UPDATE from South Blanchard!! Feb 9, 2010

From my current count it seems we currently have 9 people residing in 9 houses (4 vacant) in South Blanchard as of Jan 2010. Been crime free in the 9-1/2 years since we have lived here. We are located 20 miles SW of Clarinda, 20 miles SE of Shenandoah, 20 miles NE of Tarkio, and 32 miles from Maryville.


There is a community to the West called Bernice City, MO which has a population of approximately 15. You may want to add it to your web site.  The Davis home is very beautiful and is for sale to the right buyer. There is also a  house to the far SW of Bernice City there is a older home with a fire place in each room. It also has an elevator in the house. Been vacant for a long time. Our history expert is Larry Posley of Blanchard, IA who knows most of the history in this area.


We would exchange ownership to the right party.


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Good to hear from South Blanchard again. I've visited your city a couple of times in the past 10 years; everything seemed to be peaceful and the dogs were minding their own business!


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Don Horton

Don Horton wrote:

Good Morning and May God give you a special blessing today, I live in the city of South Blanchard. I didn't know it was until I went to the county court house and up stairs in the Northeast corner office they gave me a plot showing corporation city limits. We live about 30 feet inside Missouri. I notice you didn't list our town. Could you please when you update your web page. Thank you.

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Thank you and I will certainly get this on the web page...we don't want to leave out any towns for pete's sake! Should we list any tourist attractions there? any upcoming events? Please keep me posted on anything going on in your area...or your history. Thanks for writing. Do you have any pictures of South Blanchard? A picture would be nice..Pat

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This is a satellite photo. Our town is really 3 in one. Blanchard, Iowa (all to the north of an alley in our backyard), South Blanchard, Mo. and Bernice City, Mo. The latter is the only one not an official incorporated city. Blanchard, Iowa is the only one with a post office (51630). They have a Cafe also. Bernice City has a gas station and we have nothing - not even a government - just registered incorporation plot. All the officials died and no one replaced them. We just learned this after we moved here in Dec. 2000. It maybe difficult to identify the state line. It is an alley just south of the main intersection. Also there is only one street in South Blanchard and Bernice City. http://terraserver.homeadvisor.msn.com/image.asp?S=10&T=1&X=1560&Y=22471&Z=15&W=1

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