Des. of Peter Price #1 b 1780
	PETER PRICE was born Abt. 1780, and died Unknown in Prob. bef. Mar. 1821 in KY..  He married NANCY ARNETT September 01, 1804 
in Caswell Co. NC..  She died Unknown in Prob. bef. Mar. 1821 in KY.  Their children orphaned  Mar. 1821.
Children of PETER PRICE and NANCY ARNETT are:
1.	i.	JOSEPH ANDERSON PRICE, b. January 01, 1807, NC.; d. Aft. 1865, ill..
	ii.	JOHN PRICE, b. March 15, 1810.
	iii.	PETER PRICE, b. August 16, 1812.
	iv.	NANCY PRICE, b. August 28, 1814.
	v.	MOSES CALLOWAY PRICE, b. July 22, 1816.
Generation No. 2
1.  JOSEPH ANDERSON PRICE (PETER1) was born January 01, 1807 in NC., and died Aft. 1865 in ill..  He married (1) CATHERINE PHELPS 
December 28, 1825 in Pulaski Co. Ky.  She was born Abt. 1807, and died Bef. 1856.  He married (2) FREDONIA READ ETHERLY May 10, 1856 
in Robertson Co. TN., daughter of LUNSFORD READ and MISS EATON.  She was born Abt. 1827 in TN., and died Aft. 1870 in Ill..
    Ancestry of Catherine Phelps, from internet
    1.  Arthur Dye was born May 13, 1673 in Richmond, VA, and died Aft. 1727 in VA.  He married Katherine Hopkins Abt. 1688
	in VA.  She was born in Richmond, VA, and died Aft. 1715.
    2.  Avery Dye was born March 06, 1689/90 in Richmond, VA, and died April 04, 1757 in Richmond, VA.  He married Catherine
	Atherine MacMellion  August 17, 1719 in Richmond, VA, daughter of John MacMellion and Francis Newman. She was
	born 1695 in VA, and died 1780 in Richmond, VA.
    3.  Wiliam Jacob Dye was born 1722 in Richmond, VA, and died Bef. 1810 in NC.  He married Mary Elizabeth Brown Abt. 1746
	in Halifax, VA.  
    4.  William Shadrack Dye was born March 10, 1746/47 in Halifax, VA, and died 1823 in Pulaski, KY.  He married (1) Rebecca
	Catherine Randolph  1769 in Halifax, VA, daughter of James Randolph and Francis Bland. She was born 1751 in Edgecombe,
	NC, and died in Pulaski, KY.  He married (2) Sarah "Sally" Gordon January 05, 1799 in Caswell, NC.  She was born 1782 in
	Halifax, VA, and died September 15, 1852 in Pulaski, KY.
       NOTE; Rebecca is the dau. of James Richard Randolph born Sep. 1725 in VA, and died June 12, 1797 in Caswell, NC.  He
	married (1) Francis Bland.  She died Bef. 1781.  He married (2) Mary Dye Dec. 12, 1781 in Caswell, NC, dau. of William Dye
	and Mary Brown.  She was born Dec. 05, 1753 in Halifax, VA, and died in Pulaski, KY. (note; James married (2) Mary Dye.
	She was Rebecca's Husband's sister.)
    5.  Margaret Dye  was born 1770 in Halifax, VA, and died February 22, 1823 in Pulaski, KY.  She married Obediah Phelps Dec.
	28, 1796 in Caswell, NC.  He was born November 05, 1775 in Caswell, NC, and died November 07, 1838 in Pulaski, KY.
    6.  Catherine Phelps, was born 1806, Caswell, NC. and died Bef. 1856.  She married Joseph Price, December 28, 1825, Pulaski,
	KY. He was born Abt. 1806 in NC. or and died Aft. 1865 in Ill.
Ancestry of Fredonia Read Etherly,  by G.Grandson of James Price.
                      />4. Moses Read
               />3. James Read  died 1826 in Robertson Co., TN.
        />2. Lunsford Read died Abt. 1857 in Montgomery Co., TN.
->1. Fredonia Read was born Abt. 1827 in TN, and died Aft. 1870 in Ill.
       |             />4. Thomas Eaton
       |      />3. Robert Eaton died Feb. 04, 1850 in Robertson Co., TN.
       \>2.   ? Eaton. She died Abt. 1840 in Montgomery Co., TN.
2.	i.	PETER (JIM)PRICE, b. 1826, Pulaski Co Ky..
	ii.	VINCENT G. PRICE, b. 1828.
	iii.	WILLIAM W. PRICE, b. 1829.
	iv.	NANCY J. PRICE, b. December 31, 1832; d. March 17, 1898, Johnson Co. Ill..
	v.	MARGARET PRICE, b. 1834.
	vi.	LAVINA PRICE, b. 1836.
	vii.	KATHARINE PRICE, b. Abt. 1837.
3.	viii.	LORENZO DOW PRICE, b. August 15, 1838, Pulaski Co. KY.; d. October 19, 1899, Cheatham Co. TN..
	ix.	ELIZABETH PRICE, b. 1843.
	x.	JOSHUA T. PRICE, b. 1844.
	xi.	SARAH F. PRICE, b. 1846.
	xii.	THOMAS E. PRICE, b. June 24, 1856, TN.; d. September 18, 1928, Junction City Ks.; m. ELLA REYNOLDS, September 03, 1890, 
		Junction City KS.; b. October 26, 1864; d. September 18, 1945, Junction City Ks..
	xiii.	HENRY PRICE, b. Abt. 1857.
	xiv.	SARAH PRICE, b. Abt. 1858.
	xv.	ANDERSON PRICE, b. Abt. 1861.
4.	xvi.	JAMES PRICE, b. February 08, 1863, Williamson Co. Ill.; d. April 10, 1935, Clay Center KS..
	xvii.	EDWARD J. PRICE, b. Abt. 1865.
Generation No. 3
3.  LORENZO DOW PRICE (JOSEPH ANDERSON2, PETER1) was born August 15, 1838 in Pulaski Co. KY., and died October 19, 1899 
	in Cheatham Co. TN..  He married (1) SARAH E. WALLS January 26, 1866.    He married (2) JOSEPHINE NANCY BATTS 
	March 06, 1868.  She was born August 03, 1837, and died March 20, 1911.
	i.	HENRY THOMAS PRICE, b. March 02, 1872; d. October 17, 1915.
    Enlisted in 6th Tennessee Cavalry July 09, 1891, and was captured by Union forces in Sept. 1863 and sent to military prisons in 
	Louisville KY. then Camp Chase, OH. and finally Rock Island Ill. from where he was paroled March 06, 1865.
4.  JAMES PRICE (JOSEPH ANDERSON2, PETER1) was born February 08, 1863 in Williamson Co. Ill., and died April 10, 1935 in Clay Center KS..  
	He married (1) MARGARET HASTY EWING September 05, 1888 in Salina KS., daughter of LEVI HASTY and SARAH CARPENTER.  
	She was born September 27, 1859 in Putnam Co. IN., and died February 28, 1893 in Clay Center KS..  He married (2) MARTHA MAY 
	WALTER Bet. April - July 1894 in Clay Co, KS..  She was born 1866, and died August 18, 1897 in Clay Co. KS..  He married (3)
	i.	MAY PRICE, b. August 27, 1888.
13.	ii.	MAUDE AGNES PRICE, b. June 05, 1891, Morganville KS.; d. November 24, 1977, Cliftonr KS..
	iii.	WILLIAM EDWARD PRICE, b. February 20, 1893; d. July 06, 1956, Oakdale Cal..
Children of JAMES PRICE and MARTHA WALTER are:
	iv.	CHARLOTTE FREDONIA "LOTTIE" PRICE, b. January 03, 1895; d. January 10, 1976, Clay Center KS..
	v.	MINNIE PRICE, b. May 04, 1897; d. August 02, 1897.
Generation No. 4
13.  MAUDE AGNES PRICE (JAMES3, JOSEPH ANDERSON2, PETER1) was born June 05, 1891 in Morganville KS., and died November 24, 1977 
	in Clifton KS..  She married WILLIAM ALFRED BERTRAND May 10, 1911 in Morganville KS., son of JOSEPH BERTRAND and 
	MARIE-LIA MENARD.  He was born May 16, 1890 in St. Joseph KS., and died March 02, 1982 in Clay Center KS..
	i.	DELMAR WILLIAM BERTRAND, b. October 31, 1911, Clyde Kan.; d. November 26, 1984, Salina Ks.; m. IRENE 
		CATHERINE AHLQUIST, August 21, 1935, Westmoreland Ks.; b. January 07, 1913, Clay Co. Ks.; d. March 29, 1961, Concordia Ks..
	ii.	MARGARET ODELLA BERTRAND, b. February 05, 1913; d. May 31, 1999.
	iii.	ROBERT BERTRAND, b. April 17, 1914; d. September 26, 2001.
1.  Peter Price & Joseph Price Families by G.Grandson of James Price.

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