Blanchard, Missouri and Blanchard, Iowa
The following is a letter from Norm Prince with some interesting details.


Noticed there was a mention about Blanchard, Iowa and Blanchard, Missouri on your site. In case anyone has an interest, I followed the road shown on the map for South Blanchard one mile east and have an address for the Blanchard, Iowa Cemetery.

The map shows an east/west road going from left to right in the photo and this would be the state line. Iowa to the north or top and Missouri to the south of this road. There is also a north/south road shown and south of the state line road and west of the north/south road would be Atchison County. East of the state line road would be Nodaway County.

The cemetery is shown in the north-west corner of the intersection as a horseshoe shaped road with a number of trees spread about the site. There are a number of folks buried in this cemetery who lived south of the state line in Atchison County, Missouri.

Just sending this note along for general information. norm prince

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