Index to Cedar County Biographies published by Goodspeed

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Dr. Alfred Barter;    S. W. Billingsley;    Thomas J. Blake, MD;

James McBride Blake;   J. P. Brasher, MD;   John F. Brown;

Thomas M. Brown.

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Charles R. Church;     Joseph Cline;    Richard N. Cox;

Feranzo F. Crawford;   John B. Cross;    Dr. W. E. Dawson;

Zimri Dixon;     D. R. D. Dobyns;    Capt. Harvey J. Dutton.

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Elisha Edge;    Nelson Fritts;    William Griffith;   Solomon O. Grimes;

Judge Jerome Napoleon Gunier;    John A. Firestone;    William B. Hamlett;

John E. Hartley;      Richard Hartley;    Thomas J. Hartley;   William A. Higgins;    

Dr. Samuel W. Horn;     John M. Hudson.

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Samuel F. Hurt;    Jefferson Jackson;    John A. Jackson, Sr.;

John Montgomery Jackson;     Theo. L. Kerr;    Simon B. Leedy;

James William Legg;    Elisha Liston;    Thomas T. Loy;   Milton B. Loy;

William J. Lyon.

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Thomas J. McFarland;    Christopher Hannibal Mace;

Dr. Isaac F. Marquis;    Isaac J. Martin;    Morris W. Mitchell;   James L. Mitchell;

Alexander C. Montgomery;     Thomas R. Montgomery;   W. W. Moore.

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William E. Nance;    Judge Newton S. Noffsinger;   Edward C. Peters;

Dr. John B. Phipps;   William B. Phipps;    James M. Preston.

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Solomon Preston;   Lemuel T. Preston;   L. B. Prouty;  

Capt. James W. Prowell;    John N. Pyle;   John M. Rountree;  Wiley J. Ryan.

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Riley Sherrill;    William B. Sherrill;    George H. Simpson;

Dr. John D. Simrell;    Alexander Simrell;    Hon. Samuel L. Smith;

Dr. Peter B. Smith;    William Stark;   A. W. Stearns.

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Ex-Judge D. J. Thompson;     Levi Vassar;    Bert Ward;    John Wasson;

William R. Williams;   Hardin M. Williams;    J. K. P. Williams;

Dr. Madison B. Wooldridge;    Dr. William H. H. Younger;   Charles S. Younger.

Thanks to Mary Hudson for the background on the biography pages.

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