Tarkio College
(Tarkio, Atchison County, Missouri)

For information about Tarkio College - contact the Tarkio Alumni Association:

Transcripts are housed at NWMSU in Maryville, and they have sole jurisdiction of them.  All of this information is contained on our TCAA website at www.tarkioalumni.org

Please click on the TCAA website for information on how to obtain your transcript. If you have further questions that are not answered by the website, please call the Alumni Association at 816 333 4560 or 660 736 4208.

Picture of Tarkio College
I am enclosing an old picture of the Tarkio College Administration building. I believe the picture was taken around 1910 and is of the 2nd Administration building. The first Administration building burned in January, 1892 and this 2nd Administration building burned on January 19, 1930.
Krista Scott