :st-1*
' l 1 an ll
' f{f§fTl!5 7 _ _
I ' Q - °
' Q 0 I
I C '
' I
S I 0 C _
on _V a Y
VI 18M
' Cora sets sussarts~~»»»»»~~~»~~~~» ~~s»~
Buried at New Hope Church. °
£TGhio Duncan Suddarth~~-- .... _--Anna*Loi8 Blackmore
(De°° 125 1908) Sep. 12, 1886
§lO»Forest Leon--~-»~-»-o0¢t, 12 1 ,
511-William Thomas~-~--~-~Jun_ 19, 1333"
512-Johnny wilson --------- Jan. 1' 19; _
51 -Robert Mayes» ---- -~~--May, 15: 19 -
5l.mAnna Virginia --~- -----Map, 53 1919,
515~Gere1dine Blackmore---Sep, 1, 1931-
$16-Georgia #gem-"-e-_____Feb, 26, 1925_
dasceigns Lois Blackmore is No. (VI»161) in Direct ling of
6 '_
Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri,
VI»18T, ,
Charles Mayes "uddarth~----- _ _
Know as "Goat Moore"
ElSb6rry, Lincoln County, Missouri,
Charles Wil1ism.Qninoy 5uddarth--~- ---Jessie Reid
Jam-93   S'|J_dC1.9,]j"b]f]_=-- ---- .. -.,...,G1ar|a   Famer
(Goto 1, 1915)
55H"HaH@l D611--»~»se 1 16 1 1 _ e
555"Ed.e3-1-°'°"""""""-F-a=s]DeE.     In
55§=Gortrudo~ ~=-~ ~~Nov, 20, 1918-
§5?~Normsn (Bnrk)_~
Clara Etta ?olmor, daughter of J,
maTfi9& by Revo Ferguson,
Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri
v1~19o, '
Lee Nelly Suddsrth»~~»~~»= ~-__ "__
558=Glars Gertrude-»Feb, 15,
529~Loe Roy-Q-»~~-»-Jun, 253
5 0~Ruth Bernice»»~-Oct, 21,
561~W1nn1@ virgin1e~s@p. 29,
gt ond Willie Palmer;
Clars Eslen Stewart
More lu, 1900 _
19a _

Clara ellen otewert daughter of
Stewart and Martha Ellen otmllphflue
VI 191
Howard Paul Sudderth
2 Gurtme
Junlor Jun 1928
Alme Nov 2;, 1950
VI 192
Florence May Suddarth "
(May 51
Forrest nu ene Jones
William Hutchison
-~-Margaret Thompson
-~-~-Pauline Wilkinson
Jan. 7, 1912
Dec. 25, 1950
_ --~~~-~Li11ie Davis
-»-~- -~~~ Rupert Jones
1922) Apr, 10, 1900
Feb. 8,  
E1 L M es - -»-Georgie Justin Sleet
mg? e?oY ay (Aug 6 19lQ) Mer. 26, 1895
569 LeRoy ChuPCh1l1 Nov
570 Ruth Anna Sep
571 Kenneth Euvene Sep
3' i351»?l'
71 1920-Dee. 29, 1922
5 55 "`"'""""""""""'"'U"U"'IIllllllllllllllllllllllw
- 57.
, _     Maygaummqwnuamgwmu
- Duncan Megeeburying Ground, '
v1~196. ' »
Emil? 9011993 dauehter of John Holiday, sister of Glarenm
ce Holiday,
Des Moines, Iowa '
 Sore 25, 190
595~mneses eeenklleesael. lt, 1957s l
Henry P Bsnesr and V. L. lhompson.married by 0. E.
All t W dri Ill 5
envzciooi. Tgigpson daughter of Chase Franklin and Ellen
Halley Thompsone ~
s lah E1 b l sin 1 een»»»~-_e~en1enaee caress Trai;
°" S Sr" N0v.g2§, lags; June 9, meeg
ren. 26, 1955
enary Lucile rraileeugl S l90G~Nev» 23, 1909s
59;-Samuel Rose Trail~Ssp¢ 29, l9G2~JU1» 25; 1955"
39 ~Francee Olevia Te"MRye 26, l903~
99eR&cherd Cutie T.~~Apr. , 190 ~
O0#Dorao Frisbie T.--Aug* , 1916*
Richard Curtis Trail, son of William Perry Trailand and
Frances Emaline Sittonyborn in Lincoln County, Missouri.
Merenant, Baptist, Democrat, '
Eleberry Cemetery, Lincoln County, Missouriu
,.¢|!,,,.~@ q¢¢\munu-lunw  
VI* 3.8¢
VI" 9
Jesse He? Palmoreee-r~~""~"~'""""""""'""
  H #Il fi. l!lHl3i
W: u
tm 5
Eg VI" lo
gy ~~ ~~ e
| U
rn | Q
GE -
ww VT-
H* so ¥
596 =
Lois Elizabeth Sing1eton~e»»»»~~~Jeme$ ErH®Bt H&mma°k
(Dee. 2h, 1918) F@be 53 1373
Feb. 1, l95T
60- 5
James Ea Hemmack, son of William Wallace Hammaok and Nelle
Elsberry; Baptist; Democrat; Merchant; Elsberry Gity Cemetery,
' garbee Candue Singleton- ~-~~---- e-Grace Waddell Cobb
(ogts 5,   D639 2,  
n01»Rutn Olevia 5ingleton~Apr. 5, 1915-
Barbee G. Singleton, son of Samuel Tieen Singleton and
Olevia Anna Elsberry; born in New Hope; Fermer; Baptist; Democrat
married in Louisiana, Fike Co, Missouri, by Rev. W, A, Bibba
Grace Waddell Cobb, daughter of George Henry Cobb and Mamie
gripletg, born ln New Hope; attended New Hope School; Baptist;
emocra ,
Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri.
' Lou Altha E11is--~- --~--~---- -~--Roy Wilkinson Mayes
(one, 25, 191n) Jun. 28, 1892
5On~Infant1"1r~~-- ---- Jan, 6, l9lT-Jan, 6, l9lT
505-Mary Willena Mayes~Jul. 6, 1925-
'Roy Wilkinson Mayes is in direct line of descente
Lou Altna Ellis daughter of Ea E. Ellis and Mary Wlllena
Raymond Elsberry E1lis~- ~~-»~ -~~~»Bessie Mae Wilson
mar. 25, 19Ml
ae-~-~(Ju1. 2, l9M2v»~»Ruth Henry
r -e-~ A ~-M r uf r
5 d ( ug. 9, 1951) yJg%e §éno§glE_ fo d
Beleie M. Wilson, daughter of Hebert and Mattie Cochran
Wilson; Baptist; D,A,R., P.E.O., and A,B,U.; Elsberry Uemetery,
Ruth Henry, daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Le T, Henry; attended
Eolia High School and Springfield State Teachers' College; Delta
Kappa Gamman Teacher,
Myrtle Elenora Hunter Bufford, daughter of Wesley Hunter
end Gorda Ellen Leffert; Baptist.
Raymond Ellis, Farmer; Baptist.
Cora Clifton Mil1s»-» ~-~» »»~~--Norman Adolgh Gordon
(May 25, 19On) Apr. 8, 18 1
5 I
ol 1

l ll"
|Il IN
 *"" `
62. l
. H1 h St eet Jefferson City: _
,Either. £32 §;;§ngS3Ark5§SaS; Garland County
Kansas City, M1SS0UTi
V1-225. , C
,---l- »L D H6 h
Susannah Guy M3Y@5"'"""""°°' Eugene eon 6 Q
(Apr, 9, 1912) Feb. 2, 189C
Q02-Adele Lusile De H9Eh"MaP° 1» 1913
stephen Kirk Mares--"* '""
Marian Lucille MHY°5"""'
Glarice Ross MsY@&"""
VI»232. r
Ella Elizabeth Msv@s~~-' "
Gladys Evelyn Msyes---- " '"_"
vI"'23|.|.| ' `
` ____"_"__;"*____JOhn Kgnneth ADdPGWS
0v_ 17, 1915) Died Nov- 37: 1930
H03-Marjorie Gail Andrews»Aug. 16, 1917"
Lge Angeles, California.
Gordon Earl FPY""f'f*' ""' '*""-*f-nnwnnnw
.inglewood Cemetery, Los Angeles, California.
VI»236, _
Edward Henderson Mayes ~~--»---~~~~--
Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri.
Clara Pearl Csyes --~--~~---- -------~---
Cox Cemetery, Lincoln County, Missouri
Daughter~~--T »»~--»~-~-~- -~~-~
Cox Cemetery, at New Hope
VI-2391 4
Mary Eve Meyss---- --»--~----»-~ Ephriam Russell Gannon
(Apr. B, 1910) March 25, 1892
Oct. 5, 1950
Ephriam R. Cannon, son of William Franklin Cannon and Birdie
Triplett, born in Lincoln County, Missouri; Elsberry Cemetery.
Elsberry, Lincoln County, Missouri
Esllie Mayes»-~»------~~~~-»-~---~-~~»--»
Died in infancy. Clarksville Cemetery, Clarksville, Missouri
Margaret Elsie Nsyes»-- ---------- Ray Frank Meloan
( 1909) ~ Jun. 16, 1891
NQVQ 211.9  
asa-Dorothy Mildred-l9ll~
Ray F, Meloan, son of Robert Melosn and Msry Temple,
born Peynesvills; Christian; Drag line operator; Greenwood
Cemetery, Clarksville. ' '
Margaret Elsie Moyes, Elsberry Cemetery, Elsberry, Missouri.

M retBurton Cmonundro
C1°.|.&I'1.S3 013135 ay (Dec       ZLL,  
t Omohundrq daughter of Reuben Carver and Birdie
Fpgno¥:P§;§§k Cmohundro, Methodlst, Skilled dressmakerg
born near Elsoerry A 1 - i
Charles Ehoma; na es, berrentef 35° L°"tS» MiS"°"T
1 M Dr. Cecil W, Powell
Melba Eugenlafoiiesal, 1920) Aug. EM, 1895
0 Ett Jean May 7 1922
Dr GE 3, P.ason of Charles E and Loretta Powell; Dentaetg
American Leg1on
V1 ahh
Crain Mayes Foley
Elsberry Cemetery, Eleberry, Lincoln County, Missouri.
VI 2H5
F kli F lay - Eva Catherine Spence
Charles ran n 0 (yunv 29, 19l5)
Eve Catherine Spence, daughter of John Mo 3995395
marr1ed at Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas.
Nebraska 01ty, Otoe County, Nebraska
VI Zhé
Elm F 1 " "
Thomas o o el (Jul 28, 1925) Sep* 9, 1901
~»-Gladys Burton
Thomas E Fo1ey,Jewe1er, nerchant, Married in J@ff@P@°n
G1 Q"
of D&Vl3 is and elizabeth Frances DaVlS» Born at GTC? Summit,
Burton Stenographer for United Railways; Daughter
VI Ehj
Mer vir inia Mayes ¢-- George Lee Robinson
" I
9 3
a ¢, 3
' in 0
"* Q
° nun-pn---ummnnusau
a, _ _
a .I 9
'gm e
pill .
'alma "I Q
¢|»;::: \ munmmqnnmaunsnuuunnwile-1-*'U¢'°P°""
|,!|!H7| an 5
¢|u\|`>| '
*,|5gu?; 4 gggqnnaulen-n unnnpqhl
;s| _ .
;sa\ ,_ _
:ww 'I
1111731313 11l|1P3 131
' o
, I
. 1
. -°-1 " I
% :sun-mamma: F131
at Y g (Jen. 25, 1921) Feb- Ta 1900
- lsberry
Mary V Mayes born Elsberry Missouri, Attended E M
High School; Housetife; Christian; Democrat; Married New Lon
don, Klssouri by Rove J» A- Jacobs'
65. ,
George L. Robinson, son of William Thomas Robinson and
Anna Rollo Mcnahill, born Elsberry, Missouri; attended Elsherry
Public School, Chicago Technical College, Mechanical Engineer;
Christian; Democrat.
VI "   e
Elizabeth Frances Mayes~-~-»~ =
Mary Lucy Gannone-»~»»~~~»~-~-~~Thomae Cannon Howard
(Nov. 18, 1920) oct. ll, 1395
nCo-Charles Cannon-~Dec. 15, l921e I
MOg'Wi1l1Bm Otto~~-~Apr. 5, l92§~
no -John Randolph--~Sep. 17, l925=
nO9~Molly Ann~~-~~-»Jan. 29, 19hO~
Mary L. Uannon, D.A.R., P.E.C., Eastern Star; Baptist.
Thomas G. Howard, Farmer; Designated Master Farmer by
Mo. Ruralist, l9nO; Held off1ce in Farm Bureau; Pike Hereford
Association, h~E Sponsor; He is the son of Alice Lelia Waters
and Chas. Martin Howard,
Isabelle Mayes Cannons- ~~~~ ~-~»John Bernard Griffitts
(Jan. 18, 19nT)
M10-Ann Cannon Griffitts-Dees 2, 1950
Isabelle E, Cannon, attended Elsberry High School,
Hardin Qollege; Personnel Analyst in office Army Engineers;
married 5rd Baptist Church, St. Louis by dev, 0, Oscar Johnson,
Jenn B. Griffitts, son of Homer 6. Griffitts and Ann
Galloway, Galeeburg, Illinois High school, Washington University;
Engaged in manufacture of cosmetics. ` 2
6675 Washington Avenue, St. Louis.
Clarence Gannon~~-- ---- ~~»-Q-"Ida Dawson Wig inton
' (Aug. 50, 1906) Jun, 1, l§§5
hllelda s1ieabeea~sev. 1, 1911- n
hl2»Ruby Melinda»~Mar, 50, l9l9~

Jeeeph Vane Whiteside S66(vx@l75)
Gladys Hebeec
VI 252
i VI~25H¢
b G Wllliam Barney Peeler
a Whiteside See(VI»lT6)
Ru y annon - 1
(Aug 30, l90M} SGP 25 369 M R&W16igh Clayton M111n@r~~e~a-a-~- ,-,¢mM1nnie Etta M&
Oct 2M¢ 1953 (Nov. 19, 1908) Nav, 12, 139133
M13 Willlam Randolph Peeler Aug M, 1910
Ruby Cannon, born in Eleberry, Mleeouri, Attended Eleberry
High School Elaherry Academy, Stephens College, B O. and B°M.;
Member of Tuesday Club, Alumnae Aesocmation, D A R ,'Elsberry
Cemetery married by G W Hatcher at Baptlet Church, Elaberry
L1HGO1B County, Missouri President of P E 0 Chapter 1932~l933.
wi1liam.Barney Peeler, son of w11liam Henry Peeler and
EIIZE M Atherton, born in Fayette, Howard County, Missouri;
Minnie Etta Maya Daughter of James E9 Maya and Levin
, Audrain County, Missouri
2d.*'*"""""'°""°'¢=-I--'vow' -w-»~n»-u-une
1 (Mar. 7. 1951)
~Ella Mae Carbough
Jana lu, 1896
Rawleigh Ce Millner, Eieberry Cemetery, Eleberry, Missouri,
Beuna Vista Mi11ner~»-~~»~~»~»~-aa_--~-a0;ap@nce  bans
(Nov. 22, 1905
J Feb. 1 , 1882
Sep 2 1918
attended Miaeourl UhiVSPS1ty, B S , President of Stephene~Col1ege, _ &
Columbia, Democrat, Eleberry Cemetery
V1 253
Cecil Wh1teeide Cannon Margaret Rebecca Treecott
(esp 23, 1913) Sap 23, 1693
John Lewis Cannon Nov T, 923
1 William Joseph Cannon Jan 17 1926
Cecll Wnlteeide Gannon, born ln Elsberry, Missouri;
Wl1118m Jewell College, Baptist, Democrat, I 0 0 F , A.F. &
A M.; marrled by Rave W1 La Hatcher, at Eleberry Llncoln County
Missouri, Eleberry Cemeterya
Margaret Rebecca Trescott, daughter of Ieaac'Louie Treacott
and Eliza Callaway, born 1n Foley, LlDCO1D County, Missouri.
Attended Howaro Fayne College, AQ BU, Baptist, Delta Pi Delta;'
P.E.O1 and O°E.S,; Second time marrled to Harry Curtis Gladney,
June 16, l9M3¢ 9
Harry C. Gladney, eon of Benjamin F. Gladney and Nettie
M1 Luckett»
Address: Elaberry, Missouri
hl6»Vernon Millner--~-~Ju1, 21, 1906»
t1g~Le1a Virginia-~~--~Jun. 2, l9O@~
Ml ~Margaret catnar1ne~ret. 28, 191l~
M19~Thomae Jefferson---Apr. 26, l91u_
n2O¢Clarenee May-~~~~-~May. 26, 1919-
Lake og
Harry Randolph Millner~~»--
3d"""""'""'"""~'~-~-*~-Robert James Braid
(Jun. 10, 1921) Aug. 9, 1891
-Robert Newton~~~~~Hay 5,
»Beuna Arlene ~~--- ~Apr,27,
-Winifred Euphemia~Jul,2Q,
~Doris Irene Braid~Jul,§O,
Twilliam Clayton-~~Jul.5O,
1On, Michigan, -
(aug. 10, 1911
192 ~
193 »»
Russia Allene Carvér
) Jul. 19, 1895
H25"Burdel1 Mackey-~eap. 50; 1915~ _
n27§Wil1el1a Carver~Jul. 20; l91@»
VI~25T. I
Glendon D. Millner»~---are-~~-~Ruby Frances Springaton
(Jul. 29, l916Hu1y M, 189k '

-Glen Dora- ~-~---~ Mar. 19, 1920"
Q50-Frances Luo1lle~~Apr. 19. l921~Arr» 2#» 193k
t5;-Ann1s- »~-- ~~--"~~Arr» 15. 192H"
M52-Charles Newton---Mar. 5, 1927*
M5 ~Robert Lee -~--~»- Jul. 1, 193 "
h5E~Beverly Jewelles-Deo. 29, 195 "
E28-Minnie Catherine~Mar. 15, 1913" .
5161 Aloott Street, Denver Colorado.
vi 11 S1 dd Mi;1n9r . -~-- nmun ~~-~-GBTbTud3 Elmgn Ford Y
nc Q (Jun. 1, 1919) s DSG. 27. 1399
-Ma 1megene~~~~-~~~&rr» 5 1920*
%§2»Ma§garet Genevieve-Nov. T; 1721"
Vinoil Sledd Millner, born Payhesville, Pike County,
Missouri; Seventh Day Adventist Church. later moved to
P 1 M it b Ganada.
Gi1be§;rt;3d§3Ei€enoF§rd daughter of John Madison Ford and
Mattie Martin, born at Eolia Plus oo. Missouri- Married at
Dauphin Ganada.n Q
fthaoa, Mlohlgans
VI~259. 9 ,
Buiord Vardeman Millner~~---~--~Margaret Jane Hutohene
(Sep. 7, 1955) Mer 5. 1911
...Pg Arm ---- ---NOV.. 8, l9§6°°
Eg;-Paiégoia Jeanna-Mar.21, 19 9*
h 9»Barbara Ray----~5@P= Br 19 1"
M30-James Buford»~~*5GD»29. l9HU"
nhl-Kathryn Ann~--»»Mar. 5, l9uT~
MAE-Thomas vereemaaaJu1.25, 1951"
Lansing, Michigan.
a _ i
Handtdph Thomas F£§§:1§;~i1§f§"""1¥if§§§ 3§%&f iarael "!
tug-Meei1yn~apr. 6, 1923~ Feb' lg' 929
3d_ ______ ___ ___,. __... ~---Ruby Lee Richards
 ra.. e, 1885

sa ga
a -;E§¥?¥Tt
hh8»John Carlton Cobb-*"00@» U, 1930'S@P° 25: 19UH
hh9~Jane Dean Cobb-~~**"JUl» RZ; l929"¢ -
h5O~Char1es Andrew Cohb~Jun. 1 , l9hD° '
Ohinetta Broun, daughter of Chas C. Brown and Emma _
Dean Whiteside; several years operated the Lullaby House in
B1 b '
S Gfgghn D. Coho, son of Ezekiel andrew Cobb and Sarah.Jane
Cannon; retired merchant; farmer; Mason.
Elsberry, Missouri»
Id El~Zabeth grownoa-a»-as-»»-~~Kenneth Edward Th&Y9?
a 1 (Apr; 18, 1929) Jen- 51, 1905
Ida B, Brown, horn Blsherry, Lincoln Uounty, Missouri;
graduated from Elsherry sign School; christian; Democrat; married
at Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois, by Rev, A. W. BaPtZ»oF
_ _Kenneth hduard Thayer, son of Ralph scott Thalaf and Mary
Ellen Rooney, horn at antigo, Wisconsin; attended Beloitchigh
School and Northland College; Roman Catholic; D9m00T&§§ CUCTBFS
Optometrist; Commander of Elsberrl P°St» Am@Pi0an L9Bl°n@
Elsherry, Missouri,
Edwin Bhnneth Whiteside----»Dorothy Josephine-Britton
(Jun. 12, l9§1)_ Feb¢ 20, 1912
h5l~Howard Wallace»~Feh, 15, 1955"
Edwin K, Whiteside, horn Potlatch,_ldaho; Csmbfidgaa Id3h°
and Prosser, Washington schools; h1ner3 Eaptlsti 3@m90P&t3
Eagles Lodge, Shoshone County Cportsmens Ass'n; married at Coeurd
Alone, Idaho, by Kev. Hunter. _ B _
Dorothy J, Britton, daughter of Arthur Clarence ritton
and Bleie Tombs, born Calgary Alberta Canada; Mullen, Idaho _
Schools; Baptist; Hepublican; O.E.S, Rebekah, Eagles Auxiliarye
505 hullon Avenue, Osborn, Idaho. (l9M5) _ _
v1»a67. ` _
_ 9 Robert Gerald Whiteside---~"-""'*""""""
Buried, Union Town, hashingtone
_I ll; A
vines, _ 71°
Helen Whiteside~~ ~~~--- -~--1-Janes Bartlett Ward
(Jane 26, 1956)
h52~James Bartlett Ward, Jr,-Dees 13, l959=
Springfield, Green County, Missourie
e Kathryn taiseeiae~»~~ ---- ~~»~--~~~- »~-"areal oieaa
_ (Nova 5, l95h} Nova 39; 1909
n5§~TalleyrandlHayne Cloudelan, 16, l957~ I
Ed ~---~~~ -~-~- ------ »---~-ehobert Scolman
(sas 5, 19%) aero 50, 193-it
Kathryn Whiteside, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;
graduated Marshfield (Mo,) High School and Springfield (Mo.)
Brmal Cloud,-son of William Walter Cloud and Ida Ray,
born at Ponce de Leon, Missouri; Plant employee; Democrat;
Divorced 19h6. _
Robert Soolman, son of John Scolman and Hazel Crowe, horn
in Rice Lake Wisconsin; Eau Claire Wie, School; Methodist; Democrat
employed by UUS. Rubber Company ,
5h5l Olive Street, Huntington Park, Californian
Francis Edwin Whiteside- ~--~ -~Elsie Alice Bancroft
Apr, 5, 1918
1 h5h~Victoria Pearl Whiteside-Mar, 28, 1958
Francis Edwin Whiteside, horn Marshfield, Missouri;
Marshfield High School; Machinest; Methodist; Democrat.
Elsie Alice Bancroft, daughter of Allan Clark Bancroft
and Marf d Alzina Freeman; born Tulsa, Oklahoma; Methodist; Democrat
52§8 Eccelston, Walnut Creek, California.;
v1~271. ' 1 Z
Norris Talleyrand Whiteside -~-~ "Betty Penn Wilkins
(Aug, ll, 1956) Nova 17, 1952
hehe-Laura Penn Whiteeiee~sep, 50, 1957 _
- s
-Norris T.Whiteside, son of Talleyrand Hayne Whiteside and
Pearl Gertrude Hamel; horn Marshfield, Missouri; lraughon's Bus,
Coll; Engineer; Methodist; Democrat; Kanawha Co, Juvenile Council,
Chairman, Kanawha Co, Youth Program, Charleston Youth Council, `
Lions, Mason, Young Democratic Club; married Bala~Cynwyd Methodist
Church, BalaeGynwyd Pennsylvania, by Rev. John Tate,
~ Betty P, Wilkins, daudhter of Willis Jarrell Wilkins and _ ~
Martha Elisabeth Williams, horn Atlanta, Ca; Mary Washington
College of University of Virginia; Methodist; Independent," ,
Address# 96h2 Maplewood Estates, Scott Depot, West Virginia

vm 272.
Edwin R1Ch&T@ wh;tes1de Julia Luo1nda Levengood
(Dec. 50, 1955) Jun 15 1 OT
M55 Judith Ann hh1tGS1d6 Jul 10, l957
JUl1& L. Levengood, daughter of George Levengood and Edith
Evans, Eleberry High bchool, onr1stian College and Culver btocke
ton, Teacher, Teacher and Sponsor of Youth Group, Chr1et1an;_
Democrat, Rebekah, Ph1 Kappa Ch1, Theta Alpha Phl, Gamma Upa1lon,
Jese1e Black Jr P E C
Edw1n R Vhit6Sl@6, son of Jacob Vardeman and Elizabeth 1
Pryor, Graduate of Northern 11113013 Gollege of Optometry, O .,
Optometrist, Merchant, D1rector of Bank of Lincoln Uounty,
Chaarman of Board of nlsberry 0hr1stlan Church,Demoerat, Mason;
Former Mayor of Elsberry, M1SSOuTi
VI 275
Winlfred Wh1t6S1@B Joseph E Langford
(Jan. 15, 1955) aug lt, 1911
M56 H&TPl6tt Jane langford Aug 25, 195A
Wanifred Uhit6S1d6, daughter of Jacob Vardeman and
Elizabeth Pryor, Graduate of Eleberry High School, marrled, home
of bride'e parents, Eleberry Missouri,
Joseph E. Langford, son of Jesse I Langford and Hattie
May Brewer, Employed Chas D. Belly Engineer1ng
l5hl N Geyer Bd St. Louls, Massouri,
V1 27h
Inez Knapp
Inez Knapp, horn 1n Elsberry, nissour1, graduate Stephens
College, Central MiSBOUT1 State Teacher's Gollege, Primary
Teacher in Iowa Missouri and Indiana, Baptist, Eleberry Cemetery,
VI 275
Ellie Knapp - ~ ee ~ ~ ~~
Killed in World War I.
  6 Q
Thomas Golumhue Knapp -~~-- »e-~~~-- »~~~~
-» '" I1 ' "
» - ee.---up
- » 9
m 1| e as _ B
_ L. q
, 1 /\ .,
1 1 '
e e
e If ' '
l ' ¢
- ¢
I , I 0 Q
" Ev "
I . -§
: I l ,
' _ ° _ 15
_ ' , = 0
.- " *T . " | .I g F
r V B
3- O
"' | .
  -'Y ; - | .1 I
' 11--»¢i1ilIll¢Cllll1\1!l1Z °
_ ` .
.. nn . eo
a :_ o I _
.. , V \ "
- I
\ .
, '_ l
§ I _
an .'
~ _. wr e '
I " I '
` I |
3 _
"' a
f' 73
U - Born Eleberry, Missouri; Watch maker; U, &, Army dupe
}nE W0Pld War I, served overseas; President, American lege
1on of Elsberryg real estate and insurance intereete; Justice
of the Peace; Coroner of Lincoln County; Police Judge,
E1eberry_Cemetery, "
Vl~ET7, _ _ , _
Mona Ellis-~e- ~ -~ Boeneger E
VI~2T8¢ - - I
  ¢'E`Allj..s"'" °""""°'"""-""'*'°*'° Bmnmwmnmsgunwayner _
VI~2T9» _
Lenora Catherine Ellis»~~~~-~-Frank Horace Cooley
(May la, 1927) may lo, 1965
M57-Carr Cooley-Nov. 12, l9hC-
Lenora Ellie, born Everett, Washington; Everett Schools;
telephone operator; married'by Rev. O. D. Harris at Everett,
Waeh1ngton° p
Frank Cooley, born Arlington, Washington, son of Ferry
Cooley and Mary Elizabeth Reeds Shell Oil Company, truck -
dPlV6T, Modern Woodman,
5527 Pine Street, Everett, Washington,
Maydee E11ie5---e~-»--~~-~--Charles Walter Linhofr
(tue , l9tt} - Jul. 9, 1885
Apr. 25, 1951
Charles Linhoff,-was the first tire married to Gladys
Boettler, who died March 19th, and by which union nine childe
ren were borne Married Maydee Ellie at Holl_nese Church,
TTOF; Missouri, by Rove Elda Smith. Buried Oak Hill Cemem
tory, Sta Charles, Mo., - ' '
v1~281. , _
Walter aeeie e11ie~ -~-- »~- ~-apillianl '
M53-Joanne Ellie-e-e C .I _
,h59~Steve a111e-~-~-

VI 282
Kenneth Mayes Martin Eva Colleen Keeling
(Sep 5, 1955) Jan 12, l 12
h6O Mary Ellen Martin Mare 29, l9h5
hol John Richard Martin May 21, 19 6
Kenneth Mayes Martin, born Childress, Texas, attended
Texas Christian University, Andover Newton, Minister, Con
gregationalist, Mason, Oddfellows.
Eva Colleen Healing, daughter of Rev J R R eling
and Clara Quillin, born Hiran, Ohio, Attended Texas Christ
Louisiana Delborn Community Church
5217 Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, Kansas
VI 285
Marian Elizabeth Buxton Chester Arthur Dean
(ost ao, 19553 ost 15, 1912
h62 Jane Elizabeth Dean Apr. 13, l9 8
hée Arthur Bu ton Dean seg 26, 19 8
Marian Elizabeth Buxton, born Joplin, Missouri, Joplin
High School, Cotter Junior College, Arkansas University,
member of First Community Church of Joplin Democrat, Phi
Theta Kappa, Delta Delta Delta, Tau Phi éamma, married
by Rev, Cliff K Titus, Joplin, Missouri,
Chester Arthur Dean, son of Arthur Dean and Caroline
Gertrude Moore, born Lewisville, Arkansas, Texarkana, Arka
nsas, High School, Arkansas University, engineer, Presbyter
ian, Democrat, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Theta Tau, Dta, Eta
Eta, Alpha Omega
900 North Pine Street, Little Rook, Arkansas,
Vl 28h
Emily Jane Buxton Jack Willie  Robbins
(Ihr, 5 1 e) Jen. 25, 19;6
héh Peggy Ann Robbins Aug, 16, l9hl
h65~Jaek William settles Nev. h 19bh
Emily Jane Bannon, born Joplin, Missouri; attended
Lindenwood College, St. Charles, Missouri; University of
Arkansas; housewife; Democrat; Delta Delta Delta Sorority;
married by Rev, Cliff K. Titus, Joplin, Missouri.
Jack William Robbins, son of Janes Monroe Robbins and
Neita Hawkins; University of Arkansas; Methodist; Democrat;
Sigma Nu; Area Manager, Parkersburg Aetna Corporation.
l127 Stadium Drive, Darhersburg, West Virginia. (1957)
an 5 .
I lnulnu-huwulliitniwiah   I
| 8 9 _
...ff " u--un: _ su ' _
M . T u _o H M n M _
' _ U '
1 4 _ , |
l -   .. 'N '
To I ) _ ' t v ° ' ~ J  l
ian University; married by Rev. Ja R. Keeling at Alexandria,
e -_ , 'I L - ' B , ,
, . 8 '
an ' \
U _ ` » 9
an   v mm . mv
. _ ' .
4 ' 1
0 I _ 'r_.. _ 1 1 °
' .Q _ |
. _ '
1' , Q 5
1 ° |- s _ _
I r " ° I 1 _
' ` I
D e
" 9
Y » 9h
_ I' :nun-svn _
I n _ K , K
3 fi M
Nelle Leona Clendenny--
Percy C1endennv~-- ~--
Harry William Clendenny
Jesse Leland Clendennyse
lrene Louvina Clendenny_
Edith Mae Kitson»-~»--s_
Ina Lee Kitsons---~~~~~
Jessie Kitson~-~-
Lola May Kitsgnu--a -_
John Anderson Kitson»~_l
VI  s
Lee Eduard Lewis~»----lu

VII 296
Harold beater
VII 298.
John Wllliam Mayes Martha Belle Whi;§;1@@
(Jul. 50. 1990) A"E- 71
66 James Lester Mayes Ma? 19. 19ul"
Q67 willlam Ronald Mares 591° 11. 1955
John W Mayes, Pres Culvre Bartlst Asaociational
_ F r _
Brotherhood, Farm Buregn, dggmgrer of Jacob Tapley Wh1teS1&e
Martha B Whlteal e 3 _
and Hattie Inéa oallowarf B9rt1S*» Graduate §fW§i§§§§§Y §§§§5ur1_
School; marrled at home of Rev L. H. LUN" 0 I
Vll 299
Gurtma Mayes Eleton
Son of Lottie Temperance Mayes &H9 GUY Gannon E15t°n'
Carbondale, I1l»
H 11     ,,._ qu--~nh,A1']_I1a,      
ar Y (Apr, 12, 19§h) Jan 28, 1915
M70-Irie Jeanette Eletoneaug. 23, 1955"
)_L7]_..A]_j_Q,e Faye Eleton---'Baca E: 1937
Q72-Anne Hrleen Elston~~~M9F- a 19 2"
Mayes and
Harry D. Eleton aon of Lottie TGMDSTQHGG
one cannon Eleton. 1.-iérrreo by new L. o. -Gregory; _Skilled H°1'S@ma1"*»
has appeared at horse shows throughout the Midwest.
VI1"'5 01 Q
Richard our a1St°a~~~;;»-'"-~§5"'5_'1;§;"
--Wanda Maurine Lyter
(march , 9
-Connie Loo E1Ston»~---Feb. 5. l9M5~ I
m gig dau hter of Luther Alexander LNt9P and H°X1°
1, cl 5, er Q n _ »
Mg; gdwardai attended Clarkav1l1e School, Gem City Buslnass
"~a9 ~ -i~;;;;;;_;;i;a-_1:;a"-
"' 1
A Lydia Ann Lewis-~~-ee ~-~" """"'" ""
'| nnuuhnllqll nauuummnnnuuu-:_ ¢lllil'*'*=""'*"'°"'°
5- _
'I " ,Emp-annuals \
1+ *I .nan .
1 ' l | ( ' 6
e ' 0 ..
| " °
A D ° I
' o
..._ Q* '
A | #annum new l\l*'H""""' "°""'
Gollege; Baptist; Democrat; married by Rev. Holland N, Dutton;
Richard G. Eleton, son of Lottie Temperance Mayes
and Guy Cannon Eletong born Eleberry, Missouri; attended Eleberry
School; Farmer; Baptist; Democrat; LOQE, Legion Poet 5h9,
' Glarkevil1e,_Miesouri@
Mary Eliaaboth Elaton° ~-~------" ~--- --Nathan.Brady Hughes
' (Jan. M, l9h7) Jun. Zh, l909
Mary Elston, daughter of Lottie Temperance Mayes and
Guy Cannon Elatong Eleberry High School & Brown's `Bueineee
School: Baptiet;¢Demoerat. Nathan H. Boys' High Sohool~
University of Georgia»LL.B; lawyer; Baptist; Democrat; son '
of Nathan Asbury Hughes and Mabel Glare Brady; married by Ia
Dr. C, O. Johnson, St. Louie, Missouri, Rl. Buna, texas. "W
VII»505. ,W
Katherine Elston ---~~-»~------ ~-Robert Lee Taylor Rm
(Feb. 8, 1959) Sep. 29, 1915 In
_ "Q
h?5-Robert Stephen Taylor~ "9
h76~Betey Kay Taylor-----_ no
_ »h
Katherine Eleton, daughter of Lottie Temperance Mayes §M
and Gus Gannon Eletong horn in Lincoln Go, Missouri; attended Im
Elsberry High School; Brown Business College; Stenographer; am
Baptist; Democrat. .M
Robert L. Taylor son of D. Cecil Taylor and Annabelle .W
Palmer; Farmer; Democrat; Married in Elaberry, Baptist QM
Parsonage by Rev. Ed. D. Daueen. .W
_ kllm
Infant -~----- »»~-»----_-. ---- ~---- ---- -_ P
Child of Roy Wilkinson Mayes and Lou Althea Ellie. E
Died January 6, 19174 Elsberry Cemetery, Eleherry, Missouri. §
V11-505. Q
Mary §Hllena Mayea-- -~-- ~-»---~---- ----- - Q
Mary Willena Mayes, daughter of Hoy Wilkinaon Mayen;
and LO&.A1fhS& Ellis; &th@nQQH Elgbgyyx Rig; S¢hQ¢1'Lin@§Q,7
wood College for Women; reaoher_9£ Clarence Gahnan`Sehool;'"
Elaberry, Miaeouri." ` `" - " 9 "lll ' i
'Samuel Cannon Mayea»-~Caro1 Frances Waltereoheidt 9
(Apr. 15, 1950) June 25, 1950

'"'="' '"-' f"   _cg-i'T;-1-'¥'*-' '€"1»"a||s-if-. -_ 1-
M73-Richard Gannon Mayes»Ang. 18, 1951-
MT ~Peggy Ann Mayes--»~--Jul. 50, l95§~
h39-William Edward Moyes-Sep, 17, 1955-
Semuel Gannon Mayes, son of Russell Taylor Mayes end
Gwve Blanche Weeks, born in Lincoln Ge, Missouri; attended
Elsberry High School; University of Missouri; Farmer end
Stookmen; Baptist Democrat; Alpha Gemma Rho. Married
at Morrison,,MissouribyReuVil1iem Wolteringa
' °dt. da hter of S. H, Walters
Carol Freno1s Welterschel , ug
soheidt and Emma Augustine; Catholic; Democrat; Typist in
State Division of Employment, Jefferson City, Missouri,
Jenn signers weeks ---- ---~»-----~-
(Jung 27, 1951) sep. 15, 1951
Bon ie Lee Stone
M80-Richard Guy Weeks~Dec. 5, 1952"
M81-Kathy Lou Weeks---Jul. 9, 195M-
John R. Weeks, son of Virgil Sumkert Weeks and Lucy
Cathryn Mayes, born Elsherry, Missouri; attended Elsberry
High School; Central Gollege; Rub icon Business Collegeggaptistg
Employee of Forrest Reeling Nursery, Elsberry, Missouri;
Married by Bev, Marvin Fortel et Epworth Methodist Church,
St. Louis,'
B nnie L dtone daughter of Henry1Stone and Jessie
Taylor Stone: Attended Elsberry High bchool, Hdsberry,
Missouri 9 Methodist i,
Getherine lou Weeks~--~~-~e ~-»- ~ sro
(Dec. 17, LQM9) D@0» 27, 1925
H ld Edward Moron
L82-Joseph Wayne Moren~Juns 50, 1951
hs?-Jenn sewers Moran--oct. 5, 1952
h8n~Jmnes Moran --~- -»-~Apr. 6, 1955-
h85»Hero1d Edward II-~-Dec, 21, 1956"
Katherine Mayes
Gstherine Ln Weeks, daughter of Lucy
and Virgil Stuckert Weeks; Baptist; Graduate of Elsberry
d b Bank of Lincoln, Uounty,
High School; Formerly employe y
' b Ba tist Church
Missouri; married at Els erry p 9
Harold Moran, son of Hugo Moran and Margaret Weberg Baptigt'
_ , i
.1lhO Redman, St, Louis, Missour
Marilyn Msrsh~~-~-~~ »-~-- -»-»- ~»---~--"John Ohkrr
Forest Leon Sudderths-lo V
-Ȣ,-___,__ i i .
(Jul. 2, l9§2) Pg mia Lille"
U36~Petrioie Sudderthe
U9g~Leon,Suddarth, Jr,
M8 ~w1111am ssssafeh
"Ruth Farr
D' Md" 5, 1952
h89"Leona Lois Sudd3PthmJ§n 15, l9u9"
Forest L Suddarth. Son of An "
no $uCdarth. Married héma , nie n. Blackmore and Archie
f "= - 1 ,_ _
L. Dsvdregory, Elsberry, Mi§so3;i?c%at*"$ mlnmstere Revs
R§§§1§l" Lillslg deueeuer of IJ L. Lilley.
err, msrrled to Forest L. Suddarth in California.
St. Louis, Missouri,
William Thomas Suddsrthoelgladya Armbruster
(APT» 252 1957) Mer, Zh, 191§
-Joe Sudderth
"Madeline Suddarth~Maf
-Janes susaarsh--_-Jun
LL92 _
U93~Rebecee Suddsrth--Mer
~Pn1111p sueeeren~~App
39?-Edward Sudderth~-sAug_ I
9 Sapa 22,
W' H* n
lll1&m 1, Suddarth, son of Annie L. Blackmore and
Archie Ds Sudderth; Farmer
G1 e ' _
e ye Armbruster, daughter of Joke Armbruster,
Clarksville, Missouri
Jbhn Wilson suesafth-____,___"~,m_mEtta Mag Mayea
(ADf- 5, 19571 Feb. 9, 1917
39U~Norme Deen Sudd th~A
591~Emi1y Jean Sudd;;th~A§§: ig# §358~
592»John Ed. Suddsrtho-mM&y_ 2; 19
ohn Suddarth, son of Arch Sudderth and Anna Leis
Etta Mae Mayes, daughter of Eugene Leora Mayes end
Georgie Anne Herring,
Elsberry, Missouri,

` " _ Jn ___ _______ __ ____ ___iv_
if »:s'.=---~- ..f\r._..-_..'_-_ _______,_
i qqnmqwmval w,w
f 'w15m.
:E Robert Hayes Suodarth - Helen Burkamp
(Jul M, 1955)
M96 Robert Uayne Jan 29, 19 8-
n97 Gerald Suddartn Oct 29, 19 L
(Jan 15, 1952)
 Mrs Kay Jackson
Robert Mayes Sudoartn, een of Annle Lois Blackmore
and Arcbme Duncan Suddartn
Mrs Key Jackson, formerly marmled to Rooert Jackson
1521 Benton, St Louls, Mlseouri
Virglnla buodartn Lewis Frltcn
Bled Dec l 19 O
blomee Frltcn Nova , 19 2
Louvlea Ann Frltcn Jun, 19.
O0 George Robert Frltcn Jul , l 4
Lewle Duncan Frlton Jun
O Julla Jane FF1bCh Mar , 19 9
V1rg1nla Suddartn, daughter of
and Aronle Duncan eeeeaeen
lemme rrltch, kllled auto
Glarkevwlle, Mlssour1
VII 915
Geralolne Sudoartn
(Aug 10,
50 Ronald Barrett Wlleon
50 BOH1t& Gall W1lBOH
Annie Lola blackmore
Robert wilson
Arr 1; 19M
O u §
Geraldlne Suddartn, daugnt r of Annle Lois Blackmore
ann Arcnle Duncan euddartn
Robert 111303, son of Barrett Wilson, Mechanic for
Turnbull Motor Company
Troy, m1SSDUT1
Vll 516
Georgla suaeartn
Georg1a Sudoartn, oeugnter of Annie Lois
Bleckrore and Arcnae Duncan euooartn
l SO
\ i
9 -unnuumes-u-nn-n |-I-In-\----rn-lv-w
? _ l
;' 'Q I ,_--_
V` ,H 'I sun"-1 ' |"
V\ " " | Zi"
  2d`ne-nun-=-snmaqauu-»m»~¢¢»»--nan-»w»» ,
Q »
  Q '
Eh * ,
MKHM _ , ° "
'Ii I ll
  "lu ` 3 'H 2 |
ighll "I
'H :HI |||
&3$H= \
LHVVH "H"519»
git "fl "1 " ° W: ¢...¢...--»...--1.-e--¢-»-»-» M °
UE' ; "I v I
. 'N
[mNH ' J 5
  lm' :II
_. p | 1
w;{_ _" ' ' -~_--~- 22
ituh M98 » 9* 1 Eg;
    -.= Lee _ _ »<-- 5, _
gimfu 5 _ . _ , _ 20 9 E-
g~n"1 5o1~ ° ' ° -¢_ . 15, 19h -
it  5 2~ ' °- ~~~»-1 . tw bf -
?'tHm ° ~ f ' _ ~ "
j= ,fm ||: 1 --e '
gcmwg » ~ » ~ 3 ~ _
,ltn» - ; _ -
H 7
W M '
  'H an ' l||1ii1l1¢l?l@l'iF?l*'i|'1-_|'|_
H ~
-W Q
_E n  ° - , _
fé ` u ` ` " ~_-- g*. , 19 n
fa . .
if ' Q
  » ¢ rs '
vi ul o
  _ -f \ ' '
9 u
C "r -
  L 11201111-IUB I}$i?}!¢Ti¥1il3'H
E ,; _ . `
Kathleen Cpgnk-_-__"____________"____
Kathleen Crank dengue . f R
gicnard Henry Crank: Greduzieoof Egiieigg Egagkgoig aqa
eoretary and Bookkeeper, E 0 col,
Edell B1aekm¢pel-_ ___,_,___"k___"_* Darel F
"""' OX
(Apr. 28, l9n6)
505-Galen Ge F _M _
506-Donna Ka§6FQ;§_A;g §%9 §3§g:
507"'G'ar3t '.§1DX~'--»-~-moot    
Edell Blackmore, daughter of William Mayes Blackmore
and Mattie Belle T k s
bl R@v» John Peters? er' marpied at hows °f MTS* M3Y95 Blackmore
Darel Fox, een nf Wayne pox; FaPmBr_
Rt. 2 Fairfield, Illinois,
IS3b9llB B15QkmGpe--_,,,_"_p _w_"" *__ Walter M Cl ll
_ "mn" 3 9 &n
§O8~Po1ly McClellan-J 13.
§09"R&ndy MoC1ellan~M;§. lg: 1333:
2n~~~»--l ____ _______"
_ ""-"--~Jamee P. Tucker
Isabelle Bl km _
and Mattie Belleeéucggii daughter of William Mayes Blackmore
130 Blackburn, Watsonville, California. _
Robert Paul Blackmore; Jr.- ----- ---Mildred Sehpoe
(Oct. 10, 19u2} 9 "
Robert P. Bl _
Nell Evaline Palm;§?@3?§: i§$§,S§2r§§ §;;@§§ Paul Bleokm0re9
Mildred Sohroer, from Old Monroe,
§44 `T
. dl
' to
' *lo
I "4
' lm'
' nj

- .\ '
\ \
_ if |||
,;§"L,,: ..-
x :~,,.,,, ...,
`   I \|||
_ _*hmm
_ ml ""
_af ,nh ,,|=
_ 5; n», U"
Lf hh, ml
_ir r'\| ||||
:ix mn ,|n
o !_|;
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i   vu,
`- `     Illl
\i! IMI ||$\
` ; li ,,|»
' _ l a- ""'
_ r!"
I. ` \ i ini 'W
' *' ' \ J ||
_ JRE;
_ 1-_ :lr
- rahgn
X  1   *gh nv-
_-Z r ' 1 f Im, II!!
" """   |||| .sn
__ __ _ _ " |¢
~_ owls
_   if ' llll
~»a» -Vw
:;§ri N
ifaéa Em
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gwwmf- n
§n;22 4
srén M
  Y: ' il
r '  l i   9 H
§r@§i  H
sis? W
 %§5* E"
stats fl
gas; =q
n§ma ir
    I li'
Eia s ~5
    if c I'
_   - I
,was _M
" '_ _.':rV'E' || I"
__ o_ _LI  
.1 in
- jj: 4: >:\
_ _ _ 1  
Za-;;_ l 'Q
_ _   3 =`
  _ 1
_-_%"' 7 - __-*wr ' f _
YTI"§2l» __ VI1-§26_ *
John Joseph Crank* ~---"~ ~"""~~~~~"'"""°" Rose Crank___*m_____
D' d " ilf ". J nn J. Crank son of Willis Hugh _ `
16 an 1 anoy 0 _ Bose Crank, daughter of Janos Crank and Katharyn may
Crank and Aretta Evalina Long.
Glbson. Teacher.
C Hasan
Augustus Castia Crank~~»- ~~--- ~"~""*"""" ;-
A, E, G, gon, of Janos Cran¥ & Katnaryn Harliibssné wlllene 0rank'"'""*""""""--~-~-~----~--~
Augustus E, Crank, died in ans, accidents y szo . Willems Crank da -_ _
r H 1113 fx J 7 ` tr
VI1m5a§'  may Gibson* Died és Gh§ld?P O ares Crank and natharYn
Thomas Gibson Crank-- ~-~~ ~~~»~- »~~~ ~~rM@lb& 3311? _
(Juno lo, 1959) Aug. 17, _ V11 538-
511-Gary Thomas Crank»Oot» 12, §9M5* _ _ Sammy GFank"""'"""'""' '"-- "----~---~~--
2* th' H G   3 1 'n  
51 K9 J LNB" Tan an ' 955 3 G,b Sonar CPCHK, son of James Crank and Katharyn May
Thomas Gibson Crank, son of James Crank and Kstharyn Gibggnv ' 1 Son' Died 33 1Hf&Ht» `
Mslba Rally, daughter of J. W, Ks11y'& Idg S, woooson,
Baptist. VII,§29.
VI1"52U° Don Waldo EaStin_-____,______ ____ "___Eva Lee Cox
Ralph Vernon Crank-»-~-~»Willana Frances Omonundro (ODE. 1, 1929) Nov, 28, 1910
(D6Q" 2&' lgul) Sep' 50' 1916   Don W Eastin son f T &sB ll
_ _ _ ~ ~_ , q 0 sau 'o o Crank and
515-Ralph `&Isrnon_, Jr.-Jan 26, l9)_L5- Wllllm C°§f"'H*°'~\S Eastlns bsrmsr.
_ Ph b _ V&_L6@ Coxi daughter of Walter Cox and Lillian
Ralph V. Crank, son of James Crank and Katnaryn sas oe us' American Laglon A"Kili&TJ»
Gibson; Farmer; Stockman. _ A
Willana F. Omohundro, daughter of J. H. and sargarot vII"57O
Clark Cmohundro; born Clarksville, Hissouri; Tsaoheq Msthgdists 2 °
NeE¢ Ho. Stats Teachers College; Married at home of hrades _M_B6mce E11 _ n
parents, Charksvillo, Missoun;, by BPO. B» G- Beavis, ` 3 W°°d East1n'""'~~----»--~~--Gossie Blugg
, Annada, Missouri.
VI1~525¢ _ 2@~"~"----~-------Mass1»-~--_o
B t s fs Eastin son of r1(Sep° lgua) May# 81 _...___
Charles Crank-~»~---~~~-----~ ~-»~Margarat QFHSV _ Columbus Easéin. and Bells Crank and William
51h-Barbara Jsan»-~-~
515»Connio Barnstt»»-
5lo-Charles Mountjoy~
5lT»Cnristis Ailsen~»
' VII-551,
RHSS&ll Parkgp Upank--_____,___"______u__"_
I §;r§;r??aHk, son of Pasoall Linn Crank and Lids Jane
_ VII-552°
E Jessie Settles Grank-----____,_____"________ u
E » Jessie Ssttl C k ."
Q and Lada Jane Pagierian ' daughter of P&Sca1l Llnn Crass

° 5u° W _
Grace Ilene Grank"~e»~e-~-~°"""-°"""-°°"
Grace 1. Crank, daughter of Paacall Linn Crank and
Lthde., Jane Parlmr .
son Crank¢m¢¢m,n-¢mn¢-w~mu¢nuwm»smw_ummm
Son, of Richard A1exander_Crank and Waggenere
Daughter GranR~~»~~» ----- -~~-~~=e-eeemee
Daughter, of Richard Alexander and Waggonern
Edwin Vane °Whiteeide~----~»»E1izabeth Ann Barnes
Edwin V. Whiteside, son of Joseph Vance Whiteside
and Elsie Jane Clarke
Lenora Jean Whiteside"---~»--~»--~»»~Jamee Grossman
(oote 26, 1955) Dena 26, 1909
5l8~James Dallas (Grossman) Jonee~Jan. 26, 195M-
Ulyde Toyn Jones
ae ------ ~~-~ -~-~-~~--~
(Feb. 18, 19591 Dec. M, 1915
519eLea1ie Ray Joneaebec. ll, 19hh~
Lenera J, Whiteside daughter of Joseph Vane; Whitee
side and Elsie Jane Clara. Born, Rogeraon, Idaho; Metroe
lie Ne ada High School' Housewife; Latter Day Sainte;
po v _
Demearat; Married by eisiep E. M. white ae Walla, Elko ea,
Nevada, to Clyde Tadenes. e
Clyde Toyn Jhnee, Son of James Samuel Jones and Nora
Tern, born Oakley, Idaho; graduated Wells, Nevada, High
School; Loeemetive Fireman on Southern Pacific Railroad;
L tter Day Sainte; Democrat, James D. (Grossman) Jones
son of James Grossman legally adopted by Clyde I. Joneea
M57 West 7th Brigham Cine, Ueaho
VII~55S5 V
J h' e ,,___mw_n
aG Whiteside _~~-~~~LeVerne Irene Jewkeg
Jack W, een of Joseph V' whit »@ _ .
508 Prater way; gparkss-Nevaégfl 9 aad Elale J. clark
V1I~539» V _
Elsee Leila Whiteside- ---- »~~~Gerdon»Wa1e@r Enkg
Elsle W , daughter of Jose `
° ,ph Va W, and E1
Patterson Blvd, Goncerd,_Ga1ifornia. sie 5° Clark"
VII~§hO, d V
Gladys Merle Whiteside--~~~a3iyk Richard Mitéhell
G1 e M, f ' »' - _ _ e
Elsie J;n§BClarETlteS1de5 daughter of Vane Whiteeide and
'Kirk Ru Mitchell; Mejor in air aereeo _ _
Vete Village, Box 7h Sti11water5`Okla,
Ve R _ ° ____ e _
_ ra oee Whiteelde ~a_--eaagbert Rex Brooke, Jr
Vera Ra Whiteside, daughter of Joseph Vane Whiteside
Eleie Jane Clarke
695 Cranliegh Drives Reno, Nevada,
»e2)_!2 7
Joseph lele Whitee5eeem_
J05@Ph Le.Whiteside% een
and Elsie Jane Clark0_ `
VI1"5u5¢ _- `
wuq_mnu,¢=,k.-'bn-ug* _m'__n-min.-In
Of Jvaeph Van@¢'waieeaiee
Cheryl Lynn Whiteside"--l_,m_____é _
-lu- unswmegbu-eq.
Cheryl L n Wh°t ° e
whit@gi&S_andF@§;iG1J§;;d§ia§;?§heer of Joseph Vane
v1Im§uuo ' '
Clud - ~ '
yue Erskine.Leeleye-»-eagvelyn Osgood Dearihg;
Ulyde Ee Lesley son of G1 _
Ira Glyde E_l G C P adys Rebecca Whiteside ang
Lesleyn P GY lyde Ea Lesley, legally e5optedmby_Wk1ter

Clyde E. lssley, Teller at lst National Bank of Pomona,
591 Columbia Ave, Pomona, California.
Gladys Whiteside Epley ------- - -~----- ~--
Gladys W, Epley, daughter of Cladys Rebecca Whiteside and
Ira Clyde Epley. Died in infancy.
Wendell Mayes Lesley-~-~ --~-- - ----- »---~-Married
Wendell,W. Lesley, son of Gladys Rebecca Whiteside `
and Ira Clyde Epleyt Clyde E. Lesley, legally adopted by
Walter Lesley, Aviator, Flight Officer, killed in plane
crash while on duty with Air Corps Ferry Command W. W. I I,
William Wayland Lesley~~-~--Mary Margaret Emery
52l»Margaret Wayland Lesley-May 51, l9h2
William W. Lesley, son of Gladys Rebecca Whiteside
and Ira Clyde Epley. Clyde E, Lesley, legally adopted by
Walter Lesley. Born, Cleveland, Ohio; Air Corps W, We Il.
French Croix de Guerra,-5 Combat Stars, Purple Heart and
Oak Leaf Cluster. History teacher skilled photographer
and iilm editor; Pomona High School and J.C. La Verne Col-
lege. Post graduate Work at Claremont Wen*s College;
Christian; Republican; Birdie Club; Calif, Teachers Assn;
P.TA.; Married at Lge Vegas, Nevada,
Mary Margaret Emery, daughter of Joseph Faulkner Emery
and Mary Margaret Elorenoe Hamilton; Santa Barbara College;
Riverside Junior College; Housewife; Christian; Republican;A
Pomona Country Club; P.T.A., Mary W. E., horn at Riverside,
California. -
587 West McKinley Avenue, Pomona, California»
viz-;ts, _
Walter Clifton Lesley -»---- ~~~~»- --~~----- ~~
Walter Clifton Lesley; son of Gladys Rebecca Whiteside and
We1¥ar-ieS1sy- Studying for the Ministry. '
Mary Alice Reeves- -»-~- -Maj, Jhmeg Frgdgpigk Martin
(War. 28, l9hh) Sep, 25, Legg
522»Robert Frederick Mart° ~D , as 1 -
5&5»Nancy Marie Martin---EE~M;;, 19; lgkg-
Mar? Alisa R@9V@S» d&u%ht9T Of Mary Lucile Tate and
Joseph Frederick Reeves, Jr,
Neuse Les 3@@V@a"""-"~ -~-- ----Robert Burton MeCaig
(ret. 5, 1950>
53M-Kerry Ann MeCai ~~»~Ma 12 1 3-
525-Daniel allen re§aig-sei ig; 1g25~
Nancy LGS Reeves, daughter of Mary Lucile Tateeand
Joseph Frederick Reeves, Jr,
M5-395' Lou Slflithw ~--- ---.. .. ..._ .... ,,_" __ _,___
Mary Lou Smith, daughter of James Taylor Smith
and Jane ,
Kathryn Sue &mitha_a-__m____,_
Kathryn Sue Smith, daughter gf
Jane ,
Mar-tha Jane Smith--- ...___ .___.,_,,_ ___
Martha Jane Smith, daughter of
Jane G
Ernest Everett Watson-»~-~---_
"' |lV¢¥l|
Curtis Suddarth-e--~~~-~-Lntie Annabelle Harrison
(May 17; 19h1$ Apr. 16, 1925
551-Joyce Annabelle Suddarth-Mar» 5,
552»Curtis Paul Suddarth~----Aug. 15,
55 -Leslie Fave Suddarth ----~ Apr. 25,
55 -David Wayne Suddarth ----- Nov. 9,
555-Danny Ray Suddarth- -~-~» -Oct. 26,
556-Judith Melinda Suddarth--Jan. 19,
557~Clarence Eugene Suddarth-Apr. 6,
Curtis Suddarth, son of Howard Paul Sudderth and har~
garet Thompson.
Lutie Annabelle Harrison, dagghter of Clarence Everett
Harrison and Virgil Eudora Rector.(Her mother Mary
Cusan Hammack»)
Elsberry, Missouri
Charles Suddarth-~-»-~~-»»-- ----- »~-Bernadine Levy
(Mar l9t1)
558-Janet Loraine Suddarth-Feb. &, 19h2~
Ed -~---- ~--~--»~ *~----~ *~"~-Mary ADH Millér
(gulw he 19H7)
Charles Suddarth, son of Howard Paul Suddarth and
Margaret Thompson,
Bernadine Levy, daughter of Grant Levy and Thelma
Kansas City, Missouri
Genevieve Suddarth----~---»»~»-~Dona1d Cunningham
529-Bobbie Cunningham-» ~---- -~
5 O-Florence Jean Cunningham -
561-Karen Cunningham ---~~- ' ----
562-Donna Cunningham- »~---~- ~
56 -Dale Cunningham ---~--- ---
56 -michael Cunningham- --»-- -~
Genevieve Suddarth daughter of Hceard Paul Suddarth
and Margaret Thompson. '
Greenfield, Illinois,
Daughter Snddarth-- -~~- -a; ...._ _ _._._ --;
5 Daughter, of Hhward Paul Suddarth and Margaret Thompson,
v11~566. C
Junior Suddarth-e---- ---- ~- _--._.. ----"Jmne Briley
565-Kenneth Dale Suddarth~Aug, 10, 1952-
_Junior Suddarth, son of Howard Paul Suddarth and Paul-
ine Wilkinson.
    '"'"" ==*""\¢°-I U~U-~ --In-» wuu- q¢uG.1enn  
(Jul~ 10, l9h8} June 26, 1927
566eGlenda marie Logan~Apr. h, 1952-
Alma Suddarth, daughter of Howard Paul Suddarth and
Pauline Wilkinscne
Forrest Eugene Jones---~-~--Lois Joan Mesterson
Nov. 17, 1952
56 ~Karen Faye Jones---~- 0_
56g~Randall Eugene Jones~i;%: CE; i%%5~
F°FT93t EUCSHG JDHGS, son of Florence May Suddarth
and Rupert Jones. attended Elsberry High School; Valedictore
ian; Uhited States Air Force; Foreman, Mc Donnell Air-
craft Corp,
Lois Joan Masterson dau ht r f F t M t
Duey; Elsberry Higé Sohgole o crres as erson and Delma
2515 Linden Place, Ste Charles, Missouri,
LeRoy Churchill Mayes-~~»-~~Katherine Ann Toalson
- 100.
Mary Lynn Parks, daughter of I. Linwood Parks, born
in St, Louis, Missouri. Graduate of Christian College and
Washington University; Teacher; Phi Hn Sororitye
Molly Ann Howard- ~--~------ -~--»---=----
Molly at Howard, daughter of Mary Lucy Cannon and
Thomas Cannon Howard; attended Ehsberry High Schools
Ann Cannon Griffitts~»---»-»-~ ----- --~-~
Anna C, Griffitts, daughter of Isabelle Mayes and John
B. Griffittso
Ida Elisabeth Csnnone--~------William Irvin Finley
(Jun, 1,   Mare T*  
592-William Cannon Pixley~Aug, 20, l9hO~
59 -Thomas Dawson Pixley--Apre 28, l9h5-
Ida Elizabeth Cannon, horn in Elsherry, Missouri, daughter
of Clarence Cannon and`Ida Dawson Wigginton; attended Elsberry,
Eastern High bohool Washington, D. C.; Missouri University
s.J, 1952; s,n. 19§g; Baptist; rehearse; Alpha ani, Theta
Sigma Phi; P,E°C,,Jessie Blank Club; married at Christ Church
Alexandria Va. by Rev. H. L. Doll, Rector and Rev, James
Shera Montgomery, Chaplain of House of Representatites.
William Irvin Pixley, son of Harry Clinton Pixley and
Sarah Ann Irvin, born at Ferguson; St, Louis Co. Missouri,
Ferguson High School; B.S, .Missouri University; Herohanir
tal Engineering 1955; Medhodist; Democrat; Pi Kappa AXQHQ,
Pi Tau Sigma, Tomb and hey; A,S.M.E¢; Power Transmission
Club; Sales Engineers
21 Hnntleigh Woods, Ste Louis 22, Missouri
Ruby Melinda Gannon ---- ~ ----- Harry Bert Haokethorn
(Apr¢ 6, l9H5)May ao, 1918
59E»John Gannon Haokethorn-»-Dec. 28, l9h5-
59 -David Lyon Hackethorn»»»-Jun, 1, 19h9~
599~Susan Melinda Haokethorn~Jul¢ 15, 1951-
RubY'M~ Cannon daughter of Clarence Cann` d I
. - d D A
¥i§gint§n, born St.'Louis, Missouri; Randolph §§c§§ w0m;n»;w;g§lege
D?AY§T§ §FEo§ Higsouris A.Be» M.A.; Methodist; Democrat; P.E.0., '
" ° ' *J 1 Esta Phi, Alpha Pi Zeta; married Christ Episcopal
Uh"P°h» Alexandria, Va. hy'Reotor Edward
Harry Bert Hackethorn, son of Harry
P°§P1 MOUDEQ born in Columbia, Missouri;
5»v~ in Business Administration; Captain
Dsmoarets Keeps Alpha; District Director
531 Pine H&V9s, Houston, Texas.
Randolph We lla ,
Dalton Haokethorn and
University of Missouri;
U.S. Army; Methodist;
of Aetna Insurance Company.
William Randolph Peeler~-~-l.EleanDP Sheppard Browne
<0@t- 23, 1937) Asp. av, 1913
600#w111iem Randolph P 1 II.»A - _
6Ol~Melinds Peelsr----??si€i»_--~D§§; ig: %3i§~
William R Peeler horn in Elsberr
' ' y Lino l C . Mi °
%e§;og Siigh School; Missouri Univer§.t¥; Hallqwgr §o11o;;?uPi'
" 3 ates Navel Academy; B»S- (l93h Naval Officer; Baptist;
Kappa Sidmai Norfolk German Club.
vElesnor Sheppard Browne, daughter of Randol
Ph Maury Browne
ggd Jes? Mginell, born in Norfolk, Norfolk Co. Ve. Episoopolian;
WBTQSPQ #1 "ber Of Junior Leases; Maury High School, Norfolk, ve,
us ness School; married in ohuroh of the Good Shepapd, Ngrfolk
Va., by Rev. Gunn. - '
712 Potty Avenue Corona del Mer, California.
John Lewis Cannon-- -~-~ e--~----Doris Marie Stratton
~ (oct. 29, 19h8)
6C2~James Andrew Cannon»-~-A _, 12- 1 _
603'John Lewis Cannon, Jr.-Dgg, 13: 13§§_
' JOhh L. Cannon, son of Margaret Trescott and Caci
3 - l~Cann °
;;§engei Elsbeffd Hidh School; Central College, Fayette, Mig§§§r1.
H e n versity; School of Medicine l9h?; Ng Sigma Nu. attended '
artford Hospital Conn; married St, Maryas Episcopal éhurch
Man0h§;;§§ §0Hg% bitRev.dA1fred wilmes. '
» ra on aughter of Th J. St tt .
Hartford Hospital School of Nurses; Suggiiisor o§aNug§es?r§§§€;gpo
Hospital; ' -
William Joseph Cennon-- »»-- e---~~-~-Doris Eleanor Shoop
||>m: :
mum' |
*IN :U
l~|=||H' I
ul-w~|Nl' I
umrlidl' I
mm' '
)¢'ll'|I\ln|' '
` 1-vi-~
 ""-T  > V w~_.p,
llue- - 5
ll ,
VIII-M9§. VI1I~h97»
Rebecca Suddarth»»-~~»-~~~-»---~-~--~-~= Gerald Sudderth---~-~-__-_,--__-___-_,_,
Rebecca Suddarth daughter of William T. Suddarth G@P&l5 3U@@&?th Son of Hgh t e 5 dd th d
and Gladys Armbrueteri Helen Bufkamp- 3 er Hayes u ar an
viz;-b,9LL. 'm1"'L#98-
    ""'" """°"""""'°""-"""'"'°"""'""°"°   '?'ra5'tc}1"h"-*nn-""""'°*'I'-I-luv-nnmni-nulnusnl
Janet Suddarth daughter of William Thomas Suddarth I E§°35@ FPitGh daughter of Vir ° " S dd on d
and Gladys Armbruatere Lewls Pfitch* = glnla u ar an
VIII-H95@ VI11"U99-
Phillip eueaarth»--~~~-~~~»»~»-~--»--~»- Louvisa Ann Fritch-~~-~~~----_-_---___-_
Phillip eueearth een of William Thomas seaaaren one L°?"iSa.A"n F"it°h daughter or V" ° 1 o dd
Gladys Armbrustera 5 and Lewis FTit0h» , lrgln a u arth
" v111~5oo.
Norma Dean Suddarth-----~--~-~- ----- »=~~ Janee L, Geringer
(ret. 11, 1956)
Norma Dean Suddarth, daughter of John Wilson Suddarth
and Etta Mae Mayes.
579-James L, Geringer II,~Ju1. 29, l956~
Emily Jean saeaartn---~~--~~--»~--~~=-~- Jerry WaltOn
(June 1, 1957)
Emily Jean Suddarth, daughter of John Wilson Suddarth
and Etta Mae Mayes.
John Ede eoaeartn~~»--~~--~~»»-»--»»~~»-
John Ed. Suddarth, son of John Wilson Suddarth and
Etta Mae Mayes,
Robert Wayne Su&darth~ -------- -~ ---~ ~»»»§
Robert We Suddarth son of Robert Mayes Suddarth I
and Helen Burkamp. `U. §. Navy; attended alsberry Hlgh Soho
George Robert Fritoh~~~~~--~ --_. -m__-__-
I George H. Fritoh, son of Virginia Suddarth and Lewis Fritch,
I V111-501.
I Lewis Duncan Frit¢h-~_-_-~--_,________,_
I Fritcgewis D. Fritoh, son of Virginia Suddarth and Lawig
vIII~502. h
Julia Jane }EP1=j_~{;¢;}1.-,................,..._..,.__,_,_,_,,_,__,__,___
Julia Jane Fritoh d ht V S
Lewis Fritch* , aug er of irginia uddarth and
Ronalo Barrett Wi1son~-~-~a~~-_~_~--.---
ol* Sudda§§§ald Barrett Wilson, son of Robert Wilson and Geraldine

ll6= 117
VIII-5Oh» ; VIII"511°
Bonita   Wi1Son,_"___,,__,_,______,_,__,_,_ _,_,_ _ | G3»T;Y ThOI`f1&3 GI'3»l'11{"'°"""--w---.....,.,-......»---»--=»»
Bonita G. Wilson, daughter of Geraldine Suddarth E Me1b&G?1'§5T T# Crank: 5911 °f Tl'10IH&S Gibson C1°5f1'lk and
and Robert Wilson. § M15'°
VI1I~505. t ¥III"512°
Galgn Gang Foxu_______m_ ____ ,______,____ Kathy Lynn Crank--~~~-we-,»--a----_--a__
Galen Gene Fox, Son of Edell Blackmore and Darel Fox, Melb&K§;§§yL* Greek, dauEht9P af THOMRS GibSOH GPRHK and
Donna Ray F°X°""'°°_°""°"_'"'_"m°""'-"_ Ralpa Vernon Greek,-Jr*--»-~-----_.
D Ka F d ht of Edell Bla kmore and Darel _
Foxg onna Y OX' aug er G Omohuggigh V. Crank, SDH Df Ralph V. Crank and Willana Frances
G&xlet :FO:{-'n-H-_"uw" "".P_w..--"-F"-B-um-N-m-* Barbara Jean G},"&,l'1kf"F'*"~*'"'"°~l=1-w¢-run»=¢~u»~u;a»qu».¢-.pq
D 1 F    
Garet Fox, een of Edell Blackmore and are ox, Barbara J, Crank, daughter of Charles crank ang
Margaret Barnettg
v111-508. -
Polly ree1e11an~~~~~~~~~»~~-~-~~~~~~-~ VIII"515'
Polly &bG1ellan, daughter of Isabelle Blackmore Gonnie Barnett GFank"*'"""""'*"'*'""'"""
W lt _ Cl ll
an& a er HG S an" Connie Barnett Crank; daugater ef Charkas Crank and
Margaret Barnett, ' - ' ' '
Randy McGlel1an-»-~~~-~-~~»--~»»~»~~~»- VIII"516° _
Randy McClellan, son of Isabelle Blackmore and Walter Gha"k"" M°"nt3°Y G"ank""""'""'""""""'""*
M"/°1°11'"'* Gharlees M. Crank, son of Charles crank aaa Mar eret
Barnett g
Daughter Blackmore,~~~e»~~~~~»'"*~""~""~ VIIIf5l7' I
Daughter of Robert Paul Blacknuore and Mildred Schroer. Ghristie '"f;m°@n G""mk"~"?f'"""""""""""""""- _
Christie A, Crank, daughter of Gharkee Crank and Margaret

113- r s 119
James Dallas (Grossman) Jones----»--~~e~
James D, (Grossman) Jones, son of Iehnra Jean Whiteside
and James Grossman; adopted son of Clyde Toyn Jenes»
Leslie Kay Jones----°-~---*"*~~~"--'"""*
Leslie K. Jones, daughter of Lenora Jean Whiteside
and Clyde Tnyn Janes,
Son Les1ey~»~----~-----~~»-~~- ---- ~-~~-"
Son of Glyds Erskine Lesley and Evelyn Osgood Deering.
VIII~521» '
Margaret Nayland Lesley#-»-----~--~~"~~~
Margaret NB Lesley,~daughter of Wllliam Nayland
Lesley and Mary Margaret Emery.
Robert Frederick Martine-»----~ ---- ~---~
Robert Frederick Martin, son of Mary Alice Reeves
and maj, James Frederick Martin, '
Nancy Marie Martin~~--~-~»~~----e-----»
Nancy M. Martin, daughter of Mary Alice Reeves an 
Hai. Janes Frederick Martin,
Berry A n McGaig»~ ----- - ---- ~-----~~--~~
Kerry A, McGaig, dsughtsr_of_Naney Lee Reeves and
Hebert Burton McGaig¢
I ~ »VIII~525¢ r r u ~
- Daniel A; MoCaig_ s f R q
Burton Mgcaign 5 03 0 Nancy Lee eaves an Robert
I   mfastS-or;-"°'f"""-"*"""""w~uum~»n¢»-mn--sa---:an
l Andrea Watson? daughter of Ernest Everett Watson and
Velma June Gibsons   _ -
VIII#-5 aff 1, _
Clara Frances L&W5°R"""""""""*1*~Robert L, Thomas
658»Wanda Dell Thomas~Nov¢ 15, 1955-
Glafa Fe L&WSOn, daughter of Hazel Dell Suddarth and
Abner Jackson Lawson; attended Elsberry High School,"
Marshall3 Missouri. a
VIII»528» e
YVODHQ L&WHOHe--------~-~»~~ ~-F~~~-Hebert H; Laird
659~_*___sLs1fa~sas- 15, l95T~ 1
1. Yrcnne Lawson, daughter of Hazel Dell Suddsrth ald
AOHGP Jackson Lawsono _ -_ '
VIII~§29@ - Q V
Harry Jackson Lewsonms- s.__... "Gerry K y Eédman
_ 'hh and ]`-Inman# Apnéld Rif'f'1e_ Jr-
` 121
Bonita Faye Biffle----m-- .__... .---~~--»~
Bonita F. Riffle, daughter of Eunice Gertrude Suddertn
and Homer Arnold Biffle, Jr,
VIII~5L0. d
Marilyn K. Riffle, deugnter of Eu ice Gertrude Sudderth
and Homer Arnold Biffle, Jr.
Debbie Suddarth~-~---~ -»-~---~- »~ ---- ---
Debbie Suddarth, daughter of Norman Suddarth and
Gretchen Bees.
Rita Dianne Sudderth-~ ~--- -~ -~»- ~------ »~
Rite D. Sudderth, daughter of Norman Suddarth and
Gretchen Base,
Dennis Dale Burb1dge» -~-- ~---~--- --Beverlg Temple
(Mar. 20, 1957) Apr. 2 , 1935
639%¢Deniee Jean Burb1dgeeDec. 27, 1957»
Donnie D, Burbidge, son of Clare Gertrude Suddartn and
Raymond Burbidge; U.S. Marine Goree.
Beverly Temple, daughter of Charles Temple; Eleberry High
School; formerly employed by Missouri Edison Go; Christian.
Kenneth Lee Burbidge-~-»»------~»Joyce Elaine Rogers
DEG: 193   `
6uO-Kenneth Lee Burbidge, Jr.-Jan 21, 1957"
Kenneth Lee Burbidge, son of Glare Gertrude Sudderth
and Raymond Burbidge.
Joyce Elaine Rogers, daughter of Vernon Rogers and Ruby

Andrews, _
John Kenneth 2 Q,
Marjorie Gail 05
Armbruster, Gladys §l1,
Arnold, Ida 262,
Bancroft, Elsie Alice 270.
Barnes, Elizabeth Ann 356.
Barnett, Margaret 525.
Barrett, Glaeye 160,
Barton, Mary Franoee 16.
Base, Gretchen 557.
Beauchamp, Rosemary MMT.
Anna Catherine 220,
Henry Palmer 221.
- Nancy Catherine 60.
Thomas Franklin 595°
Thomas Martin 78.
Alfred Mark 61 ¢
Mark Edward 1 ,
Natalie Sue 15.
Phyllis Ann 615.
~ Anna Lois 136g
Annie Lois léle
Daughter 510,
Edell 318g
George Thomas h9.
Isabelle 5199

Blackmore, I
Robert Paul léh.
Robert Paul, Jr. 520.
Rubie Dee 162.
William Mayes 165.
Boeneger, 277.
Bruce Earl 655.
~David Thomas 6 2.
Donald George 5.
Bowls, Hazel Ghandler 559.
Bradford, Ed lBl.
Henna Arlene h22.
Doris Irene MZL.
_ Robert James 2 5.
Robert Newton 21.
William Clayton M2 .
Winifred Euphemia 25.
Briley, June 566.
Brieeo, Rebecca Virginia lOh.
Britton, Dorothy Josephine 266
Brooks, Robert Rex, Jr. 5hl.
Charles Columbus 112.
~ Earl Harvey 262.
Elizabeth 26 .
Obinettaa Eb .
William Beauchamp 65h.
William Louis 265,
William Louie, Jr. LM.
Browne, Eleanor Sheppard hl5.
..a5_556 .
Bar ara Jo Ann 55h,
James Clifton 555,
Myrtle Elnora 226.
Burbidge,Denise Jean 5 gl
Dennis Dale 5 ?
Kenneth Lee 5 ,
Kenneth Lee, Jr, éuo
Raymond 558.
Burkamp, Helen 515.
Burton, Gladys EQ6,
Emily Jane 28h,
George Washington 129.
Marian Elizabeth 285,
Cecil Whiteside 255,
Clarence 251,
Cynthia Hebeoca 606,
Elizabeth hy,
Ephriam Russell 259.
rea Elizabeth 411.
Isabelle Mayes 250.
James Andrew 602.
John Lewis hlh.-
John Lewis, Jr. 605.
John Randolph 107.
Joseph Edwin 605,
Mary Lucy 2)_l9.,
Otto Boomer 105,
Rose Eugene 59,
Ruby 252. d
Ruby Melinda hl2.
William Joseph hl5,
William Oline eon.
Carbongh, Ella Mae 25h.
Carver, Rueeie Allene 256,
Clark, Elsie Jane 175,

Cornelius 56°
Harry William 237°
Irene Louvina 2
Jesse Leland 288.
Nelle Leona 285
Percy 286.
Wesley 155.
Ermal 269°
Talleyrand Hayes h55»
,Charles Andrew h O.
Grace Waddell 22 .
Jane Dean Cobb %h9»
John Carlton ¢
John Downing 2 he
,Virginia Adeline 6l2
Willard John hlZ»
Willard Mydren lla
ine, Everett 558.
Delores Mae 587.
Howard l99»
Jacqueline 588.
Shirley 539»
Augustus Eastin 522,
Barbara Jean 51q_
Charles 525,
Charles Mountjoy 516
Christie Aileen 517,
Connie Barnett 515,
Daughter 555,
Eva Sejus l75.
Gary Thomas 511,
Grace Ilene 5 5,
Helen Louise '26,
James Thomas 166.
Jessie Settles 552,
Jo Errett 1714.
John Alexander 50,
John Joseph 521.
John William 52.
Kathleen 517.
Kathy Lynn 512.
Lucy Catherine 171.
Maude Belle 167,
Pasoall 169.
Ralph Vernon 52h.
Ralph Vernon, Jr.
Richard Alexander 170
Richard Henry 162.
Rose 526.
Russell Parker 551.
Sammy 28.
Son 55 .
Susan Almeda 172.
Thomas Gibson 525.
Willene 527.
William Forest 168.
Willie Hugh 165.
Crouch, 6
Connors, Dolls l22» §6H§r§en;§ 68.
Matthew 20.
Q1  Cook, Louella 92.
Bobh" .
Cooley: Do1e1;6;?9
Frank Horace 279. Donald 56h.
Gefy u57' Donna 562.
Eva Lee 529s
Margaret Alcinda 21.
Florence Jean 560
Karen 561.
Michael 56h.

Bryan 629.
Harold 628.
Brice Taylor 561.
Brice Taylor, Jr. 550.
Je Anne 5M9.
Joyce Gail 5n8.
Lillie 191.
Arthur Buxton H65.
Chester Arthur 285.
Jane Elizabeth n62»
Dearin Evelyn Osgood 5hn
De Hggg, Addie Lucile MOE.
' Eugene Leon 228.
Dillard, William edward l2h¢
Dunham, Anna 11.
Dunn, Erma nl9.
Boyce Ellwood 550.
Don Waldo 529.
Mrs. Boyce Ellwood Eaetin(Mabel) 550.
William Columbus 167.
Edmonds, John Louis 115.
%?§ ,l,fCher1ee William 120.
Edwin 281.
1 Emmett Emerson 86.
Eunice 273.
W- Jacob Whiteside 50,;
Joanne H58.
Lenora Catherine 279.
Mrs, Walter Edwin E11
%;f3~"°LOP6H& 119.
Lou Altha 1555
Lou Altha 225,) ~
\5%9_l Mary Ann 117;
(Lillian) 28l._
;%1»~/&//£€%%an§@@@Méé;L£%@?¢q gQQf
Ellis, '
Maydee 280,
Mona 277,
j@e-Ralelgn DUHG&£j118,
Raymond Eleberry 226'
3@.w-Silae Kirby 122,
steve 259,
Emily Alice 82,
Louise Catherine 8 .
M&1"gB.I'S`|3 A, Maygg  
Mary Willena 86,
Olevia Ann 85,
William Bl.
William Lewis Candue 26.
Alice Faye Mjl,
Anne Arleen n72,
Connie Lou MTM,
Curtis Mayes 299,
Guy Gannon l5n,
Harry Daniel 500.
Irie Jeanette MYO,
Kathrine Eileen 505,
Mary Elizabeth 502,
Richard Guy 501,
Emery, Mary Margaret 5h7.
Enke, Gordon Walter 559,
~ Clyde Erskin 51
Glades 5LL5. M'
Ira Clyde 176,
Wendell Mayes 5n6,
William Nayland 5MT,
Erdman, Gerry Kay 529,
Farr, Ruth 510.
Fay, Emmett 79.

Ralph Thomas 575.
Thomas Mitchell 575
Foley, Thomas Lee 102,
J GertrudeuEl1en 258.
Marilyn 5
Randolph %§émas 260.
Sadie May 1.
Thomas Jefferson 111.
Harold 297°
Jesse Watson lhé.
Darel 513.
Donna Kay 506.
Galen Gene 505,
Garot 507°
Eloise h98.
_ George Robert 500.
Julia Jane 502,
Lewis Duncan 501.
Lewis Blk.
Lonvisa Ann h99.
saith elizabeth EEH.
Gordon Earl 255.
Joseph Carroll 97.
Son Q
SOD '.[.L|.éo
Winona hh5»
Janes L. 390. N
James L., lla 579.
oibs en,
Katharyn May 166.
Velma June 555.
Gilkeson, Louoetta Corgalia 108
Gilliland, GordoHLh27_
Gordon, Norman Ado1ph.227,
Gaul, Hamilton LeRoy 115,
#\Green, `
Charles ME,
Anne Gannon hlO,
John Bernard 250.
Jerrold Marston 588.
Stanley Marion 05,
Steven Marley 5 7,
Grossman, James 557°
Guy, Susannah Turner 27.
David Lyon 98.
Harry Bert 12,
John Gannon 597,
Susan Melinda 599.
Hamel, Pearl Gertrude llh.
Barbara Jean 58h.
Carol Jane 585.
James Ernest 225.
Sharon Lee 586.
Thomas Taylor MOI.
Harrison, Lutie Annabel1e_562.
Leonard Randolph 651.
5Vernon D, QQ5,

Berry 55.
Jm es 151.
Louella 152.
Henry, Ruth 226.
Herring, Georgia Anna 65°
Hi ham
g $Benjamin lh5.
John 53a
Lou Rena 1H7e
Richard Franklin lah
Rosa May 1M6¢
E -ide
ol Yi Anna LaFranoe 573.
Billy Jean 379°
Bobby Lee 5 1.
Glarenoe 193.
emily 196.
Gary 535.
Joyce 586.
Kenneth 580.
Larry 532.
Linda 58 .
Ronnie 5 5.
Holt, Gnesie 168°
'Teddie el-an éah.
Hood, Frances A. 11.
Hopke, Emma Elizabeth 95°
"Brenda Jean 592.
Gharla Ann 591.
_  3,
Molly Ann hog,
Robert Thomas 5 5.
Thomas Gannon 2 9,
William Kevin 59h,
William Otto 407.
Hughes, Nathan 502,
Hunter, Jane Willis hOT.`
Hntohens, Margaret Jane 259. H
JCI'-\.1'l   _
John Fritz 155.
Simeon Peter l5h.
Israel, Virgie Pearl 26d.
Jackson, , Kay 515,
Clarence 255,
Clarence May h2O.
David Glarenoe_61O.
Dawn Elaine 608.
Elwood 616.
Jessie Marlene 609.
Judith Ann 618.
Lola Virginia h1T.
Margaret Catherine h18._
Thomas Edward 6lT.
Thomas Jefferson l9.
Vernon Millner nl .
Vernon Millner, Jr. 6OT.
Jewkee, Laverne Irene 553.
Clyde Togn 557.
Forrest 'ugene 568.
James Dallas (Grossman) Jones 518
Karen Faye 567.
Leslie Kay 519. 6
Randall Eugene 568.
Charles Cannon u06° 1 Rupert 192°
John Randolph noe.

Kaiser, Helen Marguerite 197. Leire,
Kanatzar, Mary Elizabeth 76.
Robert H. 523_
Joseph 225,  
L h E- "
Reef, Horace O. 179» ancas er' Tattle W@51@Y 59°
Keeling, Eva Colleen, 282. 'Harriett Jane M56.
Belly, Melba 525.
levy, Bernadine 565,
Kemper, Emily 5.
¥ Lawson,
_ ` Abner Jackson
Kiteon. _ A Clara Frances 23%.
Bengamln Taylor nl. Harry Jackson 29.
Bertha L@"°fa 157- Joseph Martin 656
Gland Russell 150.
Dora lnG.
Edith Mae 290.
Eliza Priscilla 58.
Ewing Franklin 156.
Ida May Kiteon 1;2.
1218. LSB 29141
James William 59.
Jessie 292.
Jesse Reuben 151.
John Anderson 29n.
John Franklin 57.
Lee Alexander 153.
Lola may 295.
Louie Rendell 1n8.
Martha Jane 55.
Mary Frances 5H.
Mary lnl.
Matilda Ann MO.
Myrtle lei.
Walter Raymond 1h9.
William Henry 7.
Gueeie 550.
Daniel K. 117.
Ellie Daniel 275.
Inez 27h.
Thomas Columbus 276
° £ Logan,
Mary Yvonne 528, '
Richard 551.
Robert Allan M56.
Robert Elmo 55
Lesley,Mergaret Naylen
Son 520.
Walter 176.
Walter Glifton
e 521.
ffLevengeen, Julia Lucinda 272
Earn Dabney ILG.
Lee Edward 295.
Lydia Ann 296.
Mary Jane 159,
Lilley, Virginia 510.
Linhoff, Charles Walte
Livengood, Eetell 570.
Glenda Marie 566
f ' Glenn 567.-
r 280.

Long, Arretta Evaline 165.
_ Newton Levi Bn.
Susan Louise 99.
Lovell, S. S. 593.
Lyter, Wanda meaning 301.
Machir, 1na.Laura.265.
Macy, Hildreth Stall 97.
Cecil C. 159.
Marilyn 509.
John Richard hél.
Kenneth Mayes 282.
Luther Leonidas 125.
Maj. James Frederick 5h9
.Mary Ellen neo.
Nancy Marie 525.
Robert Frederick 522.
Frank 537.
Mastereon,'Loie Joan 568°
Allen aol.
Robert 594.
William 595.
Alcinda Jane 25.
America Ann 22.
Amos Mayer 88.
Anna Bell LS,
Anna Luoile 198.
Archie Rawlston 93.
Augustus William Isaac
Birdilla Frances ln.
Bertha Alnina l9h.
Birdie Wells 97.
Garnet 29.
Caroline Jane 65,
Catherine Clifford 93.
Catherine 6.
Catherine 155.
Martin EOE.
Addison 2 .
Addison 106.
Franklin EM5,
Linn 87. `
Thomas 2h2,
Cicero Jackson Tl.
Cicero Jackson, Jr. 216
Clara Pearl 257.
Clarence Gordon 91.
3ose 251.
Tripplett 59.
Clifton Eugene 196.
Cora §nglish 215.
Cora English 102.
Daughter 575.
Daughter Zlh.
David Luther TO.
Dollie 127.
Edward Henderson 256.
Edward Laughtery 101.
Eliza Ann 10.
Elizabeth 129.
Elizabeth Frances ane,
Ella Elizabeth 2§2.
Elmer Leroy 195.
Elton Amos 52.
Emma Lillian 150.
Etta mae 512.
Etta Mae 200.
Eugene Leora 65.
Evelyn 201.
Gladys Evelyn 255.
Guy Hnrbert Qh.
Hallie 105.
Hallie sho.
Harry Taylor 56.
Helen Gertrude 199.
Henry 2
Bettie ieene l2h.
Mayes §0h.

Janes Lester h66.
James Ranéolph 15.
James Wesley 69.
Catherine 15.
Jesse Lee 197.
Seneca h5.
Stephen 11.
Stephen h§.
Stephen 58.
William 293.
Joseph Henry 19.
Kate Vertna 57.
Kenneth Eugene 571.
Laurinda Catherine 51.
Lawrence 577.
Lee Otis 211.
L6C$& 125a
LeRoy Churchill 569.
Letha Almina éh.
Lucy Catherine 157.
Lucy Guy Davis 89.
Lucy Harrison 7.
Lottie Temperance l5h.
Lousetta Cordelia lg.
Louvisa Catherine 1 .
Luther Glenn 209.
Margaret Elizabeth 90.
Margaret Elsie Zhl.
1 Marion Lucile 25O._
Martha Lily 212.
Martha Washington 2h
Martin M.
5 Mary
Elizabeth 210.
Elizabeth 8.
Ellen 26,
ElSi6 1050
EV& 259.
Frances 20.
Loverta 126.
Susan 258.
Virginia au? .
Willena 505§~
r .
Matthew Jaspe 7
Matthew Jasper 21.
Melba Eugenia ata.
Minnie Etta a5h.
Nancy Estelle 96.
Nancy Jane MQ.
Nelle Temperance 128
Peggy Ann h73.
Orwin auue
Raleigh Emmett 125.
Raleigh Lewis l0h.
Raleigh 5,
Randolph Michael 569,
Raymond 215, _ A
Richard Gannon h77,
Richard Harrison 208
Richard Johnson 16
Richars Martin 7,5
Robert Duncan 9 ,
Roy Dee hh,
Roy Wilkinson 155,
Roy Wilkinson 225,
Russell Taylor 156,
Ruth Anna 570.
Samua1Uanncn 506,
Sarah ann 9.
Sarepta Anne §0.
Silas Wright 55,7
Stephen Franklin 27.
Stephen Kirk 22 ,
Rusannah Guy 223.
Thomas Duoley 6.
Thomas Elmo 2 .
Vascue Alvin 6.
Volly Vincil 206.
Walter 100.
Watson Elliott 92,
William Duncan 25,
William Edward h79,
William Jennings Bryan 195
William Henry 12,
William Oliver 9.
William Ronald 67.
Daniel Allen 525.
Kerry Ann 52h,
Robert Burton-550.
Polly 503.
Randy 509,-
Walter 519.
McCormick, Isabella Randolph 5.
McDonald, Anna Elizabeth 125.
*Der ebay anridrea 17.014,
Ray Frank Ehl.

Miller,George h2O.
_ rLarry'Edmond 619.
Mary ann 565.
Richard Greig 620
Annie nel.
Barbara Kay H59.
Beuna Vista 255.
Bever1y`Jewell MEM.
Buford Vardeman 259.
Burdell Mackey M26.
Charles Newton`h 2.
Frances Lucille 50.
Glendon Dee 257.
Glen Dora h29.
Harry Randolph 256.
Janes Buford _ U.
Janet Louise 21.
John Mackey 622,
Karen Lorlane 625, -
Kathryn Ann nhl.
Margaret Genevieve M56
May Imogene h§5.
Minnie Catherine h28.
Newton D. 110. A
Patricia Jeanne h58.
Peaar Ann M57~
Raleigh Cla ton 25h,
. Robert Lee 555.
2 Thomas Vardeman MM2.
Vincil Sledd 258. _
Willella Carver h27.
Allen Ray 5h7.
_ 2 Clarence Gates 89.
Cora Clifton 227.
Rita Ann 5a5,
Rey Elmer, Jr. 550.
William Andrew 5h6.
Mitchell, Kirk Richard ann.
g%%Mcore, Zula 62,
Harold Edward 508.
Harold Edward ll. h85.
JEITLGS L|_8)_|-a
John Edward h85e
Joseph Wayne MSE.
9 1
Nalley, Mary Delia he,
Nelson, Bahheheha Jane 51,
Ohlar, John 509.
Margaret Burton 2h2.
Willana Frances 52h.
Anna Eliza 73,
Clara Etta 1 9.
Cordelia Delores So,
Cordelia h.
Daniel Charles 25,
Eldie h58.
Elizabeth 21. -
Eula Martin 217.
Eunice Caroline 61.
James 22,
James Richard 218.
Jasper Newton 75,
Jesse Ray 219.
John William 76.
Joseph Washington TT,
Lcueetta may Belle 78.
Martin Heneren 7a.
Mary 2.
Nell Evaline léh,
Nora Thurman 75g
Parker, Llda Jane 169.
Parka, Mary Lynne hoe.
Jane Raenet 655.
Raymond Thomas hh9.
Peeler, '
Melinda 601.
William Barney 252.
William Randolph hl5.
J William Randolph, Il. eco.
Perkine,Anna Eathryn_5T5.
SI. Iiouis Genealogical Socfeg
q ' l
\ \

Thomas Dawson 596.
William Cannon 595.
William Irvin Hlln
Piassey, Richard h20.
Grace Vera 205.
Isaac aienara 65.
Maize EOM.
Margaret Susan 202.
Thomas Wise 6h.
Velma Hazel 205.
Pollock, Nellie 53.
Powell, _
cr. ceeil W. 2h5.
Etta Jean h05.
Pryor, Elizabeth Jane 116.
Rader, Effie May 115.
Joseph Frederick, Jr._1T7,
Mary Alice 5h9.
Nancy Lee 550.
Harry S. %0h.
Jessie 18 ,
Martha Virginia hoé.
Reynolds, Euphemia Egeria 19,
Richards, Ruby Lee 260._
Bonita Faye 559.
Doris Lynda Jane 558.
Homer Arnold 556.
Homer Arnold, Jr. 556,
.Marilyn Kaye 5h0.
Samuel 9a1e 557.
Jaan William M5 _
Jack William gg
Peggy Ann h6q_
Robinson, George Lee EM7,
Rogers, Joyce Elaine 5hh,
Sanders, Mary Jane Duncan 23, '
Schoen, Betty Ann MQO.
Sc reer, Mildred 520.
Scolman, Robert 269.
Margaret Eugenia
Mildred ray 625.
Patricia Ann 627,
Richard Lee 626,
Seekman, T. Clarence 115.
Alvin Erett 55
Elizabeth Leno
Elizabeth Leno
Joseph 15,
Laura Jane 50.
Margaret Lleua
Susannah Maria
£3 335.
nn 51.
Linna Bell 5h.
Shannen, Rachel Tempe
Shoemaker, Harry Ezra 1
Shoop, Doris Eleanor Ml
Shore, Richard Eugene M5H.
Beulah Elscer
Lois Elizabet
Samuel Tioen
3 222.
Barbee Gandus 22h.
' r
Ruth Olevia h
ance HE. 1

Sleet '
'Francie Marion LO5. _ Suédarth'
Georgia Justin 195.
Elizabeth may 56.
Elma Dora hlé,
Jmmee Samuel 5%.
James Taylor 1.2,
Kathryn Sue 552.
are. aiehare Thomas Smieniaiierea) 180.
Mrs. James Taylor Smith (Jane) 132. `
Martha Jane 552%
Mary Lou 551.
Richard Thomas 180.
Sarah Frances 181.
'Mary Luoile 179.
Spence, Eva Catherine EHS.
Springeton, Ruby Frances 357
Steele, Fannie Randolph 28.
Clara Ellen 1 O.
Dale Allen 57 .
Floyd 57h.
Gary Thomas 571.
Harold Eugene 572.
William Louie 570.
Anna 153,
Hardin Robert h8
Jennie Dee 159.
Raymond Sebastian 160.
Belle 152.
Bonnie Lee 507.
Calla Lily 70.
Doris Marie MLM.
Albert Q ' 5 _
Alma 567?m°y 0
Anna Virginia 51n, I
Archie Duncan 161,
Archie Duncan 186.
Bernice 560,
Charles Mayes 187.
Charles Robert Sylvester 62
Charles Suddarth 565
Charles William 133
Clarence Eugene 5 T
Claudine Abbey 173,
Cora Etta ISM,
Curtis Paul 552.
Curtis 562,
Debbie Snl.
Danny Ray 555,
Darrel lee 5?5,
Daughter 565,
David wayne 55h.
Edell 5 5.
Edward 90.
Emily Jean 591.
Florence May 192.
Forest Leon 10.
Genevieve 56|,
Georgia Dee 516.
Geraldine Blackmore
Gerald u9?.
Gertrude 556.
Gertrude 558.
Hazel Dell 55h.
Howard Paul 191.
Infant Son 185.
James 139.
Janet Loraine 558.
Janet n9h. .
John Ed 592.
Johnny Wilson 512.
John Wilson 200.
Joyce Annabelle 551
Judith Melinda 556.
Junior 566,
Kenneth Dale 565.
Laura Cordelia 185.
Lee Nelly 190.
Lee Roy 559.
Leona Lois 89.
Leon, Jr. M 7.
Leslie Fa"e 555.
Madeline R920
Rbrma Dean 590.
Norman (Buck) 557.

,Patricia L86.
Phillip M95.
Rebecca MQ5.
Rita Dianne BHR.
Robert Jefferson 18.
Robert Mayes 15.
Robert Wayne 96.
William Martin 61.
William LSSQ
William Thomas 511.
Winnie Virginia 561.
Dr, l7h.
Marion Gordon 35.
Marion Gordon 55.
Mary Luoile 177.
Betsy Kay 176.
Eugene Tetley 570.
Robert Lee 505.
Robert Stephen h75¢
Templey Beverly 5h5.
Kenneth.Edward 2656
Robert L. 527.
Wanda Dell 638.
Thompson -
:Margaret 191.
Veoie Laverne 221.
Thornton, Lowell Lee 177.
Thurmond,Sue Fanille 9u_
Tipton, Elizabeth Ida 75,
Zora Arte Th,
Katherine Ann 569,
Margaret Lenora 71
aewbriege, Alta 155,
Trai1,Doran Frisbee hoo,
Frances Olevia 598,
Jack Curtis 580,
James 581.
Joseph Francie 582.
Mary Lucile 596,
Richard Curtis 222.
- Richard Curtis 599,
Samuel Rose 597.
Susan 585.
William W;,l50{
Trescott, Margaret Rebecca 2
J-3.11163 Pg  
Mattie Belle 165.
Van Matre, Anna Mae 300,
Van Wagnen, Marian Dora M21
James Aaron 555.
Ronald Keith 552,
Woodrow 555.
Waggener, Laura Ethel 158.
Waggener 170.
Walteraoheidt, Carol Frances 506

Glare   0
Jerry 591.
Lutie Belle 120.
James Bartlett 268.
James eartletu, Jr. h52.
waters, sea Viola A5.
Watts, Matilda Catherine 12.
Andrea 526.
Ernest Everett 555.
John Everett 185.
Wayman, Ida M. Robinson 62.
Catherine Lou 508.
Cave Blanche 156.
John Richard §OT.
Kathy Lou QS1.
Richard Guy MSO.
Virgil Stuokert 157.
Weyner, ZT3.
Anna Mae 575.
Jeeee William l9U.
Jessie Genevieve 57h
Mary Frances 522.
Ruth Elnora 57 .
William Eugene 575.
White, Kathryn 59.
Charlee Forest 109.
Cheryl Lynn 5U5.
')§`Edw:`i.n Ellis 29.
Edwin Forest 115;
_7,  5?
Edvln Kenneth 266.
Qdwln Richard 272.
Edwin Vane 556,
Elsie Leila 559,
Emma Dean 112,
Francie Edwin 270.
Gladys Marie 5hO,
Gladys Rebecca 176.
Helen 268.
Howard Wallace Q§1,
Ida Glovina 107.
Jack 558.
Jacob Vardeman 116.
Joseph Lyle 5h2.
Joseph Vanoe 175.
Judith Ann Q55,
Katherine 2 9,
Lenora Jean 557,
Lenora 111.
Martha Belle 298,
Mar? Lola Catherine 110
MW* tl e Prudence 115 .
Odessa 599,
Raleigh Ewing 55.
Raleigh Ewing 108.
Robert Gerald 267.
Talleyrend Hayne lla.
Vera Rose EM1.
victoria Pearl u5u.
Winifred 275,
Wigginton, Ida Dawson 251.
Wilkins, Betty Penn 271.
Wilkinson, '
Mordecai Watts SM.
Pauline 191.
Bessie Mae 226.
Bonita Gail 5Oh.
Robert 515.
Ronald Banrett 505.
Worley, George Arthur 05.
John Patrick 5 9.
Merry Sue 590.