Westboro History Book Plans
from Ken Johnson

Update from Ken about the project

We changed emails again, the new one if kjjj19@comcast.net.

What information I do have, I will eventually get published online, but do to lack of interest and time I have decided to scrap the idea of doing a book.

For those that sent information I am sorry that this book did not come to be.

Thank You, Ken Johnson

After a long and thoughtful debate about why I shouldnt be doing this, I have came to the conclusion that it needs to be done. I am currently searching for volunteers, researchers, and anyone interested in helping put together a historical book on Lincoln Township and the Westboro area.

I am planing on putting this together and having it done by 2005, Westboros 125th. I am hoping to get enough information on the area to prove it worth while and to help researchers of the area. I will be cross posting this, and sending mail to those I think will help in the area that do not have acess to the internet and also request for permission to use any published information that recently has been put out by the researchers. But I need help from fellow researchers to get this up and going.

If you're interested you can contact me at either email, but please make sure in the Subject you mention Atchison County, Lincoln Twp or Westboro, so I do not delete it by mistake. The following is what I am looking for in regards to the area:


History of Atchison County and Lincoln Township, information from conception to present. Want to focus on:

First Settlers and Communities
Brief Church, School and Cemetery Information
Famous historical people, places or events
Major Changes in the Area
Census Information
Anything else of interest


History of Westboro
Same as Atchison and Lincoln TWO but also the following:
Civic, Service, Club organizations and history
Town Plots, Land deeds
Information on town events (Wildcat Days, Lords Acre, anything else that was or is)
Century Farms
Military Information
Veterans information for all military involvement. Want to include the following on each Soldier:
Name, Dates Served, Theater of Operation, Branch, Rank, Company, Status (MIA, KIA, POW)
Also want to do a section on those who lost their life in the service of their country.
Newspaper, Census and Reflection Information
Any articles that deal with Westboro, Lincoln Township, or people of Westboro.
Reflections of Growing up in Westboro and Lincoln Township
And of course Census list for At least Westboro and Lincoln Township.
Surname Information,
I want to include a small bio on the Family, if they can date the family back very far let them, it's time for their family to shine and be part of something. Try to keep it to a page, important information at top so If I need to condense it I won't feel bad. For Multi generation Family they can all submit something, not sure what I will use, but would like to use it all. Families may also submit photos, but I will ask for them at a later date but if they want to send them now, make sure they understand it might be 2-3 years before they get them.
PICTURES I would Like:
I would like new and old for everything that you can get, for the post office I know it recently changed buildings but I don't know where it was before, so pics of all the postoffices would be good.
Post Office
Birdseye View
The Pump
School Houses
City Parks
Shot up Main Street
Pics of City Clubs and Groups
Volunteer Firefighters
Old Farm Homes
Hunkedore Store
Store Fronts
farming equipment
Anything else of interest

Thank You,

Ken Johnson



Greetings Pat, Thank you for posting my contact information for the Westboro book, its off to a slow start, but we are getting information in.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I have came across a 1937 Westboro High School Year book, It has pics for freshmen to Seniors, and some of the clubs. Also gives names of alumni and other information.

Ken, Jessica and Savannah Johnson 1535 New Lascassas Pike Apt E69 Murfreesboro TN 37130


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