Grundy County, MO Cemetery

Gee Cemetery, Grundy County, MO

(a.k.a. EMBRY Cemetery; a.k.a BRUMMITT Cemetery)

This cemetery is in Jefferson Twp. (S23-T60N-R25W) about 2 miles southwest of the Hickory community. It is on the west side of a gravel road but not easily visible, as recent grading has lowered the road about 8 feet. Located on land patented to William Brummitt in 1839, this cemetery embraces the remains of numerous Gee and Embry descendants. It apparently is no longer maintained as a family cemetery, but kindly neighbors keep it from being overgrown.

Gee Cemetery was originally inventoried in 1963 by Mrs. B. F. Hoover and Mrs. O. L. Livingston, and revisited in 1997 by Bobby J. Wadsworth. Additional information and notations appear here that may or may not appear on the headstones, so please beware of possible errors.

CRAIG Frank H. 1816 1917
EMBRY Isaac 27  Feb  1870 13  Feb  1922 s/o John & Mary Jane (ARBUCKLE) EMBRY.
EMBRY John 1842 1909 s/o Isaac & Mary Jane (COY) EMBRY. h/o Mary Jane (ARBUCKLE)
EMBRY Mary Jane (ARBUCKLE) 1846 1904 d/o John William & Sarah Ann (GEE) ARBUCKLE. w/o John EMBRY. middle name recorded as 'Tabitha' in family records
GEE Agnes Rebecca (CYPHERS) 1868 1941 d/o Peter & Rebecca CYPHERS. w/o James Milton GEE.
GEE Elizabeth Frances 02 Feb 1856 24 Sep 1859 d/o Nathaniel Matthew & Frances Elizabeth (EMBRY) GEE. another daughter, also named Elizabeth F. GEE (1868-1939), is buried in Vernon Co., MO.
GEE Frances Elizabeth 'Frankie' (EMBRY)
09 May 1896 66y 3m 5d. d/o Isaac & Mary Jane (COY) EMBRY. w/o Nathaniel Matthew 'Nathan' GEE 12 Nov 1846 in Grundy Co., MO.
GEE Harriet 'Hattie' (SHIGLEY) 1864
born MN. d/o Jacob R. & Marcy M. (LEWIS) SHIGLEY. w/o 1st Richard 'Dick' W. GEE & 2nd Samuel Robert 'Bobbie' WHORTON.
GEE James Milton 1862 1924 s/o Nathaniel Matthew & Frances Elizabeth (EMBRY) GEE. h/o Agnes Rebecca (CYPHERS)
GEE John 11 Oct 1863 20 May 1936 s/o Nathaniel Matthew & Frances Elizabeth (EMBRY) GEE. h/o Elmira (SNIDOW) (who is buried in Excelsior Springs, MO)
GEE Nancy A. 'Dink' 1864 1933 d/o Nathaniel Matthew & Frances Elizabeth (EMBRY) GEE
GEE Nathaniel Matthew 'Nathan', Dr. 01 Mar 1826 12 May 1898 s/o John & Margaret GEE. h/o Frances Elizabeth 'Frankie' EMBRY. an obituary indicates that Nathan GEE was born in Monroe Co., MO, and died 14 May 1899
GEE Richard W. 'Dick' 07 Apr 1877 08 Dec 1900 s/o Nathaniel Matthew & Frances Elizabeth (EMBRY) GEE. 1st h/o Harriet 'Hattie' (SHIGLEY) abt 1897.

22 Dec 1879 infant of J. H. & M. I. HAYS
HUNT William Alexander 23 Nov 1860 07 Mar 1943 s/o Hiram G. & Mary E. (PARBERRY) HUNT. 2nd h/o Sarah Jane (GEE) in 1894.
HUNT Sarah Jane (GEE) 11 Dec 1859 10 Dec 1931 d/o Nathaniel & Frances (EMBRY) GEE. w/o 1st Asa LINDSAY in 1880 & 2nd William Alexander 'Bud' HUNT in 1894
KEY Fred F. 05 Mar 1905 18 Jul 1977 s/o Charles & Hannah (DICKMAN) KEY. h/o Delores M. (METSKER). father of current (1994) owner of land surrounding Gee Cemetery. While looking at the cemetery one day, Fred remarked, 'That would be a nice place to be buried', and so he was
LINDSAY J. Homer 26 Jul 1882 13 Apr 1942 s/o Asa & Sarah (GEE) LINDSAY. h/o Bertha (DAVIS?) WHORTON
MASON Paulina Jane (EMBRY) 1844 1869 d/o Isaac & Mary Jane (COY) EMBRY. w/o 1st John Milton MAXEY in 1861 & 2nd James M. MASON in 1863
MAYS John W. 09 Apr 1855 14 May 1953 s/o Isaac & Amellia (WEBB) MAYS. h/o 1st Florence EMBRY & 2nd unknown
MAYS Florence (EMBRY) 1861 1922 d/o John & Mary (ARBUCKLE) EMBRY. 1st w/o John W. MAYS
MAYS Mattie L.
08 Jun 1897 age 6y 9m 23d. d/o John & Florence (EMBRY) MAYS
MOORE Dan 25 Sep 1874 03 May 1958 h/o Elizabeth Frances 'Lizzie' EMBRY
MOORE Elizabeth Frances 'Lizzie' (EMBRY) 23 Oct 1879 08 Jul 1945 d/o John & Mary (ARBUCKLE) EMBRY. w/o Dan MOORE
MOORE Ernest 01 Dec 1896 10 Oct 1925 s/o Dan & Elizabeth Frances 'Lizzie' (EMBRY) MOORE. 1st h/o Fina B. (HARRIS) MOORE GONDRINGER in 1915.

WATTS Maude (GEE) 10 Feb 1889 09 Dec 1968 d/o James & Agnes (CYPHERS) GEE. w/o 1st Dode MARTIN & 2nd Mart WATTS
WHORTON Harriet 'Hattie' (SHIGLEY) 15 Aug 1863 30 Nov 1944 born Tippecanoe Co., IN. died Farmersville, Livingston Co., MO. d/o Robert & Elizabeth (SHAW) SHIGLEY. w/o 1st Richard W. GEE abt 1897 & 2nd - 2nd w/o Samuel Robert 'Bobbie' WHORTON 11 Mar 1909 in Grundy Co., MO.
WILLIS Dwain Lerry 07 May 1917 22 Jun 1917 1m 16d. s/o William M. & Jessie (MAYS) WILLIS

This material transcribed from the written records by Bobby J. Wadsworth.
Copyright © 1997-2016 Larry G. Flesher, Grundy County, MO Cemetery Records.

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